Establish a National Museum to honour heroes of the Buddhist revival in Sri Lanka
Posted on January 31st, 2013

Courtesy the Island:

At a public seminar sponsored by the All Buddhist Congress of Democrats on the topic Sinhalayo “”‚ The Great Heroic Nation Nurtured by the Sinhala Bhikku Fraternity and held on Monday November 18, 2002 at the J. R. Jayewardene Cultural Centre, Colombo the following Resolution was adopted unanimously:

“Considering the courageous role that patriotic elements played in the revival and restoration of Buddhism in the face of a ruthless policy of discrimination and suppression on the part of the western Christian colonial powers, and considering the undying debt of this nation to remember the heroic struggle of the Bhikku fraternity and supportive laity to protect and preserve the Buddha Dhamma in its pristine form.

This House resolves to call on the Govt. of Sri Lanka to establish a National Museum dedicated to honouring the heroes of the Buddhist revival whose valiant efforts against the dark forces of Western colonialism and bigotry, helped to safeguard and sustain Buddhism for the benefit of countless members of future generations.”

The resolution was proposed by Senaka Weeraratna and seconded by Professor A. D. T. E. Perera.

Most Ven. Aggamahapanditha Madihe Pannasiha Mahanayaka Thera presided at the Meeting.

Ven. Bellana Sri Gnanawimala Mahanayake Thera, Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Nayake Thera, Dr. P. R. Anthonis, the well-known surgeon, Dr. Harischandra Wijetunga, Kalasuri Arisen Ahubudu and Professor A. D. T. E. Perera, Hony. Secretary of the All Buddhist Congress of Democrats, addressed the meeting.

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