Dear Politician, Do not use my child’s blood to make your cocktail ! Burn 13A Now !
Posted on January 31st, 2013


Once upon a time President Rajapakse spoke thus.

Thirty years of terrorism is now over. We are celebrating our independence in such an atmosphere for the first time. Now all of you can live in consolation without fear or doubt.

Anyone can go anywhere freely. That is very important. This is our motherland. All of us are children of one mother. All of us are kings today. We all should live together as brothers with equal rights and with dignity. Let us discuss our issues among ourselves and resolve them.

Everyone will receive all facilities in equal manner. That is called equality and equal rights.

One country, one people, one law. That is our way, the only way.

Thus, there is no racism, separatism or terrorism. Never forget the motherland; never betray it. We consider no one in our country as a minority person. All those who love the country are children of Mother Lanka.”


Endless promise is insufficient. You and your son did not die for the country. My children did. They did because they were certain that the forces lead by your brother would save the Sinhala Land from  British, Tamils, Indians, Muslims, Arabs and all invaders. They did not die for you to allow LTTE to change National Anthem in the guise of reconciliation. They didn’t lose their limbs for your children to race Lamborghinis and Aston Martins on Colombo roads or dance till dawn in Buddha bar. They endured pain and suffering to save this Sinhala Buddhist nation form invading forces.

The Government of Sri Lanka badly needs a think tank to look ahead and plan. It should never get caught again dumbfounded against the aggression of CIA and RAW.

These enemies of humanity (not just enemies of Lanka) got hold of two corrupt high officials and paid them heftily to cause chaos in the society of Sinhala land  and failed.

First they  caught a  dumb “General” with zero general knowledge and a supreme ego to claim his superiority over other real heroes was paid well to almost stage a coup. The man is currently hiding under his kitchen bench waiting for Ambalangoda Pupet Show to be internationalised.

Then they tried the head of the judiciary, a slum dog millionaire to conspire with  Tamil speaking  judges  who obliged readily to the appeal of law firm “Nathikandla and Nathikandal”.

Who is the next puppet? Government itself?

Wait no further. Use the 2/3 majority to burn the hell out of Indian rape called 13A.

Only  “Lifestyle” allowed in Sri Lanka is the “Buddhist Way of Life” , which is modesty, enjoyment in moderation, diligence (Appamada) compassion and love.

Do not allow Mother Lanka to be raped by rape loving Indian Brahmins  or sex loving  Saudi based  Wahabism !

Enough of bloody cocktails !  Hereafter act with one medicine , called persistent  diligence.


2 Responses to “Dear Politician, Do not use my child’s blood to make your cocktail ! Burn 13A Now !”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said AnuD.

    Where were you all this time?

    Get back to the forum buddy.

  2. Nanda Says:

    I thought AnuD was an ardent supporter of the “dumb General”. It is good that even he is now fed up with him.

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