Who stands in the way of Communal Integration in Sri Lanka ?
Posted on October 14th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

Outlook India.com reports that  according to the  TNA leader Sampanthan the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that,  “”¦India would never backtrack from its position that Tamils in Sri Lanka should lead a life of dignity and self respect in a peaceful environment, and  that India is fully with Sri Lankan Tamils and would continue to engage with TNA”.

If Manmohan Singh had said that,  India under the Premiership of Manmohan Singh is then a threat to Sri Lanka. The report  added  that, “”¦ the Indian side also explained its position and how it was working with the Sri Lankan Government in implementing the 13th Amendment plus approach which envisage devolution of power to Tamil Dominated Provinces .”

India is definitely forestalling the right of the people of Sri Lanka  without whose accord even the government of Sri Lanka cannot implement the 13 Amendment despite it being law. We should not be disturbed by India’s threats, but ignore India on the issue of Sri Lanka Tamils, which is a matter for the government of Sri Lanka to decide.

Cuba a little country under the shadow of the giant USA has withstood all threats and aggression of the USA.  We should learn a lesson from them and stop our stooging to India.

To begin with we should stop excessive advancement of India in our economic development projects.

There were reports apart from India’s activities in the north building houses, and railway lines that the Government of Sri Lanka is ,on a proposal of the Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen, setting up  a joint task force representing public and private  authorities on both countries to  double the  present trade with India.  Sri Lanka’s export to India  stands around US$ 500 million while its imports from India is around US$ 4.5 billion last year.  Who stands to gain ?

In addition to that it has been announced that  India has agreed to set up a special Economic Zone with facilities for skill development to promote exports to India,  in the Eastern Port City of Trincomalee.   Are we not binding ourselves to the needs of India’s own economic development ?

There are also reports that Sri Lanka is planning to invest in Indian port projects. But there are those that question as to whether there is an ulterior  motive in seeking such investment.  “The new transshipment hub in Cochin and Vizhinjam Port are seen as direct competition to Colombo Port which has been expanding largely due to the cargo from India. In such a scenario, there’s no valid reason for Sri Lanka to invest in Indian port projects as it would only hamper their projects. There could be an ulterior motive behind their intention,” said Hemant Bhattbhatt, senior director at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Though India is said to be  Sri Lanka’s biggest trading partner , China remains Sri Lanka’s biggest donor state.

However, despite all these economic issues India will not change its old political desire to dominate over Sri Lanka.  India will  never give us a “cadeau”. India’s intention from 1970s had been clear.  India wants to dominate Sri Lanka and divide  it Communally and make Sri Lanka another  Indian State.  Our accommodating India in our development projects amounts to the proverbial Camel’s head under the tent, or even better ” like taking a fox to guard a poultry farm.”

The International Community, and the UNHuman Rights Council want Sri Lanka to give  a rightful place to the Tamils. But they do not see that it is the Tamils led by the TNA and India ( along with the Tamil Diaspora) that do not allow Sri Lanka to treat its Tamil Community as a part and parcel of its own Nation of Sri Lankans.  It is they who stand on the way to communal reconciliation.

India, which has voted with USA against Sri Lanka accusing  it for violation of human rights, (which amounts to a discrimination against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka) , and the International Community and the UNHRC constantly accusing Sri Lanka for the violation of human rights against the Tamil Community only help to separates the Communities in Sri Lanka when the Government of Sri Lanka is doing its best to reconcile the Communities removing the distinction of separate communities in Sri Lanka in favour of a Sri Lankan Nationality.

What we want in Sri Lanka is a communally integrated nation of Sri Lankans, where we  are respectful, honest and friendly towards each other . It had always been  difficult for the majority Community to win the hearts of the Tamil people.  It had been  the problem that ended up in terrorism. Even after the terrible experience  of terrorism , the Tamils seem to still yearn for that  suffering, rather  than the emancipation and freedom that the President Mahinda Rajapakse has promised.

The Tamils have still not absorbed  the importance of what the President said  after the elimination of terrorism that, ” there is no minority and majority in Sri Lanka.  The major obstacle to the failure to  understand this simple logic by the ordinary Tamil people,  is the TNA, India, and the International Community with their  hypocrite interest in “human rights”, which they themselves do not observe and respect.

India which is still in its pre-terrorist mentality of the 1970s, would pamper TNA that perpetrates the separatism in  Sri Lanka, for their own benefit, rather than advice the TNA to settle matters with the Government of Sri Lanka without running to them, as India has no moral right to interfere into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

The separatist Tamil National Alliance is reported to have told India, ”  that the Tamils in Sri Lanka should be given an opportunity to lead a “dignified life” and there should be no effort to “cheat them again” .

The President of Sri Lanka and his Government have not waited until TNA  tells them  to provide a dignified life to the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka.  The TNA MPs -the so called representatives of the  Tamil people of Sri Lanka have not up to date taken any positive action towards ameliorating the condition of living of the  Tamil people in the North or East, except going round the world asking different Countries to help them get the Sri Lanka government to recognise them as the representatives of the Tamil people, and devolve political  power to them.  The poor Tamil people  are not asking for political power but they want a higher living standard,  employment, health facilities  and education  for their children which the Government is already engaged in giving.  TNA has not taken part in any of the development projects in the North and the East, other than raising their voice to talk about  devolution of political power to the North and East.

It was Prabhakaran and TNA that “cheated”  the Tamil people, though now TNA after Prabhakaran comes forward to represent the very people against whom TNA worked  along side the terrorists as their proxy, representing the terrorists in the Parliament of Sri Lanka, without defending the Tamil people oppressed by the terrorists..

What moral right has Sampanthan and his clique of the TNA MPs who have come into Parliament after duping the poor Tamils of the North and East,   not participating  democratically  as elected members of the Parliament and go to India to ask India to  help the Tamil people in Sri Lanka ?

India on the other hand has no right as a sovereign State in the neighbourhood of Sri Lanka to take one community in preference to the other Communities for special treatment.  India should deal with Sri Lanka as a whole  nation composed of different Communities.

The only way TNA MPs have  to show their bona fides of their genuine interest in the Tamil people who voted them into power  is by actively participating in the Parliament of Sri Lanka of which they are members and  coordinate their efforts to the welfare of the Tamil people to give them  a ” dignified life”.

Sampanthan had said, “The TNA is prepared to join the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) process to find such a solution. But, unless I have a commitment from President Mahinda Rajapaksa, I cannot go the PSC with a clear conscience. I am not prepared to betray my people.”

But he cannot put forward   conditions to join the PSC .  It is their duty to join it if they are Members of Parliament representing the Tamil people.  In the PSC the majority vote prevails  as it is the case in a democratic system of government.  Therefore the TNA has to place their demands  before the PSC without a pre-conceived  prospect of  winning their demands.  They have to use ” toleration and compromise “.  In refraining to  nominate their representatives to the PSC,  TNA is becoming an obstacle to the democratic process of Parliamentary procedures.

TNA MPs harping of ” political rights” to the Tamil people is only  ploy  to make  the Tamil question an arm to win political power for themselves.  India understands that and keeps encouraging them as it fits into their Agenda against Sri Lanka.  The International Community and the  UN Human Rights Commissioner do not seem to take that into account.

On the other hand Naveneetham Pillai,  has an axe to grind, being a  Tamil herself, believs that the Sri Lanka Terrorists were freedom fighters who were  fighting to liberate the Tamil  Community from the  Sinhala Majority, who represented to her the White Regime of  South Africa.

It was reported that Sampanthan the TNA leader had said, “”If we get assurances that we will not be cheated again and that our people will not be deceived once again, we are ready to walk towards the path of finding a (political) solution. The negativity has to be removed,”

This is the last thing that any Sri Lankan would expect a political leader representing the Tamil people would tell about a government that waged a war to eliminate the terrorists who for thirty years made the lives of the poor   Tamil people ” a hell”.  The terrorist made the Tamil people go  through untold suffering  allowing their children to be kidnapped and pay ransoms when ever they were called for, and usurped  their freedom and  their way of life. TNA who as a terrorist  proxy took  orders from the terrorists  did nothing to  stop the suffering of the Tamil people .  And it is this TNA that is now accusing the Government of Sri Lanka  as having cheated the Tamil people.

Tamil people may soon understand who really cheats them the Government or the  TNA.

India’s role is not to assert to TNA that India will  assure that the “Tamil people in Sri Lanka  lead a life of dignity and self respect in a peaceful environment,”  which is the role of the Government  of Sri Lanka, but to  pressure TNA to fully commit itself to the political process towards arriving at a viable solution.  India should not change its role from advisor, to protector.

If India makes those statements to please the Tamil Nadu, then India is not being wise.  In this respect an Indian political commentator  Shastri Ramachandran has said:

“It may not occur to the DMK and AIADMK that their posturing may be driving Sri Lanka (away from India) into the arms of China. If these parties persist in their unfriendly campaign, Sri Lanka may be forced to not only hand over more projects to China, or even Pakistan, but even start sending their defence personnel to these countries for training. Then the fat would be truly in the fire.

Sri Lanka is in a zone of Indian influence and is of enormous strategic value. India is Sri Lanka’s preferred partner and the one country from which it would like all help. Instead of creating conditions that make Colombo approach Beijing or Islamabad, it is high time the national parties make the DMK and AIADMK see strategic sense”¦”¦.”

60 Responses to “Who stands in the way of Communal Integration in Sri Lanka ?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The stick India uses against SL is TNA.

    BAN TNA!

    Send back ALL Indian illegal immigrants.

  2. Dham Says:

    When TNA is banned another grup of guppies will sring up to swim across Pauk Starit.
    This problem has nothing to do with TNA but all to do with backbone of our leaders.

    “To begin with we should stop excessive advancement of India in our economic development projects.”

    For a start , issue a statement that “India should stop talking to any political party directly, without permission of SLGov and issuing statements that imply soveriegnity of Sri lanaka. All such talks will be considered as a hostile act towards Sri Lanaka.”.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HEY SAM PANDAN !!! Who the f are you to ask for a commitment from President Mahinda Rajapakse eh ? You and your bedfellows are damning TERRORISTS in Angel garb now, talking about ~~~MY PEOPLE ~~~. When your Tamil Terrorists bastards were killing innocent Tamils, holding them as Human Shields, Where were you eh ?? You run to SEENI MUTAI SINGHEE in India, with the sole intention of subjugating Sri Lanka to the bloody Indians. Is he your step father ?? The Government of Sri Lanka did not cheat you, You damning hypocrites cheated your own tamil community, not only that, you terrorists tamils killed tamil children by making them suicide bombers, with cyanide capsules round their necks. My people, my foot.

    JUST REMEMBER THIS SAM PANDAN, the 13th Ammendment will be repealed very soon. It is just a matter of time.

    You are not going to get what that “Our Soul ” Prabhakaran did not get. So stop trying to make Sri Lanka a f miserable place to live in. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. STOP TRYING TO INTIMIDATE THE GOVERNMENT TO MAKE IT SERVILE TO YOU. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

    The Tamil people are living happily in Sri Lanka, without an iota of help from you. They dont need your help either. The Government of Sri Lanka will help the to establish themselves, and they are doing it right now. POX on you Sam Pandan.


  4. yakshadeva Says:

    Indians lackself esteem, being obssesed in becoming white , they a caste oriented primitive bride burning nation, who takes pride in calling its poor slum dogs is preaching to us.
    It is Indians carrying out th orders of their white masters.
    Indians are a disgrace to all brown peoples of the planet.
    They are going to be used by both Uk and USA as coolies to safe guard the loot in current loot colonialist loots are planning.
    Indians so primitive and they lack self esteem , they fall into the hands of the Brits so easy.
    TNA is an instrument they are using.

  5. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    yakshadeva – nice nick – the whole problem is – the 3 myths conditioned on the sub-continent by the satan – English myth, Cricket myth and Tea myth. Thats how I see it. There is no way out for Sri Lankans until we see a leader with a backbone.

  6. nandimitra Says:

    All this bemuses me. What rights does the Sinhalese have that the Tamils don’t have? The rights are abused by the politicians, Can a sinhalese get a job if he is not on the Ministers list? Does he not get abused by the politicaly appointed public servants? The politicians pass laws to safeguard their interests at the expense of the General sinhala public. Sri Lanka lacks accountability of the politicians who are parasites on the country. India is only trying to dominate and successfully control SL using the lack of rights of the tamils. The sinhalese on the other hand has not got any rights either. As long as you have a political class that behaves as they own the country India will continue to dominate us. The only reason the 13 amendment is still there it is because it helps the politicians to completely subjugate the people. Lets not fool ourself the sinhalese should not rely on the politicians to safeguard their interests. Finally the Tamils will be given what ever rights India demand at the expense of the Sinhalese. Cant you see how the sinhalese are getting ethnically cleansed from their own land in colombo.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Integration is happening in Sri Lanka, slowly, quite naturally, and genuinely, as has happened over a few thousand years. Some people pretend it is not happening at all and by ‘divide and rule’ methods grab land and more political power in Sri Lanka. India is the embarrassed party, trying to placate both sides.

    Failure to integrate faster happened because the British & Dutch brought in over one and half MILLION Tamil people from Tamil Nadu as indentured labor. Did a single high caste Tamil person come from TN to work in tea estates of British
    Ceylon ? No.

    The problem is for the low caste Tamils of Sri Lanka, particularly in the Tea estate sector. They are stuck in that mode of plucking tea by hand for a couple of hundred years, ever since the British brought them to Sri Lanka as indentured labor. They have been stuck in the low caste mode from Tamil Nadu for about 3,000 yrs. At least now give them tea plucking machines to work with. That would be one HR issue solved. We really don not see any other major issues for Tamils of Sri Lanka. It has to be stated that even the Tamil labor in the tea sector etc. have Free Education & Free Health Care just like the rest of Sri Lanka.

    Navi Pillai of the UNHRC is trying to carve out a separate state for low caste Tamils in Sri Lanka, or trying to draw attention to the caste issues of Tamil Nadu. She does not realise that Vellala Tamils will be leading Eelam if it is formed in Lanka. Ms Pillai had stated that she wants to see an end to “institutionalised discrimination”, (ID). Institutionalised Caste Discrimination is in Tamil Nadu, not Sri Lanka. That there are still some 95,000 night soil carriers employed by the State of Tamil Nadu, proves the point.

    Make a film of the Tamils of Sri Lanka and show it at the UNHRC, how well most of them are doing in the cities. Also show a film of the atrocities of the ltte over the many years and include the one where ltte are shooting unarmed captured SL Army soldiers.

    We hope GoSL defends itself and Sri Lanka properly this time, and not flunk it all.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    When GoSL tries to explain the issues to the UNHRC without mention of the historical past and the Tamil Caste issues, then it is like playing “Hamlet without the Prince”.

    Hope GoSL will present all the facts to the UNHRC.

  9. Kit Athul Says:

    Sunil, need a leader with a back bone? Who stood up to Prabhrakeran and the total distruction of LTTE? May be you want Pramadsa brought back to life. What about his mentally retarded son Pujith?

  10. Vijendra Says:

    Sri Lanka should belong to all Sri Lankans and no one ethnic community should be allowed to claim exclusive “home lands”. GOSL must not only provide leadership, but also must act strategically to make this a reality.

    Tamils hear only the twisted message from the TNA or other Tamil politician as they are the only ones who can communicate directly with them. It’s time that the Leadership in SL took some time to pause and think strategically as to how they could win the Tamils hearts.

    As we know, most politicians get elected by appealing to their own ethnic community they come from. This is because they can not speak any other language to communicate with the other ethnic group. If the Sinhalese politicians could speak Tamil fluently, then they can speak directly to the Tamil community and convey their own message. Until they can do that, they can not expect to win the Tamil vote as the Tamil politicians convey their own twisted message to poison the Tamils’ minds against the Sinhalese politicians.

    It’s time for all political leaders, as people dealing with the public, to have some intensive training in Tamil to make it possible for them to communicate their message to the Tamil voters. Similarly, all government servants serving the public in all areas must be given such training. When once there is better communication and interaction, then there will no more demands or need for “Tamil homelands”. GOSL has to bring on, on a priority basis, the tri-lingual system while removing the divisive 13A .

  11. aloy Says:

    Both India and UK are using Tamils like monkeys- to dance to their tune, just like mythical Rama did. They have done a nice show some where in UK recently with Sooka (member of Ban’s pannel of experts) and the crowd. Perhaps Tamils are not the only group they are using as monkeys. I think Jews are also in that category. Britishers (Anglo-Saxons) are trying to control the world again through them.

  12. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Sambandan is a dupe master. He and his cronies cries everywhere that they dont accept 13 or 13 A. But they never tell this matter to India. But India trusts Mahinda more than any TAMIL gang.

    Both Tamils and Sinhalese cannot gain anything with a mentality of confrontation.

    Sambandan is a liar and now he lied as usual. There are some reports that the TNA was asked by India to sit and talk with Mahinda to solve the problem.

    Soon, TNA will starts talks with Mahinda.

  13. Kit Athul Says:

    Charles is the only author that has clearly seen what India wants. “TO MAKE SRI LANKA ANOTHER STATE”. I will go further; “MAKE SRI LANKA A SUBSTATE OF TAMIL NADU”. Where the Tamils now living in other countries will come and settle. then the majority will be Tamils and a colony of Tamil Nadu. Some Sinhala want this to happen, now Ranil wants the executive Presidency abolished. It was the executive Presidency that MR used wisely to win this war. Now one must ask how did Castro and Cuba survive? Castro penerated the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency and even the Miami Sheriff ‘s department. 3 years ago a couple working at the National Security Agency with 15 years of service, was jailed for life. Sinhala does the opposit. Jayalath Jayawardena went to Tamil Nadu and told them where KP is stayng and wanted the Tamil Nadu IGP to send a Police team to Colombo and forcefully bring KP to trial in Tamil Nadu.

  14. Kit Athul Says:

    Charles, Charles, M.S.MUDALI has woken up from his deep dream of peace. May his tribe increase. MS your absolutly right. It is the Sinhala who needs know not to confront INDIA, right? INDIA IS THE ENEMY OF TAMILS. You should give some thoughts to when SL Tamil living standards go up and above the Tamil Nadu Tamils. There will certainly be confrontations, like today, attack on Catholic Pilgrims. Being a peace man your self, where is your solution?

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    The truth is MOST Tamils in SL are with TNA.

    Ganesans and SOME Thonda crowd are also TNA stooges.

    Other Tamils by not voting approve TNA.

    That is the first problem. IF TNA didn’t have the largest number of Tamil MPs, then no one would care to talk to them.

    IF TNA succeeds in getting THEIR VERSION OF “dignity and self respect” for Tamils, who will benefit? Tamils.

    Today Tamils have everything – land, business, education, security, etc., etc. Now they want MORE. TNA is trying to get this more for them.

    The problem is NOT what Tamils want. The question is what does SL want. That is what we should address.

    Wherever they are all Tamils are Indians. This is a fact. You can’t separate Tamils from India as you can’t separate a maggot from dirt.

    Read it this way.

    “…India would never backtrack from its position that Indians in Sri Lanka should lead a life of dignity and self respect in a peaceful environment, and that India is fully with Sri Lankan Indians and would continue to engage with INA”

  16. HussainFahmy Says:

    The truth is all peace loving Sri Lankans who are committed to a United Sri Lanka, want Sri Lanka in One Piece and they do not wish external interference’s with its governance and would like their elected leaders to focus on developing the country and strengthen its position and patiently overcome the undesirable elements within the nation whose main aim is to cause division among communities. These parasite are more dangerous than all International Bullies put together. The beauty of Multilingual should pave the way to the attitude of Live and Let Live.

    The colossal misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that insight will work with people who are unmotivated to change. Communication does not depend on syntax, or eloquence, or rhetoric, or articulation but on the emotional context in which the message is being heard. People can only hear us when they are moving towards them, and they are not likely to when our words are pursuing them. Even the choicest words lose their power when they are used to overpower. Emotions are the real figures of speech. If we keep on thinking of all the ways in which others Cheated us, Fought with us, Degraded us or Angered us; Our heart will forever be full of hatred. Learn to let go and start working towards solutions.

  17. Charles Says:

    There is truth in what Vijendra says . I think if we can put through our message to Tamils in Tamil it will checkmate TNA. Now we have to depend on translators. It is not the same as talking directly to Tamils in Tamil. As it is the message the Tamils get is distorted. It is more important for the Sinhala politicians to to be able to speak fluently. There are modern methods of learning languages.

    Only thing is we should improve Sinhala at the same time as UNESCO says that Sinhala is one of the languages that will disappear in 25 years !!!

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    Please don’t take this personally.

    The truth is TAMILS are with TNA more than before.

    Govt PANICKING they will lose northern PC election without even getting 20% of the vote. That is why this call to scrap 13.

    In eastern province Tamils fully voted for TNA. Pillayan was the ONLY Tamil from a non-TNA party.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    UNITARY SL. Not united.

    Anyway go tell that to the Saudis first.

    If they agree, tell us.

  20. Dham Says:

    Maharaja now speaks Andarademala – not Sinhala. Yes. Sinhala will dissapear in 25 years. May have to import from Melbourne , after that.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt’s message in Tamil going to Tamils CLEARLY.

    There are many govt Tamil TV, radio, internet, newspapers, teachers, government servants, Tamil politicians, Tamil policeman, etc.

    But nothing works with Tamils. They want TNA (or its stooges).

    How many schools, toilets, houses, roads, etc, did Tamil govt politicians built for Tamils? MANY.
    How many schools, toilets, houses, roads, etc, did TNA, TULF, ITAK, ACTC politicians built for Tamils? NONE.

    But TNA speaks to the hearts and minds of Tamils (shoot the messenger but this will NEVER change.)

    We have to find solutions bypassing them.

  22. mjaya Says:

    There are two groups of people whose hearts are 100% full of hatred.

    Tamil Racists

    Tamil Racists want a 100% Tamil state. Wahabis want a 100% Muslim world. Sri Lanka should be 100% free from both of them.

    BTW: Nice Al-Taqqiya on Lankaweb!

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    If Tamils who have 100% Tamil language rights plus 100% Tamil leaders in TAMIL NADU are still discontented (proven by fact that Tamils still flee TN), then will they be contented with a Sri Lanka which is 100% Tamil speaking with 100% Tamil leaders ?

    If they really thought that 100% Tamil speaking state with 100% Tamil leaders will solve their problems, then Sri Lanka Tamils will be clamoring to get back to Tamil Nadu.

    The Tamil problem is a Caste problem first. Next, they have the usual problems of all human beings, same as us.

  24. mjaya Says:

    Dham you are right.

    The President speaking in Tamil is a lose-lose. Speaking in Tamil won’t win Tamil Racists, they will just laugh at the futile attempt. The Sinhalese people who voted him to the presidency will feel alienated.


    Having Tamil as a national language has served nothing, except promote segregation. Segregation allows TNA and other Tamil Racists to spread their racist hatred and Wahabis to spread their extremism.

    We should also get rid of that stupid act that makes it mandatory for all government servants to learn both Sinhalese and Tamil. Its stupid, the government should be run in Sinhalese so learn it. Tamils have no problem learning English, French, German, Norwegian etc. etc. when abroad. So they must learn Sinhalese when in Sri Lanka.

  25. mjaya Says:

    The Simple Cure for Tamil Racists

    Step 1: Give Absolutely Nothing
    Step 2: If symptoms persist, Deport to Toilet….. sorry Tamil Nadu

    Simple Cure for Wahabis

    Step 1: Give Absolutely Nothing
    Step 2: If symptoms persist, Administer 1kg of Bacon and deport to Saudi Arabia

  26. lingamAndy Says:

    India trusts Mahinda more than any TAMIL gang.- Fully agrred !!!
    Tamil never trust Indian & visa versa !!!
    living our memary !
    1) We kicked out IPKF &
    2) We refused 13A (merged NEP) in gold plat give by India !!!
    3) Indian armed & trained us 1980ish & india wiped out us 2009 (with out blood in their hand) !

    Do you think We Tamil trust India even if they offer Thamil eelam In sri Lanka – NO my chinhala brothers !!!

    watch it , they will use us against you ! we both get killed !!! again !

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    India always plays for her own safety first. If Sri Lanka gets in the way, then we have trouble. That’s the simple law here. Otherwise, India is a friend, Tamils or no Tamils.
    Sri Lanka has to make sure of regional safety issues first, and next be a friend to the whole world.

  28. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Ado fools! Sri Lankan kings and Queens always had marriage connections with the Royal Houses of Tamil Nadu and not with Chinese or even North indians.

    So, bark slow against Tamils and India.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    “The President speaking in Tamil is a lose-lose.”


    MR spoke in Tamil at the presidential election and Tamils TOTALLY REJECTED him.

    Fonseka DIDN’T speak ANY Tamil but he won all Tamil votes (MORE THAN TNA!!!!)

    Ranil didn’t speak Tamil (EXCEPT PODA) but won all Tamil preference votes in Colombo.

    MOST Sinhalese don’t understand how the Tamil minds tick. If you don’t know ASK. Don’t assume.

    APPEASEMENT never works with Tamils. India knows this.

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    முதலி கள்ளதோணி முட்டாள்,

    சிறார்களுக்கான தமிழக உங்கள் இடமாகும். தயவுசெய்து அங்கே போ. சிங்களம் இந்த வழி என்று. அவர்கள் மாற்ற முடியாது. அவர்களை பிச்சை நிறுத்து. செல்வா எதுவும் கிடைக்கவில்லை. நீ எதையும் பெற முடியாது, உங்கள் தேசிய கீதம் சிறார்களுக்கான வேச தமிழ் தாயே உள்ளது.

    தலைவர் விதியை நினைவில்? உங்களுடைய வேறு எந்த இருக்கும்!!!

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s not speaking or writing Tamil that matters. It’s land, homes, jobs, education, etc. These plums are not just for Tamils, but for everyone else here too. If language mattered that much, Tamils will all go back to Tamil Nadu where its 100% Tamil language, with 100% Tamil leadership ! Tamil Language is being used by the TNA as a ploy to keep their leadership role for Tamils.

  32. Lorenzo Says:

    Fran Diaz is right.

    Anyone can speak, write and understand Tamil language but that does not do ANYTHING good.

    e.g. Humble Lorenzo

    ALL the Tamils in the forum hate him. What matters is the CONTENT.

    IF MR in Russian tells Tamils he will give them Tamil only GHETTOS, Tamils will LOVE him.

    IF MR tells Tamils in Tamil he will give them equal rights, security, dignity, etc. without GHETTO power, they will HATE him.

    Understand the Tamil mentality from a patriotic Tamil. You can trust Lorenzo than TNA voters. If you opt to trust TNA voters, good luck. You will end up as Koviya, Nalavar people in the Tamil community.

    MR blamed Sinhalese “you must listen to Tamil as well” in Vanni. What happened? Tamils rejected him. Sinhalese in Vanni also rejected him!!

  33. Leela Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo for being so honest and straight. I must admit, you alone had the guts to talk the truth and call the spade a spade in this forum. Keep up your good work and I wish you all the best for it. I also hope those that matter will take note. May Triple the Gem bless you.

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    Thanks Leela.

    I have to thank Lankaweb for it.

    I know EXACTLY how Jaffna Vellala Tamils think because I’m one of them.
    (Studied in Sinhala and know very little written Tamil though.)

    Hope SL shall ALWAYS remain the Sinhala Buddhist nation it always was.

    But let me add, it was/will NOT (be) the 4 sacred Bo leaves that protect/protected this nation when faced with Adharma people. It is/was the sword.

    The sword (= Vihara Maha Devi) – to handle Adharma people.
    The 4 sacred Bo leaves (= Kavantissa) – for Dharma people and the rest.

    Let they be the mother and father of all Sinhelas.

    God bless you.

  35. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    450 years of colonialism set the stage for ethnic friction during the post independence period. Do belief systems prevalent in Tamil speaking Sri Lankans from Jaffna, matter in affecting their social integration with Sinhala speaking Sri Lankans? Tamil speaking Sri Lankans from Jaffna who bring values that depart very substantially from those of the the majority of the country may always lead to the creation of social boundaries that are difficult to transcend. To pre-empt polarized ethnic enclaves ethnic integration must be promoted. By maintaining a multi-ethnic environment, the government can maintain social stability, communal harmony and religious tolerance, and keep Sri Lanka safe, secure and prosperous for all ethic groups.

    Hindi is the official language of the Indian Union (although it also recognises 15 or 16 other regional languages as official). Still, it is the native language of only about a third of all Indians. Those who don’t grow up speaking Hindi must learn it at school. Very little Hindi is spoken in the south of India, where the dominant languages are completely unrelated to those of the north.

    Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. It is also the official language of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and one of the two official languages of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

    Like Hindi, Urdu is not the native language of most Pakistanis. For only about 10% of Pakistanis, primarily those living in Karachi and other cities of the Sindh province, speak it as their mother tongue. The remaining Pakistanis grow up speaking Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi, Pashtu, Kashmiri or other languages and must learn Urdu at school. In fact, India has about ten times the number of native speakers of Urdu as Pakistan.

    But this situation is changing because the Pakistani state has so thoroughly suffused the country with Urdu. Many of today’s young Pakistanis for whose parents Urdu is not the mother tongue, have grown up speaking Urdu as though it was.

    Similarly a majority of Sri Lankan kids with Tamil speaking parents are now living in traditionally Sinhala speaking areas and growing up speaking Sinhala as well. Language will not become a subject of racist division in few years if all the Sri Lankan children learn Sinhala and Tamil.

    It has been the proud privilege of the Sri Lankans to live in harmony with one another. That has been the basis of Sri Lanka’s culture from the days of Asoka, 2300 years ago. This has been repeatedly declared and practiced. Let us endeavour to rebuild the brotherhood that once existed between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. It is the only way forward to usher in peace and prosperity once more to this beautiful country of ours that has been torn apart by war and strife.

  36. Lorenzo Says:


    “Language will not become a subject of racist division in few years if all the Sri Lankan children learn Sinhala and Tamil.”

    Language was NEVER the problem.

    ALL Tamil racists – ITAK, TNA, ACTC, TULF, LTTE, VP, Chelvanayagam, Sangaree, Hakeem, Sambandan, Sumanthiran, Ponna Ambalam, etc. speak GOOD Sinhala!!!

    Have you heard Sambandan speak Sinhala? Better than me!

    Did that do any good? NO!

    The problem is Tamil GHETTO mentality (TGM). Who vote for these racists? Aliens? No. Dogs.

    They are getting more and more votes.

    Look at Colombo. Compare Tamil population percentage with the seats Tamil racists win.

    Before 1994 racist Tamils could not win a seat. Only moderates could. Since then LTTE Gonasens winning seats. In 2004 they won 2. What happened to moderate Tamils in Colombo like Rajaratnam, Sellasamy, etc? Wiped out!! Now LTTE Gonasens are the king makers in CWC too!!


    What is happening?

    Despite Tamils in Colombo speaking Sinhala more and more, they are increasingly becoming racist voters!!


    Because language was NEVER the problem. Tamil GHETTO Mentality (TGM) is the problem.


    Fix the sickness not symptoms.

  37. Lorenzo Says:

    Sinhalese speaking in Tamil is the STUPIDEST thing.

    Do white Canadians learn Tamil when Tamils learn English?
    Do the French learn Tamil when Tamils learn French?


    Why spray DDT to healthy cats?
    Spray it to mosquitos sites.

    Why take amoxilin if you don’t have an infection?
    Give it to the sick ONLY.

    A man has fallen to a deep well. You come across.

    SYMPATHY – you also jump in!!
    EMPATHY – you stay safe and help him come out.

    Just think about it.

    If Sinhala will be extinct in another 25 years, what will be the language in SL?
    Russian, English, Chinese, Hindi?

    Jeyalalitha’s, Kannimolly’s and Karunanidhi’s language!!


    Don’t jump to the well out of sympathy. Help Tamils become Sinhalese and STAND YOUR GROUND as the proud majority.

  38. aloy Says:

    Lorenzo, M.S.Mudali,
    I see a ray of hope. Lorenzo is a fine example of racial amity. I never knew he was a tamil. Tamils fighting for Sinhalese is the way to go. We only consider those tamils who go to India for help as monkeys.
    My A-level maths teacher was a tamil. Because of his effort many of us from a provincial school were able to gain entry to uni. He has helped me in manyways. My mother-in-law had a tamil boy from a nearby rubber state to help her in the house. She taught him to read and write sinhala. When he grew up we found him a job in a semi goverment institution and was given a piece of land to build a house. He married a sinhala girl and now a sinhala family lives in it. Sinhalas are very considerate and friendly people and the whole world knows it.
    I know the tamils in Colombo ( atleast the upcountry people) want to educate their children in Sinhala. If the trend continues they will become sinhalese after few generations. GOSL should discourage any more tamil medium schools in Colombo. Also they should abolish the preferential voting and bring back first past the post system like we had earlier. Otherwise people like Ganeshan also will start running to India with his MPs for help.

  39. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Now Lorenzo writes in his mother tongue. Good!

    Colombo was colonized with people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Now they speak Sinhala except Lorenzo family. Lorenzo is of Parawa, a Tamil fishing caste in Thoothukudi!

    But in Jaffna the people came from Orissa, bihar and Bengal speak TAMIL.

    The South Indians who came to Sri lanka with portugeuse speak Sinhala and claim they are ARYAN but people of Orissa in Jaffna speak Tamil and claim they are dravida.

    Oh.. what a foolish theroy floated in Sri lanka.!

    //Despite Tamils in Colombo speaking Sinhala more and more, they are increasingly becoming racist voters!!//
    The best example is you, Lorenzo. You came from Thoothukudi or kerala and spew racist venom like a Sinhala racist. Soon the Tamils in Colombo also will behave like you.

  40. aloy Says:

    The GOSL should abolish propotional representation sysytem not preferentia system.l

  41. lingamAndy Says:

    I know EXACTLY how Jaffna Vellala Tamils think because I’m one of them. !!! EXCELENT !!
    like M.S.MUDALI Says: Now Lorenzo writes in his mother tongue. Good!
    Leela this Tamil brother not trust worthy !!! He is one of the TNA !
    who has hose in Cinaman garden & 2nd house in chennai , their childens study in western country or private school !sponsered by foriengn Tamils (inc me), security given by SL police , Nice time (holiday camp) Parliment with all MPS benefit!

    God bless you Lorenzo !! writ in english please (to see you real color by chinhala bros) !!

  42. Charles Says:


    I understand what you say. In France one of the condition for grant of citizenship is having a knowledge of French and there is an Interview before the applications are accepted. French Administratiojn is completely French and all demands from the Administration have to be communicated in French. The forms that come from the government are only in French.

    It should certainly be so in Sri Lanka but at the moment in Sri Lanka there is a communication gap because of which the ordinary Tamil people are misinformed and led by the nose by the TNA and other Tamil politicians. Therefore, even if Sinhala only is to be the Official language there is no harm the Sinhala people learn Tamil for communication purpose while encouraging the Tamils to learn Sinhala.

  43. Fran Diaz Says:

    What is purpose of learning Tamil if all have some knowledge of Sinhala & English ? Sinhala is the language of Sri Lanka as much as Tamil is the language of Tamil Nadu. English is a world language and the language of the computer. It enables people to work abroad too and to communicate to the world. What is the point in learning Tamil ? Does Tamil Nadu offer jobs to Sri Lankans ? No. Do even Tamil people run to Tamil Nadu ? No. Only the TNA runs to Tamil Nadu to use the Indian govt. to make sure they have their ‘Tamil only’ jobs. All other Tamils seem to run away from Tamil Nadu to avoid Caste issues. The day Tamil people have an Exodus into Tamil Nadu is the day there are no more Caste/poverty problems there.

    None of the states adjoining Tamil Nadu have Tamil language as a main language.

    It is not a language problem in Sri Lanka. It is that Vellala Tamils want to keep a hold on the Tamil population here, stop them integrating into mainstream life here, and as I said before, make sure Vellala Tamils have a political job in Sri Lanka.

    It is the Tamil leaders (TNA) who stand in the way of Tamils integrating into mainstream life in Sri Lanka. It’s the old ‘divide & rule’ thing, copied form the Brits.

  44. Fran Diaz Says:

    No one stopping anyone from learning some Tamil if they want to do so for whatever purpose. It should be left to the people to choose whatever second languages they want to learn.

  45. Leela Says:

    Would you believe, a few years back, I got my son to learn Tamil as the second language for five years at Elizabeth Moir school. A school run by a British family where and less than 20% are Sinhalas. But the Tamil teacher kept asking him why he wanted to learn Tamil? I just couldn’t fathom the Tamil mentality.

  46. Muhandiram Says:

    All those anti Muslim comments are from Tamil begots.they will never learn a lesson.they expelled the Muslims from north.hence Muslim countries are given fullest support to GOSL to eradicate demala jathiwaadeen.they have lost almost evrything.but racism not.within next century, those begots become least minority.and will lose everything.(live and let live others)

  47. Lorenzo Says:


    In the 2 processes, MORE ENCOURAGEMENTS should be given for Tamils to learn Sinhala than the other way round.

    e.g. Canada

    At one point Canada encouraged everyone to learn BOTH English and French. Encouraged French speaking people to learn English. After that they brought the Clarity Act (1999) and English regained its position.

    I agree to such an arrangement.

    However, may I repeat, the real problem NEVER was language/communication.

    After the resounding success of Tamil GHETTO tactics in Colombo, Jaffna, etc. Wahabis also follow it.

    We also have to fight Wahabi GHETTOS before it becomes another problem.

    The first step is to DENY ANY political concessions to Tamil only GHETTOS. That will discourage Wahabis also.

  48. Lorenzo Says:


    Never forget the military contribution of EPDP and TMVP. They also fought Tamil Tigers. Call them traitors, thugs or whatever, this is the truth.

    (They were MORE violent than regular troops and more effective to attack from within!!).

    By NOT giving into TNA, govt encourages MORE people to follow EPDP, TMVP than useless TNA.

  49. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    I know well and better about EPDP and TMVP than you. You are an opportunist Tamil donkey and jump to any side for benefits.

    I always maintained that I never for any separation or any other LTTE issues but UNP Sinhalese or UNP converted sinhalese like you supported LTTE terror. Ranil is now with Sambandan. Why are you or others who bark against Tamils or India maintain silence over UNP and Ranil?

    You or any other Sinhalese cannot play the ‘patriotic’ card while UNP still support LTTE and their proxies. Dr.Jayalath jayawardene is the public supporter of LTTE criminals. Catholic church is another LTTE supporter. You idiots keep silence on those traitors and bark at me or others because we are tamils.

    FYI: EPDP and TMVP are for 13 and other 13s.

  50. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    “Thoppigala is just a rock,, the military map is in English and it is named as Baran’s Hat… I wonder these people have read the military map” – Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe

    “Our commander of army is not even suited for salvation army” – Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera

    “Any bull can wage war” – Lakshman Bandara Kiriella

    “Once these people go Pamankada saying Alimankada,,, Other time the go Madawachchiya saying Kilinochchiya” – Ravindra Sandresh Karunanayagam (Also known as Ravi Karunanayake)

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe, Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera and their coterie have no love for anyone, but for themselves. These are very dangerous people, the will do anything to gain power.

    Ruban Canistus Jayalath Jayawardena, his acolytes along with the LTTE backers did round the clock anti-war propaganda during the war, calling for peace with LTTE. And after the war, at the drop of a hat, Ruban Canistus Jayalath Jayawardena ran to India to complain against Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Catholic Church is heavily involved with the LTTE from the 1970s. Catholic Church played a major role in the genesis of the LTTE . Why the Catholic Bishops in other parts of Sri Lanka are silent in this matter. Whoever has the ultimate responsibility and obligation to The Vatican should have taken to task, the Catholic clergy that has given comfort to the brutal LTTE. Instead of being cremated in accordance with Hindu religious custom thousands of Hindu LTTE martyrs were buried in mass cemeteries. The Catholic Bishop of Jaffna, the Rev Father Thomas Savundranayagam unashamedly made several false accusations about conditions for Tamils in Sri Lanka with absolutely no conscience whatsoever. When Jaffna Muslims were ruthlessly chased away, the Catholic Church remained silent.

    S.J.Emmanuel who was appointed, with the consent of the Catholic Bishops and the Vatican, to be the first rector that the Jaffna Major Seminary wrote a book “Let My People Go” and elaborated a ‘liberation theology only for Tamils’. S.J.Emmanuel called Velupillai Prabhakaran Jesus Christ, the LTTE soldiers of Christ, the suicide bombers, martyrs of the Catholic Church to whom the Church provided a Catholic burial, and self proclaimed himself, the Moses who would lead the Tamil nation from the bondage of the Sinhalese-Buddhists to the land chosen for them by God.

  51. Lorenzo Says:


    We know how to shut them up and open them up when needed.

    A good Tamils is a subservient Tamil.

  52. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    //A good Tamils is a subservient Tamil.// Amen. I see you the same in you for years.

  53. Dham Says:

    “It has been the proud privilege of the Sri Lankans to live in harmony with one another. That has been the basis of Sri Lanka’s culture from the days of Asoka, 2300 years ago. This has been repeatedly declared and practiced. Let us endeavour to rebuild the brotherhood that once existed between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. It is the only way forward to usher in peace and prosperity once more to this beautiful country of ours that has been torn apart by war and strife.”

    Beautiful words !
    For this to happen majority race should lead by example ! We must cultivate Sinhala-Buddhist mentality.

    It is not the Sinhala tradition to create a Zionist style killing mentality, it is the LTTE who created this mentality.
    No wonder LorenZion promoting and cultivationg this stupid murderous mentality and making stupid fools to dance to his tune ! This is what I suspected all the time !

    Just because one writes hatred words against Tamils, Muslims we Sinhala Buddhist should not approve it !
    We have our values. We do not have to borrow from Zionist and LTTE culture of killing innocent people and blaming the opposition. We don’t have to even think about ethnic cleansing, practice widely by Zionist state and LTTE.

    We have our ways of figthing and well as our natural way of love and compassion.
    Please dig into your hearts and speak out of valuse you have been brought up, not with foriegn tricks of manupulation.
    That is my wish.

  54. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Nadu leaders see Sri Lanka as the place to dump all the people Tamil Nadu does NOT want. Why Tamils pay obeisance to TN & Tamil leaders of Lanka who pay obeisance to TN leaders, I cannot fathom. That is the servile mentality that Lorenzo is referring to. It is not the Sinhala people who oppress Tamils, it is the Tamil Caste System that oppresses Tamil people. Tamils should integrate into mainstream life in Lanka and live productive lives. That way, they can throw away Caste forever.

    There are a number of Tamil people who have earned the respect and admiration of us all. Tamils should follow them, and shut their eyes and ears to Tamil leaders who have deceived them for too long. Learn to smile, be light of heart and be happy !

  55. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Lionair Flight 602 was an Antonov An-24RV which fell into the sea near Iranativu Island 14 years ago. Lionair Flight 602 departed Palaly Airport with several high-ranking Army officials and disappeared from radar screens just after the Ukrainian pilot Matochko Anatoli had reported depressurization. Lionair Flight 602 had been shot down by teenage member of LTTE who used the Iranativu church building with the help of the Catholic Pastor of the church to shoot the Antonov An-24RV.

  56. Dham Says:

    How do you know this stuff ?
    Why is this Pastor is not prsecuted ?

  57. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sri Lanka has been long used as the base to loose Caste for Tamils of Tamil Nadu. Even during times of British rule, the then Ceylon was used by Tamil people to “cross SEA water and lose Caste” (see Ian Goonetilleke’s (Ed) book ” Sri Lanka through American Eyes”).

    This is the sequence of events :

    Illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu > convert to different religions (including Catholicism) > later fight for Separate country for Tamils. That is how the Catholic Pastor got involved in shooting down the Lionair flight. From his point of view, he was helping his Tamil people.

    It is we, Sinhalayas, who have been BLIND. In old times, the ordinary Tamils had a innocent goal then of “loosing Caste” only, now those sea crossings have been hijacked by Tamil leaders (TNA) to carve out Eelam.

  58. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Now the Tamil fishing Parawas from Thoothukudi in the coastal areas slowly evolve as GOVIGAMA SINHALESE.

    During the last 30 years of LTTE terror, the Tamil Catholic Church publicly supportrd LTTE in every ways and Sinhalese Catholic Church kept the mouth shut. Why? POPE who was a NAZI soldier, still allow his NAZI terror over the non-Catholics. LTTE under the Catholic Church did the horrors and robbed people. Where is the loot now? It is now at the hands of the Catholic church.

    Catholic Church failed to create another EAST-TIMOR in Sri Lanka under the LTTE because of India. That is why you guys are barking so hard at India.

    Sinhala Catholics are now the “instant patriots” like the instant noodles.

  59. Fran Diaz Says:


    So what if “Now the Tamil fishing Parawas from Thoothukudi in the coastal areas slowly evolve as GOVIGAMA SINHALESE” ?

    It does not bother us at all that Tamil fishing Parawas are evolving in whatever way, as evolve they must. As I told you before,
    caste is minimal among Sinhala people. Caste among Sinhala people is profession/livelihood based, unlike the religion based intractable one of Tamils of Tamil Nadu.

    Soon caste among Sinhalas will be non-existent. When will caste among Tamils disappear ? What are you doing about erasing caste among Tamils ?

    Slamming Sri Lanka & Sinhalas won’t do the job !

  60. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    “Lionair Flight 602 had been shot down by teenage member of LTTE who used the Iranativu church building to shoot the Antonov An-24RV.”

    The person was arrested few days ago in Jaffna.

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