Posted on August 22nd, 2012

Ratnapya W. 

The memory of my interlude in southern coast of Sri Lanka will be etched in my memory, as long as I live!

 It’s all thanks to a small blunder of mine. We waited till the last moment to fix us a hotel. So at the last moment we tried to find accommodation for a moderate price in or nearby Benttota and found it rather difficult at that time of the year.

 Finally having no alternative we contacted “ƒ”¹…”Royal Beach resort’, as it was not hyped and we probably find us a room. After several rings to Royal beach, someone finally answered and spoke in Sinhalese. He said the reception was closed by six a clock, “sir, but I could fix us a room for a moderate price”.

We said we will take it and would be arriving in two days time.

 WE found Royal Beach Resort positioned along Galle rd and did not expect much by the look of it from Galle road, and decided to move along if it did not match our expectorations.

 The Resort is situated on the south west coast of Sri Lanka, in the enchanting Turtle Village of Induruwa. And upon walking up the hotel steps we got the shock of our life: it was grandiose, well laid out, clean, neat and welcoming.

 It was a copy of the old colonial mansion; spacious and luxurious.

The whole resort complex was wonderfully well laid out with the main building looking out to the Galle road, the swimming pool laid out hugging the beach, and the great roaring ocean making hissing sounds when breaking along the beach front, just a few feet away from the pool.

 The golden beach, spreading out in both direction and not a soul in sight. We felt as if we were alone in our own little paradise.

 The service people were quite friendly, sophisticated and easy going.

 We had at our disposal endless golden beaches for our exploration and solitude. Azure blue skies in the heavens and the infinite horizon of the mysterious Indian Ocean. Warm and friendly hospitality, a natural to the place. It was, to tell the truth, unbelievable at the price we were paying.

 As soon as we had secured a room the chef accosted us, and insisting “what would you like for lunch sir, madam, order what you will, and I will get it for you”!

 The hotel manager Mr. Ratnayake was curtsy itself, friendly, helpful, trying his best to make our stay’ a splendid one’ and looking back it left us with a whole lot of pleasant memories.

 All in all, it added up to one unforgettable adventure and we could not ask for more.

 Happily no one will take me seriously when I explained my experience at “Royal”. For those good old days of warm Sinhalese hospitality are rarely found in practice any longer, but only found mostly in the history books now. But I found “ƒ”¹…”Royal beach resort’ was the exception to the rule.

 Indeed one will consider my tale, simply “ƒ”¹…”one of propaganda’. Lucky for us that; otherwise the place would be filled with rude tourist. So hopefully we would find the place same as the day we left it and on our return hope to enjoy the same good will and hospitality again!

 May the Royal Beach resort staff be hail, hearty and happy for the kindness showered upon us!!!

 Ratnapya W.

July 2012



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m taken to RBR just by reading this. It is indeed a peice of paradise.

    It will remain paradise until south Indians aren’t there.

    South Indians turn ANY paradise to HELL!

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