Bairaha introduces Kuruma chicken, pre-cooked & ready-to-eat
Posted on October 24th, 2012

Press Release

Bairaha Foods has introduced a new flavour, Kuruma, to its range of ready-to-eat, pre-cooked marinated chicken products. Now on sale island-wide, Kuruma chicken is available in either chicken drumstick or chicken breast varieties, both in 300 grammes packs.

According to Bairaha Foods, the easiest and fastest way to prepare this delicious chicken dish is to cook it in a Microwave for five minutes, on a high temperature setting. However, should one prefer cooking it in a pan, Kuruma chicken must first be completely thawed or defrosted, before it is then pan-cooked for 10 minutes on medium heat.

The company also revealed that Bairaha Food’s high-quality range of ready-to-eat chicken products will soon be adding chicken brockwurst jumbo sausages, in two flavours, to its product range in the near future. Bairaha Foods’ wide range of products currently encompasses chicken sausages, chicken meatballs and chicken slices, as well as pre-cooked marinated chicken breast and chicken drumsticks.

Bairaha Foods is the first company to introduce pre-cooked, marinated chicken to the local market. The company is the wholly owned subsidiary company of Bairaha Farms PLC, the pioneering and leading poultry processor in Sri Lanka.

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