Double standards of the Vatican and Pope towards Catholicism and Multiculturalism
Posted on November 12th, 2012

By Shenali Waduge

The Holy See ( Vatican ) alone among the 98 countries that made interventions during the recently concluded Sri Lanka’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group at the UNHCR in Geneva categorically highlighted the need for Sri Lanka to promote itself as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-cultural country.

This article seeks to query and obtain explanation as to why the Vatican encourages the maintenance of the supremacy of the Catholic faith and Christian identity in majority-Catholic nations whilst in nations where Catholics remain the minority it promotes the notion of multiculturalism and equal status to all religions.It is interesting to note that the “ƒ”¹…”equality of all religions’ logic is never applied to nations where Catholics (and Christians) constitute the majority.

Double Standards

Pope Benedict XVI was formerly known as Cardinal Ratzinger . On May 13, 2004, as the Catholic Church’s top theologian and as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, spoke at a conference convened to address the precipitous spiritual, moral, and cultural decline of Europe. Among the many ominous signs of social decay, the German prelate lamented that, “multiculturalism, which is so constantly and passionately encouraged and supported, sometimes amounts to an abandonment and disavowal of what is our own.”

In March 1997 Cardinal Ratzinger predicted that Buddhism would, over the coming century, replace Marxism as the main “enemy” of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Ratzinger called Buddhism an “autoerotic” spirituality that offered “transcendence without imposing concrete religious obligations” and threatened the Catholic Church. The quotation was first published in a French Catholic journal, where Ratzinger warned against the allure of the Eastern faith.

“If Buddhism is attractive, it’s only because it suggests that by belonging to it you can touch the infinite, and you can have joy without concrete religious obligations,” Ratzinger said. “It’s spiritually self-indulgent eroticism.” Ratzinger also rebuffed the concept of reincarnation as “morally cruel.”

The Pope’s name may have been taken from St. Benedict, who founded the Benedictine Order and is credited by Catholics for preserving Christian civilization during the Great Migration in the Early Middle Ages. St. Benedict is also one of the patron saints of Europe. Cardinal Ratzinger has always been concerned that Europe should do its utmost not to lose its Christian heritage. The choice of the name of Europe’s patron, it has been speculated signals an intention to reclaim Europe for Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI Believes Christianity Will Rekindle in Europe

Read more:

Pope Benedict has warned recently that Europe’s revival could be threatened if it embraces a “peculiar form of apostasy” and forgets its Christian roots.

Pope Benedict has urged European Union leaders not to “neglect the peoples’ identity … formed from a set of values that Christianity has helped to forge” as the leaders met in Berlin recently to mark the EU’s 50th anniversary.

He said Christian values “that represent the soul of the continent must remain” part of Europe if it wants to be an example to the rest of the world.

Pope’s Message (Spain 2011): “We cannot encounter Christ and not want to make him know to others. So do not keep Christ to yourselves! Share with others the joy of your faith,” and advised the Spanish people to retain its Christian identity rather than become secular and multi-cultural.

The same Pope Benedict declared “opposition to Turkey’s joining the European Union on the grounds that a country of 68 million Muslims would dilute Western Europe’s Christian heritage” and that “Muslim but secular Turkey should seek its future in an association of Islamic nations rather than the EU, which has Christian roots”.

Moral Issue

What moral right has the Vatican got to denounce other nations for human rights “ƒ”¹…”violations’ when it has yet to apologize for any of the mass crimes against humanity committed by Western Colonial countries with both the Vatican and Catholic Church acting as accomplices to such crimes particularly in Third World countries since the 15th century?

Catholics of the World

100% – Vatican City

98% – Malta and East Timor

97% – Honduras

96% – Venezuela

95% – Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, San Marino

94% – Spain

92% – Argentina

90% – Monaco, Andorra, Italy, Colombia, Poland, Paraguay

88% – Croatia

87% – Ireland, Equatorial Guinea, Luxembourg,

85% – Panama, France, Cape Verde, Cuba, Portugal

82% – Seychelles

81% – Peru, Philippines,

80% – Haiti

79% – Lithuania

77% – Mexico

76% – Costa Rica, Liechtenstein

75% – Belgium

74% – Brazil, Austria

70% – Sao Tome and Principe, Chile

69% – Slovakia

68% – St. Lucia

62% – Burundi

61% – Dominica

59% – Nicaragua

58% – Slovenia

57% – El Salvador, Rwanda

55% – Guatemala,

53% – Grenada

52% – Kiribati, Hungary

50% – Fed.States of Micronesia, Dep.Rep of Congo

The Crimes

It was the Catholic Church that sanctioned the African slave trade centuries ago causing millions of deaths. Natives were subjugated with the gun and the Bible. The Catholic Church also stands accused of its cover up of child molestation by the Church happening around the world with lawsuits filed in 2001 to incidents going back to 1928. The abusers were simply transferred to another Church or to another country and the cases were generally covered up paying billions to victims for their silence.

Some of the recorded crimes by the Catholic Church

§  1850-1863 “”…” Taiping Rebellion (China), 20m estimated deaths.

§  1700 years of Inquisition “”…” the punishments included:

¬  Judas Chair “”…” a pyramid shaped seat where accused heretics were placed on top of it with point inserted into their anuses or genitalia then lowered onto point with ropes.

¬   Head Vice “”…” heads of accused put into a specifically fitted vice tightened until teeth are crushed, bones crack and eyes pop out

¬   Pear “”…” a large bulbous gadget inserted in orifice of choice (mouth, anus or vagina) lever causes it to expand whilst inserted

¬   The Wheel “”…” accused heretics strapped to a big wheel, bones clubbed into shards

¬   Sawing “”…” accused heretics hung upside down sawed apart down the middle starting at the crotch.

¬   Disembowelment “”…” small hole is cut in the gut, intestines drawn out slowly whilst keeping victim alive.

¬   The Stake “”…” heretics were burnt/strangled at the stake

§  Pope Damasus 1 (366-384AD) “”…” bought and sold women and children as sex slaves to increase funding for the Church. All those who opposed were tortured and burned alive and had their lands seized by the Church.

§  Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503) “”…” famous for carrying out orgy’s in the Vatican

§  Pope Sergius III (904-911) – Carried out many a murder while in office

§  Pope Benedict IX (1032-1048) “”…” Guilty of murder, adultery

§  Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) –  Accused of links to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

§  Pope Urban II (1088-1099) “”…” ordered slaughter of ten million Heretics in order to take over Belgrade, Orthodox Church of Constantinople in Yugoslavia, Turkey, Syria, Antioch, Palestine.

§  Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) “”…” Is guilty of slaughtering over a million people supporting the Inquisition.

§  Pope Boniface VIII (1294-1303) “”…” The Catholic encyclopedia says thus of him “scarcely any possible crime omitted “”…” heresy gross and unnatural, immorality, idolatry, magic, simony”¦ his whole pontificate was one record of evil”.

§  Pope John XXIII (1410-1415) “”…” committed the most heinous crimes that included fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy, simony, theft and murder including a harem of mistresses over 200.

§  Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) “”…” is said to have given Hitler detailed instructions of how to exterminate non-Catholic minorities across Europe, how to construct death camps “”…” that was how Jews met their fate.

§  Pope John Paul II “”…” is said to have sold cyanide gas to Nazis to murder Jews

§  Pope Gregory IX (1227 AD) “”…” Created Inquisition Courts to arrest, try, convict and execute Heretics. These deaths number over 5million.

§  Pope John XXII (1410-15) “”…” committed repeated incest upon all his children and fathered illegitimate children, and murdered Pope Alexander V to take the Papal throne.

Portuguese Crimes in Sri Lanka

The Portuguese arrived in Asia for the purpose of trade, to exploit natural resources and convert natives into Christianity as a State policy. The Portuguese landed in Sri Lanka in 1505 taking over the coastal areas to be replaced in 1658 with the arrival of the Dutch. Harsh and oppressive laws were enforced against Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims in territories under Portuguese control with penal laws placed prohibiting public practice of these three religions. Buddhist temples, Hindu Kovils, Muslim Mosques were all ransacked and burnt some of these include temples in Devundara, Trincomalee, Saman Devale, Sunethra Devi Pirivena (Kotte), Vidagama Pirivena(Raigama), Wijebahu Pirivena (Totagamuwa), Nawagamuwa, Kelaniya, Mapitigama and Wattala and it was the policy of the Portuguese to erect Roman Catholic churches on or near the sites of such destruction.

In Sri Lanka the seeds of separation of people on grounds of either ethnicity or religion were first planted in Portuguese controlled territory by the Portuguese when they forbade Christians to live together or lodge with non “”…” Christians. Income drawn from the lands belonging to Buddhist Temples, Hindu Kovils etc. were channeled to support and maintain Roman Catholic Churches and missionary educational institutions. (see Boxer, C.R., The Portuguese Seaborne Empire 1415 “”…” 1825 ( London: Hutchinson)).

 Fernao de Queyroz, in his work “ƒ”¹…”The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon’ (translated by Father S.G. Perera) provides a list of the names of Catholic Churches built on destroyed Buddhist sites.

 The historian Paul E. Peiris observes:

” They ( the Portuguese)  found in Ceylon a contented race, and a fairly prosperous country “¦..

and it is melancholy to reflect that they succeeded in producing nothing but chaos. Out of a long list of high – born Hidalgos whom Portugal sent to Ceylon, it is difficult to point to one name as that of an enlightened statesman and high – principled administrator”¦.

No stately fabric remains as compensating for that religious fanaticism to which ample witness is borne by the devastated ruins of those lovely structures which the piety of generations had strewn broadcast over the country”¦ Their bequest to the Dutch was a colony of half “”…”castes, a failing agriculture, a depopulated country, and a miserable and ill – conditioned people”¦ They had in Ceylon an opportunity almost unique in the experience of European nations in the East, but their moral fibre had proved unequal to the occasion”¦”( Peiris, P.E. quoted in the “ƒ”¹…” Betrayal of Buddhism’ Abridged version of the Report of the Buddhist Committee of Inquiry, 1956, ix “”…”x)

In his book “ƒ”¹…” Portuguese Rule in Ceylon 1594 “”…” 1612‘ Historian Tikiri Abeysinghe observes that the whole machinery of the Portuguese controlled State was geared to achieve two complementary ends, namely that the local religions i.e. Buddhism, Hinduism be denied public existence and secondly holding out every inducement to the convert. Abeysinghe then adds

“ƒ”¹…”The persecution of Buddhism during these years of Portuguese rule was more severe than the persecution of Catholicism under the Dutch’ (Abeysinghe, Tikiri, Portuguese Rule in Ceylon 1594 “”…” 1612 (Colombo: Lake House Investments, 1966) page 209. For further reading

It is not difficult to conclude that the Catholic Church has gotten away with its crimes because of the recognition of the Vatican as a sovereign state and the luxury it enjoys through a seat in the United Nations “”…” thus diplomatic immunity. It is the only religion that has itself a declared sovereign country. Many countries still question the validity of such a position.

Buddhism in Sri Lanka

The vacillating status of Buddhism ( though given the foremost place in Sri Lanka’s Constitution but considerably weakened to accommodate increasingly the demands of Abrahamic religions to engage in religious practices some of which are inhumane and repulsive to Buddhist notions of compassion to other living beings) in Sri Lanka rests partly not only with the policies of the colonial rulers but also the lack of sincerity and spine in Sri Lanka’s leaders to declare unequivocally that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country but that it tolerates and continues to tolerate all minority ethnic groups and minority religions. Sri Lanka’s Buddhist heritage is nothing anyone can deny or hide. It is a nation that has over 70% Buddhists and this certainly raises questions as to why Sri Lanka’s leaders feel shy to acknowledge this apart from given media prominence to religious events. This alone is unlikely to protect or preserve Buddhism against the challenges that prevail globally. We cannot allow what has happened in many parts of Asia including in our neighboring countries e.g. Maldives, where Buddhism has been completely replaced and ousted, to be repeated in Sri Lanka.  This is a perennial fear of the Sinhalese Buddhists.

The fact that the Church’s involvement with politics and its influence financially does spell dangers which none of the rhetoric made to appease nations and other religions, can or should be ignored for the future of their existence.

It is claimed that the Bible has prophesied that the European Union will combine to create the new Roman Empire where the present nations rests on the same terrains as the old Roman Empire some 2000 years ago. EU has two permanent seats (out of 5 permanent and 10 other 2-year elected seats) on the Security Council. Herman Van Rompuy (President of the European Council) is rumored to be engaged in such a project – with the omission of Great Britain “”…” obviously a step towards abolishing nation states and having the world led by the United States of Europe in alliance with the USA.



20 Responses to “Double standards of the Vatican and Pope towards Catholicism and Multiculturalism”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Portuguese were barbarians. No excuse.

    But the WORST destruction of Buddhism during Portuguese time was done by a Tamil by the name King Sangili in Jaffna.

    He poisoned and killed ALL Buddhist monks in Jaffna peninsular and totally ransacked (BEYOND ANY CLUES) all Buddhist shrines in the north.

    He also punished ALL Buddhists by branding them low caste. Kovigama, etc. caste Buddhist people were scheduled to Koviyar, Nalavar, etc. lowest castes.

    Portuguese crimes were reversed but Tamil crimes were NEVER reversed until this day.

    Add to it, Sinhala Buddhists KINGS became Portuguese by the name Don Julian Dharmapala (Run-NIL’s great great great great great grandfather). People followed the king.

    Once again Portuguese were barbarians. No excuse. But they were not alone in the disaster.

  2. Dham Says:

    Before teaching the Pope, this writer should learn Buddhism and abide by the principles of Buddhism. Otherwise she will do more harm than good for sure.

  3. Dham Says:

    Before writing history, I suggest Shenali should learn Buddhist history.
    Portuguese harmed Buddhism but they could not irradicate it.
    The biggest harm was done by one of our kings. He went and killed every Buddhist Monk until no Buddhism left. It was some brilliant, patriotic lay persons kept all the scripts of Buddhism and practiced. Then the Buddhism had to be re-established by importing monks form Thailand and Burma.

  4. nuanho Says:

    The Catholic Church is probably the most hypocritical institution on planet earth. It is also unfortunately the largest pedophile organisation in the world. The shocking thing is that despite all the thousands of child abuse cases being reported all across they world, they are still allowed to run schools and pre-schools. Their hatred towards other religions is not surprising, given the history of war, violence and bloodshed that the church has sponsored.

  5. Dham Says:

    Catholic church is under fire in Australia finally for the crime the priests done by raping boys and girlis under their care. Even the head bishop is an idiot who is still not condemning fully.
    I am sure they have done the same in Sri Lanka when British priests were there.
    Not sure about Kasippu Joseph.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    All Empires governed the conquered countries through Colonisation, Fear & Intimidation. Favors, Education and Jobs were bestowed on the faithful to the Empires. Powerful Vestiges of Empires (ex-Colonists) remain to this day in all conquered territories.

    The local populations have to separate fact from fiction in all Empire/Colonial imposed ideas/rules. Keep only what is useful and throw out the rest.

    We should introduce Meditation to all our schools, so that at least the generations to come will benefit, be strong, focussed and think clearly on life issues, have self respect, be healthy and happy. Also be LOYAL to the country and the People that nurtures them, and not to outside elements.

    Jesus said that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within You”, Buddha said “Truth is Within You”, and Islam means “Peace”.
    It is the same in the higher teachings of the Hindu religion. In Raj Yoga (highest of all Yogas), the centre piece is Meditation. Empower the people to find lasting Happiness & Peace through Meditation. Through Inner Peace of each individual, entire countries will be at peace, then the whole world will be at peace. That would be dawning of the real Sath Yuga. This is true for every country, whatever religion.

  7. Charles Says:

    Dear FranDiaz

    Did Jesus really say,the ” Kingdom of Heaven is within You” ? I would really like to know where in the Bible I should look for that. You know Fran Diaz if Jesus really said that it changes the religious concept of Christianity.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes. Apparently Jesus did say that.

    Luke 17:20-21

    20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

    21 Neither shall they say, Look here! or, look there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,

    Lorenzo is right.

    (a) It is all there in Luke 17:20-21. Amplified Bible (AMP)

    20 Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He replied to them by saying, The kingdom of God does not come with signs to be observed or with visible display,
    21 Nor will people say, Look! Here [it is]! or, See, [it is] there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you [in your Hearts] and among you [surrounding you].
    God resides in Heaven, and therefore the “Kingdom of Heaven is within You”.
    (b) Here is another piece of writing on the subject of “the Kingdom of God is within You”, from The Harrington Spear Paine Foundation, Princeton University, USA. The Professor of Religion there writes on th eGospel of Thomas :

    “The Gospel of Thomas also suggests that Jesus is aware of, and criticizing the views of the Kingdom of God as a time or a place that appear in the other gospels. Here Jesus says, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘look, the Kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds will get there first. If they say ‘it’s in the ocean,’ then the fish will get there first. But the Kingdom of God is within you and outside of you. Once you come to know yourselves, you will become known. And you will know that it is you who are the children of the living father.”

    In this gospel, and this is also the case in the Gospel of Luke, the Kingdom of God is not an event that’s going to be catastrophically shattering the world as we know it and ushering in a new millennium. Here, as in Luke 17:20, the Kingdom of God is said to be an interior state; “It’s within you,” Luke says. And here it says, “It’s inside you but it’s also outside of you.” It’s like a state of consciousness. It’s hard to describe. But the Kingdom of God here is something that you can enter when you attain gnosis, which means knowledge. But itdoesn’t mean intellectual knowledge. The Greeks had two words for knowledge. One is intellectual knowledge, like the knowledge of physics or something like that. But this gnosis is personal, like “I know that person, or do you know so and so.” So this gnosis is self-knowledge; you could call it insight. It’s a question of knowing who you really are, not at the ordinary level of your name and your social class or your position. But knowing yourself at a deep level. The secret of gnosis is that when you know yourself at that level you will also come to know God, because you will discover that the divine is within you”.


    (2) Jesus Christ also said “Be Still and Thou shalt know Me”.

    (3) He also said “He leadeth me beside the Still Waters”.

    These quotes guide to, point to the Divine within (in connecting to God/Truth/Allah/Brahma-Athman) and Stillness in Meditation.

    It is also presumed that the “lost years” of Jesus were really spent in Meditation in the dessert or in some part of India. In fact, the Lankaweb published an article that Jesus Christ did not die on the Cross, but he lost consciousness only and was taken to the tomb. Later Jesus was taken to Kashmir where he was loved and respected, continued his work as St Issa. They say his tomb is there in Kashmir. There is also a group of Jewish people in Kashmir who speak in the original Aramic, the language spoken by Jesus.

    Please do double check all these facts. I think they are all true.

  10. Charles Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo and Fran Diaz,

    I salute you both for your knowledge of the Bible. If Jesus had said God is within you, Is it not nearer to the Buddha Dhamma ? Looking within is looking into the mind. Zen call it Buddha nature. Therefore soul is only a later interpretation supplanting it to represent mind. Mind is the fore runner which precedes all phenomenon -mano pubbamgama Dhamma. (Dhammapada)

  11. Charles Says:

    In early Buddhism heart was support to be the place where the mind was (hadaya). When the Buddha was asked where the mind was he said where ever it is. But in Samannapahale Sutta , he said mind could be taken out like a sward from its scabbard , referring to the fact that it is any where in the body.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    I think we have two components in us, the Mind and the Heart.

    The Mind is there purely for survival, an apparatus to help us survive the travails of life, to reason and think. Heart is the other dimension, the FEELING side, capable of experiencing peace and bliss when the Mind is Still.

    What do you think ?

  13. Charles Says:

    There are two aspects of a being -mind and matter. Matter in human body contains 32 parts that included heart, they

  14. Charles Says:

    Dear Fran Diaz what I have learnt is:

    There are two aspects of a being -mind and matter. Matter in human body contains 32 parts which include the heart, they are all perishable. Only mind is not perishable. Thoughts are produced in mind. Mind is the consciousness that is present in all sense faculties. It is the sense faculties coming in contact with external objects that give rise to thoughts.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    Buddha said it 600 years before Jesus.

    One thing that differs is the effect of “karma”. While Christianity recognizes it, there are ways to CHANGE it – if you genuinely repent the sins and determine not to do it again, your sins are TOTALLY forgiven.

    The concept of “karma” stops further investigation of philosphical things. I think Buddha didn’t want to challenge this Hindu concept. Scientifically I don’t think the nature keeps records of the good and bad someone has done to reward/punish him later apart from DIRECT AND INDIRECT LOGICAL consequences of actions.

    EXPLORING the truth MYSELF WITHOUT restricting to Buddha, Christ, etc. teachings and without relying on karma is REAL Buddhism I think.

    The real deal is in that journey of discovery NOT in the end point!

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles,

    Thank you for your response.
    The “Heart” I am referring to not the muscular one that beats as a pump, but the Sacred Heart, the Divine Within. In connecting to that through Meditation, we achieve Self Realisation. Please see book “What the Buddha Taught” by Rev. Walpola Rahula, page 37 (hard cover copy). In reference to Nirvana, the Buddha is supposed to have said :
    “O Bhikkus, there is the unborn, ungrown and unconditioned. Were there not the unborn, ungrown and unconditioned, there would be no escape for the born, grown and conditioned. etc. ……”

  17. Dham Says:

    Angulimala killed 999 inocent people personaly. Equivalent of a mini Prabhakaran.

    With all that “sins” he attained supreme Arahatship. What happened to Kamma ? It only gave him some troble like people abusing him whenever he went on pindapatha.
    According to Buddhism kamma is not an external thing ( nature records or whatever) forcing on you. It is yourself, you mind which get corrupted is affecting you. You can try to be strong but impossible to avoid some effects of kamma, even though the effect can be diluted.
    There is “Ahosi Kamma” ( nullified kammas) which has no further effects too.

    Venerable NaUyane Ariyadhamma thero transfered merit to Mr. Prabhakaran after every Bodhi Puja. Don’t know the bugger knew that to gain that good kamma.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re Karma, whether we believe it or not, it happens. What is Karma ? It is merely Action & Reaction. In Newton’s Laws (Physics), every Action has an equal and opposite Reaction.

    Someone had described Karma in the following way :

    Imagine a corral with fat cows & thin cows. The corral has one opening only, a gate that allows one cow out at a time. The fat cows represent good Karma and the thin cows equal bad Karma. At any given time, the cow nearest (fat or thin) escapes out of the gate. So a mixed bag of Karma is always present, from past and present birth(s). And whatever Karma manifests is the one at hand.

    “Chethana Utham” (High & Noble Intent) is a good starting point to any venture. All Karma is driven by volition, intent or motivation. Such is life for all of us.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “EXPLORING the truth MYSELF WITHOUT restricting to Buddha, Christ, etc. teachings and without relying on karma is REAL Buddhism I think”. Totally agree with you !
    That is exactly what the Buddha stated : “Ahe Pachiko” or “come and see (for yourself)”.

    Sometimes what the Masters/Gurus really stated may have been lost in translations, and in passing on by word of mouth.

    Karma or no Karma, find the truth in any event or matter. That is so liberating !

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here is yet another quotation from the Bible, which refers to the “Third Eye”, another thread/common ground that binds Christianity to the Eastern religions :

    “The Light of the body is the Eye: if therefore thine Eye be Single, thy whole body shall be full of Light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. (Matt 6:22-23, KJV)
    Every Bible translation attempts to explain this obscure saying by clarifying the phrases about one’s “eye.” Various translations use terms like clear eye/bad eye (NASB), healthy eye/unhealthy eye (NRSV), eyes are good/eyes are bad (NIV). None of these adequately explain Jesus’ idea to modern readers.

    This opens the door for all sorts of interpretations. John Wesley, who lived in the 1700’s, interpreted the “single eye” as being utterly devoted to pleasing God, and the “evil eye” as having our interests devoted anywhere else, to distract us from God. While his interpretation is well within traditional understanding, others have come to different conclusions.

    Some in the New Age movement believe that Jesus was speaking of the “single eye” as the “Third Eye” or Inner Eye of Enlightenment. They say that when humans were first created perfect, they were enlightened by this third eye, but after the fall, it is now only reached through meditation”.

    “Light technique” or reaching the ‘Third Eye” through Meditation is a technique in Raj Yoga (Hindu religion).

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