Please Attend to support SJP on 28th June/10a.m. at Supreme Court to hear FR filed against TNA
Posted on June 21st, 2012

Dear All,

 At a time when nationalists were asking why no action was being taken against the TNA for openly promoting the separatist agenda, the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna (political wing of the Sinhala Nation) took the initiative to file a FR on 27th April 2012 citing the 6th amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution (enacted in August 1983) :

 Article 157(2) declares that : “No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objectives the establishment of a separate state within the territories of Sri Lanka” 

 This is an important hearing for all those who believe in a unitary nation and stands against any separatist agenda even if excused for errors in translation!

 The Supreme Court will hear the FR application on 28th June at 10a.m. and YOUR PRESENCE at the Supreme Courts is important and essential for many reasons more so given that Sinhalese comprise over 14.8million of a total population of 20m. So a full court house in a show of solidarity would be a great influencer.

 Please pass on to all other patriots and encourage them to be present for this IMPORTANT hearing on the 28th June/10a.m (Wednesday) at the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.

 Case number: miscellaneous 1/20/12

Petitioner : Mr. Jayantha Liyanage/General Secretary Sinhala Jathika Peramuna

Respondents :

1. S, Senathirajah – Secretary to ITAK

2. V. Anandasangaree – President TULF,

3. N. Indrekumar – Secretary TELO

4.  K. Premachandran – Secretary EPRLF

26 Responses to “Please Attend to support SJP on 28th June/10a.m. at Supreme Court to hear FR filed against TNA”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Patriots must make every attempt (subject to their other commitments and practicality) to be physically present in Supreme Court at this time.

    We MUST stand by those who DEFEND us.

    God bless you all. God bless and protect the SINHALA NATION.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Be part of History in the making!

    This is a great Mahavamsa moment. This is Nanthikadal II.

    Be there.

    If this fails, we should not hesitate to use any other means to save the nation from TNA before the 13 unlucky Tamil racists drags the entire nation to war.

    ABSOLUTELY no reason why 20 million should suffer due to just 13 unlucky Tamils.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    THIS IS A GREAT DAY FOR THE SINHALA NATION…28th JUNE 2012, at 10 am. Iam in USA, and Iam sad that I cannot be there, but my heart will be there. I firmly believe that there will be no foot space in Hultsdorf on that day. It would be a SEA OF HEADS.


    I do hope there will be more Nandikadals to those espousing seperatism in Sri Lanka. Damn them once and for all.

  4. geoff Says:

    ජාතිය රන් විමනක් වේ
    ආගම මිනි පහනක් වේ
    එය රැකගන්නට මෙලොවේ
    සමත් වෙතොත් පුත නුඹ වේ

    ඉටු කර කටයුතු යුතුකම්
    ලෝකෙන් ලැබුනත් ගැරහුම්
    ඉවසන්නට පුලුවන්නම්
    නුඹයි මගේ පුතා උතුම්

    – ගරු එස් මහින්ද හිමි

  5. Charles Says:

    Where is this Supreme Court, Colombo or Kandy. Please give the address and directions as to how to get there

  6. Dham Says:

    Why EPDP is not a respondent ?
    Eelam is there for well alive even if Jayantha wins.

    Jayantha will be defeated since he did not include EPDP. Why this mistake ? can someone explain ?

  7. Kit Athul Says:

    Charles, from USA I cannot say exactly how to get there, but it is in the Hulsdoff court complex in Colombo. There is only one Supreme Court in SL. If you are in Colombo please go there and publish the court proceedings. Dham, don’t even think about defeat. Your people are going down the drain. Give few more months. Jayantha will not stop here, he has the will power to file it again in a different format, if deafeated.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Wish you the very best.

  9. Lorenzo Says:



    Defeat is out of the question. We MUST win this. Otherwise we have to rely on other means to defend the nation that are not preferable.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    EPDP and ACTC are not included. EPDP don’t advocate a SEPERATE STATE. They talk of Elam. Elam was the Tamil word to describe the HELA (Sinhela) nation.

    In Tamil there is no prominent H sound. It is a very subdued H in Tamil. So HELA became ELA.

    Instead of ending with A, Tamil names rather end with N or M.


    Gunaratna ——-> Gunaratnam
    Singha ——> Singham
    Nayaka ——-> Nayakam


    So HELA ——> ELA ——-> ELAM.

    But if EPDP becomes the new TNA, they will be punished too.

    ACTC survives because they are not in parliament. This is a trick. Both ACTC and ITAK/TNA/TULF groups are saying the same thing. Their plan is to put one’s head so the other survives. But ACTC will face the same punishment if ever they come to parliament.

    Cut down your jealousy. When someone is doing the right thing support him.

  11. Dham Says:

    HE Lorenzo the king,

    I thought ellaam means ” illeema” in Sinhala or demand. Is this how you would like to call ?
    Would Prabhakara will adopt the name “HELA”. Then Champaka’s part should read “Jathika Eelaam Urumaya”.

    Our full support is to defeat these bastards no doubt but use of “eelaam” in political parties shall be defeated too.

    EPDP bastards are still running for 13+ at the moment. Souldn’t they be defeated too ?

  12. thurai Says:

    Noone can stop Cheaters ,Burgllers, and prositiution in the world. Many Tamil Politicians have no hearts
    for their own people. Until Tamls support above Tamil Politicians they lose their rights themself.

  13. jay-ran Says:

    thura1, You are 100% correct:”Until Tamls support above Tamil Politicians they lose their rights themself.”
    Therefore if the Tamils wants to lead a PEACEFUL LIFE,they must stop following these Tamil Raciasts politicians.

    Though we are not on “Great Mother Lanka’s” soil now, we pray daily and on every religious event to protect our MOTHERLAND and the heroic soldiers also including MR and the entire family for liberating MOTHERLANKA from the murders LTTE.


  14. Leela Says:

    Definitely, I shall be there with few others.

  15. Charles Says:

    Felicitation to the Sinhala Jatika Peremuna for the bold action taken to Challenge TNA Legally on the breach of the pledge to uphold the constitution as the MPs of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. TNA had been openly proposing a separate Eelam State on political Platforms not only in Sri Lanka but also in countries overseas such as in Canada ,South Africa, UK, etc. We had been looking on helplessly while the TNA carried on its highhanded activity which is a passive form of Prabhakaran’s terrorism.

    We had been able to defeat terrorism sacrificing our youth in great numbers. Was that to allow the country free and open for these arrogant unpatriotic Tamil separatists to carry on a “verbal war” roping in the anti Sri Lanka International Community with their immense load of blood money at their disposal ?

    The attempt to create a separate Eelam State through terrorism was thwarted by the sacrifice of our heroic soldiers. But are we nonetheless allowing the TNA separatists to carry on the same demand of the terrorists, by bringing in the international community to support their case without a “fight” ?

    Hence every patriotic Sri Lankan should stand by Sinhala Jatika Peramuna National Front for their courageous attempt to challenge the TNA legally. There is enough evidence against the breach of the relevant clauses of the Constitution by the TNA MPs and we cannot expet nothing but success . May the blessings of the triple Gem be with Jayanatha Liyanage, the Sinhala Jatika Peramuns and the Unitary Sri Lanka.

  16. Vis8 Says:

    Well done!, Give the eelamists a taste of their own medicine. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    International community will be dumbfounded!!

    If law is the new boxing ring, we are in!

    Please call the TRANSLATORS to the trial. Otherwise these dirt will escape by blaming the translation.

    I think these dirt will fall sick (they are anyway sick) like Gonseka and will be absent from court forcing to postpone the case.

  18. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    I was there at SC on the 13th Amendment challenge and it was defeated by 1 vote – of course as the consequence of manipulation of that old fool JRJ, who began all this crap!. Does anyone know the lawyers who represent Jayantha? They need a solid legal team.
    Is there a flaw in the article itself? Article 157(2) declares that : “No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objectives the establishment of a separate state within the territories of Sri Lanka” Does the article itself go far enough?
    Can anyone be politically active, promoting and fighting for separatism under this article? I am naïve on this legal jargon. I sincerely feel the article doesn’t go far enough to encompass all actions. Probably some constitutional legal man can explain. Best of luck to Jayantha who had the courage to challenge this, as we expats did and few others, on the 13th amendment while the CID was tracking the challengers.

  19. Kit Athul Says:

    Mr. Sunil Vijayapala, please don’t piggy back Jayantha Liyanege, he does not need attornys or advisors of 13A. This filing has nothing to do wth 13th A. It is a simple filing that states TNA MPs violated the 6th Amendment. It has nothing to do with JRJ or ther 13A, DO YOU UNDERSTSND? One name you forgot to add is Mahinda Rajapakse. There is nothing wrong with the article 157(2). it is wrtten in simple English. What happend was the way in which the you and your attorneys presented case to the Judge at that time. Your problem is you still live in the BRITISH COLONIAL ERA and do not know how to come out. THINK for moment. The time when Rajiv Gandhi almost dismentled the newly written Sri Lanka Constitution, Nortern and Easten Provinces were owned by TAMIL NADU TAMIL TERRORISTS. Today these two provinces are owned by the Sinhala Majority. DO YOU REALIZE THE DIFFERENCE? Your comment:”Some Constitutional legal man explain”. Come out of the thiknig in a box. The most unwanted persons are the Constitutional attorneys, because they live in pre May 19th era. Sunil, if you want to really help, then go and refile the case against 13A that you lost by one vote. Before you do that come out of the box you are in and leave the attorneys out. Leave Jayantha alone he has to work on his presentation. I have been in contact with him he does not need advisirs or Attorneys. He is an Electronic engineer by profession. If you want you can send him a contributing for his trave and lodging in Colombo.

  20. Sri Rohana Says:

    Geoff it is best timing, great patriot of Sri Lanka, freedom fighter and a national hero, Sikkim Mahinda thero’s poem to encourage Mr Jayantha Liyanage, General Secretary Sinhala Jathika Peramuna.
    It is glad that Jayantha take the advice of S. (Sikkim) Mahinda thero and file a legal action in S.C against tamil racist expansionists. If we fail to stop tamil racism at this juncture tamil nadians and local tamils get together swallow Eastern province which was part of Ruhunu and Uva Wellassa to eelam and to tamil nadu.
    With 13A Indians and tamil nadians trying to repeat 1973 Sikkim type civil unrest in North and East of Sri Lanka. Indians created civil unrest in Sikkim 1973 and invaded independent Kingdom of Sikkim and occupied in 1975(which was Sikkim Mahinda thero’s country). This is what tamil nadu politicians M.Karunanidhi, Jaya Lalitha, Vaiko, Seeman and Nedumaran’s agenda with S. Sampandan and TNA. Tamil racists want to expand tamil nadu in to our Eastern and Northern Provinces.
    Kit Athul, please convey our sincere wishes to Jayantha. Sri Lankan patriots are with him.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Are these details correct?

    NAME OF THE BENEFICIARY: – Sinhala Jathika Peramuna
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: – 1001 6013 1772
    BANK CODE: – 7278

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    Mr. Sunil Vijayapala is of the SAME CALIBRE of Mr. Jayantha Liyanage. We have to respect him.

    ONLY a VERY VERY few people come forward to do these things. We must protect them MORE than we protect parliamentarians!!

  23. Kit Athul Says:

    Lorenzo, why I got very angry with Sunil Vijayapala is because he brought politicians names in to this discussion also 13A and the very ariticls of 6th A. All these have been sorted out by Jayantha. A retried Suprem Court Judge in his 90s is helping him out. So leaving Jayantha to concentrate on his presentation to the S Court. I thank you for publishing the donation bank.

  24. Kit Athul Says:

    Sri Rohana, thanks for giving details of Sikkim occupation by INDIA. I certainly will pass you good luck wishres to Jayantha. I got to know Jayantha recently, he is an independent thinker like you. He has so far successfully kept Attorneys and Politicians out of this filing. Why I got angry with Sunil Vijaypala is because he wanted bring attorneys in to this discussion.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes; Jayantha is doing it all by himself.

    Patriots should respect one another and should not be divided.

    Had the Sinhala Nation stood firm, no MF could EVER have conquered it.

  26. Marco Says:

    You should be able to organise a few scribes/hacks to cover the event and even TV coverage.
    Malinda, i believe is the ideal person as he keeps harping on about it in more ways than one.
    Would he stick his head out of the parrapet wall?

    Feathers to be ruffled!

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