Geneva Resolution against Sri Lanka demanding decentralisation of power to the north and eastern provincial governments – a recipe for the division of Mother Lanka
Posted on March 12th, 2013

Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra

As stated before, the West with India went to Geneva asking the Sri Lankan Government to implement the LLRC recommendations, but therein they have put new  demands of their own that were not in the LLRC report.

 The Government is under enormous pressure in Geneva to implement policies that are very damaging to the country. The proposed  Geneva Resolutions are  designed to enforce the  13th amendment  to the fullest and more””…” a clandestine attempt to  finally create a separate state in Sri Lanka. The  Sri Lankan people do not want this.

One of the proposed Geneva Resolutions demand the decentralisation of power to the North and Eastern provincial councils; this is in order to give maximum Land and Police powers to them.  

Even India will agree there is nothing in the 1987 India “”…” Sri Lanka pact (13th Amendment) that states that Land and Police powers must be given to the two provinces.  It is up to the Sri Lankan Government, in accordance with the Constitution, to determine what powers should be given to the two provinces, and what powers should be suppressed.  This is an internal issue for Sri Lanka only.  A few countries gathered in Geneva or elsewhere cannot by force enforce such fundamental changes upon Sri Lanka.

A Federal system,  as secretly demanded in the proposed Geneva Resolutions, may work for India, which is huge and had been comprised of separate states in the past, whereas Sri Lanka has always been One Nation (it was called Sinhale in the past).  In Sri Lanka, such a system will lead to secession.

In this context, the Government must strongly counter-attack the proposed Resolutions rather than maintaining a silence in Geneva.  Political parties like the UNP, JVP must articulate that they are against the proposed Resolutions, the international community may give deference to their views. 

Immediately after the war the Government failed to stress that there was no ethnic problem in the country, only a terrorist problem existed, and that was defeated.  The fact that some quarters in Sri Lanka foolishly imply that there still exists an ethnic problem in the country has given ammunition to the international community including India and TNA to forcibly ‘legislate’ against Sri Lanka, now using Geneva as a vehicle (India is doing this to appease Thamilnadu where there is a 60 million Tamil vote base).

Due to the false allegation that after the war the North  was heavily militarised, most of the positive social cultural activities conducted by the Sri Lankan Army, including running of cafes etc in the Northern province had to be stopped. The Army does not now  hold most of the land in the Jaffna HSZ zone.  The proposed Geneva Resolution that demands the removal of the troop numbers in the North – if this is fully carried out, it will be a major threat to the country’s sovereignty.

Briefly, in relation to the war crimes allegations made against Sri Lanka,  Sri Lanka has steadfastly stated  it will investigate each and every credible allegation of war crimes as put to them by anyone and will prosecute those who have allegedly offended. It is up to those who make the allegations to provide particulars of them. Sri Lanka cannot conduct an investigation based on allegations by a dubious ex- UN staffer (Mr Weiss) or highly questionable Channel 4 TV documentaries, those sources are fabricated.  If a proper investigation is conducted into the last stages of war, the US, UK, Canada and India may have to send the alleged LTTE terrorists that they harbour in their countries. Will they do that, surely not.

 Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    [Quote]Even India will agree there is nothing in the 1987 India – Sri Lanka pact (13th Amendment) that states that Land and Police powers must be given to the two provinces. [Unquote]

    In fact 13A has allowed police and land powers to provinces. It is already law. However, it is not implemented. When EPRLF was ruling the merged north-east province, a seperate police unit was formed for them by the name Tamil National Army which was dismantled by the government.

    The demilitarisation demand is a violation of the nation’s territorial integrity. The word demilitarisation means the complete removal of the military which must not be done.

    UNHRC is violating the UN Charter. This matter has to be sorted out at the UN.

  2. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    Comment above – please don’t support the separatists by saying land and police powers are already in the Constitution. If you read the Indo-Lanka pact and 13A, one can argue either way. SL Support Group, Canberra is right in arguing land and police powers are not in the Constitution – that is the only way to fight this most ugly, dirty war mounted against Sri Lanka by the Tamil Diaspora. India has now fully joined them. If you agree land and police powers are already in the Constitution then the Government must implement them, then the country will be in grave trouble. Play the game how the enemy plays it. Did 40,000 civilians die in the war, No, but the Diaspora and the West run the lie very smartly and strongly. If you are a genuine patriot, you have to look at the broader picture – like SL Support Group, do everything and anything that helps the country not the enemy

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Abrogation of the 13A is the only way forward. There is no point denying the truth. It is highly dangerous to keep 13A.

    I have worked with the Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra on various occassions on matters concerning Sri Lanka.

    Those who demand the full implementation of 13A know what they are talking about. India, USA, TNA are at the forefront of not just knowledge of 13A but were instrumental in drafting (India) it as well.

    Quoted from the 13A.


    LIST I

    Provincial Council List

    1. Police and Public Order – Public order and exercise of police powers, to the extent set out in Appendix I, within the Province, but not including National defense, National Security and the use of any armed forces or any other forces under the control of the Government of Sri Lanka in aid of civil power, and not including the city of Colombo,
    Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, and their environs the limits of which shall be specified by the President by Order published in the Gazette.

    18. Land – Land, that is to say, rights in or over land, land tenure, transfer and alienation of land, land use, land settlement and land improvement, to the extent set out in appendix II.

    Appendix II

    1. State land –

    1:1 State land required for the purposes of the Government in a Province, in respect of a reserved or concurrent subject may be utilized by the Government in accordance with the laws governing the matter. The Government shall consult the relevant Provincial Council with regard to the utilization of such land in respect of such subject.

    1:2 Government shall make available to every Provincial Council State land within the province required by such Council for a Provincial Council subject. The Provincial Council shall administer, control and utilize such State land, in accordance with the laws and statutes governing the matter.

    Quoted from the Sri Lankan Constitution as amended.

    As such abrogation of the 13A is the only way forward. Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra and its leader agree with the need to abrogate 13A.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    For the record, land and police powers are not the only highly dangerous powers in the Provincial Council List.

    3. Education and Educational Service

    7. Social Services and Rehabilitation

    11. Health

    16. Food supply and distribution within the Province

    19. Irrigation

    25.1 Libraries, Museums and other similar institutions controlled or financed by a Provincial Council

    25.2 Ancient and historical monuments and records other than those declared by or under law made by Parliament to be national importance

    35. The borrowing of money to the extent permitted by or under any law made by Parliament

    The true dangers of the 13A is yet to be seen. Unless it is abrogated, there is little hope for lasting peace. Allowing rehabilitation, food supply, health, borrowing and historical monuments under the PC is unthinkable.

  5. Melbourne Patriot Says:

    unfortunately your research helps the separatists. It will give more ammunition to their cause and make things difficult for the country

    If you want to argue, take on the enemy, not a fellow patriot, like SL Support Group, Canberra. Chanka who writes the media releases is a true patriot who has worked tirelessly for decades for the country.

    Instead, why not we take on the likes of s parie, b haig or brian senev who are the real enemies

    with respect, it is stupid to expect that the Government will abolish 13A. They will never do it. Note, they had promised 13+ including a Senate! There was some discussion in Government circles few months ago about abolishing 13A – that is because they wanted to pass the Divineguma Bill and get rid of the then CJ. Once they achieved what they want, that discussion disappeared. Again, this Government will never abolish 13A, sorry to say, they have no backbone to do that.

    Please, let’s concentrate on the main issue – the big problem that the country faces and how to get out of them, rather than trying to fight among ourselves

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with Nimalsiri Perera.

    Someone who ADMIRES a NAKED king’s “beautiful clothes” is NOT a patriot. Call a SPADE a SPADE.

    We all KNOW 13 amendment is the DEATH SENTENCE of SL. Without SUGAR COATING it, lets SCRAP it.

    We ALL should get together to SCRAP it. NO DIVISIONS.

    A REAL patriot is someone who talks and walks the talk of SCRAPPING 13 amendment.

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    13th Amendment is a nuclear bomb to Sri Lanka. Indian RAW drafted it such a way and it will be another Sikkim type operation. This is a step 5 operation to annex Sri Lanka’s north and east (with Trincomalee port) to Indian central government.
    1. Provincial councils 2. Merge North and East of Sri Lanka and make second tamil nadu (tamil eelam) 3. Referendum for independent state of tamil eelam. 4. Create a war between Sri Lanka and tamil eelam and intervention of Indian army (Bangladesh type) 5. Tamil eelam merge to union of India (Sikkim type)
    In 1989 Ranil’s Uncle J.R Jayawardena implemented it, now Ranil and his U.N.P herd, NGO’s and some left parties wanted to implement 13th amendment.
    But it is a duty of patriots to say no! to 13th amendment and force government to destroy this cyanide capsule.

  8. Christie Says:

    There are no Tamil diaspora, they are terrorists and their supporters who have gone to the West by misleading the West. I would like to contact the Melbourne patriot and Canberra support group. Melbourne has been a major activity centere of Indians and Tamils. They have managed to mislead the majority of the Sinhalese with the help of mainly the Mrxists. We should tell the world about the Indian Empire and their imperialist activities. British Empire in fact was an Indian British Empire. British are gone and Indians remained and causing hell where ever they are. What is happening to Fiji.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dilrook is right. The 13-a must be removed. We have stated in these columns for many years that the 13-A must go. Now the whole problem has come to a head, and wisdom must prevail.

    In any case, the 13-A, imposed under DURESS, is null & void in any court of law, anywhere in the world. India (Delhi govt.) knows this. The 13-A was imposed on Sri Lanka during the time of the Cold War (1946-1991). The 1983 Riots were thrust on Sri Lanka during the Cold War. The Cold War is no more and Sri Lankans should not act as though the Cold War is still on. Only the Tamil Caste/poverty wars go on in Tamil Nadu. India will always try to side with TN, to keep TN within the Indian Union. Do NOT depend on India to side with Sri Lanka on the UNHRC issues. India has to appear squeaky clean on Human Rights issues.

    GoSL must hold an island wide Referendum and get rid of the 13-A. India will be glad if we do this. GoSL must also put in place other laws to safeguard the Nation. Also, it is important NOT to depend on Tamil labor for the tea sector especially,
    as that is where Tamil Nadu tries to wag Sri Lanka via Delhi govt. Modernise & Mechanise the estate sectors. Lanka has a problem with Labor – it is time to eradicate problems with Labor. Sri Lanka must Deport all Illegal Migrants.

    Stop the games and get to the Core Issues of the problem.

  10. Ratanapala Says:

    Any solution that involves devolution of power is a step towards bifurcating the country initially into two areas and then later into many areas as envisaged by the Catholic Church and by the Islamists.

    Any bifurcation giving into Eelam involves a border. The Ealam border as envisaged by the Eelamists is not a definite border. It has constantly changed to suit the current level of fantasy of Eelamists. The Eelam depicted in their 1980 Eelam stamp is much different from the later Eelams depicted by the LTTE. The end result is an unending border war involving non agreement on the exact border, fresh water resources, mineral wealth and later maritime resources including oil and gas in the 200 mile economic zone .

    The Christian West is interested in getting a foot hold in the country again so that they can go on to balkanise India and also contain China and shipping lanes South of Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka went through a 30 year war with the Tamil Tiger Terrorists and has no stomach for a yet another Tamil Racist adventure. Sri Lanka stomached over 270 suicide bombings with no reaction whatsoever from the majority Sinhala Buddhists throughout these 30 odd years. (July 1983 was engineered by the Christian Jayawardene administration and Sinhala Buddhists as an entity did not have any involvement in that pogrom.) Any further attempt in this direction will make the partition of India look – a family picnic.

    As a nation

  11. Voice123 Says:

    The Geneva Resolution is definitely aimed at dividing Sri Lanka, further down the track. Westerners, fed on false information thought that after VP won a military victory over the SL armed forces, they would step in and take control. The false information fed to them was their undoing and may well be their undoing once more. They can exercise much greater influence in the region if they accepted historical and social reality and respected sovereign nations right to democratic self governance.

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