News Report filed by your Reporter, Raveena Aulakh in Today’s Edition of the Toronto Star
Posted on February 22nd, 2013

Mahinda Gunasekera

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February 21, 2013

Toronto Star
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Dear Editor,

News Report filed by your Reporter, Raveena Aulakh in Today’s Edition of the Toronto Star

Reference has been made to pictures released by UK’s Channel 4 TV suggesting that the 12 year old son,
of the leader of the Tamil Tiger terrorist group, namely, Balachandran Prabhakaran, had been taken into
custody by Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces and thereafter executed in cold blood by shooting him at close range. 

The picture carried in the newspaper shows the child sitting on several planks of wood which looks like a
door of a rural homestead, which the retreating Tamil Tigers took with them along with the roofing sheets
of the former homes of the civilian population who were forced to accompany them to be used as a human
shield.   The child is seen inside a heavily fortified bunker, which has been put together in a prim and proper
manner for someone very important like the LTTE leader or his family members, unlike one constructed by
an advancing army on the move waiting to make a final strike to bring the military action to an end.  He
seems calm in these surroundings and not overly anxious, eating a cookie or candy.  He like his father is
not wearing a cyanide capsule around the neck as mandated for other Tamil Tiger cadres who were required
to take their life if captured.


If one were to look at one other picture carried by the Independent of UK (copied below), taken after the child
had been killed, you would see two separate feet of onlookers, one of whom is wearing a slipper whilst the
other is wearing an ordinary dress shoe unlike Sri Lankan soldiers who are provided with combat boots.  This
certainly does leave room to suspect the Tamil Tigers of having carried out the gruesome killing of the child
to prevent his capture by the Sri Lankan forces as instructed by his megalo-maniacal father who led the terror
group.  The candy or cookie given to the child may have been spliced with a substance to sedate him before
the horrible act of killing took place.  This murder cannot be put beyond the work of the Tamil Tigers, as they
have previously not given any care or thought when they snatched suckling infants from the arms of Sinhalese
mothers and dashed their heads on rocks or trees, as they wanted to instill horrific fear in the hearts of these
rural residents whom they attacked to drive them from the land and ethnically cleanse the area to set up their
mono-ethnic separate state of “Eelam” in the north and east of Sri Lanka.  Human Rights Watch or any one of
the other international rights groups such as AI, ICG, ICJ, etc. were notable by their silence.

We certainly cannot rush to conclusions because the Tamil Tigers have a track record of distorting the truth
to blame the Sri Lankan authorities, as there definitely is more to it than meets the eye.

Yours truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera



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