Parliament is supreme – TU leaders
Posted on December 28th, 2012

Ridma Dissanayake-Courtesy The Daily News 

Trade Union leaders yesterday said Parliament is the supreme institution in a country and the Judiciary has no right to challenge Parliament.

“All public sector employees must respect the constitution,” they said. “According to the public sector ethics code, government employees are bound to serve the government honestly and disciplinary action can be taken against those who fail to do so,” they said. “But this procedure is different, when we look at those holding high public positions, including the Election Commissioner, Auditor General and the Chief Justice.

The Legislature is the only body which can bring a complaint against those holding the above positions,

“ƒ”¹…”All Ceylon Government Ayurvedic Medical Officers Union Chairman Dr.Nimal P.Karunasiri said.

“In such situation, as public servants are paid their salaries with tax payers money,no one has the right to challenge the country’s Legislature. Walking out the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) while the proceedings were going on cannot be approved.

The impeachment process is in accordance with the country’s Constitution. This impeachment process is constitutional and legally correct. The Chief Justice or any other section of the Judiciary cannot challenge it,” he explained.

“The CJ should refrain from attending to her official duties until the findings are completed,” he added.

Respecting for the Legislature and the Constitution is one of the main responsibilities of government servants. The law is equal to everyone.

Federation of Self Employed Association Chairman Mahinda Kahandagame said there is an impeachment motion brought against Chief Justice Dr.Shirani Bandaranayake with 14 charges signed by 117 Members of Parliament. A PSC appointed by the Speaker had conducted investigations and forwarded their report to the Speaker. In such a situation, how can she say that cannot trust that committee, he questioned.

“At present, Sri Lanka is experiencing rapid development after three decades of terrorism and several parties who are trying to stifle Sri Lanka’s progress are trying to use this issue to fulfill their narrow minded gains,” Trade Union Leaders explained.

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