Gotabhaya: OPA also wants 13-A abolished; Why flay only me?
Posted on October 29th, 2012

‘By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

October 29, 2012, 10:17 pm


Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday said that his call for the abolition of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution had extensive backing from many sections of society.

Rajapaksa pointed out that Sri Lanka’s foremost outfit of professionals, the Organisation of Professional Organisations (OPA) had in May 2012 unanimously passed a resolution urging President Mahinda Rajapaksa to do away with the controversial 13th Amendment. The OPA’s call for the abolition of what was imposed on Sri Lanka way back in July 1987 coincided with the third anniversary of Sri Lanka’s war victory over terrorism.

Noting that the SLFP-led ruling coalition, too, had recently reiterated its commitment to the 13th Amendment, the Defence Secretary said both proponents and opponents of that constitutional amendment should examine the OPA’s statement, which was largely ignored by the media. Assuring its fullest support to President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s efforts to settle the national issue, the OPA called for the abolition of the 13th Amendment.

The Executive Council of the OPA declared that the 13th Amendment was an impediment to the post-war national reconciliation process and therefore it should be done away with.

The OPA came out strongly against devolution on the basis of the 13th Amendment in the wake of a section of the international community pressuring Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

The OPA cited five specific reasons for the abolition of the 13th Amendment. The President of the OPA, Architect L.T. Kiringoda alleged that it had been drafted in India even without the knowledge of Sri Lankan Parliament foisted on this country. The brainchild of the then Indian government influenced by the LTTE, the 13th Amendment had brought about political instability, the OPA President said.

The Defence Secretary urged all those issuing statements supporting the 13 Amendment to re-examine the issue without being guided by external factors. They could easily initiate a dialogue with the OPA without further delay. The Defence Secretary said that he hadn’t come across any statement critical of the OPA statement, which was given front-page coverage of the May 12 issue of The Island.

Rajapaksa urged all political parties to make a realistic assessment of the situation without being guided by various domestic and external factors. Asked whether his move had been prompted by some interested parties moving the court against Divineguma Bill, the Defence Secretary said that the legal wrangle had helped realise the ground situation. There should be a centralised mechanism to handle some important issues, the Defence Secretary stressed. “How could provincial level administration interfere with national level planning?

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    GR is a man bordering divinity!

    How his words resonate in our hearts. Hearing his words is like listening to a saint.

    We must all stand by GR. Those who DON’T stand by GR now are TRAITORS who don’t deserve to live in SL. India is their best choice.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “How could provincial level administration interfere with national level planning?”

    There were many in high places this country for the past 25 years who FAILED to see this. May be because they NEVER did national level planning!! Or they didn’t have brain cells or a backbone.

    1. PROTECT GR.
    2. Train more GRs than one.
    3. Join him to SCRAP 13A.

    The beauty is he REPEATS his call AFTER he came from India. Many Tigers (including some in this forum) said wait till he comes back from India, he will be silent.

    But now he is more determined than ever!

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Don’t forget that a parallel dis-information campaign has been inaugurated by Maduluwawe Sobitha. This clown wants the Execiutive Presidency abolished. How much did Indian RAW pay him? Wiout directly attacking Gota, he wants to move the focus away from “Nullify 13A”.

  4. Kit Athul Says:

    Dis-information is catching up. This time by good for nothing UNP clown Karu Jayasuriya. Daili Mirror 10-30-12. “Military Mentaltiy is breeding in the country”!. Indian RAW has gone all out to focus attention away from 13A Nullify. Then use clowns to insult Gotabaya.

  5. Sam Perera Says:

    I certainly agree with Lorenzo that we have to stand by GR for all the good work he does. In any case, this is not just his view but the view and will of the democratic majority of Sri Lankans. Secretary Rajapakse is merely representing the democratic will of Sri Lankans. Threatening GR with anything does not matter since repealing the 13th is the peoples view. Neither India, nor any other meddling power has the right to dictate terms on the people of Sri Lanka. Our democratic will and rights trump all others within the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka.

  6. nandimitra Says:

    what is this nonsense. It is now virtually 25 years since this amendment was forced on this country by India. What a group of idiots we are still haggling about it. Decisions should have been long time ago. If the politicians don’t have the balls to repeal it then they should put it to a referendum. This unnecessary procastination only goes to show what poor governance we have in the country. This amendment is opposed by most citizens it must be repealed or put to a referendum. The longer it is there india will continue to manipulate us.

  7. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka ordered the government to get support of the provincial councils to implement the “DIVI NEGUMA” law. Norther Provincial council never established or functioned. Major general Chandra Sri is the Governer of the Northern Provincial Council. The fun is he signed in support of the divi neguma. How can a person sign on behalf of a civil body which is not there?

    A case is filed against the Divi Neguma. What is the point of this NEW Divi Neguma while the government refuse or reluctant to implement the provisions of the constitution? This is a political fraud by any means. The barkings and cries started against the 13 started after this debacle.

    Provincial Councils were established to avoid separation. Without knowing this fact Sinhala racists are barking as usual. Separation Politics has started before the 13 and not after the 13.

    Now the provincial councils become the thorn in the ass of people who planned to screw millions through Divi Neguma. Fraud is the way of life of politicians in Sri Lanka. Racist ideology is included in the same fraud of politics.

    Now the Rajapakse clan want to control all the TAX payers money. They fought the LTTE and destroyed the LTTE completely with the help of India. Now they try to create internal tensions again as other Sinhala politicos did in the past.

    Maithripala Sirisena, Genaral Secretary of SLFP and Keheliya Rambukwela declared that the UPFA has no idea to remove the 13. So, LankaWeb better try some other stories for comments like the ones of Lalith Ambanwela of the Auditor Generals department. That will help the citizens more than this 13 debacle.

  8. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:

    I will not comment on Gothabaya’s proposal to recind the 13th amendment, because he has not suggested alternatives to address the problems minorities specifically face within Sri Lanka ( read Gomin Diyasri’s blog below). However, he is one man in the government who has a proven track record of doing what he has to do well. He organized the armed forces to win a war that had to be won. He has also transformed the armed forces into a productive entity in the post-war period. He has transformed the appearence of Colombo and initiated projects to make it less flood prone. This transformation is visible all over Sri Lanka. Nuwara-Eliya is just beautiful! Sri lanka is becoming the cut gem it should be in appearence. It does not look like a neglected derelict country anymore.

    It is alleged that he was intrumental in bringing about the unofficial ban on singing the national anthem in Tamil. If he did so in fact., he was very wrong. He can be wrong at times as a human. He can be also be wrong at times as a military man who has to make political decisions or express political opinions.

    However, he is a great asset to Sri Lanka at this point in its transformation. If we had ten more men and women like him in Sri Lanka, this country will make great strides. The crucial factor would be that they will have a president (in his case it is his brother) who will repose his/her utmost confidence in them and give them the long leash to do so.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  9. thurai Says:

    if abolishing 13 A satisfy minorities in Sri Lanka, action of GR is worthful. Otherwise he wants
    fuel the Terrorism again.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    We salute Gota for his committed stand to remove the 13-A for the greater good of the country. With you, Gota, all the way !

    Question : Why does the Old Guard (Vasu, DEW, etc.) stand for the 13-A ? Probably for Labor sector bargaining ? If so, all the more reason to adopt the kind of suggestion made by Dr Nath Amarakone for a Senate with fair representation of all the power blocs in Lanka, including Labor Unions.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    13-A was imposed on Sri Lanka’s Constitution during the times of the Cold War (1947-1991) to control Sri Lanka as JRJ was going too far west and India’s giant neighbor was the ‘other half’ of the Cold War. The Cold War is finished and Sri Lanka now honors regional feelings of security.

    It is time to remove the 13-A as it creates feelings of insecurity for the masses of Lanka. It is time free Lanka of the Cold War fetters so that people and the country as a whole can move forward in trust and co-operation.

    That the Tamil TNA leaders want to use the 13-A for their various gains is unfair by the vast majority of Sri Lanka, including the ordinary minority folk here.

  12. Ceylonese Says:

    13th Amendment was imposed to protect the rights of the minorities as a last resort. It’s too early to repeal and it will stay until the day the minorities will feel comfortable to reject it from the existing Dominant forces. That’s how it is for now and that’s how it will be for a peaceful co-existence. To this effect the minorities will muster diplomatic help from all Quarters. Politics is a commercial venture.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Salsbury constitution had protect the rights of the minorities ! it was diluted once we become repuplic from Britan !
    13th Amendment was imposed to protect the rights of the minorities as a last resort -Now this need to kill ???

    this effect the minorities !!!
    what minorities ? do We have minorities after 09/05/2099 !!! NO

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    13-A was imposed in Nov 1987 via India, to protect regional security in Cold War times, a ‘divide & rule’ imposed on Sri Lanka, as JRJ went too far west. 13-A was imposed to restore balance for the region. It was interpreted as “minority rights” for SEPARATISM by then Tamil leaders, who had already put in place the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) which was Separatism through Violence.

    We are all for removal of Caste discrimination among Tamil people. It has to be done gently, through Education, with harm to none. We say please do not blame the rest of Sri Lanka for Caste issues coming from Tamil Nadu. These problems can be solved both in Sri Lanka & Tamil Nadu, if we keep cool heads and plan for a bright future for all together.

    Tamil Nadu has to solve her own problems there, without exporting them to Sri Lanka. No wish to hurt anyones feelings here – let’s have common sense prevail.

  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Thanks you cocern about Caste discrimination , sorry to say as long as Hindusium (Saivate) in this world caste system will exist !So no point on talking about caste system & TN !

    As We Lankan puthas We need to sort out our own problme before worrying about world problm !
    stil you won’t to talk about castle system in society than your concern about us not geniviene !

    other way of saying is what minorities , do we have minorities in SL ? we all are Lanka Puthas , is not it ? ( Our President talk- day light Lie – Zero civilans dead in our war etc…..) !!!

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    one more point……….
    Caste problm is not only Tamil problm but whole indian( Hindustan) problm ofcause Tamils also part of it !

    These problems can be solved both in Sri Lanka & Tamil Nadu- atleast for another thousand years NO !

    so forget this caste discrimination – shall we follow western system !
    Educate all the people to unit economicaly !!! so Religien will disapire itself with caste system !
    than Real Religen (Yoga – Meditation) will live with Human until world exist!

    No short cut !!!
    I may be wrong so fare short cut is working very well !!!
    eg: 1948 2.60m Demila , but now 1.60m (+800,000 chased out + 200,000 killed (incl 40,000 in may 2099 – Govt figure ONLY 7,000 killed )!

    only ins Alla know the true !

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “stil you won’t to talk about castle system in society than your concern about us not geniviene !” by which, I presume, you mean that Caste problems should be disclosed in society, if my concern is genuine ?. Believe me, my concern is more than genuine when I say I want a lasting peace for all in Sri Lanka – not only mine, but also the genuine concern of 20 Million Others here.
    My friend, not to talk of the Caste system is like asking us to to take the blame for something we had nothing to do with.
    All of what happened in Sri Lanka, the war and the whole nine yards of it, is a like a ‘aga mula nathi vela’ (translate from Sinhala: “a vine with no growing tip or root”) if we do not address Caste issues. That is what happened in 1983 – how the blame game was pasted on the others, mainly Sinhala people, for sending the Lanka army to sort out (caste created) problems in the North. Then the whole situation was escalated artificially & artfully to riots in the South. But, at that time, we only knew that there was ‘trouble’ in the North, and the army was sent to quell whatever vague problem. Remember that the Cold War was still on in 1983. At that time, we in Sri Lanka never connected the Northern problems to that either.
    So Caste and the Cold War came together in Sri Lanka, and exploded into some 30 years of war. Our case is not complete unless we talk of Caste/poverty issues and tie it in with the Cold War.

    Also, if a War happens, we are forced to look for Root Causes of the problem. You are telling us to ignore such Root Causes.
    If not for Caste, the skeleton in the Tamil Nadu closet, what are we to think as to why is it that Tamil leaders keep to the Separatist aspiration, always ?

    The day the Tamil leaders (currently TNA) let go of the Separatist ideas and allow others too to settle down amicably in the North & East, (the vice versa happens anyway), then we can assume that they are genuine in wanting Reconciliation, and the Caste problems are somewhat resolved. Also, we want the 13-A removed as a gesture of true Reconciliation & Peace, for the sake of all in Sri Lanka.

    Then we can safely let go of Tamil Nadu, India, plus Caste issues, though we will never forget and we will set in place laws to stop Lanka being used as an instrument for divisive games in which Lanka citizens die and get maimed for other peoples causes/grievances they had nothing to do with.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Did 13 amendment protect minorities? NO!!!

    Did 13 amendment bring peace? NO!!!

    After 13 amendment, the war WORSENED!!

    So stop living in a FOOL’S paradise.

    Tamils must learn to live as SLs, not as Tamil Nadu people. If they can’t they should get out.

    SL national anthem must be sung in Sinhala only. Do Tamils in Tamil Madu sing Indian national anthem in Tamil? NO.

  19. nandimitra Says:

    This is all hype . all about 13th amendment. The country is been sold, a trillion rupees borrowed last year, Has it improved the quality of life of the ordinary citizen, land is sold villy nilly to indians and stamp duty waived but they want to tax well water for the ordinary citizens The 13th amendment is nothing. We willl soon have a Indian governor sitting in parliament. None of these guys deserve the sycophony seen in the comment section.Mind u this only the tip of the ice burg .

  20. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:

    Clarification of the concept of caste in Hinduism:

    The origin of caste classification in ‘Hinduism’- a misnomer for a cllection of related religious beliefs- is related to human nature. The Kshatriyas were the individuals with inherent qualities of bravey and leadership. The Brahmins, were those with Satvig or spiritual attributes. The Vaishyas were those with talent for material creativity, trade and business. The Sudras were the work force or labour. Unfortunately as all things in human life this very sensible concept, which was conceived millenia befor modern science, was straified to classify groups of people and made heriditary. By inherent human nature and as individuals we are Kshatriyas, Brahmins, Vaisyas or Sudras. We find these attributes distributed within even the stratified castes.

    We have stories in Hinduism of individuals of lower castes being recognised as saints. Example-Nandan, a Paraiyah (Sudra). The problem does not lie with the esseence of Hinduism, but with the Hindus. Middleton Murray in his book on the Vatican concluded rather philosophically that there was only one Christian and he died on the cross. This applies to all religions to a very large extent.

    Saivaism is probably the most philosophicaland scientific amongst the collection called Hinduism. Auuvaiyar – an ancient Tamil female poet says:

    1. There are only two castes-Those who give (high caste) and those dont (low caste)
    2. Inherent or inborn nature (Swabhava/kunam) classifies the social position (Kulam) of an individual.
    3. There are only two types of humans- the male and the female.

    Once again please do not attribute what is wrong with Hindus to Hinduism.

    Even Lord Buddha tried hard to correct the manner in which Hinduism was practiced, and miserably failed. Thus was born Buddhism, which too is tained with rituals and castes among those practicing it. Lord Buddha was considerate towards even the lives of ants! Where is this profound, universal compassion today? This is not the fault of the Buddha or Buddhism. But a failure of Buddhists! Where is the Christian concepts of love, charity and forgiveness in the Christian world today? This was not the fault of Jesus Christ or Christianity, but a failure of Christians.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  21. HussainFahmy Says:

    Beginning to believe the 13th A is a blessing in disguise or as a safety net to all Sri Lankans.

  22. HussainFahmy Says:

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    Appreciate and touched with your wisdom in this forum. As one siya to another our generation is fading into the oblivion. Sad but one has to face realities. As an optimist, I wish our kids will have the guts to over come communal differences and focus towards productivity and development of Sri Lanka as one nation. Religion is personal and should remain so. Thank you.

  23. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:

    Hussein Fahmy,

    Thank you. The youngsters I meet here in Sri Lanka (all over) are a different lot. They will do right by this country.
    Sri Lanka will be a much better country in their time.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  24. ranjit Says:

    Great to hear from a worrior with NO FEAR “How could provincial level administration interfere with National level planning” Please those who love our Motherland follow this Gentleman and help to build a forum to tackle this evil 13 once and for all. The idiots who supporting 13 have their own agendas and suported by traitors to the Motherland. The Government must without wavering should listen to the majority and get this done without any delay if they want to go forward to make our land wonder of Asia.

    After thirty years of bloodshed we got the freedom thanks to our Sinhala heros who sacrificed their lives to attain it so no need to waste more time and be afraid of any mother’s son to do anything on our land of birth except to allow our citizens to live in peace with honour and dignity. Our land belongs only to us who were born and bread in the land called SRI LANKA not for any other nationality in this world. So unitedly our fellow citizens must follow the great worrior and do away with this evil 13 for good before it’s too late.

  25. mjaya Says:

    ** Beginning to believe the 13th A is a blessing in disguise or as a safety net to all Sri Lankans. **

    Now thats no surprise, that is what Al-Taqqiya is all about!

    Already the ball is rolling, the 13A will be abolished one way or another. Thankfully it will get take a lot of garbage with it!

    Tamil separatists (pro and anti LTTE including trilingualists, autonomists), Wahabis (scripture parrots, ragheads and gonibillas), Pachabahus and useless Dews.

    Then all peace loving Sri Lankans who keep their personal believes to themselves can live in a society based upon mutual respect, tolerance and freedom (that is from monoethnic Thesawalamai and stone age Sharia).

  26. mjaya Says:

    **believes** should be **beliefs**

    Of course many people of the younger generation (not only in Sri Lanka but around the world) know what Al-Taqqiya means. They also know that stone age dogmas are incompatible with the modern civilized world.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    Didn’t you hear they have 13 amendment in Palestine!! :))

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    Her husband seems to be a crook. There is bias on the part of CJ in such a situation. We need a truly impartial CJ who has no connection to corruption.

    I think it is testing the water before scrapping 13 amendment. If govt. gets 2/3, then they can go on to scrap 13 amendment too.

    If not, they will have to wait or try another method.

    If CJ will be sacked, DON’T appoint a Rajapaksha to her post.

  29. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Caste and the Cold War came together in Sri Lanka, and exploded into some 30 years of war. -NO Sorry not agrred with my chinhala brother !!!

    Our problm is very very small problm !!!

    Once Anandasangare ( Former Killinochchi MP) said ,If we want know the solution for our problm We can get from man in paddy field (5th grade educted) in Killinochchi !!!

    We all are not geinieve people who do not give any damp to other humans , sorry to say if any benefit we will give our mother to ……………….

    Sorry sad my chinhala brother !!!!!

    what country , what people , we together splooed !!!!!

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    If the CASTE SYSTEM of Tamil Nadu (and India) has remained 3,000 yrs we can expect it to remain so for many more years, whatever anyone says about it, or various explanations are put forth. Why it remains intractable is that people are BORN into the Caste system and it is TIED TO THE HINDU RELIGION, unlike any other social stratification anywhere in the world.

    This is the case in fairly insular Tamil Nadu (India). Since Tamil Nadu is the nearest neighboring area to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka authorities had best beware of the issues related to the Caste system of Tamil Nadu (India) that adversely affect Sri Lanka.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:


    Your explanation is too simplistic. Why the whole so called “Tamil problem” took on international dimensions cannot be due to the problems of the paddy farmer (5th Gr. educated) in Killinochi. For every paddy farmer (5th Gr educated) in K’nochi, there are many dozens of Sinhala farmers with similar problems who do not carry it to international fora for “solutions”.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am assuming your farmer in K’nochi was concerned about his own problems, and not the problems of all Tamil folk, including those dispossessed in Tamil Nadu.

  33. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    farmer in K’nochi was concerned about his own problems- You missing the point ( may be I am not explining probly)
    K’nochi paddy fielder has not got any problm he is happy with his family as Sinhal famers in thier field ( True workers) !
    My point is how our problm is very very small We do not need international ( Oxford or Harvard returned) educated people to invent solution for us !

    Tamil Nadu is the nearest neighboring area to Sri Lanka- but since 1948 how many people ( incl Chief ministers) visited into NEP – NON
    We are not infuance by TN or India ! Ofcaurse We have similarty with Indian society as We all are civiliesd from Induveli civilation !

    My point is Caste and the Cold War all are bull sheet ! just diverting our problm thats all !

    We Husbund & wife are figting because of sky is blue ? does not make sence !

    be honest , We can solve our problm over night than Together We can show two fingure to international /Indian community & can burn 13A constitution to put in indian ocean to celeprate 27th year rememberance ceremany (in Thamil- Tuvasam)!

    No short cut – Unit in diversity !!!

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Andy,

    This sounds like ‘going around the mulberry bush’ with you, again.

    How do you propose to solve the now Internationally much advertised “Tamil Problem” ? No one has defined the problem, but the general projected view is that there IS A PROBLEM and that the Sinhala people & others of Lanka are just not willing to give Tamil Eelam for the asking, that Tamils are killed for “just standing around”.

    If you are going to say that by learning Tamil & Sinhala by all will solve the problem, I know already that is not the solution. Take Jaffna for example, when probably most of the Muslims & Sinhala people there knew some Tamil language, yet they were chased out of Jaffna by the ltte. The President knows some Tamil, yet did the Tamil people vote for him ? No.

    The is a much larger problem going on in the collective Tamil psyche. I think it is for the lower caste Tamils to gain acceptance by the higher caste Tamils, in Sri Lanka as well as in Tamil Nadu. Shenali Waduge wrote an entire article in Lankaweb on the topic of : Have Tamils Reconciled with Tamils before asking others to do so ?

    The whole ‘Separatism’ call is to unite Tamils under one banner against all the others, keeping the Vellalas on top, as always.

    It is much better for all to learn Sinhala & English and enter main stream life in Sri Lanka. Tamil can be learnt by anyone who wishes to do so – no one is stopping that.

    Caste & Cold War combination came. Cold War has gone, but Caste remains.

    “Inshe Allah” that we succeed in attaining peace & understanding !!

  35. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    EELAM is not a problem. But Sinhala racism is a problem. Anti-Indian mentality is a problem.

    Fran Diaz always vomit the shit propaganda of Catholic Church against India. He is a follower of a low class NAZI in Vatican who throtlled the EEalm issue through his “sheeps” in Sri Lanka, Now Malcolm Ranjit returned from Vatican. He got a promotion for the service to destroy the economy and lives of Hindus and buddhists. The looted money of LTTE is now at the hands of the Catholic Church.

    Fran Diaz have no guts to question the involvement of the Catholic Church with LTTE. Better try it. You better ask why Vatican always wants a “WHITE” as POPE?

    Fran better ask the Govigamas to marry Rodiyas. Then you will know how your ass get busted!

  36. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    “Inshe Allah” that we succeed in attaining peace & understanding !!- No even Allah may be confused !!!

    It is much better for all to learn Sinhala & English and enter main stream life in Sri Lanka. Tamil can be learnt by anyone who wishes to do so – no one is stopping that !

    be frank my Chinhala brother do you thing Language is proplm for man to communicate ?

    We Tamil droped in Western world ,We not even do not know apart from english their other languages are exist (French , dutch, Italy etc….) , We took Jaldevi To colombo Gota (than colombo lodge ) than to Bandaranayaka International airport than to Western world !! language is not problm !!!

    Secondly – We want Thamil Eelam? Who said ??? if we want Tamil eelam than why we were run into these white man world ! wake up Bros !

    Yes our The President knows some Tamil, yet did the Tamil people vote for him ? No. – Why He is not genieven!where he promised 13 plus war finished 3 years ago !!!!

    I think it is for the lower caste Tamils to gain acceptance by the higher caste Tamils,- YouR think is wrong !THAN why
    our Thesiya Thalavar VP from lower caste , how come We accepted !

    The is a much larger problem going on in the collective Tamil psyche- NO very very small problm ! it can solve over night with out divide our country forever !!!

  37. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz

    ELAM is not a problem. But Bhuddist Sinhala racism is a problem. Anti-Indian mentality is a problem- valid point is ther !
    but I am not agrred with all other his points!

    Catholic Church – i think M.S.MUDALI had some bad time with these Catholic Church !

    Tamil are not racist people even We talk about Tamil , Tamil but when you come to real life We do not give damp about Tamil ( easy to live with other community ofcause selfiss busrad that is diferent problm )!

  38. Fran Diaz Says:


    Is Mudali your “other half” ?

    The ‘Mudali’ part cannot be addressed, because that part is too full of fear & anger.

    So, to you, I say :

    Rodiyas are outcasts from the Court of Kandy. Some of them are handsome people. I myself saw a Rodiya woman walk with great dignity and grace into Perera & Sons and purchase a loaf of French bread. I was surprised at that time, but no longer so. Rodi people must educate themselves and enter mainstream life. They are bound to do very well.

    As for the Catholic church, as I said before, I cannot speak for them as I am not a Catholic. The church made some mistakes in the past. Also note that lots of Tamils ran/run with them. So we must ask the Tamils themselves why it is that a Tamil sector runs with the church.

  39. Naram Says:

    Gota was right – abolition of INdian forced constitutional amendment should be our essential next step.
    We have to reject sugar coated poisons forigners are giving us in the name of creating amity with minorities. Constitution amd 13 is one such thing that will make Sri Lanka ungovernable.

    We will face the situation where local governments can set fire to factories / train stations as VP did in Jaffna and poorer low caste folks cannot get good water from a well. If Amd 13 is active, Government will have to seek permission from the the incumbents of VP – the TNA to build roads, ports, rail roads the very things they set on fire and introduced etnic cleansing before the word was invented. India’s central government step in when at least late in the day extermists bring on violent protests. US government stepped in to act against segregation in the Southern states like Alabama – in the famous protetss under Martin Luther King’s leadership. THere was no doubt that electorally extreme right wing that had the nasty KKK poison underneath had the electoral power in the 60s. Yet US governments under Lyndon Johnson had to step in. Today we have in Sri Lanka faces a equally difficult situation with TNA parliamentarians seeking support from Tamil Nadu politicians to create another state mirroring Tamill Nadu in Jaffna. Please look back Sri Lanka, in the 60s had many Tamil graduates un-employed. Though there were vacancies in Sinhala schools they could not teach because they could not teach in Sinhala. COuld they find employment in Tamil Nadu – did they step in to recruit teachers though they were far behind in literacy wt the time. I hope this educate audience will explain.

  40. Fran Diaz Says:

    Well stated, Naram. Thank you for the truth.

    The Indian govt. of that time imposed the 13-A in a great hurry. It is a copy of the Indian system, a little bit altered, and totally unsuitable for a small country like Sri Lanka. More than half the Indian states are bigger than the whole of Lanka ! The removal of the 13-A is essential for true peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

  41. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Andy,Is Mudali your “other half” ?- I do not know he is half or quater or full brother to me but he have some point thats all !
    old say in Tamil – when we show one figures to others other four fingures are againt us – that mean you can not blam only to your Demila bros for this mess what we are in !!!
    be genevien , be honest , be truste !
    only action will proff other if we are genevien !
    like MR say in NEP election – Nan unkal sakothram , ennai neengal nambalam ( meaning I am your Sakotharaya(brother) you can trust me) but his action does not refelect his words thats why he is not geting votes in NEP
    He promised 13 plus – where is the 13 plus !!!!! even war finised 3 years ago !!!

  42. Dham Says:

    Lingam Malli,
    MR promised 13 plus to India only, not to you.
    He said “don’t take my inaction as my weakness” three times and then finished tigers.
    He promised 13 plus 3 times and will finish Sihalese.
    You will have get ready to pay Kappam to KP again.

  43. Fran Diaz Says:

    13 + can come in many forms, not necessarily as the 13-A forced from India during Cold War. MR’s 13+ can come in another form(s), taking into consideration all citizens of Lanka, not just sections of Lanka.

  44. lingamAndy Says:

    you will have get ready to pay Kappam to KP again- Last 33 years paid Kappam to VP , Thanks to Maththar Brother I have stoped my Bank standing order on 19/05/2009 ! Please not again Kappam !!!!

    He promised 13 plus 3 times and will finish Sihalese.- what you mean please explian !

    Fran Diaz
    13 + can come in many forms- than he should say I will give better than 13 not 13 plus ( plus mean 13 plus 1 =14 or more that mean what ever 13A offered and extra like deputy president for minority )
    Your Demila brothers are not Moddayas to trust his lies any more !!!!

  45. Fran Diaz Says:

    Andy (or other half of Mudali),

    Isn’t it Smart to exchange 13-A as imposed by India, for ways of governance that will bring trust, lasting peace & happiness for all ? Only “Moddayas” (the term you use), will accept 13-A which will bring strife & unhappiness to all, mostly Tamils. A true Reconciliation will never happen with the 13-A.

    GoSL will put other forms of governance in place before removing the 13-A.

  46. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    GoSL will put other forms of governance in place before removing the 13-A- Why alway short cut !!!
    A true Reconciliation will never happen with the 13-A.- We know very well that way We Tamil did not accept it was given to us in gold plat bu India !
    Only true concilation will happen If divide country to two part !!! – this is what VP’s policy ! so fare he is right !
    I hope & pary MR will proof VP was wrong !!! before We start our Eelam war V !

  47. Fran Diaz Says:


    Do please read the article on Lankaweb by S. Akurugoda ” Is the implementation of the 13-A practicable”. He explains clearly why the 13-A must be removed. Also read the values in the Divineguma Bill which empowers people at grass roots level.

    I close my case.

  48. Dham Says:

    I mean he will distroy Sinhale if he implement 13 plus.

  49. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    I am not supporter or against this 13A but as like you all We want our next generation mother lanka people live peace with out facing any war as we all gone through we know the pain of these ugly war !!!
    so I stongly believe this 13A will be our first stone to build our unit in our diversity ( no sniger ideaof first stone of Thamil Eelam or any other idea genieve believe because it working in other countries incluing India!

    S. Akurugoda ” Is the implementation of the 13-A practicable- how can one comments somthing not even fully implmenet but not practicable !

    Fran Diaz be honestly believe us We are geneive for unit Sri Lanka not because we lost war We know World have changed (after 9/11) now! Eelam won’t benift us atleast for another hudred years !

    I mean he will distroy Sinhale if he implement 13 plus- No He will be remebered by both community as The Best real Head of state who gover our Mother lanka in our histroy ! no comarisment for him !
    By Sinhalese -Who implement a system which creat We never need to fight againt our Demila Sakotharayas!
    By Tamils- Who liberaty 330,000 from VP to unit our Mother Lanka to live with Chinhala Sakotharam peace fully for ever !!!

    Hope & Pray ! but I am confdent with Maththarai (Maddara) Brothers !!!

  50. Dham Says:

    Lingam Machang,
    SInhalese and Tamils never faught. It is the barbaric terrorists against the Army which protects the nation.
    Therefore no system required. System was created by British to keep us down which has been defeated.

  51. lingamAndy Says:

    Sakotharaya please do not live in cocku land as We all know We have Westminiter parliment demucratic system which was educted by British !
    unfortunatly We took off important part of minority protection from Salsbury constitution that why We have paid heavy prce for that !
    so Please do not be Sinhala putha , be Lanka Putha, We together We can build our mother lanka for our future generation !
    Unit our diversity ! no short cut !!!
    One country ! One Nation ! One Family !!!

  52. Dham Says:

    DO not talk about British bastards. They are killing innocent civilians even today.
    Just because they gave you some sweet don’t lick the bums of suddas in the typical tamil way.
    Look at what they did to
    1. Aborigines of Australia
    2. Sinhala people of Sri lanka
    3. Natives of Deigo Garcia ( some of them are Tamil)
    … The list goes on.

    Behave like a proper human being, if you want to be treated like a human being.

  53. lingamAndy Says:

    DO not talk about British bastards. They are killing innocent civilians even today.- I am only talking about contain of our consitition which originated from Salsbury constition , please do not divert our minority ethenic rights problm in Sri lanka ! if you feel if any minority exist in mother lanka !

    Why can not open eye to see how Indians are fooling us since 1948 to follow their goal to keep us under control !!!

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