Posted on November 30th, 2012


Certain groups of professionals  are agitating  in the public arena with the sole intention of creating an anarchy in Sri Lanka.  Unfortunately these misguided groups are also equally well supported by some power hungry Buddhist monks who have been driving a secret political agenda.  Amongst many, Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero (MS)  could be regarded as an icon in the field, who is now planning to be the Common Candidate for the next Presidential Election.

Since 1991, as far as we are aware MS has been working hard at encouraging wealthy Sinhala Buddhist professionals to come forward to form a new political platform.  He targeted local Sinhala Buddhists as well as those who are living abroad, encouraging them to return to Sri Lanka and join with  him.  He has met these people mostly whenever he visited their homes for 7 day Bana ( after a family funeral) or 3 months alms giving event.   With great skills of oratory, his line of convincing them was very encouraging.  It begins like ” Mahaththayala wage aya pita rata wela inne epa, Rata venuwen idiripath wenna, mama siyalla balagan nam, api sanvidhana vemu Mahaththayo”¦etc.etc”. (People like you should not live overseas, must come forward on behalf of the Country, I will take care of every thing, let’s get organised”).    These propaganda activities were conducted well before the end of the War. Mr Mahinda Rajapakse was not his target, as he wasn’t the President of Sri Lanka.  Has  he been successful in finding a suitable candidates to lead the country for the past 2 decades?  Or is he putting himself forward  now   as the next Presidential Candidate?

For some Lawyers, Buddhist Monks and bankrupt UNP/JVP/DNA/TNA politicians, even if a Gecko (Huna) falls on your body, they instantly get panic  as if the world has fallen on them.  They are waiting for as opportunity to exaggerate an incident on the spur of the moment. 

Lets revisit  some of the actions, statements   by MS in the  recent past:

  • On 3 Sept 2010,  at the National Bhikku Conference, he made a request to the President to release Gen Sarath Fonseka and in place of him to imprison 100 Bhikkus (Including himself);
  • Attempted to organise an Adistana Pooja at the Mahamaluwa of the Great Dalada Maligawa on 7 October 2010, which was a total failure due to lack of support and public anger;
  • “The Constitution of the country could be likened to a tube that has too many patches. The more patches it has, it will soon weaken and leak from all side.  So Sri Lanka should have a new constitution”;
  • “Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) appointed to probe the charges levelled against Chief  Justice ,should first declare their assets”;
  • MS is one of the petitioners against the impeachment of the Hon Chief Justice Mrs Shriyani Bandaranayake.  Where did he find funds to finance this litigation action against the Government of Sri Lanka?

When late  Dr N M Perera accepted the portfolio  as the Minister of Finance of Late Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s regime,  NM’s opponents branded him as becoming a Minister through the help of ” Saree Pota”.

Will there be a repeated attempt?  If so by Whom?  Lets watch the unfolding episodes of this drama  in the next two years, with earnest!


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    He is a UNPer. Many Tamil businessmen from Colombo finance him.

    He plans to contest the next presidential election as #3 candidate to DIVIDE Sinhala votes.

    Then his master Run-NIL can win the election.

  2. Vijendra Says:

    Rev Maduluwaawe Shobitha has been a great Buddhist priest. He has been a great “bana preacher” and interpreter of the Buddhist philosophy. However, he has chosen the wrong path now to enter politics as a contestant, though he always remained as an influential “political” figure. In the sunset of his life, he should not get misled by passion and greed for power, the very motives behind politics. particularly in Sri Lanka. Remember, prince Siddhartha gave up the power of being the king to seek the truth and attain enlightenment and become Lord Buddha. MS should not divide the Buddhist community by entering into politics as it would not only be an insult to our religion, but will also be a cause for a division of the Sinhala race. He should know better to maintain his respect he has rightfully earned.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Ven Maduluwaawe Sobhitha Thero is not in the same league as Most Ven Madihe Pannaseeha Maha Nayaka Thero nor is he Ven Soma Hamuduruwo. He can never command similar respect from the Buddhist population.

    It is granted he is good orator, but given a brief like any perakadoruwa, he can sing to any tune. He was a staunch SLFPer before and now he seems to be in the lap of the likes of Catholic Jayalath Jayawardena and the Christian UNP! Many other so called prominent Buddhist priests including those in the Mahabodhi Trust are too at Jayalath Jayawardene’s beck and call!

    Sinhala Buddhist beware!

  4. Leela Says:

    I agree with Ratanapala. Ven Sobitha has been a kind of an anti government or a radical monk throughout his life. Good preacher though I never considered him an exemplary monk like Soma Hamuduruwo. All his mother’s side relations live where I live. And Maduluwaawe is also not very far from here. So I know him and his style. To say it all in short, Ven. Sobitha has never been or never will be Soma Hamuduruwo. He has no such following. It is this Prof Kumar David type who tries to take him along the garden path. Oh, let him enjoying what he is doing at his old age.

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