For CJ Shiranie B, match over Friday evening
Posted on January 10th, 2013

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

After a ‘pitch battle’, the impeachment motion is being debated in Parliament and a vote is to be taken on 11th Friday evening. All this time the opposition, NGO cabal , LTTE proxies, ‘Black coats’, the international community and so on had high hopes that the govt will pull out so that this group can claim victory. But there is no change in the govt decision to impeach the CJ. Now in utter desperation they have decided to boycott courts and go on ‘paid’ protest marches. For these ‘paid’ demonstrations the Black coats are backed by powerful elements from abroad who are planning a ‘Sri Lankan Spring’ for a regime change.
With regard to the Appeal Court decision, some Judges have expressed their surprise over the way how the case had been dealt with, for making a hurried judgment and fixing a vacation court date. They claim that the usual Bench had been altered in the relevant Court and a judge who normally sits had been dropped because of fear of a dissenting judgment. Thus the CJ had interfered with regard to those who sit on the Bench. She had done similar manipulations before as well.
Further, obviously there is involvement and funding by the LTTE rump. In the past, Neelakanthan and Neelakanthan Associates appeared for LTTE backers. Now they are appearing for the CJ.
The Opposition is in a limbo and making vague statements. The UNP and the TNA have now decided to participate in the debate. The JVP and the DNA will not.  Initially, the case against the CJ was highlighted by the UNP and demanded her resignation. Now they are protecting a wrong doer to create chaos in the country. However, with all the strategic moves by the ‘Briefless Barristers’ and the Opposition, the ‘match’ will be over Friday evening.

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  1. dhane Says:

    The world most ruthless terrorist LTTE was defeated by Rajapaksa & Company. No Westerner ever thought Rajapaksa & Company could defeat them.
    considering the capability of Rajapaksa & Co against LTTE and SF present neutral gear position CJ Shirani Bandaranayake is nothing comparable.
    This episode will finish next week by sending her home from Hultsfdorf and kick out from CJ bungalow in Colombo 7.
    I am not parsing all what Rajapaksa & Company is doing. This Company also responsible of wasting money on unwanted projects and lavish expenditure.
    If someone can advice Rajapaksa & Co will be the benefit to the ordinary citizens of SL as there is no opposition party in the country.

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    dhane, first think that you are MR and now how many political advisors you have to listen to! then take a decision? It is difficult, yes. Wasting of public funds by MR & Company, againg YES. This happens in USA as well. President Obama’s Christmas vacation in his native state cost the tax payer 7 Million dollars, where the average American lost his home because he could not pay the mortage due to lay off. Now think what happend during PREMADASE and Chandrika time. Both made not millions but Billions. Chandrica bought a Castle for her son-in-law. PRAMADASE’s assets, only a quater was found by his wife son and the daughter. Pramadase baught 400 acer tea estate somewhere and now his son owns it.
    Now the difference: These two sold the country to NGO’s INGO’s and INDIA, and US State Department. MR NEVER DID THIS. He brought the SINHALA PRIDE BACK. My concern is MR’s health. If he is incapacitated, who will take his place? A fight within the family? People like this Judge WEERAMANTRY, a Brirish Colonial Clown are waiting to go to the UN and ask to intervene.

  3. lingamAndy Says:

    SINHALA PRIDE BACK. My concern is MR’s health. If he is incapacitated, who will take his place? Nimal !

  4. aravinda Says:

    Mr.LingamAndy, in Sri Lanka next in line to Presidency is the Prime Minister. Remember LTTE murdering President Premadasa. It was Mr. DB Wijetunga, then Prime Minister who took office as President. Your comments may be applicable for archaic nations like United Kingdom, where Prince Charles will take over when the old bag kicks the bucket.

  5. aravinda Says:

    CJ was clean bowled trying to play a reverse sweep. She was given out, the DRS clearly shows a legal delivery, but she refuses to go back to pavilion. Non striker, Neelakandan is urging her to disregard umpires decision and stay put.

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