Posted on June 10th, 2012

Underpala -Courtesy The  Lakbima

uderpalaThis surely is the absolute farce. Washington’s ambassador-designate to Colombo Michele Sison has said at her congressional hearing that her priority in Sri Lanka will be human rights.
Perhaps the congressional gathering was hard of hearing, if you will pardon the pun, but I would have thought one of those elected representatives would have had enough sense to ask why she had to go all the way to Colombo to prioritize human rights.

I mean there is enough work to be done in this field right where she was standing “”…” or sitting “”…” as the case may be.
Those who still keep track of the promises of politicians would recall that one of the planks of the Barack Obama election campaign was that he will close down that illegal detention camp at Guantanamo Bay which his predecessor had set up to unlawfully hold and torture terrorist 6-2suspects.
Now this Obama gas bag is preparing to go for a second four-year term as the top honcho of the US of A and Guantanamo Bay continues to function though the number of inmates has declined.
This “facility” as it is euphemistically labelled by the Obama cohorts and sundry supporters of this evil regime (why evil will be explained later) like those dismal politicians in the United Kingdom who aided and abetted the illegal war against Iraq, has been and continues to be, a disgraceful episode in the human rights record of the post-world war era.
Guantanamo Bay is just one example of a litany of blotches the US has left on the escutcheon of the civilized world.

Yet the superior attitude of successive US administrations and the high moral ground US politicians and their diplomatic sidekicks scramble on to make one’s stomach churn in agony at the hypocrisy of the western world so clearly epitomized by the Washington mafia.

America’s clarion call to the world on human rights is acutely ironical under the Obama administration. Ronald Reagan and George Bush Junior more than Senior “”…” were clearly war mongers who were prepared to settle disputes in the style of the old American Wild West. After all, Reagan came to the White House after spending several years in Hollywood, many of those years playing roles of not great significance. He was a Hollywood man who brought his art to his life at the White House.

Different kettle of fish
Bush Junior, on the other hand, was one who would loved to have been in Hollywood but had to contend playing the role of the toughie in the White House which he did with great aplomb, surrounded as he was with henchmen and theorists whose thirst for war and the destruction of any who disagreed with them did not call for sleepless nights.

But Obama is a different kettle of fish. He did not sound fishy, he sounded sincere when he spoke of peace after the American people had witnessed fellow citizens returning home in body bags from Afghanistan and Iraq. America fell for this so-called “Black” man who was more white inside than those who are really white.

“Black” man  
So much so that those dopes on the Nobel Prize Committee even awarded Obama the Peace Prize purely on the basis of what he said he intended to do and not what he did.
Had those prize idiots waited a little longer it would have struck them that there is many a slip between the sayings and the doings. In fact a whole goddam chasm of a difference that is as wide as the Pacific.
For a man of avowed peace who had managed to convince the Nobel nobles of his good intentions, Obama the Obnoxious had more US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq than Bush Junior had inducted into those hapless countries.

Actually Barack the Brave has approved a programme of worldwide assassinations of prominent people deemed enemies of America that even Bush Junior had not done as a matter of general policy.
A leader who could surround himself with his pro-war cronies and watch his troops violate the sovereignty of another state and then launch attacks to assassinate an unarmed man and his wives and children, could hardly be mistaken for a man of peace. Certainly not to us followers of the Buddha Dhamma!

Anybody who thinks it is great fun to sit thousands of miles from the scene of action and watch other people being killed must be a ghoul who surely needs psychiatric treatment.
He may not be following every action of his brave troops who fire unmanned missiles called drones to kill people at long distance. But the fact that this is approved policy and that this policy causes the death of hundreds of civilian non-combatants appears to concern him very little.

The irony is that when civilians die in this fashion it is collateral damage. It cannot be avoided and must be accepted as the consequences of war.
But similar collateral damage elsewhere and in a different theatre of war is genocide and amounts to war crimes that needed to be investigated by the international community. Who pray have investigated US actions and these great human rights defenders in the White House and in Congress called for investigations of their own actions?

If this is Obama’s and the American nation’s interpretation of human rights, if selective application of morality is what the US callously believes in, then Michele Sison should be prepared to hear some home truths when she settles down in Colombo.


  1. nandimitra Says:

    This woman is a disgrace,She is not welcomed in Sri Lanka. Not only she is a despicable woman who cannot see the wronged done by her country to humanity but also she is trying to enhance a ethnic disharmony by calling it a war won by the Sinhalese. She is not welcomed in Sri Lanka by all the peace loving people of Sri Lanka.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Remember how Fidel Castro won against them ?

    He may have kept the country hungry. But, they are respectable peoples. for me, they are true patriots.

    They did not allow the neighbour to rape their country.

  3. LankaLover Says:

    It seems like this Sison woman seems to have an ego of truck and above her head…and who is seriously misled, hell bent on pleasing her boss Hilary who took bribes from LTTE!

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