UK Buddhists protest against arson attacks on Buddhist temples and villagers in Bangladesh
Posted on October 6th, 2012

British Sri Lankan Forum

There were many brutal arson attacks on innocent & peaceful Buddhist villages, religious buildings and ancient Buddhist monasteries on 29th October 2012 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. These shocking atrocities are one of many that have been carried out against innocent and peaceful Buddhists and other minorities in recent past.

Bangladesh Buddhist Association- UK and British Sri Lankan Forum strongly condemn these inhuman attacks carried out in the name of a religion. We all, with one voice, would like to request the British Government and all other EU countries to put immediate and appropriate pressure on the Bangladeshi government to prevent future attacks & arrest the culprits.

Place: In front of British Parliament, London SW1A 2TT
(Nearest tube: Westminster- Jubilee, District & Circle Lines)

Date: 11 October 2012 (Thursday) 2.00- 4.00PM

We also request the Bangladesh Government to take the following actions immediately:
1.     Conduct a neutral and thorough investigation of the incident and put those responsible on trial
2.     Provide full compensation for the physical, mental and property damage of the villagers as a result of the brutal arson attack, including rebuilding houses and Buddhist monasteries
3.    Ensure guaranteed protection against future attacks on Buddhists and other minorities in the country
4.    Provide a transparent and public account of the persons or groups that were the master minds behind this atrocity
5.    Promote religious tolerance in Bangladeshi society and include strategies for developing mutual respect in the country’s education system


Respect other religions & faiths. This world is for all of us!

All Peace loving people are welcome!

Bangladesh Buddhist Association- UK & British Sri Lankan Forum

Dear Venerable Bhantes, Sayadaws and Devotees of the temples

We are writing you on behalf of Bangladesh Buddhist Associations- UK  & British Sri Lankan Forum. As you may have heard about the recent brutal arson attacks on Buddhist temples, Buddhist villages and Hindu temples across Chittagong, we are holding a demonstration at the Parliament Square, London to show our solidarity with the victims. The attacks were too much to bear for the minorities and Buddhist followers around the world.  If we do not have sympathy on Buddhist minorities in Bangladesh, the minorities’ religions (Buddhism or Hinduism) will soon be over from the ancient Buddhist lands. History tells us that the faiths of peaceful religion i.e. Buddhism had been destroyed by invaders and killed them if not converted into their religions. The evidence suggests the same history is repeating again and will continue till our existence and our Buddhist faiths come to an end in the world. The peaceful existence of Buddhists and other religious minorities in Bangladesh are an example and now being under serious threat as the radicalized and extremist Muslim groups are systematically working to eradicate them from the country or disturbed their peaceful livelihood.

Buddhists in Bangladesh never do against Muslim livelihood or their beliefs but we don’t know why they are so aggressive to us or to other religions. Buddhists in Bangladesh are lesser than one percent and they live in fear and trauma.  How can we see their suffering simply because they are not Muslim? Why do they attacks on minorities by the name of religion?

Why should you not sacrifice a few hours or a day for the victims out of your compassion by joining us in the protest against such brutal attacks on innocent Buddhists and other minorities? Buddhism and other minority religions may not survive without your help and cooperation although Buddhists live in this country since the birth of Buddhist religion.

We will be very much appreciated and grateful for your presence for this good cause!!!

Demonstration Date: 11th October 2012 (Thursday) at 2.00 to 4.00pm
   ( After the demo down to 10th Downing Street & Foreign Office to hand over the petition)

Place: Parliament Square, London SW1A 2TT
(Nearest Tube: Westminster- Jubilee, Circle & District lines)

Buddhists Want Peaceful Existence!!

Yours Sincerely,

On behalf of Bangladesh Buddhist Association- UK & British Sri Lankan Forum

Venerable Nagasena Bhante- 07951382407
Janaka Alahapperuma- 07885973128
Sujan Barua- 07921040893
Paban Barua- 07908207915

Emails: [email protected]; [email protected],

If you need any more information please do contact one of these numbers above!

Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Monks Protest Bangladesh Violence

Courtesy: VOA

Hundreds of Buddhist monks demonstrated in Sri Lanka Thursday to protest a recent wave of violence targeting their religious community in Bangladesh.

Reverend Galagodawatte Ghanasara told the crowd in Colombo that Buddhists are hiding in jungles in fear of their lives after rampaging Muslims reportedly torched more than 20 temples and over 100 businesses in southern Bangladesh near the Burmese border. He said innocent people have been massacred.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s high commissioner to Sri Lanka, Shafiur Rahman, tells VOA that some 800 people peacefully protested in front of the Bangladesh Embassy and had discussions with the staff.

A day earlier, the Associated Press reported that representatives of Sri Lanka’s minority Muslim community also condemned the violence and demanded that authorities punish those responsible. The human rights group Amnesty International also released a statement urging Bangladeshi authorities to protect minority populations.

Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims rioted Saturday and Sunday, targeting Buddhist temples in Cox Bazar and surrounding areas. The attacks began after Muslims found a photo of a burned Quran and blamed it on a Buddhist man.

Bangladeshi Home Affairs Minister Mohiuddun Khan Alamgir has accused radical Islamists and opposition party activists of instigating the riots as a “premeditated and deliberate” attempt to disrupt communal harmony.

Bangladeshi authorities say they have detained about 300 people in connection with the riots

The Earth is for everyone: Buddhist tells Muslims

Holding signs with slogans including “The Earth Is for Everyone, Not Only for Muslims” and “Stop Insulting Buddhism”, the robed monks staged a short protest outside the Bangladesh embassy in the former capital.

The rally ended when police asked the monks to disperse.

Sectarian tensions have been running high along the country’s joint border since June when deadly clashes erupted between Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar’s western Rakhine state.

Myanmar’s government and many Burmese view Myanmar’s stateless Rohingya population as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh police said Tuesday they had arrested nearly 300 people in connection with a wave of violence in the southeast of the country where Buddhist temples and homes were damaged and set on fire

The following photographs were taken in Thailand where Muslims attacked and killed Buddhist Monks

28 Responses to “UK Buddhists protest against arson attacks on Buddhist temples and villagers in Bangladesh”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    small correction:-

    I think it was on the 29th and 30th September 2012.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    This is the fate that awaits Sri Lankan Buddhists too. Muslims are encroaching on all fronts. In Colombo and elsewhere they are buying up land with money they earn from the Buddhists. Once the land is sold it becomes permanently the property of the Muslim community. This is one of the requests from Colonel Gaddaffi when he visited Sri Lanka to attend the Non Aligned Conference in Colombo in 1976 – to buy land along side major roadways. One can easily see the result when you go along major roads – who owns the land and businesses – who are the money earners? The other was to increase the Muslim population.

    In the Eastern Province and elsewhere they are encroaching, obliterating and taking over our archaeological sites. Kuragala cave complex is a case in point among scores of others.

    They seem to get away from these dastardly acts with the help of politicians who can be easily bought with money.

    Sinhala Buddhists must be assertive, otherwise we too will be left without land and eventually obliterated from the face of own land!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    This is what will happen in SL soon unless this threat is addressed RIGHT NOW.

    Learn from others’ calamities before it hit SL.

    It is happening right around SL – Maldives, Bangladesh, Nalanda, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan even near Bodh Gaya!!

    There is no need for violence. Just ban polygamy, stop Wahabi sects, stop ALL religious financing from middle east, CONTROL MUSLIM POPULATION GROWTH and protect Sinhala Buddhist heritage in SL from terrorists.

    SL must team with PROVEN friends who are well CAPABLE of handling this kind of terrorism. The threat is INTERNATIONAL and so should be the response!!

  4. Raman Says:

    It is already happening in Sri Lanka. What is happening to our beloved and once beautiful country?

    Hindus and Buddhists lived in this country for over 2,000 years. They never did honour killings. Intermarriages were the norm.

    Sri Lanka: Daughter killed in “a Muslim extremist style killing” for dating someone from another religion.

    If this seems to happen an awful lot, Muslims commit 91 percent of honour killings worldwide. Here, sadly, is another. “Muslim father beats daughter to death in Sri Lanka,” from ColomboPage, December 25 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

    Dec 25, 2011, Colombo: A Muslim extremist style killing has been reported from Sammanthurai of Ampara district of Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province, police say.

    According to the police, a Muslim father has allegedly beaten his under-aged daughter to death yesterday evening.
    The 17-year-old daughter was killed by father allegedly for having a relationship with a person belonged to another religion.

    The suspect has been arrested by police.

    Samanthurai Police have commenced further investigations into the incident.

    Sources –,,

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Another RECENT extremist attack!!

    This time in Maldives.

    Dr Afrasheem Ali, MP, a moderate was killed and decapitated in Maldives last Tuesday (2 October). Islamic radicals in Maldives had blamed him and called him a “traitor” for CONDEMNING the barbaric violence in Bangladesh last Sunday.

  6. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Why are our Muslim friends in this forum suddenly silent?
    Can some Muslim who has mastered Quran confirm the following;

    1. “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 2:191
    “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Koran 9:123
    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Koran 9:5
    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 3:85
    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”… Koran 9:30
    “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Koran 5:33
    “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Koran 22:19
    “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” Koran 8:65
    “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:28
    “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Koran 8:12
    “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:60)
    2. Qur’an 2:193 says; “Fight them until there is no more Al Fitnah (‘Al Fitnah’ meant Jews and Christians at the time, but in today’s context the word means all religious followers including Buddhists) and religion is only for Allah. And Qur’an 9:5 says; “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”
    Referring to Hadith, Ishaq:324 says; “Fight them so that there is no more rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must not have rivals.” And Ishaq:587 says; “Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair. We shall fight as long as we live. We will fight until you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom we meet. We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We have mutilated every opponent. We have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and Islam. We will fight until our religion is established. And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace.”

    If the above is false I have no comment to make. If it is true, then this teaching of Mohamed needs to be rejected by even Muslims. Only fools will follow a teaching of this nature.

    I wonder sometimes the despicable acts of American forces in ME is having another agenda other than grabbing oil. I mean are they committed to protect other religions from Islaamists and sacrificing their lives on behalf of everyone? Buddhism was wiped out of India in a violent sweep by Moghuls and it’s well documented.

    Can someone (a Muslim is better) please enlighten this forum?

  7. Muhandiram Says:

    Islam nothing to do with these violence.all these ignorant Bangalis work.and no any Monk were killed in Banladesh violence.those two photo’s were not related to the violence.lankaweb should not publish wrong photos,unrelated to the news.
    upto my knowledge those quoted verse’s were not correct interprtaions.
    more over Buddism was not rooted by muslims in was by Hinduism.and Hindus.(if Muslims,then how Hindus are majority in India?).

    Parangiya(Lorenzo) is under the sympathy of the incident want spread disharmony and violence in Sri lanka.

  8. Dham Says:

    We all know LorenZion is the Zionist representation on Lankaweb. But Sunil raised a valid question to answer in detail.
    You just avoided it because it is probably true.
    Those who know the history are also aware of the fact that Hiduism is resposible for getting rid of Buddhism in Inida and Indonesia. Then the Muslims got rid of Hiduism in Indonesia and Bangladesh.
    Alos accept the fact that the Buddhist Bangladeshis in Chittagong are being discriminated to the fullest for decades.
    Bangladeshi people still have Hindu/Buddhist traditions than foreign traditions like Islam.

    What do you have to say about Lorenzion’s claim that a moderate Muslim who critisises Bangla got killed ?

    Come out straight Lankan Muslims.

    Condemn presucting of Rizzana Nafeek by barbaric inhumsm, uncivilized Wahabis of Saudi !
    Condemn stuipd Balgladeshis basteratds and do not call them brothers !
    This is the challenge for you.

    Where is HussainFammy ? Where is Mareena Woman ?

  9. seruvila senarath Says:





  10. Muhandiram Says:

    We condemn the attacks against inoccent,even my father or brother do it.punishment should be same to everyone.(eye for an eye).

    and Rizana is in jail because of an infant’s death,Law and the order of that country will dicide it.(while we are talking about Rizana,many womens are in jails of Sri lanka for no any valid crime.and children are raped and murdered.what we have done for those crimes?it’s ok,if it’s done by Sri Lankans?)

  11. Dham Says:

    Mohamad Muhandiram,
    Do you have a brain ?
    Rizana Nafeek was a child, did not have any experience in feeding babies. What the f– t he mother of the baby was doing while Rizanna tried to bottle feed the baby ? Should’t this mother who refuce to breast feed and asked an undreage girl to feed her baby be stonned to death by your lifestyle law ?
    I am confiedent to tell you that not a single girl like Rizzana in death raw in Sri lanka jail waiting to be beheaded.

    Are you not naked to compare barbaric Saudi uncivilized government with democratic socialist republic of Sri lanka ?
    It is because of brainless people like you ( doning a phD is terrorism ?) that Zionist are able to get together with Wahabis to distroy the world.
    Keep your lifestyle to yourself and migrate to Saudi, the country you love so much !

  12. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Warlord Abdulaziz raided many places in Najd to feed his family. On the night of January 15, 1902, warlord Abdulaziz led 40 men over the walls of the city of Riyadh on tilted palm trees and took the city of Riyadh. The Rashidi governor of the city of Riyadh, Ajlan, was killed in front of his own fortress. Beginning with the conquest city of Riyadh in 1902, Warlord Abdulaziz consolidated his control over the Najd in 1922, and then conquered the Hijaz in 1925. The Wahhabis and the British supported the warlord Abdulaziz and legitimized warlord Abdulaziz and his fight against the Ottoman Empire. Having conquered almost all of central Arabia, warlord Abdulaziz united his dominions into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932. Since then the House of Saud always supports Britain and its allies including USA. Warlord Abdulaziz changed his names as King Ibn Saud and fathered over sixty eight children including all of the subsequent kings of Saudi Arabia.
    In 1863 the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Rothschilds used one of their agents in America, John D. Rockefeller to form an oil business called Standard Oil which eventually took over all of its competition in America. Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938 by American geologists working for Standard Oil. Standard Oil obtained a 50 year concession granted by Abdulaziz for an immediate payment of 30,000 gold sovereigns, veritably one of the greatest bargains in history. When the extent of breathtakingly large oil reserves became evident in Saudi Arabia, Exxon, Texaco Mobil and others joined in to form the mighty Aramco consortium.
    In exchange for security of the House of Saud dynasty, the Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth and revenues have been handed over for exploitation and benefit of the Zionists. The House of Saud regime controls “the largest family business” in the world without any popular mandate or accountability.
    When Warlord Abdulaziz took control of the Holy Places in Arabia from the Ottoman Empire with British support, he destroyed 15 centuries of Islamic heritage, including the desecration of the tombs of the wives and companions of the Holy Prophet, in the iconoclastic imposition of Wahhabism. The iconoclastic Wahhabi House of Saud gradually destroyed several holy shrines, including historical places of Islam from the Prophet’s house in Mecca and companion Ayoob Ansari’s house in Medina and turned them into apartment buildings and hotels. They also turned the site of the Prophet’s wives’ houses into a parking lot. Art, Music, dancing, laughing and weeping (including at funerals) have been forbidden by the Wahhabis. For a Wahhabi listening to music or dancing is haram but detonating explosive and killing innocent human beings is permissible. Wahhabism is a desert cruelty used as a Muslim-Arab ideology to keep the House of Saud in power.
    To enforce Wahhabism morals enforcers known as mutawwiin have been integral to the Wahhabi movement since its inception. Mutawwiin serve as missionaries, as enforcers of public morals, and as “public ministers of the religion” who preach in the Friday mosque. In addition to enforcing male attendance at public prayer, the mutawwiin also have been responsible for supervising the closing of shops at prayer time, for looking out for infractions of public morality such as playing music, dancing, smoking, drinking alcohol, men having hair that is too long or women who are not fully covered and dressing immodestly.
    The Wahhabi-backed warlord Abdulaziz took full control of the Hijaz, Mecca and Medina, in 1924 and established the modern state of Saudi Arabia, with Wahhabism as its official religion. Since then the House of Saud has promoted Wahhabism as normative Islam throughout the Islamic world. The House of Saud was consolidated on massive oil wealth and has spent huge sums of money building Wahhabi mosques, publishing Wahhabi literature and funding Wahhabi organizations world-wide. Today, with Wahhabi control of the Holy Places intact, virtually every aspect and corner of modern Islam has been penetrated by Wahhabi influence through the agency of the House of Saud.
    Through the control of the Hajj – the beating heart of Islam – and through their vigorous publication and propaganda means, almost all the Muslims are infected with Wahhabism to some extent.
    In Saudi Arabia there is no Church, Synagogue, Buddhist nor Hindu Temple is allowed. Wahhabism (pseudo Salafism) is NOT a religion of tolerance. Wahhabism provides the fundamental base for Jihadism which causes unending strife and misery. It is not Iran that should be bombed. In Iran there are still Jews living there and praying in their Synagogues. Muammar al-Gaddafi respected Christian and Jewish religions and their Churches, Synagogues in Libya but American, English, French, Saudi and Qatari financed terrorists destroyed Churches, Synagogues recently. Buddhist Temples including Bamiyan Buddha statues have survived in Islamic countries for centuries, but they could not survive under the Wahhabism.
    Washington and London are protecting Wahhabi extremists. In Syria Christians and their Churches were safe before the Westerners began sending their Wahhabi fanatics to kill innocent Syrian civilians.
    In Bosnia and Kosovo, under the guise of “reconstruction aid”, Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti, and other Wahhabi organizations have demolished and removed major Islamic monuments (survived attacks by Serbian and Croatian militias) which were created by Muslims with an Islamic culture and tradition stretching back to 14th century long before Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab made his 1744 alliance with the warlord Muhammad Ibn Saud who founded the Saudi dynasty – House of Saud.
    In post- Muammar al-Gaddafi Libya,Wahhabi Jihadists bulldozed several Libyan Sufi mosques (including the Tripoli’s Al-Shaab Al-Dahman mosque) and Sufi graves (including the tombs of Libyan Sufi scholars Abdullah al-Sha’ab, Abdel Salam al-Asmar and of soldiers who fought Spanish colonialists). Wahhabi Jihadists also burned down several historic Sufi libraries in Libya recently.
    Since the start of the Arab Spring uprising by Wahhabi Jihadists, many Sufi sites have been attacked in Egypt, Mali and Libya by armed Wahhabi Jihadists.
    Because control of the world’s oil reserves also meant control of the world economy, Middle East was a vital prize for any power interested in world influence or domination. Because of the stupendous source of strategic power of Middle East oil and the immense wealth from this unparalleled material prize UK and France reached a secret agreement in 1916 known as Asia Minor and divided the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East with UK cleverly keeping oil producing countries and even creating an artificial country like Kuwait. The 1945 signed memo between USA and UK says “US petroleum policy towards UK is predicated on a mutual recognition of a very extensive joint interest and upon control, at least for the moment, of the great bulk of the free petroleum resources of the world”. After the decline of UK and France, USA stepped in as the dominant neo-colonial power in the Middle East and elsewhere. Zionist policy is to keep the sources of oil in the Middle East under Zionist control. Zionist energy corporations have flourished with profits beyond the dreams of avarice with the Middle East their leading cash cow.
    The Sunnis- Shiites divide is too deep rooted and plays out daily in most Islamic countries. Shiites form the underclass in most Sunni ruled countries, but after 1979 have felt inspired and aided by Iran, have become empowered in Lebanon and elsewhere. The Sunnis-Shiites conflict which can be seen in daily blood bath in Iraq and in the Muslim world throughout its history cannot be stopped by “Fatwas”.
    Pakistan President Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq was a pariah till 1979 for having ousted Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and hanged him. But suddenly Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq became the darling of the Western countries when he offered space, facilities and soul for the Jihad in Afghanistan. The great Jihad in Afghanistan was a big opportunity for Wahhabis. Taliban was created by Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq with help and open recognition by Saudi Arabia and encouraged by USA to pacify Afghanistan after the chaos in the wake of withdrawal of Soviet troops. Across Pakistan, the religious tenor has been correspondingly radicalised, the tolerant, Sufi-minded Barelvi form of Islam is now overtaken by the rise of the more hardliner and politicized Wahhabism. Remember Sri Lankan cricketers were ambushed in Lahore by armed Wahhabi Jihadists.
    USA was interested in Zionists owned Union Oil using Afghanistan for petroleum pipe lines to transport central Asian energy to the Arabian Sea coast and beyond and to energy hungry fast developing India .
    Wahhabi cadres trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan on return to their countries in Middle East spread that culture, which now threatens most of them and has seeped even into Europe , which hosts tens of millions of Muslims .
    Present Zionist and Wahhabi doctrines foresee the fall of Iran, Belarus, and, ultimately Russia and China, after the fall of Damascus, to the combined forces of NATO and the Saudi- and Qatari-backed Wahhabis, who make up a large portion of the anti Syrian movement. Like Saudi Arabia, Qatar is also funds Wahhabi movements world-wide. Saudi Arabia directly supported terrorist activities in several countries including Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chechnya and Bosnia
    Sufism is an entirely indigenous Islamic resistance movement to fundamentalism vigorously present throughout South Asia including Sri Lanka for several centuries. Oil rich Saudi Arabia greatly began to penetrate Sri Lanka’s adherents to Islam in 70’s. With the increased funding by the Saudi Arabia with their petro dollars, Wahhabi followers have increased and are now responsible for the sectarian clashes that are slowly increasing among Sri Lankan Muslims especially in the Eastern Province. It is sadly true but there is a rising trend of Wahhabi Jihadism in Sri Lanka. Wahhabis are trying to take the peaceful Islamic community in Sri Lanka down the path of extremism and violence.Wahhabi fundamentalism has advanced so quickly in Sri Lanka partly because the House of Saud has financed the building of so many madrasas. The Wahhabis have already created deep divisions in among Sri Lankan Muslims and have formed gangs that intimidate moderate Muslims who speak out against Wahhabi fanatics. Like the Christian fundamentalist groups using NGOs to convert innocent poor families to Christianity, Wahhabis help poor Muslim families by providing cash and other material benefits to convert the innocent poor Muslim families into their cult. By building churches and madrasas all over the world to harvest the poor souls is truely very clever idea. Wahhabis even use Sri Lankan Government Cultural and Religious Affairs Departments to continue their nefarious activities.
    Wahhabis claim that moderate Sri Lankan Muslims do not know anything of Islam and only themselves are the real scholars of Islam. But Wahhabis preach only “dawah” of hatred, terror and murder. To understand the deranged mentality of Wahhabis look at the “fitna” the Wahhabis have caused in Pakistan. The Government authorities must investigate every Wahhabi school and propagandist in the Eastern Province to make sure they are not preaching things that are inimical to Sri Lanka. Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia spends 87 billion US dollar per year to spread Wahhabism world-wide. Scholarships are offered to our Muslims youths to go to Wahhabi institutions in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. But those who completed their Wahhabi studies returned to Sri Lanka and propagate Wahhabism.
    Wahhabis have infiltrated Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). Almost all the participants and staffers in the Muslim section of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation are Wahabis and use the State radio to propagate Wahhabism. Not only Wahhabis run private unlicensed radio stations in the Eastern Province, also armed Wahhabis often attack mosques and leaders of the Sufi sect.
    Wahhabism in Srilanka is headquartered in Kattankudi is a new politico-religious movement that is sweeping the Eastern province of Sri Lanka with more than sixty Muslim Wahhabi organizations helping in propagating the movement throughout Sri Lanka and has raced ahead and taken control of the Jihadist and Al Fatah groups in Sri Lanka under their wings. Wahhabism is imported and planted in the midst of peace-loving Muslims in Sri Lanka, mostly through the lavish inflow of Saudi money pumped into Sri Lanka has overtaken other Islamic organizations by threats, intimidation and coercion.
    Remember Colonel Lateef was gun down by the prominent Wahhabi militant `Police` Faiz in Oddamavadi. CIA introduced Wahhabism in Sri Lanka through Saudi Arabia as a means of countering the growing support for Iran and Sufism among the Sri Lankan Muslims since CIA had calculated that Wahhabism would be an effective rival theology to prevent the spread of Iranian influence in Sri Lanka.
    Clashes between Sufis and Wahhabi Muslims in Kattankudi and Oddamavadi are regular occurrence . More than 200 homes of Sufi followers were burnt down by Wahhabi Jihadists in Kattankudi during similar clashes occurred in October 2004.
    One of the Sufi leaders Abdul Payilvan died in Colombo was buried at in Kattankudi the next day. Wahhabi Muslims observed a hartal and demanded the removal of the body from the burial grounds. Wahhabi Muslims claim Kattankudy soil is sacred and bodies belonging to those who preach views contradictory to Wahhabism should not be buried there. Wahhabis demanded that the body of Abdul Payilvan, who is from Maruthamunai in the Ampara district, should be exhumed and buried elsewhere.
    Wahhabis had dug up the buried body of another Sufi Muslim from Mosque burial grounds and dumped the body on a local road as an act of protest. Kattankudi Police recovered the body, re-buried it in the original burial ground and guarded burial ground for few days.
    In Kattankudi, the hatred between Wahhabis and Sufis has widened in the last few years and has grown in intensity, left many injured, and caused damage to several houses and vehicles.
    Though residing in Sri Lanka illegally, P Jainul Abedin – a powerful Wahhabi preacher from Tamil Nadu – is now leading the Wahhabi Jihadism in Kattankudi.
    A more recent 2009 clash in the south-western Muslim coastal town of Beruwala reflects similar religious tensions between a popular Sufi sheikh and a nearby Wahhabi congregation.
    Saudi agents have successfully penetrated Sri Lankan Muslims social fabric and have managed to defeat the Sufism in their game. Due to the training afforded by the House of Saud now the Wahhabis have prevailed over the Sufis. The Muslims in Sri Lanka have been subdued due to the Wahhabi influence while Buddhists have been agitating for the release of Rizana Naffek – teenage housemaid from Muthur who was sentenced to death by a Wahhabi Sharia Court in Saudi Arabia.
    The House of Saud pretending to be the leaders of the Islam promote their Wahhabi ideology world-wide. The result has been the birth of al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups which are killing Sunni and Shia Muslims alike in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Wahhabism has been taking roots in Maldives from the days of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Abandoning its tolerant, syncretic brand of Islam, Maldives now moves towards an intolerant Wahhabi society. Recently two Maldives MPs – Dr Afrasheem Ali & Aishath Velezinee – were killed by Wahhabi Jihadists.
    Al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba are overseen by the CIA and Mossad who want to destabilise countries that are not friendly to them. Because the House of Saud depends on the Americans for its security it always obeys American orders. The constant demonization of Iran and now the war against Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad confirms a perception that Western Countries have joined with the Wahhabis in the Wahhabis’ war on the Shiites. Wahhabi Jihadism remains a long-term security risk to the civilized world. In particular, through the spread of Wahhabi education in tens of thousands of religious schools world-wide, the practitioners of Wahhabism are breeding tens of millions of youth who are certain to remain outside the productive economy, and as a consequence, seethe with resentment and anger against the rest of society.
    Even the forced exodus of the Hindu Pandit community from the Kashmir Valley in India during the early 1990s, and the destruction of several Hindu and Sikh temples by the Wahhabi Jihadists in Kashmir, failed to slow down the volume of laudatory coverage of what were portrayed Wahhabi Jihadists as freedom fighters battling cruel Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir State by the Western media. The “Kashmir Model” of using the language of democracy and human rights to win Western support, even while adhering to a contrary policy in practice was widely used to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. Wahhabis hated Muammar al-Gaddafi for the fact that he ruled Libya, with no quarter given to Wahhabi demands as the imposition of Sharia law or the banning of women’s dress other than the abaya. After Muammar al-Gaddafi was defeated and killed, Wahhabi Jihadists who took over Libya as a result of huge help from Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron have lost no time in imposing a Wahhabi version of Sharia law in Libya and in killing and jailing those who disagree with their extremist world-view. Fortunately for them, Western media channels that were once filled with news about Libya under Muammar al-Gaddafi are now silent about the immense human rights violations taking place in Libya after its “liberation” in 2011.
    Western governments and their media commentators now claim that the Wahhabi Jihadist “Muslim Brotherhood” is “moderate” and that the so-called “Wahhabi Salafis” in Egypt are merely “conservative.” Peace loving Muslims from the Balkans to Bengal have expressed their disagreement with this benign view.
    Seeing the success of such a pitch in Libya, Wahhabi Jihadists against the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad, have begun cultivating the Western media and public opinion, the way the Wahhabi Jihadists in Kashmir used to do in the 1990s.
    So extreme has the identification with such elements become, that even the largest Western media outlets accept without question such “facts” as that Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad bombed his own troops and facilities in order “to blame it on the insurgents.” Since the armed uprising by Wahhabi Jihadists began in Syria several thousand members of the Syrian security forces and their family members have been killed by the Wahhabi insurgents, who themselves have lost thousands of their own.
    However, those relying on Western media are told that every such death has been caused by the Syrian security forces, ignoring the deadly violence that is being unleashed in Syria by groups of armed Wahhabi mobs.
    Today in Syria, women can dress as they please. Were the Wahhabi Jihadists to take control, this freedom might soon be replaced with the obligation to wear the full veil. Already in Egypt and in Tunisia, the secular ethos of the country is rapidly giving way to Wahhabism.
    While Western countries are opposed to Wahhabi Jihadism and Sharia law in their own countries, in the Arab countries they favor Wahhabi Jihadism over those who are secular. The result is a galloping Wahhabism and its Sharia law across the Arab countries.
    Since the Western countries subterfuge to destabilise Sri Lanka, by surreptitiously supporting the LTTE failed, now the Western countries will promote Wahhabi Jihadism to cause strife and trouble to destabilize Sri Lanka. Wahhabi followers – al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups – have caused untold misery in several countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Sri Lanka appears to be their next target. The Sri Lankan government must take immediate strict measures to control Wahhabi organizations and ban them. Wahhabis have already built several illegal Mosques in Sri lanka using Saudi Arabia’s petro dollar. The overwhelming peace loving, tolerant and intensely patriotic Muslims of Sri Lanka will extend their support to the government in this matter. As the Wahhabis are even capable of starting ethnic riots between the peaceful Sinhalese and the Muslims, the Sri Lankan government must not be lethargic on this matter.
    Significant obstruction to Wahhabi aggression now appears in the peripheral Muslim communities, including the Balkans no less than Sri Lanka and India. Calling itself “the world’s largest democracy” and possessing the third largest Muslim population in the world, India has produced a stiffer resistance to Wahhabism than any of the lands of the “Arab Spring.” If Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar are bulwarks of extremism and tyranny, peace loving, tolerant and intensely patriotic Indian Muslims may provide a barrier to Wahhabi Jihadist ambitions. With their widely-respected intellectual heritage, their close link with spiritual Sufism, and their demonstrated loyalty to their mother land, the Indian Muslims have shown the world that Western governments are wrong to accommodate fanatic Wahhabism. A struggle against Wahhabism that may have been lost in Egypt, Libya, Mali, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan and Pakistan may be won in India and Sri Lanka.

  13. jayt Says:

    how suddenly Muslim Buddhists complicit start?. This is more in line with western interest
    Why suddenly Hindus top attacking on Muslim India in a few years back. Usually, when there is Kashmiris attack on Indian public, Hindus extremist take law onto the hand attack on innocent Muslim. Gujarat is an example

    Sri lanka face no threat from Muslim as claim by some
    Sl had bloody experience with Tamil and connected to thuggish Tamil Of Tamil Nadu
    and threat from India on and off mostly in connection with Tamil Nadu
    Tamil tigers as south Indian lost wars for SL, so, now there are trying thru tricks

    unlike ancient time, Tigers received support from European Christian and will in different ways

    Also, there are Tamil Tigers exist including in this website distinguish as someone loyal to sl
    and more often make very sly statements that they think we do not know

  14. jayt Says:

    Why are European have been meeting with Muslim in SL? if there are extrimists!
    There have been many attempts by European Christian fundamentalists and NGOs to get support of SL muslim to Tigers
    To get the east to Tigers

  15. jayt Says:

    European funding Saudi Wahhabi and al Qaeda against Syrian Shea. in Lybia did same

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Mu-ham-diram says, “eye for an eye”

    This shows Muslims’ hateful mentality!! Thank you for that.

    Eye for an eye create MORE problems than resolve anything. BARBARIC!

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    “It is already happening in Sri Lanka. What is happening to our beloved and once beautiful country?

    Hindus and Buddhists lived in this country for over 2,000 years. They never did honour killings. Intermarriages were the norm.

    Sri Lanka: Daughter killed in “a Muslim extremist style killing” for dating someone from another religion.”

    I didn’t know that. May be now it is too late for SL to rid these extremists.

    Jayt and Mu-ham-diram are Arab extremists with Sinhala surnames (fathers). No Sinhalese thinks like them!

  18. Dham Says:

    Valuable information to arm us with knowledge by NT. We must thank him again.

    Sri lankans expartiates living in Zionist controlled countries ar ignorant of the Zionism and Wahabism.
    They call every one Jews and Muslims !

    Worst enemies of the humanity are Zionist, followed by Wahabis.
    Wahabism is rampant in Sri Lanaka.
    “A struggle against Wahhabism that may have been lost in Egypt, Libya, Mali, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan and Pakistan may be won in India and Sri Lanka.” not true , when applied to Sri lanka, in my view.

  19. jayt Says:


    We can sort it out very soon.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    During the protest at the Bangladesh embassy some FOOL threw bottles and bricks at the embassy.

    It was totally unnecessary and NOT SL.

    So who did that DISPICABLE act?

    Abdul Cader Mohamed

    He was arrested and admitted to the crime. He has also admitted to be part of a plan to PUT THE BLAME ON PEACEFUL Buddhists!!

    Well done police.

  21. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Wahhabism is a desert cruelty used as a Muslim-Arab ideology to keep the House of Saud in power. The king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Aziz bin Saud, is now 88 years old and the throne of Saudi Arabia passes not from father to son but from brother to brother. Next in line to the throne Crown Prince Salman is already 77 years old. While Saudi Arabia crumbles, massive oil revenues, which have long been used to buy public support, are being squeezed by sharply increased domestic consumption of oil (the highest consumption of petroleum per capita in the world) and the Wahhabi Islamic establishment that supported the House of Saud is increasingly fractious and is losing credibility. High unemployment, corrupt bureaucracy, crippled economy, weak education system, and millions of frustrated youth are now battering Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.

    “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
    ― Nelson Mandela

    “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
    ― Leo Tolstoy

    “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
    ― George Bernard Shaw

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  22. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    There is nothing that is fixed and permanent. Every thing is subject to change and alteration. The river of yesterday is not the same as the river of today. The river of this moment is not going to be the same as the river of the next moment. So does life. It changes continuously, becomes something or the other from moment to moment.
    Impermanence and change are thus the undeniable truths of our existence. What is real is the existing moment, the present that is a product of the past, or a result of the previous causes and actions. Because of ignorance, an ordinary mind conceives them all to be part of one continuous reality. But in truth they are not.

    – Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha

  23. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The recent move by the Sri Lankan Controller of Immigration and Emigration Chulananda Perera in January 2012 to order a group of 161 foreign Wahhabi clerics who entered the country on tourism visas in small batches, without officially applying for permission to preach, to leave Sri Lanka highlights the role of Wahhabi Jihadists that is challenging the more moderate indigenous form of Sufi Islam in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s move against Wahhabi Jihadists was carefully nuanced, as both Gotabhaya and Basil Rajapaksa agreed that the foreign Wahhabi preachers could apply for a religious visa to re-enter Sri Lanka.

  24. Dham Says:

    But the damage has already been done.
    A lot of Lankan Muslims now claim their ansestors are from Saudi. They wear the stupid Gonibilla uniform.
    I have never seen a Gonibilla until 1990’s in Sri Lanka , now very common. Sri lanka should ban the Gonibilla for security reasons.
    A lot of Wahabi clubs have sprung up in Dehiwala area.

  25. Voice123 Says:

    “Europeans are funding Saudi Wahabists and Al Qaida” … in third world countries for geopolitical advantage and regime change.
    Correct – lets get with the times and acknowledge this awful fact.

    “A lot of Lankan Muslims now claim their ancestors are from Saudi”
    – that is part of their fantasy. Coast Moors are mostly of Kerala or Indian Muslim ancestry. Saudi Arabians dont recognise them as relatives and in Gulf countries like Saudi, Bahrain etc Sri Lankan Muslims/Pakistanis/Indians etc get paid even less than white Western Christians for doing the same job. Why would anyone want to claim ancestry to such self-hating idiots?

  26. Dham Says:

    My wife spoke to one Gonibilla woman and this is what she said. Although they have been in Sir lanka for unknown unmber of generations, she said they ARE FROM SAUDI.
    Yes. It is simply fantasy out of brainwashing by Whabis. Damge has done already.
    We have been accepting Saudi rubbish for years now. Sucsssive governments offered back sides for them to poke and now we have AIDS.

  27. Voice123 Says:

    Madam Gonibilla is unlikely to be correct (only a few families like that) and probably much diluted. Remember a lot of Sinhala and Tamil women converted to Islam when they married Muslims. Gonibilla must also acknowledge contribution of East African, Gujarati, South Indian and Malay Muslims to Sri Lanka’s Muslim culture. All these are more moderate cultures than Saudis. Saudi is probably the least important source.

  28. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Buddhist priesthood in India was perished by the slaughter of the Buddhist priesthood perpetrated by the Muslim invaders in 11th century. By slaughtering the Buddhist priesthood in India, the Muslim invaders killed Buddhism in India. Thousands of Buddhist monks in India were killed outright by the commanders of Muslim invaders. The Muslim invaders raised to the ground the Buddhist monasteries with which India was studded. The Muslim invaders sacked all the Buddhist Universities in India including Nalanda, Vikramshila, Jagaddala and Odanthapuri. Indian Buddhist monks fled away in thousands from India to Nepal, Tibet and Indo-China.
    Due to the the pressures of caste, and with no political support structure left in place to resist social mores, thousands of Buddhists in the Indian sub-continent were converted as Muslims during the Muslim invasion.
    Buddhism has seen a revival in India recently due to the the influence of Kripasaran Mahasthavir and Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

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