Desperate times for the LTTE rump?
Posted on January 31st, 2013

by Sarath W

I was at The Sydney Cricket Grounds last week and was surprised to see a group of Tamil activist openly demonstrating. wearing Tiger T-shirts under their Sri  Lankan cricket shirts. One stupid  young LTTE suporter chained himself to the chair and the police had to cut the chains and drag him out of the ground.On Australia day at the KFC T20 game at the Olympic park, they were there in numbers in the Sri Lanka fan zone, some wearing Tiger shirts under their shirts.They had their  very loud sakkily band and tried to annoy the other Sry Lankans. But to their cridit the Sinhala youth just ignored them, and when the Sri Lankans were winning they left the grounds like pussy cats.

The ironey is I am told that some of those young LTTE supporters were born in Australia and obviously their minders who do not have the balls to come in the open, are using them to achieve their failed goals.I am sure the the LTTE leaders in other countries are doing the same and waiting for a opportunity to start their failed ampagine in Sri Lanka if there is a regime change there.

There are some in Sri Lankans who think the rajapaksas have done their job and is time for a change in government. The only possible change is a western backed puppert regime who will give oxygen to the LTTE and a divided country. Is that what we want?

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  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    At the Boxing Day First Test in Melbourne, Tamil Separatists threatened to bring thousands to disrupt the game but there were only a few dozens outside the grounds, quite approriately fenced off by the police. They were totally ignored by the media, the spectators and the cricket commentators. This may have frustrated the separatists so much, maybe they thought they could enter the grounds and create a din like what they did in Sydney. They have so far managed only to damage the reputation of those Tamils living peacefully in Australia.

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