Bodu Bala Sena and the Boru (fake) Police
Posted on March 12th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

    I cannot remember if it was in the 1960s or 1970s that a civilian volunteer police force was created in Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Each big police station had a volunteer police support group. In Panadura, I can remember we teenagers called it Boru Police (fake or false police). I can understand it now as an idea similar to the present day village protection force, one of whom for example, one day saw the conman Sakviti’s wife walking on the road and reported it to the regular police.  The real police that I saw as a child was a constables wearing kakhi shorts working hard to please others higher in rank starting with those above the constable. Later in my life I was able to find out that it was semi-slavery system for lower ranks until in 1971 the JVP uprising made numbers more important than the rank. Stupid JVP youth from poor families killed poor constables instead of kidnapping SPs or ASPs in which case police constables would have been at least in secret sympathy with JVP rebels.

                 We were told then that police does not have each of the attributes they were supposed to possess, namely P (politeness),O (obedience), L (loyalty), I (impartiality), C (courtesy) and E (efficiency).  By the 1990s police lost any remaining respect and dignity when SSPs were deployed to guard the BMWs of crook politicians. Today, people are so scared to step into a police station that so many crimes go unreported. Politicians corrupted police so much that an honest officer cannot be a happy police officer. The society is corrupt so much that I heard a story that policemen now ask bribes (jarava) saying they too have to find money to pay for their children’s tuition classes.  In a country based on fake and faking, the biggest joke is to have the Ashoka Dharma Chakraya as the logo of police department. It was like JRJ had a postage stamp with the phrase, “Dharmista Samajayak.”  JRJ, R Premadasa and CBK produced the most unjust periods in the country’s history. I hope MahindaR will prevent his name also getting into this category of failed rulers as he came from a village.


                A good police service is a gem for a country and a community. I heard that Scandinavian countries have the best police. Police corruption is found all over the world and poor people suffer from it most.  In America police is a city service and the corruption in most city police is shamefully high.  In a way in Sri Lanka police service is more important than health or education services. Police also got caught with the JRJ-promoted capitalist system where big fish eating the small fish has become the norm. Add to this the fear of death people had for 30 years, hidden in their subconscious making them so selfish, competitive, greedy and suspicious of everything and everybody. Moral values are in serious decline. The outward manifestation of this unrest in mind can be seen in the case of Buddhists by the rush to build new Buddhist temples or planting Buddha statutes in street corners or free food and drink places during Vesak. Defects in inner spiritual quality are expected to be covered by an exhibition of external material objects and loudspeakers chanting pirith.

                This societal decay is a direct result of destruction of Sri Lanka by Colombo-based politicians for the past 60 or more years. It became a crisis after the bahubootha constitution of JRJ and the new system of elections. Now no respectable, decent citizen can become an elected member of any political unit. The behavior of MPs in parliament, both government and opposition makes one sick. The entire country is ruined by this political party system and each day is a step toward indiscipline, more corruption, more crimes and sex crimes. Both government and opposition parties are responsible for this. In this crisis situation, Christian evangelists, Taliban-type Islam agencies, NGOs wanting to break Sri Lanka are busy in harvesting clients.

                Police can be a valuable, admired service. But it will take time and an overhauling from A to Z of Sri Lankan society and politics. I can think of at least one historical attempt of police and civilian cooperation. In the 1940s Ven. Kalukondayave Pragnasekara  Maha Nayaka Thero joined with Justice Akbar and the young ASP Osmond de Silva to form Village development and crime eradication societies in the island. It became so successful that the establishment (ruling black-white elites) got very upset, and did everything to cut off police from villagers.  The ASP was transferred from region to region. When all that failed, Osmond Silva was sent as head of the police training center at Bambalapitiya so that farmers cannot meet with him. This was also the time young Marxists were in the Malaria eradication work, but they did not support police-people community work sponsored by Buddhist monks.  A temple is more effective than a police station in social rebuilding and healing.

                This is what minister Keheliya Rambukwella (KR) did not know when he made an arrogant statement that if Bodu Bala Sena organizes an unofficial police, the official police will arrest them. He needs to know that official police has become a boru police, via corruption and inefficiency. Except for the Defence Ministry, all other government entities have become false units filled with political catchers and incompetent workers. Compartmentalization to provide job slots to MPs as ministers has gone to an extreme making Sri Lanka cabinet a joke in the world. Agriculture, trade, education for example, cannot be efficiently managed as so many separate ministries. Buddhism ministry is a joke when you see video examples of thieves roaming in cities as Buddhist monks. Archeological Dept is another curse when ancient Buddhist ruins are bulldozed by businessmen supported by non-Buddhist politicians. The method justifiably used by MahindaR to overcome the hurdle of not having a majority in the parliament by giving ministry jobs as bribes to opposition MPs has now made MahindaR a prisoner to crooked politicians who in fact opposed Mahinda Chinthanaya in 2005.

PR2-Dalada mahamaluwa

                It is because of this predicament of the MahindaR administration in general and the decline of Buddhst values in particular, that the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) is announcing that people must become unofficial police officers. It said its mission is to clean its own land (spoilt Buddhist values) first, but if one wants to eradicate Dengue others lands also enter into the picture.  Most government agencies are corrupt or bias against the Sinhala Buddhists, they are acting knowingly or unknowingly against Buddhist interests, NGOs are mostly non-Buddhists and systematic Islamic and Christian unethical conversions work is rampant with international dollars, and therefore Buddhists must be even more vigilant. If KR thinks he can stop this, he must be still living in the pre-2005 anti MahindaR era that he later gave up. KR subsequently played a big public role in winning the war against Prabakaran, but peace we now have is not real peace for Buddhists and Buddhism.


                Retired geography professor G. H. Peiris in his book, Sri Lanka: challenges of the new millennium (2006), at p. 357, indicated the growing militant trends among Muslim youth in the Eastern Province. This is similar to what the late professor Tennakoon Wimalananda pointed out in the 1960s against Tamil DMK activities in Sri Lanka which the then PM Dudley Senanayake decided to ignore. The Halal issue is the tip of the Islam-Arabic-Taliban iceberg in Sri Lanka. Willing to bend over backwards to get Muslim votes to stay in power KR did not want to follow rules of reasonableness. Do we in Sri Lanka need Halalization? Do we in Sri Lanka need facial masks in streets and public schools? These are not human rights issues. These are Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist heritage protection related peaceful coexistence issues.

                BBS said at the Maharagama Conference that it does not want to have a conflict with the government and it will not support any political party. BBS also says on its website that it is not for violence. Buddhists have enough examples of taming others: Upatissa Damanaya, Nalagiri Damanaya and Angulimala Damanaya. The best evidence of BBS words and actions come from youtube videos. The Colombo Telegraph showed a video against Ven. Gnanasara. Buddhists do not think monks are saints. They make human mistakes. The incident shown was a conspiracy to provoke him. Why would expressway leaving exit gatekeeper detain a vehicle for more than two hours because it had a defective tail light?  I saw a video of Pope John Paul getting angry when he was in Nicaragua. FBI had tapes of Martin Luther King having illicit sex. Most American presidents and senators were not that moralistic in their private sex life.  It is better if the monk did not get angry, but it also shows he is not a fake politician. Those who are genuine in their public work get angry and angry outbursts are not uncommon. Only politicians can pretend with toothpaste smiles.

                With Sri Lanka now having a (mostly) boru police, BBS is trying to help the country with a volunteer force with thousands of eyes to help the boru police to become a real police. Therefore, the minister should thank BBS in its noble plan. I do not think BBS can be stopped by anybody because what it is doing is following the reasonable path or the Middle Path in Buddhism. Nobody in Sri Lanka should think that Buddhist monks did not play a key role in defeating Tamil terrorists.  Ven. Elle Gunawansa told me that he did everything other than taking a gun to win the war. He was at the battle front with soldiers. When Gotabhaya Rajapakse was the only one who said “this war is winnable,” it was the active Buddhist monks who gave strength to the shaking legs of politicians to fight a just war. In a world of 7-8 billion people, Sri Lanka’s 15-20 million Sinhala Buddhists cannot use the Dhammapadaya to prevent aggression against them by billions of Christian and Islamic evangelists and the organized new anti-Buddhist weapon of Interfaith joke.  We do not have to follow anymore Nanda Malini’s song, “do not take the navaguna wela to fight a war,” but readiness and willingness to undertake surgical operations is a must in a world full of guns and bombs. Not following this rule resulted in the death of Buddhism in so many countries such as India, Iran, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Korea, Maldives Islands and the Philippines.  A Buddhist Jataka story gives a good example in this regard. During a famine the Bodhisatva Nagaya went in search of water and ended up in an old woman’s kitchen. When the woman took a stick to hit the Nagaya, it showed it full fan. The woman surprised and frightened holding her hands up in worshipping mode said, “Lord, please pardon me for my mistake in thinking that you were a garadiya, please leave my kitchen.” The unbelievable support BBS is receiving from people and the amazing level and amount of attacks directed against it from local and foreign agents is an indication that BBS is already a recognized Nagaya.  The entire Sri Lankan political establishment is shaking in fear as if Ven. Soma’s ghost is back.

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  1. Senevirath Says:




  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “The Halal issue is the tip of the Islam-Arabic-Taliban iceberg in Sri Lanka.”

    Well said.

    We NIPPED it in the bud.

  3. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    i want to share a letter a muslim wrote to sunday observer of 22 august 2004 about wahaabism.

    Non-Muslim politicians at Dewatagaha Mosque

    This has reference to an article that appeared in the Sunday Observer on August 1, under the heading “Non Muslim politicians at Dewatagaha”. Though the national newspapers are not the proper fora to discuss religious issues especially of a minority community, yet this rejoinder is intended to refute heresies contained therein.

    Sad to state, there are seventy-three divisions among Muslims who have testified to Allah and His Prophet. The largest and righteous among them is called “The People of Sunnah” (Customs of the Holy Prophet) and the consensus.

    Their creed is as enunciated by Imam Al Ashari. Among their beliefs they accept that Allah’s Apostles do have power to interecede on behalf of their followers, so do Awliyas (Saints of Allah). One such Holy person who is interred in the Dewatagaha Shrine is His Holiness Sheikh Usman Waliyullah. People of various hues and beliefs flock him to seek his favour and blessings for generations.

    This pious act provokes the writer to come out with scathing attack on all who patronize Him. These utterances remind me to be that of strange and weird ideas propounded one Mohamed bin Abdul Wahab who was born in Najd in Saudi Arabia in the year 1703 A.D. corresponding to IIII Hijri year. He started preaching his austere Doctrines which could be described as Anti-Muhammad and Anti-Traditions.

    The pious people of the area rose up against his preachings. Unfortunately, he made a matrimonial union by marrying the daughter of the Amir of Riyadh, Mohamed Al-Saud. That alliance gave him the state patronage to penetrate into all areas and was able to win over some. The state religion of Saudi Arabia is still the Islam as per Wahhabi Doctrine.

    The virus of Wahhabism had entered into Ceylon about 50 years ago. With the monetary package, it has taken roots in some parts of the country, and with some religious organizations. It may be interesting for the readers to know what Wahhabism means. It totally rejects the Uniqueness of Rasulullah, the Schools of thoughts (Madhab), the power of intercession of Prophets, Saints of Allah and in short it is diametrically opposed to the principles of Sunnathu Wal Jamaath. So it’s not strange for the lady of his ilk to belittle the Holy Saints of Dewatagaha and to articulate the misleading Doctrines of Abdul Wahab.

    The readers may be surprised to know Abdul Wahab in his height of power requested his misguided followers to demolish the Tomb of his own Holy Prophet, which is in Madinah. By Allah’s grace nothing untoward happened and it still symbolizes the Pride of Islam.

    May I ask as to why the Saudi government allows millions of faithfuls to throng this Holy site day in and day out if it violates the Islamic principle!!! Similarly, I can vouchsafe anyone who is desirous of visiting the Holy Saint at Dewatagaha, to do so and get his intentions fulfilled. If anyone who needs further clarifications on this issue, can contact the writer at the address given below.

    Lastly, my advice to the people of her category is that, not to add more ammunition to the conflicts among the various communities. The National newspapers are not the platform to raise controversial issues. If she is still not convinced, let her seek the assistance of Learned and righteous Ulamas.

    M. Mousoof,

    wahaabi threat is real

    no more mosques or any religious buildings in heladeepa – we have enough, even buddhist monks agree.
    limit 2 kid per family to curtail wahaabi expansionism.
    encourage muslims to speak in sinhala at home, educate them in media.
    ban the gonibilla dress in heladeepa – this is the most annoying dress a person can wear. head cover must be allowed.
    east must be cleaned – wahaabis must be eliminated.

    thank you dharmasiri weerasinghe for sacrificing your money and time to keep this lankaweb alive for expats and others. you must have a plan to keep this going at the time of your retirement.
    we have been friends for almost 40 years and very few appreciate what we stand for – justice.
    our president mahinda was a man who hated corruption but now he is in it and entangled, surrounded by
    crooks, murderers, bribe takers etc.

    our next step should be to instigate a peoples movement to oust all these corrupt politicians,
    bbs needs to become a political movement and should unite others of similar aspirations
    to bring back the heladeepa to what it was.

  4. Nimalsiri Perera Says:

    before that we should rally strongly to get rid of GONIBILLA dress out of all public places in Sri lanka. This is even more ridiculus than Halal. What is your thinking on this. It is banned in france, malaysia ( a muslim country). one by one wahabi principles shall be destroyed.

  5. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    np – last time when i was in mount beach i saw 5 gonibillas having a sea bath!!! – yes this dress should not only banned in sri lanka – it should be banned universally. our ponna politicians go for the vote – they don’t want to hurt wahaabis – if only you guys only know the corruption especially on the trade side – the politicians are getting massive commissions – big ones.
    bbs must move into a new phase – a political movement to kick all these corrupt bastards and corrupt monks – the corrupt monks are attempting to kill bbs – we should not let that happen – east is worse muhudu maha vihare almost being engulfed by wahaabis – i have pointed this out many times – the monks there spoke to me and were helpless. gota not being a politician is the only hope in this corrupt administration.
    imagine you don’t hear sinhala anymore in colombo it’s all tamil – wahaabis and tamils all the way.
    ban building of mosques and all religious buildings – stop the crime going on with building of a massive stupa in anuradhapura near sri maha bodhi – with those bricks you can build 1000 or more homes for poor people – stop this damn hypocrisy!!!!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Now halal hilal is over. We should learn from Islamics the LITTLE GOOD they have.

    Saudi executed 7 men guilty of robbery.

    Death penalty in Saudi for murder, rape, drugs, robbery.

    This is a good thing.

    These crimes are rising in SL. SL has to give DEATH PENALTY to these criminals. DEATH PENALTY was there in SL in ancient times.

  7. Marco Says:

    its interesting the author and sunil encourages a “unofficial citizen police” to police what the police should have done (sic) as law enforcement.
    i wonder if this “unofficial” policing extends to all parts of the country including the north and east.
    think we are all accustomed to white and black vans. where do this “unofficial citizen police” fit in?
    are you advocating a vigilante type to restore law and order?

    sunil has an interesting idea of “sarong spring”. to restore the ideals of bygone eras thats a distant memory for lankans.
    good luck
    my caps lock was unstuck!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    He is talking of a PEACEFUL MOVEMENT that will achieve what police FAILED.

    Already panicking? You should!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Either we ban/bang yonibillas or yonibillas ban/bang us.

    Some yonibillas are talking about yonibilla ONLY areas in beaches, Nuwara Eliya, etc.

  10. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    marco – i respect views of others, including big ben and yours – views are abundant in this world but truths are very rare. the blatant truth is there is a ‘plan’ by wahaabis to make heladeepa a muslim, islam infected nation. pundits in colombo or simply called colombons see the threat by bbs as a chauvinistic – sinhala buddhist movement – true to a certain extent but assuming you are a catholic (by the sound of your name), you don’t give a damn about heladeepa becoming a mulim/islam land or give a damn about disappearence buddhism – but we treasure this as buddhists and it’s concepts have been even enshriened in un too, the precepts. if sarong sounds bad don’t wear it or carry it on your head. you are a conditioned being, conditioned by western values – still i respect that as that’s your right. in this forum there is freedom to express and to castigate thathaagata or allah or christ. but remember our heladeepa values still go a long way and our so called ‘primitive’ administration was far more effective that these imported ones, greatly appreciated by catholics and christians in sri lanka. remember cathoilic action ?well now it’s islam action. we remain friends no hard feelings at all. by the way where is kith atul and his girl friend ben?

  11. Christie Says:

    Seeing the backs of BBS monks I am sure they are well fed.

    How come these monks do not see the Kovils that are appearing everywhere and next to Buddhst temple or as parts of Buddhist temples. The island nation is already a Hindu nation with Boru Buddhists.

  12. Senevirath Says:

    one by one chris

    any way muslims are more dangerous . they dont leave even a buddha statue.. try to correct B B S if they go wrong Too early to dismiss them.

    what will happen to the christians who criticise B B S if the majority were muslims

    sunil is not talking about an un official billa police who goes on killing . He is for an organisation which can wake up our buddhist people .

  13. Marco Says:

    Many thanks for your comment.
    I wish i’am able to reciprocate your views on respecting ones views.
    Regrettably, you assumed a lot and jumped to conclusions. ie my name. I’m not a Catholic and even if i was what relevance was it to my comment that you responded to. Furthermore, your final comment re Kit Athul and Ben Silva was again unwarranted and assumed. That was in light of you referring to “blatant truth” and truths being rare!

    I believe you “were” responding to my comment but did not address to the issue i raised.

    Be that as it may , yes I’m a Colombian for 4-5 months of the year and i’m damn proud of it because im able to mix culturally, religiously and live with respect with all communities. If you or any others have issues with that. Tough!
    Surprisingly, the tentacles of so called “Colombians” have extended to far more reaching places that you can imagine.

    Finally, again a presumption that i do not give a damn about Sri Lanka (heladeepa?). Think i will let you resolve that in your own time!

  14. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    thanks marco – enlightenment and unconditioning comes really slowly. i went through this. tentacles have spread far and wide but those are not for plunder(as they did to our countries) but to exploit the whole system.
    now about this derivative of the word colombian which i raised few years back.
    a person who lives in colombo with the values we talk of, should be addressed as a colombon (my view) or colombian?
    the latter sound like a person in colombia, a country.

  15. Voice123 Says:

    Its quite obvious the Wahabists were established by certain Western interests to keep the Middle East poor, divided and mired in backwardness – and allow easy access to their oil and resources etc. They supported the Saudi Royalty and other regional thugs and bullies and made sure they followed Wahabism. Similarly, they want to use the LTTE to establish extremism in our region so they can keep manpulating and using us. Once people’s minds are poisoned with fanaticism and hatred and ethnonational or religious fanaticism they become easy to control. It can happen to you, me or any of us. Be very careful of these machinations. (I say certain Western interests, because I dont believe the average person in the West goes along with these, but they too are kept in the dark about what the people at the top of the society does.)

  16. Voice123 Says:

    I think that, “gonibilla dress” with full face covering (niqab and burqa) should be banned globally INCLUDING in the Middle East as it is a gross violation of human rights as well as a security threat. This is an Arab cultural practice and not a true Islamic practice. Taleban are slaves to Arab culture. Islamic code can be complied with so long as the hair is covered. No need to cover the whole face. Malaysia and Algeria (I think) have already banned it and they are Muslim majority countries. Some countries wont ban it because they think Muslims will PERCEIVE it as discrimination. For example, Australia wont ban it despite a clamour for it in some quarters. They are hoping that once the second generation of Muslim girls go through compulsory education, they will voluntarily shun the dress – for the obvious reason that its extremely uncomfortable.

  17. Voice123 Says:

    Christie said “The island nation is already a Hindu nation with Boru Buddhists”

    Christie, in case you didnt know, Buddhism and Hinduism have co-existed for centuries. Most Buddhist temples have a devala nearby, which is similar to a kovil and prayers and offerings made to Hindu gods eg Vishnu. Both Buddhists and Hindus go on pilgrimage to Kataragama.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    gonibilla dress” with full face covering (niqab and burqa) should be banned globally !
    no one can ban no one dress !!!
    modayas have lend enough money from IMF &China to spend in baila & kancha so nothink else to do , know today modaya want to ban niqab & tomorrow sarry , day after whole dress !!!

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