Sri Lankan Government should not take Halal
Posted on March 17th, 2013

 – Simon Mascarenhas –

Sri Lanka is a wise nation. Its Buddhists have seen the future where Europe has failed. 

The Muslims went overboard in placing halal logos on paintbrushes.

 The ACJU can be charged for extortion. Charging fees and issuing a certificate/logo when they are not legally allowed to do so.

 Were Sri Lankan authorities asleep or bribed? 

The Govt taking halal mechanization under its wings spells doom for the entire nation. It would be another bribery mechanism just as Buddhists now find that the municipalities have taken money to give temple lands to Muslims.

 If President Rajapakse came from Buddhist votes he must not forget his duty towards them.

 All they are saying is new practices should not be allowed.

That is a fair and simple request. 

 Muslims must learn to also give and not take all the time.

 Muslims have a habit of only using their religion while ignoring the respect due to others. If the Govt ignores this they are in for a lot of surprises at the next election.

 I dont think Muslims can bring Rajapakse to power and neither does Rajapaksa think so either. 

 Draw the line President… is good advise to be taken… no need for halal certificates. Muslims can eat halal meat as they have… I saw some condoms with halal logos too… !!!

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  1. Nanda Says:

    Thank you Mascarenhas.
    Our president was a good leader.
    He was sleeping after the war.
    He should wake up, stop bribes now, and talk straight now, in fairness ( no need to favour) of the majority Sinhala Buddhists.

    1. only 1 mosque of any sect is allowed per town. Demolisg all others.
    2. Ban the YoniBilla suit of women in public – wear it at home so that husbands are controlled, not the outsiders.

  2. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    can someone clarify this halal issue – everyone, at least sinha+hela buddhists (the real ones) were happy but it’s not what we thought

    quote for sunday leader article 17/03/13 The Cessation Of Halal Is A Violation Of Rights
    To you your religion and to me my religion – Qur’an 6:109
    By Saro Thiruppathy and Camelia Nathaniel;

    ‘Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka also expressed the party’s dissatisfaction with the measure taken by the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce with a group of Buddhist monks led by Ven. Bellanwila Wimalaratana Thero to remove just the halal logo.
    Calling for the whole halal certification process to be halted, he said, that in spite of the assurance given by the Chamber of Commerce it is doubtful that it would be implemented.’

    what is going on?

    please anyone clarify this.

  3. ranjit Says:

    What Halal in my beloved country? If the muslims can eat what ever for 2500 years what this Halal now. Bullshit! I have so many Muslim friends they eat anything and drink anything and enjoy same as us so why all this Halal now? Get rid of it once and for all. All these muslim new new things started after our Muslims went to Saudi Arabia. If they want to live like in Saudi Arabia they should go and live there not in my Buddhist country where 80% are Buddhist.
    Must stop all these nonsense before it gets too far. Everyone should live as per the law of the Majority.One law,one country,one people and that is Sri Lanka.

    The Government should not allow minority sections to start new things and mess up the peaceful enviorenment what we have. Saudi Arabia is the country which poison the minds of the Muslims. Our Muslims brothers and sisters live as same as Sinhalese for generations and now suddenly they bring new headaches to our Motherland and we must not allow at all cost. We should ban the covering of their faces etc. It’s a security risk. Who ever brings unneccessary headaches to the country must be stopped. Our Buddhist nation must be protected at all cost from all our enemies. Let’s live together same as before for nearly thousands of years.

  4. Universal Citizen Says:

    Do we need Halal, Vegetarian, etc….

    Yesterday …………..Just one generation ago ( probably 25 to 30 years ago) we bought / grew the vegetables, bought the meat from the closest butcher or killed an animal from our farm, etc….. there was Marie biscuit, delta / bulto toffee, achchu / roast paan (bread), astra butter, marmite, elephant brand drinks. Total count of items in any big shop was less than 25 items probably. It was easy to be a vegetarian or a halal / kosher person.

    Today…………. packet meat variety itself is more than 100. We have KFC, Mcdonalds, PizzaHut, The number of food items in a supermarket are more than 10,000 at least. Today people eat more from out of home.

    Lets take for an example a 100% Vegetarian. How can he be assured of a biscuit, chocolate, cake, bread, milk, etc, etc……. is 100% vegetarian. The same way how can a Halal / Kosher person be assured that there are no pig, meat , alcohol based ingredients in a pack that he gets from a shelf of a shop. How can a 100% non-alcoholic be assured of a drink that he consumes.

    I have seen a green dot on packets that are suppose to be 0% meat or 100% vegetarian, but I am not sure who certifies them. If we want to have a vegetarian meal we have to go to a Hindu shop and Not a Sinhala or a Buddhist shop, because we are more sure of the Hindu as a vegetarian. (I am not sure even if we have Sinhala vegetarian shops.)

    Due to this very high consumer targeted marketing of food items it has become a necessity for someone to give some assurance for the ingredients that go in to a product. We have heard of the pork oil in milk products… To add to this we know marketing is only profit oriented and not morality or people oriented.

    We can call this vegetarian / halal / kosher or any other name, but some kind of certification is required considering the sensitivities and the demand by the niche consumer.

    Considering the majority been Buddhist in SL someone should start a vegetarian, non-alcohol certification process.
    The consumer can decide what to buy and reject as per his likings / beliefs…

    The methodology of implementing this can be discussed and agreed.

    Peace to All !!!

  5. Senevirath Says:


    Two ministers in kurunegala are threatening B B S . They want only muslim votes and not bothered about anything else.


  6. Fazara Says:

    Universal Citizen is seeing the Light!
    Yes two decades back,we did not have so many different types of food. With so many food processes coming out to cater to the different types of people , many different types of additives , taste enhancers etc are being used. Of these , many are by-products , or directly obtained from pigs. Like, the charcoal (carbon) used to filter water,made from that animal. So the need of the Halaal lable on water bottles. The best brushes are made of pig bristles, so the halaal lable on paint brushes and tooth brushes.
    As a Buddhist prelate recently admitted , the BBS wants every one to eat Haram items ,keeping aside the Halaal.
    PCR said “Can we take what is offerred to Allah as Dane to our temples?” Please note that Allah does not need subsistance, or any offerings from any one. He only instructed Prophet Mohamed (OWBP) to tell us the better way to live,eat and die.

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