The Sentiments Of A UPFA Party Jumper Who Says”A Strong, Joint Opposition Can Oust This Govt” Seems To Be Delusionary!
Posted on September 12th, 2012

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

September 13th 2012

The former presidential advisor on Agriculture Development, Hemakumara Nanayakkara a recent party jumper from the UPFA has said that ” having left the government, the best course of action one could take is to form a political party which could bring all opposition parties under one umbrella. Hence the birth of the Mawbima Janatha Movement (MJM) under his stewardship seems to be his vision for Sri Lanka which needs to be put into perspective.

Famous words perhaps from him as  well as many of his ilk  who have been unable to have  personal agendas addressed by the Government as so many others before him have experienced and his frustrations and dissapointments towards this seem to be portrayed by his rhetoric. His concept of bringing all political parties under one umbrella  seems to be his main delusion as recent history has proved its impossibility as each political party he seems to refer to  also have their own agendas most often centered around how they could grab power to suit their own requirements rather than that of the Nation as a whole and in this respect the present Administration in all probabilities cannot be touched for the efficiencies shown in  how the Nation needs to be run and tended to, least of all by flybynight politicos which the nations seems to be having a flood of!.

The recent landslide victory by the UPFA in the Provincial Elections bears testimony to this and augments the delusionary nature  of Mr Nanayakkara’s aspirations.
Whether his the MJM has been registered as a party by the Elections Commissioner or not  and is now in the process of forming the widest joint opposition bears no consequence to the reality that a union of self centered individuals cannot ursurp towards their own ends the good work that has been done by the Rajapaksa Administration and is continuing to do so towards bringing peace, prosperity and contentment to a greater part of the Sri Lanka people where the entreaties and allegations of the likes of the MJM leadership seems like a voice in the wilderness of  animosities and frustrations and something the Nation can well do without. The term widest Joint Opposition carries no real implication for the betterment of any nation if comprised of a bunch of ne’er do wells whose platforms and slogans contradict what is best for the nation beyond self centered idealogies!

Although he says he has  re-entered mainstream politics due to” the present Government going against accepted agricultural norms that promote agricultural production in any part of the world” which by itself is a distorted myth when one becomes aware of the many self sufficiencies in food and agricultural requirements based on Government policy which has even renderd the possibility for the exportation of many agricultiral products which are in a surplus today, it does not make too much sense and the rhetoric at times becomes meaningless where it only point to the single direction of wishful thinking .

His admission that he is ready to revitalize his political career for the good of the country and the masses sounds like an attempt to revitalise his own best interests where his bid to form a joint opposition to take on the Government seems a wasted effort given the sources he seems to be consorting with~ where the likes of those whom  he says  he has held discussions with, from certain opposition party leaders although seems to prefer anonymity about them which alone proves that he is unable to link any tangibility to his agendas as he himself is probably unsure of whether or not his objectives will hold him in good stead and that he has a lot of fact finding to do before making a commitment towards his apparently worthless cause which also sounds like the involvement of the likes of messers Ranil Wickremasinghe, Sarath Fonseka, the breakaways of other former Ruling Party supporters  and those who coalesced with it and a motley crew of losers  and quitters who have little or nothing to offer the Nation of Sri Lanka other than a lot of barking and media hype intended to agitate the people. Something which will not be accomplished in the present political and economic climate of Sri Lanka today.

Needless to say it is fairly obvious to the discerning observer that thus far these types have accomplished precious little as the present Administration by far overrides in the best interests of the Nation the false promises which have been confounded and proven wrong as Sri Lanka despite some of the present economic hardships and consumer anxieties is today forging ahead toward the progress that was halted by decades of terrorism and insurgency and this is being acknowledged by a vast number of Sri Lankans  from all ethnicities and backgrounds with accollades also from the international community albeit with a few adversaries with unmitigated sympathies based on their personal idealogies who continue to present obstacles towards progress but overall the progress of Sri Lanka in the eyes of many is astounding and the cognizance that time will prove that the present Administration will stand the test, almost a foregone conclusion despite those whose constant attempts to undermine the Administration is becomeing somewhat of an aberration of monotonity which often tends to hamper the progress the Nation needs today!

Hence the sentiments of the UPFA Party Jumper  who says”A Strong, Joint Opposition Can Oust This Govt” seems to be not only delusionary but also baseless relative to the requirement  as what he is searching for does not seem to be a requiement towards the needs of the Nation beyond his own perhaps!


20 Responses to “The Sentiments Of A UPFA Party Jumper Who Says”A Strong, Joint Opposition Can Oust This Govt” Seems To Be Delusionary!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    He was good in stopping airports but now he has gone crazy.

    He will end up with the JVP in the political rubbish bin.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



    MAWBIMA JANATHAVA IS WITH THE PRESIDENT. CANNOT HE SEE THIS, WITH THE CONCLUSION OF THE RECENT ELECTION ????? The only Mawbima Janathava left are the Tamils with the TNA. I wish Hemakumara would knock the TNA off, and get them under his envisaged ~~~~ UMBRELLA. May good Luck go with him with frustrations too.Happy Birthday to MJM, just one birthday toooo uuuuu.

  3. nandimitra Says:

    The country is in a right roy al mess. Open the papers daily there is a scandal of corruption be it the Kidney disease problems of the NCP due they say is to contaminated fertiliser, scandals in the petroleum corp, Educational fiasco to name a few. People have lost hope and are running away from the country illegally in boats to Australia, Italy. Under these circumstances any opposition is better than nothing. Ranil Wicks is incapable of creating any opposition. The people are with out a choice. `even if you are a fan of MR he must account for all the misdemeanours of his govt. Pretending he does not see it is irresponsible and cheering for him when the country is in this mess is treacherous.

  4. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Is there a single Minister or Govt. Parliamentarian who would take action to stop illegal timber business, illegal sand mining or illegal road constructions etc? None. Being disgruntled with the government is not an unpatriotic measure. If the leader ignores corruption then he should be questioned instead of blindly supporting him with ‘His Excellency’ and this and that (all British crap! which our people have continued to use). The moment someone leaves the ranks he is considered an opportunist. Well the true opportunist are the people who are silent about all corruption and reap the benefits of power. Does this President ever mention corruption in state institutions and government circles? No absolutely not. Of course if one attempts to challenge corruption and bribery, that person will be the ultimate victim and the culprit will walk all the way to the bank laughing. I know even this comment will not go down well with some readers as they seem to be Blindly supporting the government, since the Opposition is a mess in Sri Lanka.
    Where ever there is foreign involvement in any trading it is a fact that Ministers and bureaucrats do solicit commissions mostly called Compulsory commissions paid by private foreign companies which end up in Swiss bank accounts(probably the most corrupt country on earth encouraging money laundering and terrorism). The current account deficit and foreign debt in sri Lanka is at an alarming position. Of course the poor average voter is not concerned about the current ‘Mortgaging’ of our coubtry to multi national companies and foreign countries. If he gets a short term benefit the fool will put a cross against anyone. Unwise leadership is the root cause of the problem. That doesn’t mean slimy, sleezy Ranil is the answer. We lost our top brains to the Sakkili outfit the Tamil Tigers. Maybe we may have to wait for a new generation of honest politicians to emerge from all communities and that will take a considerable time.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Sunil !! I quite agree with what you have stated. It is not only the corruption, but the disgraceful perverse demeaning and down grading of our Police Force and now the RANVIRUVO Army. Sri Lankans are not happy to see Rastiyadu Students arguing with the Police Officers on Video, nor to hear Army Majors being assaulted by Ministers sons. I have never seen sons of Minister of long years back behaving in a despicable manner. It is also not a case of cheering for the President, nor blindly supporting the Government. This era brings us reminiscences of Gentlemen Dudley and Sir John days.

    Nevertheless, is their anyone in the Opposition who can take the Wheel and steer the Ship ??? I doubt it. NOT ONE. They are all Bandicoots, seeing RATS inside the cage eating the Cheese, and love to get in themselves, and do the same. I stand to be corrected.

    It is NEVER too late, for the President to make ammends, say enough is enough, and berate and discipline the incorrigible, corrupt, and belligerent Ministers and Politicians around him. This is just my point of view.

    Also, waiting for another generation is agonising. Desperation will set in faster.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Sunil !! Regarding illegal sand mining and illicit felling of Timber, amongst others, please read my article on Lanka Web, captioned ” FORMIDABLE DETERRENTS TO REDUCE AND AVERT CRIME “

  7. Dilrook Says:

    We need a nationalist and strong opposition. UNP-JVP opposition is neither nationalist nor strong. The only credit this government has is the war victory. But those who don’t buy the war victory (90% of Tamils and 50% of Muslims) have no regard for the government. With the absence of a strong nationalist opposition, they have been recruited by TNA and SLMC racists. This is the biggest tragedy of the lack of a strong opposition.

    I don’t think the wasteful system will ever produce better politicians. Honest politicians cannot contest in an entire district which costs a lot of money. Those who lend the money want returns. Those who campaign need money. There are hundreds of families depending on every MP and provincial councillor. They need to rob to provide for them. Otherwise they join another politician.

    PCs must go and the election system should resort back to the successful FPTP system.

  8. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Susantha – I did read your article. Any article which captures my attention is giving some valuable ideas as you did, rather than some(mostly) boring ones which gives a whole heap of statistics. My tone of writing too changed with time from my article ‘Mahinda we knew’ through ‘What Mahinda should be doing’,up to now. Of course Sinharaja issue was my turning point. No wise leader needs a direction on that. His Think Tank is leaking, a Rs.10 billion wasted on some 100 advisors!!!. No wise leader will tolerate bill boards all over the country. Only a fool will encourage that and engage in raping a forest. Mahinda is a good friend of mine, so are few other ministers, but that ends there now. Politicalwise I just dread them now. Recently I had a go at a minister who is a family friend of ours. (a letter which shouldn’t have published on Lankaweb) These guys are just playing the Political game. IMF, Commonwealth, World Bank, CNN, AI, GreenPeace these are all Anglo Saxon hegemonic institutions which our fools fail to understand. Although Mervin is an entertainer, I admire him as he is the only bugger who takes a stance on issues in this cabinet – 109(?) in all! What a joke (though his admiration of Mahinda goes beyond anyone else – a total exageration of Mahinda’s achievements and insulting our great King Dutugamunu). President gets the support of former murderers and highly corrupt people and he survives with their support. One thing about Mahinda is he has made friends out of his worst enemies and he always looks after friends. As a friend I truly admire him.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    What is our Joint Opposition offering other than to ‘get rid of the present government’ ?

    A National Govt. to look after the country & its People is the need of the hour. Divided we fall – into the laps of those who want to exploit the country.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    If Commissions from Foreign ventures are the biggest draw back to Good Governance, cannot we have a State Fund for Foreign Contributions, as part of the Government itself & perhaps as part of the Treasury, where all Foreign Commissions can be deposited ? Then individual politicos will not be attracted to/subjected to, bribery & corruption so much. Doubtless, there may be ways invented to circumvent this rule, but at least it will not be so intense. GoSL in turn has to be transparent as to how such ‘Commissions’ paid into the State Fund are spent for the good of the country and the People.

    Foreign Ventures should be looked at by a GoSL Commission ( two sections, Senior & Junior), and not by an individual/or few, at the BOC (the plummiest posts of all, at present ?). Can someone enlighten us exactly how Foreign ventures are handled in Sri Lanka ? How are such Foreign ventures handled in other countries that have no great problem with Bribery & Corruption ?

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also there is the strange feature of Foreign venture Commissions (Accounts features), that any commissions given are added back to the Cost of the Venture itself at the source. Since the Venture is paid in full by the purchaser of the Venture, in this case GoSL, then GoSL ought to be the beneficiary, as GoSL has paid the Commission money in addition to other costs. So, in the end, since GOSL pays for the Commissions, it is the Lankan taxpayer that pays for the Commissions !

    It is only just that such Commissions (at least most of it), come back to GoSL which pays for it anyway, and at least most of these funds are used for the greater good of the People of Lanka.

    Can this ever happen …. ?

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !!! When a foreign Representative discuss a big deal on Products or Services, with the Government, or even with a private sector Company, a percentage commission is added to the Final quote. More often the commission is negotiated ~~~Under the Table ~~~. It can be paid in cash, by Cheque, or even transferred to a Foreign Bank of the recipients choice. If local Representatives go to the Foreign countries, for any inspection, they are treated with Royalty. Even Females are provided in the Hotels they stay. This is a common practice all over the world. So it would be a waste of time trying to stop COMMISSIONS getting into somebodys hands.

    In every case, it is the TAX PAYER that pays for others extravagance. NOTHING COMES BACK TO GOSL, PERIOD.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for response.

    In that case, whatever political party that comes into power, the same happens. The Voter merely “changes the pillow for the headache”.

    It is the Voter (as Citizens’ groups for strength) and the Media that must PRAISE the honest politicians & businessmen, and EXPOSE the dishonest/unethical ones. Our homes & schools & religious bodies must teach and REWARD honesty and good morals & ethics. It appears that there is no other way.

    This must be done in a Democracy, or else Democracy vanishes, and some weird & unhappy Fascist type system takes its place. It needs constant vigilance to keep a balance in Democracy. If it is worth keeping, it needs effort on our part.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    YES FRAN !!! The Voter is always taken for a ride. Remember JRs son collecting on Military Hardware ? Sirimavo on the 2Million Soccoman deal, Sirimavo known as BINDUWATHIE for what ? Chandrika getting fined for selling State Property ???? The List is endless.

    Certainly, there are very honest politicians, and GOSL Officers. Dudley had some Rs150 in his savings when he died. Hats off to them. They are the lot that do not have hordes of thugs around them as Body Guards. They dont fly in cars and SUVs. We have to admire them, and be ever grateful to them. THEY ARE NOT ON THE RADAR OF THE MEDIA. It is they who keep the Democracy going.

    It is always the decision making, and decision taking top rung politician, or GOSL OFFICER, that cannot control his craving for easy money, that loves Palm Oil. Honesty has to be taught in School from the very inception. It has to be an ONGOING process. Yet it never is, in this era.The concept of honesty has to come from the Very, Very Top. If corruption is refused to be seen, heard, or spoken about, it becomes malignant. THAT IS WHAT IT IS, TODAY.

  15. Marco Says:

    “This is a common practice all over the world?”.
    Most developed countries have checks and balances for members of govt to disclose assets on a regular basis. In Sri Lanka we had some “noise” about it but as usual it was brushed under the carpet.

    In Sri Lanka, Commissions are “thing” of the past and it is replaced/added with “margin” payments.
    We all know who “Mr 10%” is?
    We now have what is called “Top Slice” margin.
    Contracts are awarded by Ministers not to the lowest or best performing or credible organisation (examples are galore) it may be local or foreign but who is able to provide these “top slice” profits and commissions. Tenders are fixed and not transparent. COPE report highlighted many examples. Since the publication of the COPE report the Tendering process has got worse.
    The new “Colombians” are Ministers and their entourage. If you look at Mansions built around the outskirts of Colombo they all belong to Ministers. Where, how and when did they create such wealth to build such Mansions not 6-7 bedrooms but now 10-12 bedrooms.
    I firmly believe in “subvention” payments when large contracts are awarded. These payments go towards infrastructure, training or benefiting the local community. Not to a Ministers numbered Swiss Bank account!

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, Susantha, hats off to the honest politician. I take my hat off to ANY honest person, the poorest of the poor, who are honest. I know many such excellent people and our hopes hang on them as the Pride of our Nation, and not on ”thuttu deke” DISHONEST billionaires. Even 250 bedroomed homes would not earn our respect, regard & affection, if built with dishonest moneys which belong to the People. Ill gotten gains are usually laughed at everywhere in the world.

    So Honesty has its own rewards from the Public of Lanka.

  17. aloy Says:

    I am in SL for about a month now. Whithin this period I have come to realise that most of our people still have good values. This is because of two incidents involving ordinary people which are too long to narate. Ironically the people of the area I am talking about elected a well known drug dealer during the last parliamentary election.
    What happens to the people during election time?.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    During election time in Sri Lanka, ordinary people vote for someone WELL KNOWN, one way or another, from their area ? They seem to vote for someone, good or not so good, provided that person appears to be connected to others in power, and have the proven ability to speak up and get some action going.

  19. Marco Says:

    “They seem to vote for someone, good or not so good, provided that person appears to be connected to others in power, and have the proven ability to speak up and get some action going.”

  20. Fran Diaz Says:


    Life is simple, face the facts and flow with it. Even UK does not have Oxford ‘Blues’ contesting general elections, do they ?

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