My humble message of thanks and appreciation sent to Congressman Eni F.H Faleomavaega: (D) American Samoa for a forthright statement on Sri Lanka:
Posted on March 3rd, 2013

Anjalika Silva “”…” A Sri Lankan American

To Congressman Eni F.H Faleomavaega

“Thank you for speaking on behalf of Sri Lanka and standing up to disprove the misinformation witch hunt that has gone on for close to 4 years when Sri Lanka endured the most brutal form of terrorism under the LTTE for close to three decades.  This level of interest was not around to support victims of terror nor is there the same venom toward the LTTE for their brutal actions. The victory over terrorism has not been valued by most legislators who fail to see that they are being manipulated.  Your voice should carry to Europe and Canada too. Australia fortunately has taken a more realistic stand.

The suicide bombing invention of the LTTE continues to kill throughout the world that includes American men and women in uniform.  It is indeed a great disappointment that the LTTE lobby with extortionist funding on US soil, openly violating the Home Land Security Act is being ignored by legislators who accept donations to speak “For Terrorism” when men and women world over are dying from acts of terror. They should take a page from Sri Lanka to eradicate this enemy of humankind.

We applaud you wholeheartedly and hope that many more will be enlightened by your vocal expression validating Sri Lanka’s effort.

We support you in your action.”

Read the official press release: 

My plea to fellow Sri Lankans is to please show your appreciation to this Congressman if you are a voter in the USA and copy all others who need to know as the US Resolution against Sri Lanka gets tabled in Geneva where propaganda mounts heavily against our home country. 

Our valiant soldiers fought for liberty and freedom from terror and did not sift through race or religion when they laid down their lives for the freedom of all people including those that the international media label as the enemy of the soldiers just because they were Tamil people.  To the soldiers they were all one and the story of their unselfish sacrifices to save all people without ethnic segregation or favor goes unmentioned in any resolution.  This is conveniently omitted by those who are persistent about bringing down Sri Lanka through misrepresentation and false propaganda bought with blood money of their own people.  If we who savor that freedom do not acknowledge their patriotism, we do not deserve the freedom they gave us.  These are men and women who gave up everything to fight for all of us even if we do not live in Sri Lanka.  Our safety now is the result of their battles then.

All Sri Lankans should sift through their prejudices and political biases and support the country regardless of their views on the current administration.  We need a country more than its politicians. Divisive politics will not save our country form further disaster.  We cannot blame the ills of the people or its rulers on the country.  The country needs support to remain our homeland.  Where else in the world can people speak the language of their choice, practice the faith of their choice and live in any part of the country of their choice with free education and healthcare that is not dished out on religious or ethnic quotas?  The country needs you. The people need reform and politics need cleaning up.  That comes later if we can save our country from disaster first.



2 Responses to “My humble message of thanks and appreciation sent to Congressman Eni F.H Faleomavaega: (D) American Samoa for a forthright statement on Sri Lanka:”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you, Anjalika Silva, for your comment. I feel other Sri Lankan Americans should speak up, as you & that HON. US. Congressman from Samoa spoke.

    The anti-Sri Lanka few who speak & write always give false information to Western countries, media & their leaders to bully Sri Lanka.

    I was also honoured to send you thanks, sometime ago when you responded positively on our successive govts’ in Sri lanka, destroyed the menace of minority tamils, who now make up only about 4-5%, according recent census.

    If some fair criticism is to be made, Sri lankans of all stripes, Sinhalese, Tamils , Moors or Muslims as well as Burghers have supported governments to rid our country of these undeirable elements who killed buddhist monks, our & Indian political leaders to threaten others to bow down to their narrow view about Sri Lanka.

    I am sure Anjalika you will continue to write & inform our communities as well USA population of the true facts.

    Thanks again~ Jayasiri, retd :expat from Canada

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Hon. Faleomaevaga!

    Finally, an influential Member of US Congress tells it as it is taking to task the current ASININE US POLICY on Sri Lanka!

    The Current US Policy is geared to destabilizing, undermining and bringing down a democratically-elected hugely-popular government of Sri Lanka that is fundamentally Pro-American.

    While the US Champions Democracy, it cannot and will not tolerate democracy it cannot bend to its own FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED grand designs that change with the wind in Washington, DC.

    As President Rajapaksa said, if the US wants to influence Sri Lanka as much as China does, let the US AVOID dragging Sri Lanka into International Courts, while its own feet are mired in human rights abuses all over the world, and let the US vastly increase its aid to Sri Lanka to match what China gives. Sri Lanka needs aid for development after a 30-year war and must accept all aid that is offered from whatever source.

    The US gives $25 million/year and expects the same co0nsideration as China that gives $2,500 million/year to Sri Lanka. What the US does give, is all for nonsensical projects to “promote democracy” aka funding dissidents in Sri Lanka, to acquire political leverage on the cheap.

    Where are the American University, the American Hospital, the American Freeway, the American Airport, the American Harbour, the American IT Center, the American Wind Farm, the American Nuclear Energy Plant, the American Automotive Assembly Plant? Where are they? Where is the BEEF in the DEMOCRACY sandwich?

    Sri Lanka is the Oldest functioning Democracy in Asia … and the US, the self proclaimed Champion of Democracy … is hell bent on destroying it, to bring to nought the benefits of peace and prosperity Sri Lanka achieves through military defeat of the most murderous terrorist outfit in the whole world.

    Perhaps the US is CHAGRINED and JEALOUS that once Sri Lanka set aside the fetters of 30-years of flawed Western advice for appeasement and decided to fight the terrorists to the finish, Sri Lanka accomplished what the US has failed to do in Vietnam, inj Iraq and in Afghanistan. 30 years of pandering to Western platitudes brought no relief and only allowed terrorists bring Sri Lanka to her knees.

    Shame upon the US for its MONUMENTAL STUPIDITY in driving away brave little Sri Lanka into the arms of competing global powers, instead of championing its cause and holding Sri Lanka as a model for terrorism ridden nations to emulate.

    Sri Lanka, as the OLDEST DEMOCRACY in South Asia, is a NATURAL ALLY of the US, because of the convictions and temperament of its people. It does not need to be force-fed lessons in democracy by the United States?

    Destabilization of Sri Lanka will only result in weaning Sri Lanka away from the enduring Democracy it has practiced for 65 since independence in 1948, for when national survival is at stake, Sri Lanka will choose Survival over Democracy.

    Having suffered over 150,000 dead to terrorist attacks, and its national integrity threatened by mealy mouthed self serving western Neocolonialists who counseled appeasing murderous terrorists, shedding crocodile tears but not helping Sri Lanka to survive in any meaningful way, Sri Lanka is in no mood to return to those bad days of the recent past.

    Sri Lanka says: BUTT OUT of our Internal National Affairs; we do not heed your flawed advice again when our security is at stake, after you had ignored our pain and turned a deaf ear to our pleas for help.

    To US Leaders I say: Listen to the words of Hon. Eni Faleomavaega, for he speaks the TRUTH in the National Interest of the United States.

    Let us not turn Sri Lanka ALSO away from our democratic family fold.

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