More false claims about beating and torture
Posted on July 26th, 2012

George Rupesinghe

The Editor


This is a letter I have sent to The Sydney Morning Herald in response to their news item today.

More may follow as Tamil deported

Once again the Herald publishes unsubstantiated claims of state-sanctioned torture of returned refugees in Sri Lanka (More may follow as Tamil deported, (Herald 26 July).

Leaving the country illegally is an offence in Sri Lanka and is subject to prosecution. Yes, those deported from Australia and elsewhere are questioned on arrival to determine how and when they left the country; if they had ties to or were part of terrorist groups; if they were victims of people smugglers, etc. These are proper and valid procedures for law-enforcement and security. For practical reasons, prosecutions are rare.

The Tamil diaspora’s propaganda hype and hysteria claiming discrimination, persecution, torture and the like to support their kith and kin to settle in greener pastures of the West make good media fodder. But they cleverly conceal pertinent facts such as:

1. Throughout the war essential food supplies were sent regularly by the Government to Sri Lanka’s north and east war zones in the full knowledge that a good part of it was purloined by the terrorists.

2. The Sri Lanka Government’s assistance for genuine Tamil refugees to return to Sri Lanka. From 2002, more than two-thirds of the 150,000 refugees in camps in India, for instance, were helped to return. Among them were the parents of Prabakharan, the Tamil Tiger terrorist leader.

There are more such examples of “persecution” and “discrimination.”

George Rupesinghe

5 Responses to “More false claims about beating and torture”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Journalists like Bruce Haige and politicians like the Greens senator Rhianon, would beat their drums with imagined claims of torture, discrimination, persecution etc if the boat people are sent back. The Australian authorities will keep their identities and details of arrival in australia a secret from SriLanka, making matters easier for even the criminal elements to migrate to AustralIa. Once accepted as a refugee, the benefits they receive are out of this world for the majority of these boat people. So why not take the risk?

  2. Vis8 Says:

    Here’s what they are after: Aussie$$$$$$$$$:

    Here is what the Refugees or Asylum seekers are paid, IMMEDIATELY on arrival in Australia:



    Weekly allowance

    Weekly Spouse allowance

    Additional weekly hardship allowance



    Weekly allowance

    Weekly Spouse allowance

    Additional weekly hardship allowance


    Is it any wonder that more and more are arriving daily?

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    [Oops! Lankaweb, Please correct my hyperlinking error above! ]

    Here is another story on the fake refugee deported from Australians: Tamil man Dayan Anthony questioned, recants on torture claims

    Having been caught with his hand in the pot, he withdrew all claims of torture and mistreatment, saying he had lied on the advice of a Malaysian Tamil person smuggling agent in order to secure a refugee visa stating “I don’t have a back problem. I don’t have psychological problems. I’m okay. I feel okay.” I bet he does!

    Nevertheless, he relapsed into the accusatory style that we have come to expect from these fake refugees … now against Australian authorities who frustrated his criminal activity ….

    “Mr Anthony lashed out at Australian authorities however for their disregard of their international human rights obligations, accusing immigration officials who accompanied him from Melbourne to Colombo of roughing him up. He said Australia was a racist country and that the white Australia policy remained a truism.”

  4. Marco Says:

    You could be providing a fabulous PR job for NRA
    Well done

  5. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Austraslia send back Sinhala illegal immigrants and not the Tamils. So shut up you ass!

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