The new face of LTTE terror abroad
Posted on August 23rd, 2012

From our Canberra Correspondent, Australia

LTTE-trained cadres who have acquired citizenship in Australia are openly engaged in psychological terror targeting Tamil  communities  that refuse to toe their political line. The Tamil community in Australia is concerned that this threat to their lives has been on the increase of late. Tamil diaspora media and activists who continue to proclaim that the late Velupillai Prabhakaran, the mass murderer, is their leader, target Tamil civilians who refuse to join their bandwagon.  At the end of World War II the victorious allies destroyed all Nazi symbols and banned all pro-Nazi propaganda. But the fascist master of Tamil terror, Prabhakaran and his flag flies high in the Western bases where the LTTE agents dominate the Tamil diaspora.

This seems to be the growing trend in the Tamil diaspora . The LTTE-trained cadre from the most feared Imran Pandian Regiment of the LTTE, who runs a prominent Pro-LTTEwebsite is one of them. He specializes in vilifying Tami community leaders who are engaged in the peace, reconciliation and rehabilitation work. He arrived here as a refugee and after he got permanent residence he has revealed his true colours, which he had hid before getting clearance for permanent residence. It  is doubtful whether he would have got permanent residence if he revealed that he was with the terrorist outfit of the Imran Pandian Regiment which is known for torturing, killing, kidnapping of Tamil children and persecuting Tamil civilians.

Under international humanitarian law he should be questioned and dealt with for his  role in the dreaded Imran Pandian Regiment. This Regiment used inhuman methods to suppress dissent and forced civilians to conform to the terrorist regime headed by Velupillai Prabhakaran, a terrorist wanted by Interpol, India and Sri Lanka. In Australia this man has resorted to persecute and torture the minds of the Tamil civilians for not following the LTTE political line which is aimed at destabilizing Sri Lanka and fuel another war to win a separate in Sri Lanka. Please see attached translation of the offending article published in his website.

Besides, the hate speech in his website is polarizing the community and threatening to take the community back to period in which Tamils were divided into us. vs. them society. The man behind this website joined the LTTE at the young age of 14 and was sent to Australia to specialize in IT. He is now using those skills to attack leading members of the Tamil community which can have serious repercussions if allowed to carry on.

The latest attack was directed against the Tamil community leaders who met the Sri Lankan High Commissioner, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, to discuss ways and means of bringing about reconciliation among the divided communities in Sri Lanka and also in Australia. Proclaiming publicly that his leader is Velupillai Prabhakaran, the internationally banned terrorist leader who was killed in the last battle in Nandikadal Lagoon in May 18, 2009, he vilifies those Tamils who are engaged in working with the Sri Lankan government which is the only option available to the Tamils in the diaspora to work for their kith and kin back home. His political vocabulary is borrowed directly from the LTTE propaganda machine. His politics  is that of a brain-washed camp-follower of the LTTE.

He represents the post-war LTTE cadre who feels that they have a second chance by exploiting the Western bases to (1) raise funds, (2) attack those who refuse to join their ranks and (3) demonize those who  are eager to work for reconciliation and rehabilitation jointly with the Sri Lankan government.

He is the new face of the banned LTTE organisation. He is a threat to peace and security both in Australia and Sri Lanka.


13 Responses to “The new face of LTTE terror abroad”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Australia has molly-coddled these Terrorists, and they deserve what they are getting now. Certainly, he is not a threat to Peace and Security of Sri Lanka. He would never dare to come to Sri Lanka with that Stercus Tauri. All that intimidating rhetoric is good for the Low Caste Tamil Terrorists Di-as-Pariahs, who continue to fund them. It will not be long when the tamils who resent will adopt the same aggression and start killing each other. It will happen very soon. May the Devil be with them.

  2. thurai Says:

    In History we see Tamil King Ravanaa had 10 Faces. Tamil Terrorism also have many faces.
    The well educated Tamil Terrorist cheat the whole world. Noone can identify them who are they,where they live
    or what they do. But we see only the LTTE soldiers, People who carry LTTE Flags in western countries,
    and Tamils who belive in Probaganda of Tamil Terrorism worldwide.

    Like in the other world, Smuggling, Illigal Immigration and money laundering are main activities of
    Tamil terrorism. The above said all illigal activities are controlled and maintained by LTTE and their supporters.
    There is no war in Sri Lanka and there is no threat to Tamils in western countries to collect money.
    But other activities of Tamil Terrorism going on like in the past.

    To fight against those Activities of Terrorist we need cooperation of world communities and Governments.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamil king Ravana?

    What nonsense!

    He was not a Tamil king. The Tamil version is Ravanan. There is no record of any Ravanan in SL.

    If he was Tamil he could not have become king in SL.

    If he was Tamil he would have been abducted before he could abduct Sita!!

  4. thurai Says:


    Noone want to remeber our past and make unrest among us. But there are many stories about
    Tamil kings and Sinhala kings in Sri Lanka and in South India. If you don´t accept the stories about
    Tamil kings in Sri Lanka, please explain about Ellala and Dutagaimunu.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Ellalan was an INVADER NOT a SL. He temporarily ruled like Thalivar ruled his little Vanni area.

    That was why they were killed by TRUE SL PATRIOTS.

    But there were good Tamil kings of SL who were true SL patriots.

  6. Vis8 Says:

    Australian politicians welcomed these terrorists in sheeps’ clothing, for their promised ‘campaign donations’ *(aka terror money) and votes. Now this is Australia’s problem. They are beginning to finally realize who their new ‘friends’ are.

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    But there were good Tamil kings of SL who were true SL patriots.- Please name one of Thamil SL King ( I mean by Demila ) !!!

    You Lorenzo …. when westerns were ariving 1505 We were negate ( half or no cloth ) people … so just imaging Ravana Time ( Eg: Elara who ruled Sri Lanka from 205 BC to 161 BC ) thousad of thousand years age… do you think Tamil & Sinhala exists that time……

    You sinhala modaya !!!!

  8. thurai Says:


    //But there were good Tamil kings of SL who were true SL patriots.//Lorenzo

    I agree with you. The problem is Tamil politicians who aren´t SL Patriots or love their own
    Tamil community. We have to work together to find out them and destroy. Such Tamil politicians are
    root for LTTE and Tamil Terrorism which spread all over the world now.

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    The problem is Tamil politicians who aren´t SL Patriots or love their own Tamil community.!!! We have to work together to find out them and destroy.???

    find out them and destroy !!! Thurai Mahathaya !!!

  10. Lorenzo Says:




    Chingala existed, not Tamil.

    You are a Tamil racist modaya (THAMIL MUTTAL).


  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Is the above racist letter a threat to Nadesan, Kugan, etc.?

    They should complain to the police just in case.

    Tamil racists are vicious and desperate. They might attack these innocent people. LTTE going to Australia so Australia has a large LTTE group. They are terrorists.

    Compare that with Brian Seneviratna a Sinhalese LTTE. Sinhalese NEVER threatened him!!

    The difference between the 2 ethnic groups. One tolerant, other INTOLERANT!

  12. Dham Says:

    You are an old racist wanted 50-50 and you and your firneds greed ultimately created the misery to lankan Tamils.
    You pretend all the time. Stop this and write in the Sinhala way.
    You called Lorenzo “Sinhala Modaya”. He may not be Sinhala even, the way he writes nonsence. “Modaya ?”, I don’t know- in a way yes- because he only listens to western media and assumption of honesty in western media is in his blood, cannot change it.

    You also said “Elara Ruled Lanka”. No he never ruled the whole Lanka. Moreover he ruled for a relatively short while, until Prince Gemunu grow up. He was an invader from Suoth India, not be a Tamil even. He didn’t speak the language you speak , definitely. He was a godd, just ruler – unlike your stupid hero Parayaharan.

    When you worship bandits for a long time this is what happens. Most good bandits turned to good men. This murderer died a coward, terrorist.

  13. Dham Says:

    Brian Seneviratne was not threatened by Sinhalese, but by Brisbane City Council. He lost the case. Another good example of a man who cannot get rid of hatred and delusion. What a FOOL .

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