What a fool is Navi Pillai -the Uinted Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ?
Posted on November 10th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

Navi Pillai is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, therefore   it is incorrect that I  call her a ” fool  “, but circumstances are such that I cannot do otherwise.  Navi Pillai goes to attend a summit in Bali  which was also attended by the Australian Prime Minister  Julia Gillard.  Navi Pillai had told National Times, “”I am highly concerned that detention in regional offshore processing centres such as in Nauru could result in indefinite detention and other human rights violations”

When she was informed that the Australian Immigration Department has sent home dozens of Sri Lankans – from Christmas and Cocos islands – deemed not to have a refugee claim, Navi Pillai has said  Sri Lanka was still volatile, despite the end of the civil war in 2009. She has added,”Now that was a conflict area, matters have not stabilised as yet.”All the reports reaching me are that people are concerned over controls being imposed over them,”¦.So I can understand if they’d be leaving out of fear or for their personal security, and it really cries out for all the refugee protections, asylum seeker protections to be made particularly applicable to them.”

This is what shows that she is a ” fool ” with  a warped mind, which prohibits her from looking at a problem with an open mind.  She has a psychological problem being the offspring of South African apartheid, racism, and living in poverty in the slums of South Africa’s segregated  residential areas.  She has not been able to rid  of that childhood  hatred, distrust and fear of those who maltreated  her, as a child of a segregated  ethnic group.

Hence looking at Sri Lanka with that psychologically wounded mind of hers she forgets that she is a jurist.  A jurist does not accept any thing on face value. A Jurist seeks proof without  even a reasonable doubt.

But what  are the evidence on which  Navi Pillai  relies to state “Sri Lanka is  still volatile, despite the end of the civil war in 2009.” ?

She relies on UK Channel 4,  anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora, pseudo human rights activists- the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International , and  International Crisis Group.  But to what extent can she rely on information coming from them as reliable evidence acceptable in law?  To accuse Sri Lanka  on these ” evidence” most of them on cooked up stories without  eye witnesses or even the semblance of  circumstantial evidence.

Has she the “sacrosanct” UN High  Commissioner for Human Rights,  set foot on Sri Lanka  to  find out “where on earth” it is  and make a fact finding Mission ?  No, She relies on  nondescript persons and organisations which have  only collected hearsay evidence from the anti Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora- most of them not having even visited Sri Lanka during or after terrorism..

We expect a United Nations Commissioner of Human Rights  to be open minded  without bias and prejudices able to evaluate evidence from those accusing  Sri Lanka,  as well as from  the Government and those people who know exactly what happened in  Sri Lanka, before she comes to a lopsided conclusion  that  “Sri Lanka is  still volatile, despite the end of the civil war in 2009.”

The so called asylum seekers  who leave Sri Lanka to Australia on ramshackle boats  hired by criminals dealing in human traffic  some of them   now cornered in  Nauru are economic refugees, and not people running away from Sri Lanka for fear of likely Sri Lankan atrocities committed against them.

The  frightful  voyage they had  undertaken to escape  from the   Frankenstein Monster  back in Sri Lanka,  was in the hope that they will be  accepted as asylum seekers,  is nothing more than a story they had invented to  recounted to any gullible Australian  Immigration Officers. Unfortunately for the so called ” asylum seekers” ,the Australian  International Organisation for Migration has seen through their  “concocted  story”.

To a question asked by the  reporter Stephanie March of  ABC Radio Australia why the  number of Sri Lankans trying to reach Australia by boat has increased dramatically over the past 12 months, against  211 so-called irregular maritime arrivals from Sri Lanka last year, to  more than 5300 so far in 2012 ?

Richard Danziger, Chief of mission, International Organisation for Migration in Sri Lanka, had said that, ”   many of those who have chosen to return to Sri Lanka rather than wait to be processed on Nauru or Australia originally left their homeland in search of work. You know that is often what we hear, people tell us they were just seeking better lives, jobs, money and so forth”¦..The asylum seekers who do chose to go home often return to tough financial times, with debts owing to the people smugglers who helped them get to Australia.”

But Pillai the UNHCHR does not want to accept that fact but she stands by what she had heard from some one or some video footage of doubtful origin put together to make a film by the UKChannel 4

Ms Pillay visited Australia last year, meeting with Ms Gillard, and visiting detention centres in the country, and said,  ”They were all [in] very good condition, but not the detainees. These are, after all, not people who are criminals and so they were handling the detention badly; many attempts at self-harm, and I’m still receiving reports of self-harm, suicide attempts and protests at the off-shore processing facilities. And these are all highly worrying – and unfortunately it was a predictable outcome.”

That is what she said,  but she did not think it is necessary to verify about the fears in Sri Lanka that made them take a precarious voyage  at high financial cost  and still higher risks to their lives.

Pillai if she is  not “foolish” as I claim should have also gone to Sri Lanka to see for herself whether there is so much of hatred amoung the Sinhala Comlmunbity, against the Tamil Community and how the Government is treating the Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka.  If she makes the voyage to see for herself  the ground situation in Sri Lanka I am sure she will be surprised.

Sri Lanka is far from the apartheid South Africa in which Navi Pillai spent her childhood.  Sri Lanka is different,  quite opposed to the stories she had heard about the Sinhala majority committing atrocities against the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Tamils and Sinhala have lived together for generations. The Tamils, Sinhala and Muslims have attended the same schools and enjoyed each others  cultural values, for instance  the Hindu-Sinhala New Year.   The Tamils even enjoyed their religious worship along side that of the Sinhala who shared the belief in the Hindu Gods despite their Buddhist philosophical engagements.

All communal problems started after India took to  expansionist politics and trained a group of disgruntled  Tamil youth in terrorism and let them loos in Sri Lanka in 1983. That was the beginning of three decades of terrorisms.

Now Navi Pillai believes, and trusts the White West,  who did not  help the poor Natives and the Tamil labour class in apartheid South Africa to find a way out of their suffering under apartheid.  Except for Olof Palme of Sweden, it is said that the  other Western Countries ” adopted a more ambivalent position”.

It was only after Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi who appeared in the scene of South African apartheid that the world  began to look at the danger of apartheid.  Therefore Navi Pillai should begin to think differently of the West and its Human Rights activists accusing  a developing country like Sri Lanka attempting put the Communities against each other  to continue their leadership over the world,  denying the developing countries to rise above their  under development and rob them of their independence.

Be it America and the rest of the West or the anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora  they are all working for their own Agenda, and their accusation of developing countries is not well founded.  We know how America, France,  Germany, Italy and Canada among others  accused the Libyan Leader Gaddafi and ended up bombarding the whole of Libya just to eliminate Colonel Gaddafi and leave the country in complete disarray. The Libyan rebels are  now killing each other  no one intervening to settle matters and develop the country to bring it back to what it was under Colonel Gaddafi.

Do you see Navi Pillai how the Western political system works ? Is it not time you take time to think over whether the accusations being levelled against Sri Lanka are justified, and that at least now there should not be a change of attitude ?

It had recently been reported that it is likely that Navi Pillai may visit Sri Lanka to see for herself how Sri Lanka attends to the question of Human Rights.   If she comes to Sri Lanka she should come open minded leaving behind her bias and prejudice  against  Sri Lanka and forgetting all what others have said about the country , and see for her self and come to conclusion after an intelligent perception of the situation.


19 Responses to “What a fool is Navi Pillai -the Uinted Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL will ALWAYS be “volatilize” and “futile” for Tamils.

    Just the get the hell out of SL. It is not for them.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL will ALWAYS be “volatile” and “futile” for Tamils.

    Just the get the hell out of SL. It is not for them.

  3. Dham Says:

    “FOOL” is a too good of a word for this woman, who is a disgrace or mankind. Better called “TERRORIST SUPPORTER” or even “TAMIL”.
    This woman, when visited Australia raised concerned over aborigines of Australia. What happened to it ? Any report ? Any commitee ? Any motion against Australia ? Nothing has been done since her last arrival.
    She is crying for Tamils , who have 1000% better conditions than aborigines whose life span is a mere 45 years. What is the life span of Tamils ?

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Not only she is foolish – she is ugly too – clear reflection of her dark mind!

  5. Dilrook Says:

    She is simply part of the global Tamil agenda.

    It is totally unfair to have a Tamil leading the prosecution and human rights assessment of Sri Lanka. Most likely she was disappointed by the UPR that failed to frame Sri Lanka. This obvious partisan woman must not be in any capacity on Sri Lankan affairs as she is biased.

  6. LankaLover Says:

    This disgraceful woman’s behaviour shows the low level of education and quality of South African ex. Judges.

    This woman knows only to suck rear ends of her White Masters! That’s what her White Masters have trained her from her apartheid days!

  7. douglas Says:

    Did we (Sri Lanka) not support this lady to be appointed to the post of Human Rights Cimmissioner for another term in office? So what? Our Government, the so called “OF”, “FOR” and “BY” the people of Sri Lanka has given the “Thumbs” up to carry on regardless.

    Please don’t tell me that our Government is “SPINELESS’. Beware, you will be “Impeached”.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done Gota.

    “China and Sri Lanka Sunday firmed up their defence relations during a meeting of their top officials who pledged to make efforts to boost relations between the two countries and their militaries.

    Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie met a Sri Lankan delegation headed by Secretary of Defence and Urban Development Ministry Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

    During the meeting in Beijing, they pledged to make efforts to boost relations between the two countries and their militaries, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

    Rajapaksa is in China to attend the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition to be held in the southern city of Zhuhai where China is exhibiting its defence equipment including its new attack helicopter and fighter jets.

    Liang visited Colombo in September this year, becoming the first Chinese Defence Minister to visit the island.

    Later, top Chinese Communist Party leader, Wu Bingguo visited the island during which 16 agreements had been signed focusing on infrastructure development in Sri Lanka including USD 760 million aid to help the island nation to become “Asia’s miracle”. – PTI”

  9. Kit Athul Says:

    Charles, “What a Fool”. No she is pretending to be a fool. Remember you wrote an excellent article some time ago about her childhood and up to present day, how she got this position!. I do not have proof . Later some south african news paper published it.

  10. Dham Says:

    Is that uncle is from Sir lanka ?

  11. Kit Athul Says:

    Dham, my understanding is South African Tamil. What the quote was, that she was abused by her mother’s brother and her father allowed it.

  12. LankaLover Says:

    Now she allows every White Master and their crony Tigers to ride her too! Nothing has changed much it seems.

  13. Dham Says:

    I believe the story. Tamils has not much respect to women. Even present days they treat their wives in a more dominating way than Sinhalese.

  14. Charles Says:


    There are so many things said about people but you cannot believe all what is said unless there is some proof. But even those issues are immaterial to condemn a person’s abuse of the power of an august position one holds in an International Organization like the UNO. We should try to go on facts as far as possible. I sincerely think that with such prejudices and pro Tamil terrorist mental attitude she is not fit to hold that high post in the UNO.

    She has first to trust a Sovereign State, rather than unconfirmed information from anti Sri Lanka West , the pro terrorist Tamil diaspora and UK Channel 4

  15. S de Silva Says:

    Thanks Charles on your comments on Navi Pillay. Also, as Douglas above says, SL did not object to her appointment in the first place although we in hindsight should have, as a “person likely to be prejudiced against SL because of her Tamilness”. Ok, we initially gave her the benefit of the doubt then. But now from her subsequent performance it is obviously evident she is wholly biased against Sri Lanka. Therefore SL is left to forthwith make a formal complaint seeking her removal from her post or at least prevented from handling future issues relative to SL since she is likely to make decisions tainted with prejudice against the Sinhalese.
    But will we ever able to do that? I doubt! If there is one thing we are seriously short to deal with Navi Pillay or CH4 or Amnesty or similar issues, it is the sheer lack of a competent legal team proficient in International law and back up by the GoSL. The only language these outfits understand is getting sued in court for libel. But just nobody, absolutely nobody from the GoSL have been able to legally deal with these LLTE funded mouthpieces – only big talk! – S de Silva – London

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    To understand the ‘Navi Pillai mindset’, we have to understand her objectives. On her appointment as the head of the UNHRC, Ms Pillai declared that she would like to see an end to “Institutionalised Discrimination”. This type of “Institutionalised Discrimination” she refers to exists in Tamil Nadu (her father’s area), and the rest of India, in the form of Caste Discrimination which has been “institutionalised” for some 3,000 yrs. There is no “Instituionalised Discrimation” in Sri Lanka unless among the Tamils of the North. This too is fast disappearing.

    She is using Sri Lanka as the ‘whipping boy’ to get her main objectives on the move, i.e. make Tamil Nadu (& India) change, remove caste based discrimination. She does not state the facts of the case, i.e.

    * that it were two of the Colonists (British & Dutch) of Sri Lanka who brought in over one and half Million Tamils to work in the tea & tobacco plantations. None of these Tamil people were of so called ‘high caste’. Would ‘high caste’ Tamils come to work in the tobacco fields or pick tea in the Upcountry ?

    * In Sri Lanka, that all people, including Tamils, are given Free Education & Free Health Care.

    * that Tamils have continued to come into Sri Lanka as illegal migrants, more so and in larger numbers during the time ltte held the N&E.

    We might also ask whether the so called illegal migrants into Australia are mainly Tamil folk who have entered Sri Lanka illegally.

    Also, making Sri Lanka a ‘Fall Guy’ for Tamil Nadu problems : will it ever cure what ails Tamil Nadu ? No. Take the problem where it truly belong, i.e. to Tamil Nadu, and sort it out in a peaceful manner, with harm to none. If the UN sponsored a modern sanitary system for TN, then that would be a great leap forward. I really and truly mean this, and no sarcasm intended.

    As for the Tamil folk of Sri Lanka, if they want to be respected members of Sri Lanka society, act with honor, look for ways to uplift yourselves with honor, and say “No” to ‘Separatism’. Be LOYAL and supportive to Sri Lanka & all her People, the land that nurtures, educates, gives opportunity, to all her people, including minorities. Join into mainstream life and living, be happy and contented. There is no other way for lasting peace & happiness for all.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    This shows Tamils are in general are NEVER satisfied, especially Tamil women.

    HLDM did a similar look at Pottu Radhika.

    No point wasting resources on them.

    They will NEVER say thank you, sorry, etc. They are such an ungrateful tribe. No wonder they are without a nation of their own.

    There are pockets of grateful Tamils if you look at the election/vote map. Serve ONLY them.

  18. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Navi Pillai’a actions and comments show she is biased towards her ethnic origins and is hostile to sriLankan interests. It has been reported that as a youth, she went on street demonstrations demanding a separate Tamil State. Therefore, she has a major conflict of interest issue, when it comes to Tamil matters in Sri Lanka or anywhere else in the world. If she respects her legal obligations, she must withdraw from all hearings relating to Tamils, wherever they maybe.

  19. Marco Says:

    Not really sure if anything is gained by calling her names or bringing up “hear say” stories about her past.
    Unless of course they wish to release their pent up frustrations! So be it!

    All to themselves i say!

    The fact of the matter is that the GOSL approved her appointment (not that it would have made a blind bit of difference) and if there was evidence of bias towards Sri Lankan interest, there are proper channels to report and address these issues.

    Interestingly, there appears to be a leaked internal report on failure of the UN to protect Sri Lankan citizens.

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