School shooting-the lessons the Americans never learn
Posted on December 26th, 2012

by Sarath W

It is with a lot sadness I read the news of the death of 26 students add teachers at Sandy Hooks Elementary School last week. President Obama was visibly in tears when he spoke about it. The anger and sadness in the western world and media was obvious. The statement made by the gun lobby following this incident was outrageous.This was followed by two  more random shooting murders. For these lunetic murderers there is no value of human life. What is the solution for these random killings of innocent people?

 Are the innocent Americans paying for the sins of their political thugs? The American political leaders like George Bush and Dick Cheney are guilty for murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, distroying dwellinggs and livelihoods of may be a million more. Now President Obama authorise the random killing of many more in drone attacks. The Jewish occupiers attack and kill thousands of Palestiniens in their own land with the blessings of the Americans and their western allies.There are no western media reporters to mourn for these innocent victims. IS THE SO CALLED CIVILISER WORLD SAY THE AMERICAN LIVES ARE WORTH MORE THAN THOSE INNOCENT HELPLESS PEOPLE?

 It is now up to the families of the victims of school shootings and other random killings to voice their anger at their government and tell it has to stop the violent killings in other countries and stop the government support to Israel and rebels in the middle east. The Americans talk about possible dirty bombs in the making in Iran and North Korea and want to punish those countries by imposing sanctions. But yet only the innocent mases in those countries will suffer as a result. BUT THE IRONEY IS IT IS ONLY THE AMERICANS WHO ARE GUILTY OF MASS  MURDER  OF CIVILIANS BY USING NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

 It is upto president Obama to set an example to the whole world and I am sure the American citizens will follow his example.

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