Rowdy Tamil Nadu is a Stark Warning of Power Devolution Aftermath in Sri Lanka
Posted on March 19th, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

If power is devolved to Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Northern Province will instantly turn into the same rowdy state of Tamil Nadu. Ethnic Sinhalese, including Buddhist monks, will be assaulted. Government entities and businesses considered “ƒ”¹…”Sinhala-owned’ will be vandalised. Government servants will be branded enemies and bashed. Anything Sinhala will be burnt to ground. Tar will be used to deface Sinhala letters. Uncontrollable protests will erupt across the entire school system and the Jaffna university demanding action at UN bodies against Sri Lanka. Trying to quell these will lead to clashes and blood letting. This is what’s in store for Sri Lanka if power is devolved to Tamils.

The government plans to hold Northern Provincial Council election in September 2013. It is hoped that tremendous development work and resultant economic upsurge will give the UPFA-EPDP coalition a comfortable position at the polls. However, past elections and recent developments suggest otherwise. At the Eastern Provincial Council election last year, TNA bagged the entirety of Tamil votes barring only the votes received by the former Chief Minister Chandrakanthan.

In the light of what happens in Tamil Nadu, it is a very unwise decision to devolve power to Tamils. Provincial council and district council systems must be repealed without delay.

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  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Though it is true that the LTTE proxy the TNA won the largets number of votes in the North, you would note that the voter turn out for the elctions was only a small fraction of the eligible voters. Therefore, I do not consider the TNA as the true representative of the Northern people, not having received the majority of Northern votes. Only an election with at least 75% of voter turn out will indicate the true winners.
    It is safe to assume that having lost their attempt for a separate state, almost 100% of the LTTE sympathisers would have shown their anger by voting for the TNA. The vast majority that did not vote would have been those who could not trust any party or were simply disinterested in elections so soon after the conflict, having suffered for decades and just beginning to start a new life post-LTTE.

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