Growing hate-Muslim campaign! Could turn the country into a killing field.
Posted on January 6th, 2013

 By Latheef Farook

This is sheer madness. This is how one could describe the potentially disastrous hate campaign unleashed against the Island’s peaceful Muslim community by a handful of racist rabble rousers who are law unto themselves.

Recently two Muslim payment hawkers were attacked by monks at Embilipitiya. Police, first refused to accept victims’ complaints, recorded them only after JVP intervention.  

Then there appeared provocative posters in Mahiyangana, showing a person carrying sword in a fit of rage to kill, stating” remove the mosque or we will do it”. Then comes report of a medical officer in a government hospital forcefully trying to sterilize a Muslim woman who gave birth to her third baby.

About three weeks ago a medical camp was jointly organized by Sinhalese, Muslims and Christians to help the poor at Maggona to mark the first death anniversary of a Buddhist monk. The late monk was so loved by people of all communities that trustees of the adjoining mosques and other Muslims carried his coffin in their shoulders.

While the medical camp was underway two unknown Buddhist monks accompanied with few others arrived in a luxury vehicle and demanded to close the camp immediately. When the monk tried to explain the two monks threatened him and closed down the camp forcefully.

The question is who are these outsiders disrupting communal harmony? Who finance them and for what purpose? How do they get away scot free?  I am sure they embarrass the mainstream peace loving Sinhalese.

However no step was taken to bring these lawless elements to book.  

So far Muslims have demonstrated remarkable restraint, but the question is how long? At some point some Muslim may react and such a development could be exploited to unleash an anti-Muslim pogrom.  In the aftermath of the military defeat of the LTTE in May 2009 the entire country hoped that all communities could move ahead peacefully for a better future though the wounds were deep. It appears that these racist elements have shattered all these hopes.

This campaign poisoning the minds of mainstream Sinhalese against Muslims began by a small but well organized   group demonizing Islam and Muslims through 19 Sinhalese and English language websites.

In the midst came the destruction of a 400 year old Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura followed by the shameful   attack on Dambulla Mosque led by the chief Buddhist priest. This was the first time in the history of Sri Lanka that mobs vandalized a mosque and prevented Friday prayers

Since then there were attacks on number of small mosques all over the country. However perpetrators, always outsiders, remain free.

Leaflets calling to boycott Muslim trading and other establishments and not to sell properties to Muslims started circulating all over. Do they realize that around a million Sri Lankans, majority of them Sinhalese happily employed in Muslim countries and their inward remittances, around six billion dollar annually, help afloat the island’s economy?

These countries supply bulk of our oil   requirements. We export tea, nontraditional and many other items to Muslim countries from where considerable number of tourists who insist on  halal food  come here.  Muslim countries also provide billions in development aid.

Timely assistance of Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Libya proved crucial in defeating the LTTE. Neither the Christian West nor the Buddhist East came to Sri Lanka’s aid in times of crisis. Only Muslim countries remain   sincere friends. For example most Muslim countries stood by Sri Lanka against US sponsored UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka last March.    

On top of all it was Muslim’s refusal to support the LTTE’s separatist call and their sacrifice   that  helped Sri Lanka preserve its  territorial integrity -especially at the early stage when the island’s armed forces were not equipped to meet this challenge.

Under such circumstance to whose benefit these racist elements are provoking Sinhalese against Muslims? Do they know that the Jews who cleverly put the Christian West and the Hindu extremists dominated India against Muslims are now manipulating to put Buddhists worldwide against Muslims?

According to   reports those who attacked Buddhist temples in Bangladesh were not people from the area but brought from outside as it happened in the case of the attack on Dambulla mosque. Buddhist pilgrims to Bodhgaya visit Nalanda where tour guides sow the seeds of hatred towards Muslims by portraying Muslims as responsible for destroying Buddhism in India.  

Many suspect that what is happening in Sri Lanka is part of this overall hate Muslim campaign unleashed under Washington-Tel Aviv-New Delhi axis. Isn’t it time that responsible elements in the Sinhalese community probe into these manipulations to save the country from another potential disaster?

According to New Delhi based fortnightly “The Millie Gazette” of 1-5 December 2009, Indian Information Ministry report (2008) disclosed that foreign money , Rs 7877 cores, was received by Hindu communal organizations in India to cause   riots against Muslims. These organizations got   money from Israel via Europe, instead of getting them direct from Israel. Similarly tours of leaders of Hindu organizations to Israel have also very much increased. They are brainwashed in Israel and used as tools against Indian Muslims.

Hindu organizations use the foreign money on subversive activities such as   anti-Muslim riots, bomb blasts and other such activities. Investigations give credence to the belief that Hindu terrorists are poisoning the socio-political atmosphere in India and Israel is helping them through financial means.

Isn’t this happening here in Sri Lanka?  Politicians, journalists and others started visiting Israel. Most of them   do not know ABC of Israel’s background and its agenda. Israeli penetration in the island’s print and electronic media seems to be effective judging from the number of pro-Israeli and anti-Muslim articles in the recent times. 

More than two centuries ago Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of United States of America, warned his countrymen of the danger of allowing the indiscriminate migration of Jews into USA. True to his predictions today Jews are the effective rulers of this great country. Isn’t it time Sri Lanka learns little more about this?

Most Muslims suspect that the Jews, architect of Islamophobia and the force behind US led European invasions of Muslim countries, are behind anti-Muslim hate campaign in Sri Lanka. They started raising   issues such as halal food, Muslim women’s dress code, slaughtering animals, increasing population and anything and everything to demonize Muslims. These are issues which could be solved by peaceful means.    

Instead, an extreme anti-Muslim organization, in the same line as India’s Hindu fascist   Shiv Sena, held a meeting at a Buddhist temple, the premise meant to disseminate Buddha’s message of peace and harmony, to accuse Muslims of threatening the very existence of Sinhalese and Buddhism in this country.  

Their main purpose is to crush and sideline Muslims. What they failed to understand is that Muslims have already been sidelined. For example hardly any Muslim is recruited to armed forces, police and rarely one could see a Muslim employee in government departments and other state institutions. Even mercantile sector seems to have closed their doors to Muslims who are, by and large, excluded from Government contracts, tenders and all such activities.

Indifference towards Muslims remains open and around 130,000 Muslim refugees from north continue to languish in refugee camps in appalling conditions three and half years after the war.

Muslim politicians who sold their souls for positions, perks, and titles and sealed their mouths do not raise these burning issues. Shameful state of affairs is such that when the UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa raised issues of rising anti-Muslim attacks, reducing government   budget allocation for Muslim Religious Affairs Department from Rs 35 million to Rs 15 Million in the parliament  some Muslim parliamentarians  interrupted him.

However the role played by JVP to expose the anti-Muslim campaign is laudable. Isn’t it time that Muslims   abandon and ostracize   Muslim politicians, and turn to mainstream parties such as JVP to strengthen communal harmony which was jeopardized to a great extent by the so called Muslim Congresses.

In this regard it is worthy to note that last month a 44 year old Madawala Muslim,   Mohamed Rafeek, who was running his small shop, was killed in an accident. Around 20 bus load of people from Mahiyangana, all Sinhalese, attended the funeral weeping and crying till 10 PM as if their own family member was killed.  

This is what Buddhism is about. This is what  Sinhala “”…”Muslims relations have been.

Paying tribute to the peaceful nature of Sri Lankan Muslims and their organizations former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva said on 29 June 2008 that;

“ A salient feature of the Muslims of Sri Lanka and their organizations is that they never organized themselves for armed insurrection or destruction. They are a peaceful ethnic group spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. They interact with other religious and ethnic groups cordially interlinking those cultures with their own culture while polarizing their own culture. This  is appreciable”.

Since independence politicians of all shades of opinion exploited racism to retain or gain power. The result was the armed conflict during which these   very same politicians flourished   on arms purchase while innocent ones from poor families sacrificed their lives. Their irresponsible and short sighted policies brought the country to where we are today.

Under the circumstance isn’t it the responsibility of reasonable elements in the Sinhalese community to wake up and contain racist elements whose anti-Muslim campaign has the potential to turn this country once again into a killing field

42 Responses to “Growing hate-Muslim campaign! Could turn the country into a killing field.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Muslims have been GENERALLY peaceful since they rioted against Sinhalese in 1915 and suffered consequences and learnt to live peacefully.

    HOWEVER, the conduct of Muslims recently has been very disturbing. This is MAINLY due to Saudi and Iranian terrorist funding. Building mosques everywhere is UNACCEPTABLE. Muslims MUST understand this IF they want peace. There should be come restraint.

    “In the midst came the destruction of a 400 year old Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura”. This is a lie. It was NOT 400 years old!!

    The Halal nonsense is another RACIST thing. Muslims are just 9% of the population. How can 100% of certain products can be Halal. I DON’T want these foods to be halal. I want these foods to REMAIN how they were for the last 4,000 years.

    IF Muslims are serious about peace, DROP the Halal certificate.

    Muslim following JVP is another DANGEROUS thing. Have you forgotten JVP DRAGGED 50,000 Sinhala FOOLS into their deaths in 1971 and 1989?

    Now they are doing the SAME THING to foolish Muslim youth because the Sinhalese have learnt the lesson!!!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    The following is a RACIST remark that should NOT have been allowed in this website, in my view. Jewish readers read this website. How would they feel?

    “Politicians, journalists and others started visiting Israel. Most of them do not know ABC of Israel’s background and its agenda. Israeli penetration in the island’s print and electronic media seems to be effective judging from the number of pro-Israeli and anti-Muslim articles in the recent times.

    More than two centuries ago Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of United States of America, warned his countrymen of the danger of allowing the indiscriminate migration of Jews into USA. True to his predictions today Jews are the effective rulers of this great country. Isn’t it time Sri Lanka learns little more about this?”

    ANTI SEMATISM AT ITS WORST!! This shows the true nature.

    How can there be peace if people of such anti sematic views live in SL!!!! This is the root cause of all problems.

    Israel helped SL wipe-out LTTE more than ANY OTHER country.

    Kfir jets (BEST in SLAF)
    Dvora attack boats (BEST in SLN)
    Gabriel-4 anti-ship missiles (BEST in SLN)
    Spike anti tank missiles
    8 drones (3 of them FREE)
    training STF
    training SF
    training Tamil PRO-SL paramilitants
    training LRRP/DPU (BEST in the world)

    If not for Israeli help SL is STILL battling terrorists.

    If you want to know about the future terrorist threat to SL, please search “Beruwala mosque attack” in YOUTUBE. You will see terrorism AFTER 19 MAY 2009.

    Israeli help is a MUST to overcome this new threat.

    Dear Israel and Mossad, please help Sri Lanka wipe-out the growing Wahabi threat.

  3. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    The writer should realise that there is an unwarrented ‘expantionism’ of islam and muslims in a buddhist country. Saudi arabia will not tolerate buddhism in mecca or anywhere. What is right for the should be right for the gander. Simple. We need an island wide campaign to ‘force’ muslims and wahabis to speak in sinhala. They should drop use of tamil. These fools were chased away from north by sakkikiyas and still they appreciate tamil! Hard to swallow. We definitely need a clean up of colombo – in what form or shape we do not know. Gota is the only hope as our filthy political are busy amassing wealth and destroying our country in making sri lanka ‘the wonder of asia’ pl read the land grab article appeared in sunday times this should be an eye openner for some of our lankaweb community who blindly support mahinda. This man is cluless and oblivious to whats going on in sri lanka and he will never take action against corruption. Cj impeachment is a good diversion – father son and the holy ghost!

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    At least VP understood the THREAT in 1990 and did something about it to SAVE the northern Tamils.

    (His actions were too harsh as usual since he was a terrorist.)

    Our political fools will never understand the THREAT.

    There is only ONE country that has STOPPED AND REVERSED this cancer expansionism – Israel. SL must get their help to do same in SL. I hope Burma holds its ground as they have done so far. They were rewarded by USA for that!!

    The conduct of some Sinhalese towards these people is PERFECTLY CONSISTENT with how the Americans, Russians, Indians, Israelis, ALL EUROPEANS except Albanians and Bosnians, the Japanese, Chinese, Australians, Brazilians, Argentinians, Singaporeans, etc. behave towards them.

    If SLs behave in any other way, they are strange. This is a global cancer. All human beings should unite to fight off this cancer.

    The attack on a 23 year old Indian Hindu woman was carried out by the same group that attacked the Pakistani girl Malala. Indian govt. is not declaring their names fearing it will lead to race riots. Shiv Sena has demanded the names are publicised so they get their own medicine.

  5. HussainFahmy Says:

    The Muslims of Sri Lanka will progress further and would find a way to live in peace and harmony with all communities. The leadership is well aware of ground realities and International Pressure to adopt Human Rights or face the consequences. The message of Islam in it’s pure form is yet to catch up with the Muslims. The return to core Islamic values and governance are a matter of time with the collapsing of man-made economic and social systems. The Love of Power and Wealth is the only obstacle to the Islamic way of Life. Muslims are still living in the Makkan era. Sects are divided along the lines of Nationalism and Politics. All killings, and blood letting in the name of Islam should be attributed to the zionist influence, ignorant practices and beliefs.

    The problem is with those teachers who are in the path of self destruction. The article below gives a clear picture of where the problem lye .

    Sunil Vijayapala – Posted on February 11th, 2011 Lankaweb.

    If teachers are corrupt what would you expect the students to be? Buddha lived by example and did not commit any act contravening to Vinaya even in secrecy. Well if Emblipitiya Bhikkus grow their own Marijuana what do you expect Embilipitiya people would follow? If Bhikkus keep women in our citadel Anuradhapura and build houses for them and keep families, you need not go any further. If Bhikkus serve liquor to laymen, what example do they show? If sick monks in hospitals have sex with nurses… well the list never ends! Corrupt Bhikkus existed even during Buddha’s time and latter times and they were chased away but that is a thing of the past as the powerful Chief monks in Sri Lanka are the biggest crooks, patronized by corrupt politicians and the rich.

  6. aravinda Says:

    Lorenzo, I beg disagree with your views. Those 6 charged with raping 23 year old student in Delhi are all Hindus. NOT MUSLIMS. There names are in public domain. Over 90% of rapes in India are committed by so called high caste Hindus. Raping a Dalit (untouchable girl) is ‘right of passage’ for Indian high castes. Raping and murdering Dalits is not regarded as a crime in many parts of India. police will not record it. Politician will not talk about it. If this girl was a Dalit, not many would bat an eye lid.

    For women, South India is safer. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are very civilized compared to North India. Delhi, Mumbai and Goa are the worst. There are over 200 million Dalits in India. Muslims treat them equally, but not the Hindus. Hindus treat them worse than animals. I have lived many years among Muslims. I have the greatest respect Islam. We should not judge Islam by few thousand fanatics in Middle east or Afghanistan.

    During LTTE terror, Muslims stood by Sri Lanka. Islamic nations helped us in numerous ways. It is true Israel sold us equipment and train some personnel in our Army. Don’t forget that Israel trained Tamil Terrorists too. In our darkest hour, Pakistan and Iran were our best friends. We must never never forget that.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    I have not seen the names of those disgusting people. India is not alone. Rapes occur more in the Islamic world. “Marrying” a 9 year old girl is also rape. You cannot deny that FACT.

    “We should not judge Islam by few thousand fanatics in Middle east or Afghanistan.”

    Absolutely. But they are NOT confined to those places. Now they are in SL too.

    “During LTTE terror, Muslims stood by Sri Lanka.” PARTLY WRONG!

    Those who stood by SL NEVER expanded like the Wahabis today. Those who stood by SL NEVER demanded Halal for every damn thing. Those who stood by SL never complained against Sinhalas.

    Some of them were with the LTTE calling them “Tamil speaking”. Hack-him is a surviving LTTEer. But thanks to a Mossad-DMI plan in 1984 – 1990, we managed to separate them and pit them against each other.

    “Don’t forget that Israel trained Tamil Terrorists too.” WRONG!

    Israel trained TAMILS. Not Tamil terrorists. Please read the book fully. I can send it if needed. I’m sure there is an internet version. These Tamils were Tamil paramilitary members. The Mossad traitor was a LOW LEVEL officer who didn;’t know bigger plans. There were NO pro-govt. Tamil paramilitary groups BEFORE Israeli training. SL sent BOTH groups separately but in one go for financial reasons. AFTER the Israeli training, these Tamil groups carried out bomb attacks in Tamil Madu and in northern SL killing Tamil Tigers.

    “In our darkest hour, Pakistan and Iran were our best friends.” WRONG.

    China was our best friend – BIGGEST lender, BIGGEST donor, BIGGEST development partner and BIGGEST weapons supplier.

    Iran and Libya ONLY promised to give aid but NEVER actually gave anything to SL govt. Don’t forget Pakistan is the BIGGEST drug supplier to SL today and Iran funded Islamic sects spread violence too.

    Please check the Youtube clip I referred.

    I have no problem with Muslims. ALL my Muslim friends are nice people. I don’t know where these extremists are hiding. As the British PM said, the problem is (undiluted) Islam NOT Muslims.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    TELO the FIRST Tamil organized armed group was trained in “Palestine”. That was one reason why Israel went out of the way to help SL in war.

    In addition Israel gave SL the right to manufacture the COLOMBO CLASS DVORA 2000 FAC. Which country gave military technology to SL other than Israel? NO ONE!!!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Beruwala Masjid Ar Rahman attack including mass murder.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news.

    “A tense situation prevailed between demonstrators and the police outside the law college when the demonstrators attempted to handover a petition to the law college principal in Hulftdrop a short while ago.

    The petition highlighted the registration of students where Muslims are in the majority than students belonging to other religions. More police officers were deployed to bring the situation under control. (TFT)”

    Law college gone to dogs thanks to Hack-him the justice minister!!!!!

    This is ANOTHER sign of Wahabi expansion.

    Can you see SO MANY SIGNS of Wahabi expansion in SL!!!

    Await for MORE! :))

    I pity the blind. They don’t see the danger signs and poor SLs are paying the price.

    Now they have invaded education too. Soon these lawyers will be many and they will want Sharia Law.

  11. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Wahabi hussainfahmy allah hulalla mahalla u keep on quoting me well we sinha+hela buddhists do expose our own filth unlike u guys who attempt to ignore ur filth. I was angry when salmon r wrote satanic verses but after reading quotes from quaran by leela (to which u never responded) i do now sympathise with him for exposing and revealing the truth. A bitter pill to swallow for a wahabi like u. The other day after watching a movie went to crestcat for dinner guess what 99% peaceful wahabis! Do u c buddhists in mecca wahabi hf? But in buddhagaya wahabis surround the area and blast loud speakers. This was the only think i could not stop because of filthy politicians. Now that is what u call tolerence! Iam pretty sure the dreaded cia knows the wahabis more than anyone our threat from eastern province should be handled militarily they must be annihilated now.

  12. lingamAndy Says:

    Latheef Farook
    However perpetrators, always outsiders, remain free. ! This is reminding me 1983 Sinhal &Tamil raits, outsiders had voting list of Tamils -Well organised !

    against Sinhalese in 1915 and suffered consequences and learnt to live peacefully.-OOO YA If Sir Pon Ramanathan did not involve to save Sinhalese We all know (include geinivien Sinhalales) what consequense Bhuddist Sinhela people would had it .
    As you know , Leela mention an ealier comments here, our Head of Nation said Sinhala People owe to Tamil people which is not able to pay back but We Tamil got big pay back from you Sinhalase people May 2009 !!!
    Thank God Sir PR is not live Today to find out his madness to risked live to save Sinhala Nation!

  13. nuanho Says:

    Latheef Farook is the last person who should be taking about racism or any alleged ‘hate campaign.’ The man himself is an inveterate racist. A calm review of all his articles and comments will reveal a deep seated hatred of the Jewish people and a thinly disguised contempt of the Sinhalese. His lurid rantings against the Jewish people and Israel deserve special comment given that he has likely never met a Jewish person, or set food in Israel.

    Latheef Farook ought to examine why the Muslims, in general, have such an appalling reputation around the world. They are starting to get a bad reputation in Sri Lanka now and there are reasons for that. Instead of blaming the Sinhalese people or the Buddhists, Latheef ought to have a look at his own community and consider whether the behaviour of certain members within in are inviting approbation. There is a definite increase in Muslim fundamentalism and extremism in Sri Lanka and this has not been lost on non-Muslim Sri Lankans. Muslims enjoy many rights in Sri Lanka, and yet there seems to be an attempt to impose Islamic ideology and practice on non-Muslims in the island through overt and covert means.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    By writing this article, Farook has actually CREATED HATRED!

    It is better for him not to write. This article is full of anti-Sinhala racism. KNOWING VERY WELL the Jewish involvement in SL defence especially now, making anti-semetic statements ALSO FUELS HATRED.

    He has dug his own grave.

    If another 1915 to happen in SL, he must take responsibility.

    I hope average Muslims KEEP AWAY from this type of nonsense for the sake of peace.

    In ANY Islamic trouble, SL will have the UNLIMITED SUPPORT of Israel, USA, Russia, UK, France, China, India and Japan. ALL major powers (except Pakistan if you STILL consider it a major power)!

    Meanwhile the UK Muslim woman who killed her 7 year old son for not memorising the Koran has been sent to life imprisonment!

    We are not alone!

  15. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    We must cleanup muslim encroachment in and around buddhists temples in the east e.g muhudu mahavihara in pamama as we did near sri mahabhodi in anu encroached by peaceful muslims – complacency is one of the weaknesses of sinha+hela buddhists talking about hela sorry for the diversion i listent to a ravana program on 107 fm radio at around 7pm locaj time we vijaya decendants need to apologise to ravana decendants for all the distortions in our history hela should be taught in schools also pali i hope the father son and the holy ghost will lead the way i hope the forum now would have figured out who the holy ghost is allah hulalla mahalla let us preserve this holy land we call heladeepa or lankadeepa just as much saudis protect theirs

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “allah hulalla mahalla”

    Balla? Gahapalla? Marapalla?

    (Just finding ryming words. No disrespect to anyone.)

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Remember how Tamil BS historians twisted SL history?

    Mark my word. Soon Wahabis will follow them.

    They will say MAHINDA is the Pali form of MOHAMMAD. He brought Wahabism to SL. When king Thevantissa was hunting deer, Mohammad appeared and told him, “STOP, you have to kill the deer Halal style.” So the good king obeyed.

    They will say great prince Thutukemunu who defeated Ellalan is the ancient middle eastern prince Thutankaman.

    They will say Sinhala people decend from Arabic Sinhdbad who visited SL.

    They will say Saddam Hussein Town (Batticaloa) and Gadafi Town have a history of 3,000 years.

    This is no joke. Twisting history is part of claiming others’ land.

  18. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    lorenzo you are a naughty boy.

    the only consolation we have is gota, a man with a vision and mission.
    i have no appetite to bring about a division on ranks but the reality is
    there is a real wahabi threat in the east.
    he has cleaned up colombo of litter and he has to extend that to wahabis
    both in colombo and east – a militant strike is a must before it gets worse.
    i hope he reads this comment. glad to hear that he is going to interview expats
    who apply for dual to screen tiger sympathisers, ex- refugees and wahabis.

    father son and the holy ghost are involved with destroying forests in the name of development.
    there is a severe land grab going on in the country especially by pradeshheya saba level
    run by crooks and thugs of the present administration.
    the country has been mortgage to the tune of $500 billion – pay up will take few generations.
    no money flowing into the country – its like a filter.
    impeachment is a good diversion.

    amity = enmity + hazards (a formula i learnt as a child which appeared in a life magazine article long time ago)
    read an article on embilipitiya paper mill debacle – again handled by an incompetent fool who has no
    knowledge of science and technology (all my friends – still i can’t do anything about anything here)
    what i achieve in india and australia i just can’t achieve in sri lanka, even with knowing the
    top man, few ministers, advisers and 16 directors of various government institutions!
    the secretaries should be blamed partially to the mess we are in.

  19. Nanda Says:

    sunil ayya,

    I don’t understand why your friend the moderator is discriminating me, while you can criticize the government in every comment (with possibly unsubstantiated claims) he has black listed me for no reason.

    By “mortgage” do you mean to say selling of bonds or foreign debt.
    Our foreign debt is peanuts compared to US or Aus. Of course India and Singapore do not follow that path but most so called developed countries have trillions debt. (Rest of the message is deleted as it is only gobbledegook -Moderator)

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    When the leader marries a 9 year old, his followers will marry 15 year olds!!

    Selling Muslim girls for money in RICH Saudi!! Unbelievable!!

    “(CNN) — A 70-year-old man has married a 15-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia, human rights workers said Tuesday.

    CNN interviewed the man, who said the girl’s parents sold her to him for the equivalent of $20,000. The marriage came to light when the man complained to a local official, saying the girl’s family had taken her back and he’d been ripped off. He refused to provide his name to CNN.

    His account is countered by human rights workers looking into the case. They believe there was a fight between the teen and the man, and she ran back to her family.

    Her father is believed to be Yemeni, her mother Saudi.”

  21. Leela Says:

    This is a cut and paste from face book sorru.comsdc
    කිංග්ඩම් ඔෆ් රයිගම් සමාගමේ සභාපති ආචාර්ය රවී ලියනගේ මහතා 2013 01 06 දින ඉරිදා රන්දිව පුවත්පතට අදහස් දක්වමින් කියා සිටියේ හලාල් සහතිකය නොමැති වීම හේතුවෙන් තම ආයතනයේ නිශ්පාදන අලෙවියේ කිසිදු අඩුවක් සිදුව නොමැති බවයි. වැඩි දුරටත් අදහස් දක්වන ඒ මහතා.

    “රයිගම් ආයතනය හලාල් සහතිකය අරගෙන නෑ. හලාල් නැහැ කියල අපේ අලෙවියේ අඩුවක් සිදුවෙලා නෑ. සමහර දේ සම්බන්ධයෙන් හලාල් සහතිකය ඇති එකෙයි නැති එකෙයි අතර මට සාධාරණ බවත් තේරෙන්නේ නෑ.

    මා දන්න හලාල් සහතිකයෙන් කියන්නේ ඌරු මස්, ඌරු තෙල් හා ඒවා ආශ්‍රිත අමුද්‍රව්‍ය අදාළ නිශ්පාදනයේ අඩංගු නෑ කියන එක. එක වතාවක් ඒ අයගේ සහතික මණ්ඩලයෙන් ඇවිත් ඒ ගැන හරි වැරදි සොයා බැලීමක් කළා. නමුත් අපි ඒක ක්‍රියාත්මක කළේ නැහැ. මොකද අපි හලාල් සහතිකය ගත්තොත් එතැනින් එහාට ඔවුන් අපිව පාලනය කරන්න හදනවා. ඒ කියන්නේ අපි හලාල් සහතිකය ගත්තොත් එතැනින් එහාට අපි අමුද්‍රව්‍ය ගත යුත්තේ හලාල් සහතිකය තියෙන සැපයුම් කරුවන්ගෙන් පමණයි.

    මෙයින් සිද්ධ වෙන්නේ හලාල් සහතිකය හරහා අපේ සැපයුම් ජාලය පාලනය කරන්න උත්සහා කිරීමයි. එහිදී සෘජුව නෙවෙයි මේ දේ සිද්ධ වෙන්නේ. වක්‍ර ආකාරයකට. මේ හරහා අපේ සැලසුම් ජාලය වෙනත් පිරිසක් අතට ගන්නවා. ඒ බාහිර පාර්ශවය තුළින් අපේ අයතනික රහස් පිටට යන්න පුළුවන්. අපි ඒ දෙකටම කැමති නෑ.”

    However, we Sinhalas must be very very careful not to allow the western neocolonialists to turn this country to a Syria or even a Egypt.

  22. Voice123 Says:

    Thank you Sunil Vijayapala. The Vijayan Helas should acknowledge the existence of the indigenous culture, religion and languages of the Yakka, Naga and Veddah communities (collectively the silent majority?) as pre dating the Helas and stop treating our indigenous culture as “low caste”, mudukku or whatever. If we are anchored in the true indigenous history, we cant go wrong. There can be no Wahabi hulaballas!

  23. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Nanda babo if u carry on like this u wil face the same fate as that nigantaya priyantha w. Either ur english comprehension is poot or u r a nonage by birth. I tackle mundane issues. Even if mahinda is on that path i dare not to hit him – i did this even at tender ages. the other day i spoke to a street cleaner who earns only 369 Rup. A day sundays too! Now tell me nanda babo is that humanly right? Is this what is called mahinda chintana? It seems there are amidst us constitutional experts who go on and on endless debates on british crap while the common man suffers to the hilt. Some forum members are oblivious to problems of sri lanka like the father son and the holy ghost. We have a threat from the satanic anglo saxon, wahabis and new tiger threat

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news.

    Rizana Nafeek, a Sri Lankan domestic worker convicted of killing a baby in her care in 2005 when she was 17 has been executed, the Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau said a short while ago.

    It was earlier reported that the Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry under Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz has issued instructions for Nafeek’s execution.

    Bloody Saudi cursed dirt on earth. She was a child when it happened. Bloody barbarian Saudi cursed king’s family. Go bust Saudi.

    Whatever ethnicity she unified the people behind her. May Allah (PBUH) be merciful to her. Ameen.

  25. Nanda Says:

    Dear Lorenzo,
    I will be a enemy of the MUSLIMS from now on.
    Moderator may not pass this on but I am crying for my Rizana sister right now.
    This is one of the sadest day of all Sri Lankans who signed many petitions.

    Saudi Idoidic MUslims will burn in hell.
    May RIzana attain nibbana one day, after being born to a Sinhala Buddhist family in my mawbima again.

  26. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Lorenzo follow the barbarians execute wahabis in colombo and east before they destroy heladeepa pl listen to ravana pgm on sundays at 7pm on fm 107 an inspiring tgought provoking pgm. We must now build an entirely new country from the buried past. We must investigate the pre mahinda writings immediately. Just an update on mining of kudawa river. The ungulates have enhanced their operation after publication of my article in sunday island. Mahinda chintana at its best!

  27. Kit Athul Says:

    Lorenzo, where is the protesters at the Saudi Arabia’s embassy? time for Sinhala to wakeup. Must breakup unregiatered mosques in places like Baruwela and Aluthgama. Before MR took office in the first election. There was a road that Muslims closed because there was too many Buddhista are using it to visit Kande-Viharaya. It got opened later in that year. There is a fishing harbor in Bruwela where only Muslim fisherman can use it because Saudi-Arbia funded it. This is only in Western Province I do not have info on such Musliom acts in Eastern Province. I do not know why any Sinhala protest in front of TURKISH embassy? This is not an embassy it an Armory for NATO. And this is where anti MR mobs will get their weapons.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    ““President Rajapakse and the government deplore the execution of Rizana Nafeek despite all efforts at the highest level of the government and the outcry of the people locally and internationally,” the ministry said.”

    Well done. They have the backbone to DEPLORE BLOODY SAUDI!!!

    ALL Saudi funds coming to SL must be frozen until investigations are complete. Investigate where these funds end up. If they end up expanding Islam in the country, bust them.

    Some SL Muslims make a “pilgrimage” to this bloody barbaric Saudi every year!!

    How can we have peace with those who venerate BARBARIANS?

    SL should pull out all housemaids from Saudi and pack up all annual Saudi visitors back to Saudi.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    Sunil and Kithsiri,


    Can SL ALONE take on Saudi funded terrorists in SL? No. We don’t have the expertise. We have to seek expert advice from the likes of Israel, Burma, Russia, China and Japan.

  30. Marco Says:

    Extremely sad that such a young person who wanted to provide for her family was taken away in such in such circumstances
    May she rest in peace

  31. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Our president is an interesting character. He makes bold statements to appeace everyone but no solid action just as the latest mervins case. He wants to keep everyone happy, murderers,thugs,saudis,commonwealth he can never take a stance and face the world. This is not the mahinda i knew. Hail the chicken culture in sl slaughtered by wahabis. Its time helayas slaughter them before they destroy our heritage. With a leader like this we will never protect our our heritage our forests our rivers etc. Mey gon naambo okkoma vinaasa karanne oney. I hate politics but i feel seriously i need to enter. Lorenzo pl return to sl if v have 10 tamils like u v can turn around this tide and also quell the wahabis.

  32. Lorenzo Says:


    If you replace Sharia instead of Muslims in general it will be correct. Nice thoughts there.

    Stop blaming the moderators though. They voluntarily do this good work. I have been moderated but I never complain. If you continue in decent conversation for a while, moderation stops, as I have noticed.

    There is a big plan being hatched against Sharia Arabia by you know who. ALI BABA AND 40 THIEFS will not last long.

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    True. He made big statements but rarely acts on them. But there is little he can do in the INTERNATIONAL FRONT.

    At least he has to be tough on Wahabis in SL. Wahabis control the drug trade, underworld and most corrupt deals.

    I seriously think you should play a leadership role in SL. We can’t just live and die like farm animals. We have to save SL as it should be – Sinhala Buddhist more than 80%.

    I will help you when you get down to work. For the time being you have to join either UPFA or UNP. Play their game well. Get to some place and THEN get into action.

    I will email you.

  34. Nanda Says:

    Personally it is difficult to get over the death of Rizzana.

    You say get the help of Israel, but Saudi and Israel are good firends. So are the USA and most in the west.
    Even though they are MUSlims, Syria, Iran are much more civilized ( at least they wear western clothes than the black tigress dress). Islarel and USA terrorise moderate countries like Syria and Iran but firend with extremist barbaric Saudi.

    If Sunil ayya knew the President he should have dialogue with him to plan and devise a strategy to reduce the threat of flooding muslims in Colombo and suburbs.
    However, the President has not condemn the killing of this pure girl strongly.

    If this girl, without any training was handed over a baby to look after , the mother and father at fault, not the servant girl.
    If baby cried too much, any bigger child of 17 years age may try to stop crying. Killing of her after imprisoning for so many years cannot be forgiven.

    Sunil must fight not to allow a single more mosque in Sri lanka.
    All mosques or places of illegal worship currently fuctioning shall be taken over by thet governement and sell to Sinhala Buddhist.
    I think it is the time to declare emergency.

  35. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    lorenzo – thanks for that gesture. right now i am here on business – the path we should take is
    the safe way through the major parties – but i will last a single day with them and i am too old and have no time – i had invitations some time back not by my friends(they suffer from an inferiority complex when i am around) but by others. let me think of a strategy based on hela culture – although i am a hardcore morottan – a deva attitiya (lady lindemulage catharine de silva stock) going back to hastinapur in india – u know the noble kshatriyas so were buddha, asoka, dutugamunu, vijayabahu, parakrama bahu – good lineage. i am sure you too must be from a good stock.
    it is wise to go down the hela path the wisest one, although they might reject me calling me a encroacher of vijaya decent. this is the time i think of lalith atulathmudali the greatest politician, orator and above all the greatest technocrat we ever had in sri lanka. if he was there i would be a follower. by the way anyone having the contact phone no of jayantha liyanage pl. post it here or email me [email protected]

  36. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka has recalled its Ambassador in Saudi Arabia with immediate effect to express the country’s displeasure over the execution of Sri Lankan house maid Rizana Nafeek.” – adaderana


    FREEZE ALL bloody Saudi money in SL. This is a god opportunity to BUST Wahabi excreta in the country funded by this barbaric Saudi dirt.

    What Saudi has done is HATEFUL. Peace with such barbarians IS AN INSULT for civilized people.

    Bloody Saudi voted AGAINST SL at the UNHRC election too!!!

  37. Nanda Says:


    Only Muslim country voted against SL at the UNHRC resolution is Libya (u know why). Saudi criminals supported us.
    Israle and Saudis are friends, tactically, may be.
    Did you purposely misinformed the forum or is it a mistake ?
    Doesn’t matter really, we do not need the support of these criminals and criminal Allah.
    Allah is the root of all the problems and should get rid of Allah in Sri lanka.

  38. Voice123 Says:

    Sunil Vijepala, Vijayans and Sinhalese have always been welcome by the indigenous Lankans provided they stop thinking in terms if caste, race, ethnicity and stop showing partiality to Indians, Indian culture or any region of India and treat all Sri Lankans as equal regardless of their ancestry, original language orculture, treat all human beings as equals and all beings with compassion as the Buddha and higher religious ideals teach. The same logic applies to Tamils or anyone else here. This is simple, practical, down to earth indigenous values. Indigenous Queen Kuweni even fell in love and married the Indian Vijaya in good faith, but what did he do? To put it in modern terms- after he had his way with her, he dumped her for an imported bride from India for caste and racial reasons. He may have even received a dowry for betraying Kuweni. That was no way to treat our queen. So it was the Vijayans that rejected the original Lankans and not the other way around. If Vijayans recognise us as first nations people and stop treating what remains of our unique culture as “low caste” “uncultured” or inferior compared to regions of India, then there is no problem.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    Details of Rizana’s execution has emerged. This is from abcnews.

    Rizana Nafeek, a young nanny from Sri Lanka, was beheaded by sword this week in Saudi Arabia, punishment for allegedly killing a baby in 2007 when she was believed to be just 17.

    Few details of Nafeek’s execution have leaked from the country’s tightly controlled media, but the interior ministry said her head was severed from her body in public in Dawadmy, a dusty suburb of the capital Riyadh.

    In modern times, women in Saudi Arabia condemned to death were traditionally executed by gunfire, but in recent years they have routinely been beheaded, an historic form of execution ordered under sharia, or the Muslim religious law that governs the country.

    Some 82 executions were carried out in Saudi Arabia last year, according to Amnesty. It is unknown how many of them were women or carried out by sword, but the majority of the condemned were foreigners, like Nafeek.

    They are conducted in public, typically in town squares or near prisons. The condemned, as well as the executioner, typically wear white. The convict is blindfolded, handcuffed and often given a sedative. A plastic tarp, several feet wide, is sometimes spread out around the convict to make cleaning up the blood and recovering her head easier.

    The heads of the condemned can sometimes roll several feet from the body, said Saudi Arabia’s leading executioner in a rare 2003 interview with Saudi newspaper Arab News.

    “The criminal was tied and blindfolded. With one stroke of the sword I severed his head. It rolled meters away,” said executioner Muhammad Saad al-Beshi, recalling his first beheading.”

  40. Lorenzo Says:

    “Al-Beshi said he has executed as many as 10 people in one day, by sword and by bullet.

    “It depends what they ask me to use. Sometimes they ask me to use a sword and sometimes a gun. But most of the time I use the sword,” he said.

    He said he keeps his sword razor sharp, and allows his children to help clean it.

    Executioners like Al-Beshi are trained professionals who also carry out amputations, severing the hands, feet and tongues, of convicted criminals.

    “There is always a dramatic moment where the victim’s family has to give the OK, a thumbs up or thumbs down,” said Evans.

    Only an adult male family member is allowed to stay an execution and they typically only occur in cases where a Saudi national has been condemned and the family been paid so-called “blood money,” Evans said.

    The government of Sri Lanka reportedly tried to buy Nafeek’s life with a blood money payment.

    Bodies are sometimes put on crucifixes to be observed by the public as a warning. In one case in 2011, when an Indonesian maid was beheaded, her body was reportedly displayed by being hung from a helicopter.

  41. Lorenzo Says:

    Bloody barbarian Sharia Law.

    If anyone wants peace with these barbarians (THOSE WHO RESPECT SHARIA LAW), he is a LUNATIC.

    Circumcision, female g

  42. Lorenzo Says:

    Circumcision, female genital mutilation, “amputation” of tongues, hands, etc. by sword, punishment rape, beheading, display headless bodies hanging from helicopters, suicide bombings, etc.

    These are total barbarians.

    Even an insult to real barbarians.

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