Chairman of Royal Commonwealth Society’s Rhetoric Needs To Be Put Into Perspective !
Posted on June 13th, 2012

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

June 12th 2012

In what sounds somewhat incredible, Peter Kellner, Chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society,  has said last week that   ‘ Srii Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa should not have been invited to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations,” which sounds like an instigated response in conjunction with the now infamous Channel 4 which is also suspected of being in collaboration with the so called LTTE rump and its supportives globally and the furore it has caused in recent times in a concerted and organised attempt to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka seems totally out of whack! 

When in a discussion with Channel 4 News which is British based, he has said that the “mistake” of inviting Rajapaksa was not done by the Queen or Buckingham Palace, but by the Commonwealth. “Action against Sri Lanka should have been taken at the last Commonwealth Summit in Perth, Australia”. he seems to be displaying  ignorance, apathy or both when there has been to all intents and purposes an official invitation from the Queen to President Rajapaksa to attend her 60th Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee celebrations according to the evidence related thereto and very reliable official sources.

This goes for the Commonwealth Summit too where as seems to be the case in many Commonwealth related matters there are totally biased and misled sources spurred on by the Tamil Tiger supportive Tamil diaspora who continue their attempts to discredit the GOSL albeit with no real success where Kellner seems to be quick to jump to conclusions. The source that mattered most, the Australian Government in that instance has extended  full cordiality and a warm welcome to Sri Lanka and a case in point needing to be noted by Mr Kellner with a reproach perhaps for being  feeble minded towards attempting to make it an example of derision against Sri Lanka which simplty was not true!

Kellner like some others seem to be expressing his frustration over issues that appear not only to be way above his head but beyond his  misguided comprehension and the transparencies about why and where his sympathies lie need no rocket science towards interpretation!

It seems an affront to all the protocols related to the cordial relations between Sri Lanka  and all Commonwealth countries as a respected Commonwealth Member when Kellner says that ” if Sri Lanka’s human rights record does not improve, the next Commonwealth Summit to be held in Colombo will be a disaster ” where he seems to be overly officious and authoritative while merely expressing a personal opinion augmented by and in agreement with the lies and innuendo concocted by Channel 4, with financing in all probabilities by the Tamil Tiger ( LTTE ) sympathetic Tamil diaspora, which have been discredited and proven inaccurate by much expert analysis although the apathetic hue and cry over what has become a non issue continues!

Perhaps it would be a waste of time to ask Kellner to look around the globe and educate himself about where the real human rights violations are being perpetrated on innocent victims and relent his rhetoric about Sri Lanka which now seems to have been aped by an American diplomat designate who seems to be in danger of a reprimand  if not governed by what constitutes diplomacy! A clear cut case of the blind leading the blind with a coincidental ring to it perhaps in a dispensation of similar buffoonery??

Mr.Kellner in the best interests of the RCS “probably needs an official warning from the British authorities  for making unqualified statements about Sri Lanka’s Presiden” according to many who now believe he has become a Tamil Tiger sympathetic pro -Tamil Diaspora propaganda stooge. This should be done on the basis that  He has no right to speak on behalf of the Queen who has as always, being nobility and the epitome of graciousness and  has not made any comments in response and neither does she have to! 

It seems a lack of decorum  on Kellner’s part to  attempt to engage a prestigious Head of State in a confrontative as well as controversial exchange which has been one sided as the President has not responded in all wisdom. Being an assertive and prudent leader who has liberated his nation in an unprecedented manner from the clutches of a three decade long internal armed terrorist conflict there seems hardly any need to respond to the Kellner rhetoric which has no tangible evidence nor a shred of real proof towards the bold allegations he seems to be insinuating about. He seems to be bringing the noble and age old organization he represents to disrepute in the process!

And here’s the icing on the cake!  as quoted from the Sun Newspaper~

“Ironically, Kellner, who has adopted an anti-Sri Lanka stance, is the Chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society of which incumbent Sri Lankan High Commissioner to London, Dr. Chris Nonis is the Vice Chairman.

A section of Sri Lankans in the UK are not happy about  Dr. Nonis organizing the speech for the President at the Commonwealth Business Council during his visit to attend the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and it is now history that this speech has been abandoned as was the case of the Oxfprd Union Speech in the not too distant past where in all probabilities  it could have been on the instigations of the likes of Kellner although there is no real proof of this. 

Moral of Story~

One wonders whether the veiled bigotry of Kellner apparent to the more discerning has done enough in the manner of Cardinal Newman of yore to fall from grace and find himself dumped ignomniously on his British posterior?

One Response to “Chairman of Royal Commonwealth Society’s Rhetoric Needs To Be Put Into Perspective !”

  1. AnuD Says:

    What Kellner said is very disgusting to us because we as Sri Lankans are not used to treat visitors as thrash.

    But, Europeans are not like that. They have the superiority complex. Besides, British may be thinking they are still the kings of that sun-shining empire which had begun crumbling by 1950s and we Sri Lankans are still kneeling in front of the colonial master.

    Otherwise, who allows the visitors to be treated non-welcome guests.

    That is their culture. They think they are civilized. We could have taught them what should be right. But, before that, we have to go long way and start appreciating ourselves.

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