Sri Lanka: Here Lies the rule of law
Posted on November 23rd, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1, Canada

22 November 2012

 Hon. Bob Rae, PC, OC, OOnt, QC, MP

Interim Leader of  the Liberal Party of Canada

House of Commons, Ottawa

Cc: Editor, The Globe and Mail, Toronto

Dear Bob:

You have surprised me one more time of your knowledge, or the lack of it on Sri Lanka’s internal Tamil Tiger separatist war. It is time you stop your punditry pretending that you know it all as you really do not know much.   After all this time in your pretence, you have failed to see the bigger picture of this issue, and let me dish it out to you hoping that you make yourself aware how out of whack your punditry is and to correct your approach on your thesis.

You, going after Sri Lanka’s legitimate democratic government who had every right to defend the sovereignty of that island nation from the serial-killer-cult terrorists, the Tamil Tigers, and make every effort to give back the right-to-life to its 21 million people that had been hijacked by this internationally designated terrorist group that blew to smithereens and chopped up innocent civilians like kottu roti  with machetes,  AK47 bullets, claymore mines and suicide bombers and other sophisticated war-hardware, is sordid.

You blame the Sri Lankan government  indirectly for the deaths of civilians during the last five months of the war, which the Sri Lankan government has every right to parrot the mighty Americans that they were “ƒ”¹…”collateral damage’  as had been the case with the Americans involved in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. So take your blinkers off Bob and put on your “I will try to be honest” cap.

None of you international pundits were honest enough to put the finger on the real culprits of the war who provided oxygen and a life line for the survival of the Tamil Tigers. These Tamil Tigers were trained and graduated from a rag-tag bunch of bare-footed guerilla’s in 1983,  who couldn’t shoot straight, to a well trained conventional army in fatigues and army boots, cradling Kalashnikovs and festoons of live bullets around their necks, with a well equipped armoury of sophisticated war weapons which were brought in 11 ship loads during the Cease Fire Accord (CFA) period between 2002 and 2007, and the Scandinavian  Peace Monitors looked away having taken the cunning oath of “I see no evil and hear no evil about the Tamil Tigers.” That was the cunning of goody-two-shoes Western neo-colonial nations.  If you pundits did your part to cut off the supply of Oxygen and bleed that life line, that Eelam war would have fizzled out many moons ago saving the thousands of deaths that happened during the last five months of the war. The war was intense, and it had to end the way it did as Sri Lanka had little choice when the Tamil Tigers refused to cooperate during their six efforts to negotiate peace for its peoples.  Mind you not a single bomb has gone off since the war ended on 19 May 2009, which was an every day affair prior to that date and that is the reason and quite rightly why “….the Sri Lanka believes they have triumphed”. That is exactly what the innocent Sri Lankan people wanted, and to heck with the Bob Rae’s,  Hillary Clinton’s, Bernard Kouchner’s, David Miliband’s, Navi Pillai’s, Eric Solheim’s, and that crowd.  Sri Lankans wanted to live another day, wake up in the morning, thank for the blessings of the  rays of sunshine which were bathing their war-tired bodies, and go out and smell the roses.  And President Mahinda Rajapaksa gave them that opportunity  and luxury after suffering for 27 years.

Here are the rascal-culprits that you should point your finger at and go after them with your dagger drawn, or perhaps, you may be more comfortable with a Canadian hockey stick flaying it with both hands above your head, and stop harassing the Sri Lanka Government as they don’t deserve your punditry-crap.

   Start with your Tamil Tiger soft-peddlers in the Liberal Party that allowed the Tamil Diaspora to stuff 2 million dollars a month into the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy sophisticated weapons for 13 long years when you Liberals were governing Canada.  Go at Paul Martin, Maria Minna, Judy Sgro, Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, Robert Oliphant, Anne McLellan, Albina Guarneri and a whole lot of other Tamil Tiger soft-peddlers for aiding and abetting this nasty war.  They did that without a conscience and a modicum of shame.  All what they wanted were the God damn Sinhala and Muslim blood soaked votes from the Tamil constituents.

Go after the stinky lutefisk eating modern Vikings, especially Eric Solheim for supporting the Tamil Tigers. Go at their jugular Bob as the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Ny Tid newspaper revealed on November 27, 2005, that the Norwegian government handed 25 million kronor to the Tamil Tigers during the past four years.  Bob, if this was paper money, I am positive that the Norwegians did not provide this paper money pretending to the world that they were supplying rolls of toilet paper to wipe the Tamil Tiger bums where water was sparse in their jungle hide-outs.  I can tell you for a fact that this money were used to buy weapons to fight the Sri Lankan Government soldiers and snuff-out innocent people to  arrest one-third of the island’s territory bordered by 66% of the coast line for their mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil state Eelam. That same year the Norwegians gave the Tamil Tigers 7.5 million kronor, and the Tamil Tigers received another 950,000 kronor in 2002, the year the CFA was signed.  These are the same Norwegians whose Ambassador to Sri Lanka Jon Westborg  provided  6 tons of high powered dual use state-of-the-art communications equipment  the year they signed the Ceasefire Agreement in 2002.  This gift was to help the Tamil Tiger terrorists in their propaganda work, relaying messages globally, tracking Tamil dissidents opposed to the Tamil Tiger vision of their Eelam, et cetera.

Bob isn’t it time you stop your smart-Alec punditry about Sri Lanka’s war, stop harassing the Sri Lankan government and go at the jugular of the lutefisk eating Norwegians who prolonged this war which ended with several Tamils killed during the last phase of the war.  It were not only the Tamils who got killed, 3,900 Sinhalese soldiers gave their lives to save 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who were using them as a human shield.  And that is a fact and a reality check  for you Bob.

Stop going after the Sri Lankan Government for ending the war which unfortunately saw the “ƒ”¹…”collateral damage’ in deaths.  Wars do kill people, Bob, as we saw what happened at the end of World War II in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also at Vimy and Beaumont Hamel from where our Canadian soldiers never returned home.

Bob, it is time that you turn your gun at India, another culprit that fuelled that Tamil separatist war.  It was India that trained the Tamil Tigers and other Tamil terrorists groups like TELO, EPRLF and PLOTE in military camps in Tamil Nadu and at the foothills of the Himalayas.  If they were not given this training, they would have ended  up fighting with catapults and stones and bamboo sticks as the Indian Police do.  And it would have been an easy task to stop this Eelam War fought with catapults and stones and bamboo sticks before it escalated into a conventional war, and the only terrorists group  in the world that had a Sea wing  (Sea Tigers) and an Air wing with four planes.

The first training military camp for Tamil terrorists got underway in Chakrata, north of Dehra Dun.  Two thousand Tamil terrorists were trained there.  In November 1983, these terrorists were picked up from Dehra Dun by buses of Raju Bus Service operating from R.K.Puram in New Delhi and transported in batches of 500 to Madras.  And  from there they crossed over the waters to Jaffna.

By early 1987, an estimated total of 2,000 Tamil Tigers, 8,000 PLOTE cadres, 1,500 EPRLF cadres, 1,250 EROS cadres and 1,500 TELO cadres had been trained in military camps in the North and South of India.  The military training ranged from handling weapons such as AK47s, SLRs,  M-16s, G-3s, SMGs, .303s, revolvers, pistols, to field craft and military tactics with particular emphasis on guerilla warfare.  This training continued in India,  the culprit which you should train your gun at, from late 1983 through to early 1987.

Those are the facts Bob.  And if you expected that President Mahinda Rajapaksa without taking on these Made in India, Tamil Tiger terrorists head on, and go and stand at a corner of his Presidential office and stick his thumb in his mouth and keep sucking on it and let foreigners like Bob Rae (Canada), David Miliband (UK), Bernard Kouchner (France),  Hillary Clinton (US) run his country and his affairs, you must be out of your mind.  This was a formidable responsibility  of having to safe- guard the sovereignty of his country and his peoples and give back the right-to-life to his 21 million of them.  That is a reality check for you Bob.  You seem to mouth off as if you know it all about Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatist war, and I hate to burst your bubble as you just don’t.  Your pretense is a load of cods wallop.

These Indians not only trained these Tamil terrorists but also funded them the way the Norwegians did.   Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran gave $2.5 million to the Tamil Tigers as his state Tamil Nadu’s contribution, and another $833,300 to EROS.  Both the Sri Lankan government and  other Tamil terrorist groups were shocked. Bob, were you shocked too?  Well, Bob,  it is time you foreign neo-colonial white pundits lay your hands off Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa and go after the real culprits, Canada, Norway, India and several others that your researchers should be able to identify. Ask them to get in touch with me if they are unable to and I am prepared to help them.

Just one more Tamil Tiger soft-peddling statement by you which shows how disingenuous you are. You said, “”¦the civilian Tamil population moved ahead of them, in the tens of thousands, to a tiny strip of land on the coast.”  No Bob, they just didn’t “move ahead”, they were forced to move ahead at gun point by the Tamil Tigers as they were their human shield.   If they tried to get away, they would have been shot as some were.  That is where your honesty failed my litmus test as an honest politician and a good pundit of Sri Lanka’s separatist war. There lies the international “ƒ”¹…”rule of law’ on Sri Lanka.  It is pitting your Sri Lankan Truth against my Sri Lankan Facts.  And let the dice fall as they may on the real story.

So, the bottom line is, just cut out that crap of yours going after the Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government which did what it had to do, get rid of the Tamil Tigers for good, and unfortunately, as is the case in every war, there is some collateral damage.  And that too happened for trying to save the 295,873 Tamils who were herded like unwashed cattle for 30 months from the west coast to the east coast of the island by the Tamil Tigers as a human shield.

Have a good day.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

2 Responses to “Sri Lanka: Here Lies the rule of law”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    After beating the world’s most ruthless terrorists (Tamil terrorists), Sri Lankans have all the right to be triumphant!

    Canadians were triumphant when Allies beat the Nazis. Its the same thing.

  2. douglas Says:

    Hon. Bob Ray PC.OC,OOnt.QC.MP. I do not know what other letters of the English alphabat follow your name. Leaving that aside, we in Sri Lanka wish to have your response to this letter and I am sure Lanka Web will gladly accept to publish it for you.

    I kanow only three fact about you. (1) Once you were the Prime Minister of the Ontario Province and was kicked out of power for mishandling its affairs and creating the highest deficit and almost brankrupt this economic hub of Canada. (2) You were in Sri Lanka for a period of time, “teaching” “FEDERALISM” to that megalomanic Terrorist named Pirabahakaran of LTTE. (3) You were booted out of Sri Lanka unceremoniously from the very entry point Katunayaka International Airport.

    That being your record we know of, please take time to reply this letter of Asoka Weerasinghe, so that we at least try to understand you differently from above three facts.

    You are cordially invited to send in your reply. Thank you in advance.

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