Fmr. General Fonseka Calling For An Arab Style Uprising In Sri Lanka Is Not Only In Poor Wisdom But Endangers His Well Being If True!
Posted on July 10th, 2012

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

July11th 2012
Reviewing the recent item by UK Telegraph’s Asian Editor Mr.Dean Jones’ captioned “Sri Lanka’s former army chief Sarath Fonseka calls for Arab Spring-style uprising” it makes one wonder whether this was an opinion expressed by the Telegraph and its Asian Editor rather than coming from Gen Fonseka as it has a very contentious and dangerous ring to it while it also portrays the General as dim witted to make the statements he has been quoted for but then the scales weigh in favour of the latter given all the publicity of what the General has stated during his imprisonement as well as after his release.This particular item refers to a very bold as well as irresponsible call quoted by Mr.Jones that the” Nation needs an Arab Style Uprising!” where what the Nation really needs is a rounding up of all the undesirables floating around making every attempt to discredit the Administration and taught the basic principles of patriotism, love of motherland in its true perspective and what contributes to the success of any nation~ National Unity not self centered idealogies which project their flimsy egoes into believing they are cut out to be Nation leaders when all they were good at was weilding a weapon and barking orders at subordinates.

To break with journalistic decorum it needs to be asked therefore ” what the hell is General Sarath Fonseka ranting about? Does he for a moment believe that he could initiate changes in Sri Lanka in her best interests that have not already been done by the present Administration or that he could hold a candle to the leadership of President Rajapaksa who has brought the Nation from near anarchy and terrorist insurrection which could have destroyed the Sinhala Nation in its entirety ! which is wishful thinking on his part.

While this seems to be a clear example of the dog eat dog type politics which goes on within Sri Lanka where an opposition rarely pits its strengths and resources towards the common good it now also has an unlikely champion in the form of Fonseka who can be egged on into believing that he has the capability to do better than the President but it all ends up in a shambles when dealing with the general population in Sri Lanka a majority of whom including Tamils and Muslims are satisfied with what the nation has been transformed into for the better today and are willing to endure hardships in the hope that the future holds much promise.

One only needs to look around with intent and acknowledge the reality of this with economic growth, foreign investment and the promise the future holds for Sri Lanka with a single shortcoming which points to the opposition’s incessant attempt to discredit and drag down the Administration towards the singlemost importance of regaining power and control of the Nation’s running which is unacceptable.

Undoubtely Sri Lanka is faced with huge socio economic problems where a population of almost 20 million share a surface area of 25,000 square miles and a nominal or non existent GDP and the needs of the nation struggling to overcome the needs of the ordinary man has been generations long albeit with some light at the end of the tunnel which could virtually be snuffed out if the likes of Fonseka were even inadvertently entrusted with the running of the country.

That Sri Lanka’s adversaries posing as the saviour of the nation seem to have chosen Fonseka to spearhead this cause will only be a disfavour to them as Fonseka’s track record apart from having a major hand in the destruction of the Tamil Tigers is not all that kosher or legit as he has on more than one occasion exposed his arrogance, brutality amid self centered motivations towards what he wants for himself regardless of all the flowery sanctimonious appraisals of him by certain conniving individuals whose own direction and agendas at times are blatantly visible and at times worthless towards the progress of the Nation.

In the Jones’ write up it says ” the former Sri Lankan army chief jailed for running as an opposition candidate,( definitely not what he was jailed for where Jones needs to be educated on the topic) has declared he will lead an Arab Spring-style uprising to force the government from office.” While this is a statement which could land the former military leader in a load of trouble with the authorities as it is a bold statement against an incumbent national leader and a sovereign democratic nation where a call to an Arab Style Uprising is the last thing Sri Lanka needs today and the audacity and irresponsibility of the statement needs to be confronted and its utterer asked to explain himself while facing the consequences in the best interests of Sri Lanka if they could be proven treasonous.The risk Fonseka seems to have taken in indulging in the lose rhetoric he has chosen throwing all caution to the winds seems almost suicidal!

While there is undoubtedly going to be negative fallout for the Fmr. General based on his incapacity to hold his tongue and sentiments, another aspect of the Jones submission needs to be put into perspective which suggests that “outlining his return to active politics after he was released from jail in May following pressure from the United States, Gen Fonseka sought to scotch speculation he had struck a deal with the government to keep a low political profile.” Thereby it is indeed pressure form the United States that motivates the direction of Fonseka and his allies in opposition it can well be inferred and does not augur well for the US of A as well as Sri Lanka’s opponents in the political arena as the obvious bias and motivation comes to light!

Consequently by launching bitter attacks on President Rajapaksa, whom he accuses of persecuting his family,  terrorising opponents (which have never been proven) and pledging a new campaign to topple his government  saying “I’m definitely asking people to rise up,” and “overthrow the government by democratic methods,” he seems to speak with double standards where on the one hand he calls for an Arab style uprising tantamounting to anarchy and rebellion and spews democracy in the same breath like a raving lunatic hell bent on gaining power which he will in all probabilities be never entitled to beyond the lunacy involved!

Furthermore, there is no relevance or any similarity in Sri Lanka to what goes on in the Arab nations and elsewhere in similar perspective in conflict today as the circumstances are totally different. The Nation of Sri Lanka and her people are still intact not destroyed or being bombarded by merciless dictators which seems a more plausible caption for Sarath Fonseka should he towards what even hypothetically might be Sri Lanka’s greatest misfortune if he ever gained power!

It is on this basis that the Administration and Sri Lanka’s Lawmakers need to confront Fonseka to clarify whether the related issues as highlighted in the Dean jones article are for real. This towards confirming what has been posted by Jones that “whilst speaking to The Daily Telegraph he has denounced his former commander-in-chief as a “dictator” and called on the international community to “de-recognise” the government.” which towards Fonseka’s could land him in the slammer all over again as he has no entitlement or privy to such rhetoric !
Fonseka has also continued in his emboldened state of mind to criticise British prime minister David Cameron for meeting President Rajapaksa at a Jubilee lunch in London last month and said the international community must instead isolate his government to stop its abuses which of course is a continued cacophony one hears in Sri Lanka on a daily basis with all the disgruntled opposition sources including the Fonseka camp being a party to it. His statement about the British PM’s choices of official responsibility also needs to be noted by the British Government in retrospect.

The only notable thing about Fonseka’s statement as presented by the Telegraph is that he has He dismissed allegations that Sri Lankan troops committed war crimes although criticising the government for failing to answer them fully. He was ready to face any accusations and denied his army had targeted civilians sheltering in a no-fire zone in the last stages of the war “”…” estimates of civilians deaths range from 9,000 to 40,000.

In conclusion, fmr. General Fonseka calling For An Arab Style Uprising In Sri Lanka is not only in poor wisdom but endangers his well being and puts him at risk of investigation if he has in fact taken the liberty!
If he has not and has been erroneously quoted, the Telegraph’s Asian Section and Its editor Jones owes him an apology as it could have far reaching consequences!

10 Responses to “Fmr. General Fonseka Calling For An Arab Style Uprising In Sri Lanka Is Not Only In Poor Wisdom But Endangers His Well Being If True!”

  1. Asoka2468 Says:

    The writer is is right. We have a democratically elected leadership in power. The arab uprising happened because the dictators were in power without a mandate. Sarath Fonseka is acting like a power hungry guy who want to take over power without elections. He contested the elections and lost. So now he needs to be patient and wait until elections are held again to see if the people will elect him and his party.
    The best thing he can do now is to organize a party at grass roots level and go from village to village and get his word out. Our people are not stupid to just go on the streets and demonstrate and cause chaos to overturn the government.

  2. aravinda Says:

    Sri Lanka is a democracy. People have elected Mr.Rajapaksa with an overwhelming majority. Mr.Fonseka should go to polls next election and stand for President. If he puts forward an alternative proposal to govern, voters will consider. With his erratic track record, he leaves no choice but to ignore him.

  3. AnuD Says:

    It is JHU, JVP and some others that wanted to finish LTTE militarily.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    What are you ranting about AnuD? The war was a collective operation involving the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Police with logistics and support from many allies whose leaders gave much input for all the years the insurgency was confronted and the war against it waged for nearly 3 decades. Have you forgotten the many military leaders who sacrificed their lives for the cause also? The military option was conceived long before the Rajapaksa Administration its true but implemented successfully during its tenure. For which Sri Lanka needs to be eternally grateful. Do you for a moment believe that the likes of JR Jayawardena and Ranil Wickremasinghre had any intentions, the wherewithal or the guts to carry out what the Rajapaksa Administration eventually did?
    India covertly suported the terrorists to appease Tamil Nadu unless you were blinkered enough not to be aware of this reality.India was the supreme double standard in the issue! The JVP, JHU and “some others who wanted military closure were merely paying lip service and no more! It was the Rajapaksa tour de force that impplemented and executed the final blow that destroyed the LTTE and if you cannot digest this you should not be posting yoiur comments as you sound like and anti Rajapaksa elemnent who does not want to accredit due recognition to the true redeemer of Sri lanka’s terrorist scourge!

  5. Dham Says:

    Why are you keep on parroting GR, MR and SF. War was won with sacrifices from ordinary soldiers.
    Those lives lost would have been wasted if anyone except MR/GR was in power, whether SF there or not. SF will not be there without MR anyway, because he came on MR’s invitation, after setting up foreign companies to collect commissions on arms purchases.
    Those lives lost will be in vain if SF become the US puppet chief.
    You are a FOOL if you cannot see this.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Hilary to Gonzeka: “Didn’t I tell you to keep it confidential you @#$%^&!!”

    Gonzeka: “Lokka, you know I can’t control what I say. I will make it up to you. You just wait.”

    Hilary: Look, Gonz, you better regime change or I will change your death certificate!!

    Gonzeka: OK, OK. I will get that kalawedda out. Run-nil booruwa, Soma hiwala and Samapanthan mugatiya support me. BTW I need more $$$s. I’m outta prison so no free food, no pension, no rent free accomodation now.

  7. gdesilva Says:

    It is funny how Fony let the cat out of the bag… now it should be quite clear to anyone who is behind Arab Spring ‘uprisings’ and who is behind Fony. It is sad to see Fony becoming a puppet of the CIA – I guess ultimately the highest bidder wins the deal….

  8. Sri Rohana Says:

    Mr Fonseka! American CIA agents can buy Arabs but not the real Sinhalese.
    True there are some Sri Lankans who are ready to clean American embassy toilets will try an “Arab spring” in Sri Lanka. They are mainly Ranil’s UNP Colombons, NGO agents, Anti Sinhala newspapers, TNA, traitor Wickramabahu etc. But all those CIA puppets are rejected by Sinhala majority.
    Even JVP’s Australian pawn Premakumaran tried East Timor type uprising with the support of Australian imperialists and international LTTE groups. He was checkmate within few months with the Australian H.C.
    Somawansa group never utter a word against U.S, British imperialists as Soma was a refugee in U.K.
    In this scenario majority of Sinhala don’t trust imperialist agents and don’t want to bring those puppets to power. Therefore Arab spring is an unrealistic slogan in Sri Lanka at the moment.

  9. Marco Says:

    (We believe in Free Speech, Right of Expression that Creates Platform for Dialogue.
    However, if we note any abusive comments we delete them and cancel the contributor’s membership immediately.)

    It’s rather surprising that Anud’s first comment has been deleted. One may not agree with him but at least he should have the Right of Expression.
    Not sure which part of his comment violated Lankaweb policy as no reason was given nor the thread thereafter made any sense.
    One can always bury ones head in the sand!

  10. aravinda Says:

    Sri Rohana and GdeSilva has rightly stated what this ARAB SPRING is all about. It is a American controlled agenda to control oil resources and kill as many Muslims in the process. What happened to Arab spring in Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt? Now we see American/EU CONTROLLED UN in full swing to destroy Syria.

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