Sri Lanka has to solve India’s problems: my foot!
Posted on March 25th, 2013

Asada M Erpini 

“Lanka should solve Tamil issue in India’s interest”, so goes a statement that is attributed to India’s national security adviser Shivshankar Menon in a media report that appeared in Hindustan times on 22 March. The gentleman continues that Sri Lanka makes “the Sri Lankan Tamils confident that they are masters of their own fates, their own destiny and free to enjoy their rights within the framework of a united Sri Lanka.”

 All the pompous phraseology and the avowed intentions make interesting reading. But the discerning would see that at last someone close to the highest echelons of power has come out with the truth behind all the noises that India, led by its learned pundit of a Prime Minister, and of late, the fair lady from Italy have been making, using the “ƒ”¹…”suffering’ of Sri Lankan Tamils at the hands of the “ƒ”¹…”Sinhala government’ and the Sinhala armed forces as a convenient excuse to hold on to power: unfortunately, poor and puny Sri Lanka has to be the cat’s paw for India to solve its own domestic and security problems.

 The vociferous gangs in Tamil Nadu have become very boisterous during the past few months because of the annual ritual of Sri Lanka bashing that goes in Geneva under the cloak of human rights and the clear support by a woman of Tamil Origin whose bias towards the Tamils should bring to question her suitability for holding the post of UN Human Rights Commissioner. Furthermore, the statements that keep on emanating from many political Goliaths in New Delhi embolden the illiterates and the blind Tamils in Tamil Nadu to take on the task of “ƒ”¹…”alleviating’ the suffering of Sri Lanka’s Tamils through misguided fasts, protests, and most disgustingly, attacks on innocent Sri Lankans, which includes manhandling members of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist clergy.

 The Indian Tamil clowns who waste their energies on bandhs, strikes and other similar protests should realise that the average Tamil in Sri Lanka is far better off than his blood brother in Tamil Nadu. But for that to happen, these individuals have to remove their blinkers or, if they can afford the airfare, travel to Sri Lanka. Saying anything about the perennial Sri Lanka-basher political leaders in Tamil Nadu is not worth the paper it is written on: Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, Nedumaran and Vaiko and others of their ilk survive because of the “ƒ”¹…”Tamil issue’ in Sri Lanka. Yet the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in Sri Lanka, which the mediawallahs are happy to label as the largest Tamil political group – in spite of the fact that they have no claims to represent anything more than 4% of the population of Sri Lanka “”…” is yet to enumerate the specific problems that the Tamils face that are unique to this ethnic group.

 There have been many writers to this forum and other media who have stated that India is not a friend of Sri Lanka. For thousands of years, various empire builders in India, especially from its South, have been attacking Sri Lanka and destroying what the Sinhalas had built. In fact, if India is facing a security problem today, it is its own making. It was India’s Indira Gandhi, and later her unfortunate son Rajiv Gandhi, who helped a gang of thugs led by an illiterate  killer from Velvetithurai to run a parallel “ƒ”¹…”government’ in Sri Lanka, after giving them military training at India’s armed forces bases. It is pathetic to see that the National Security Advisor of India is now expecting the harassed island nation to solve the problems it created for an innocent neighbour and in the long run for itself as well. All that Sri Lanka should tell the Indian gentleman is, “One reaps what one sows”.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Indians are the PROBLEM. They have to be eliminated from SL for good. That is in SL’s INTEREST.

  2. Senevirath Says:

    There is one word for all indian politicians–“”” DIK– SHIT”””

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Nadu has to solve Tamil problems. Then Sri Lanka will have no Tamil problems.

    I am sure readers know all this, but it is time to recall some incidents from the past involving J.N. Dixit and Indian interference in Sri Lanka. It was a time of the COLD WAR when all this happened.

    J.N.Dixit was a person who was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His personal agenda on Sri Lanka must have exceeded the Indian agenda on Sri Lanka at that time, when JRJ, who leaned far westward, was in power. The 1983 Riots which happened when Dixit was the Indian Envoy for Sri Lanka in the period of 1983, was a Riot that was well planned and even filmed – strange, when hand held, light weight cameras were not in existence. These films were shown abroad by the then Tamil Ambassadors abroad in Germany, UK & France (Luxmi Naganathan, Moorthy & Balachandran respectively). Minister for Labor, Cyril Mathew, was the local Minister who was master of ceremonies at the Lanka end, together with other smaller power blocs. As far as we know, no Christians died in this Riot, only Hindu Tamils and a few Sinhala Buddhists.

    Much later, Dixit, who was back in Tamil Nadu, got a heart attack and died when the Tsunami struck in Dec 2004. Perhaps he had heard that the ltte Sea Tiger might had been swept away along with a number of ltte VIPs …

    “Truth wins” (Satyameva Jayate”) says the motto on the Indian flag. Truth wins, however long it takes.

    What have those who participated in the Riots of 1983 have to say to all this- some are still around. The 1983 Riots were the start of bullying of Sri Lanka on HR violations, as around a Million Tamil people left Sri Lanka for the west after the Riots.

    The President’s plan of “Peace through Development” is an excellent theme for all here. Sri Lankans must run with it !

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    N.B : Tamils participated against Tamils in the 1983, to identify Tamil homes etc. Also, drugs were widely used to numb the senses of the participant rioters. Some were dressed in the old Sinhala ‘dolawa’ (palanquin) carrier style, in white jatawas and tucked up white sarong – to make sure that the films identified these people as Sinhala people ? No one dressed in that style in 1983 – so must have been meant for foreign eyes ….

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    While this is happening Muslim extremists have AGAIN attacked peaceful Buddhists in Burma.

    They fight not just with Buddhists but also with Jews, Christians and Hindus as well.

    So what is the COMMOON DENOMINATOR of ALL the wars around the world?


  6. NAK Says:

    Riots in 83 were masterminded by the JRJ government. India had no hand in it. JR didn’t even order the police or the forces intervene.Why? because it was hatched by the west. One thing proves that,that all the western countries opened their boaders and offered refuge to all the Tamils who could afford only a one way ticket.
    How many Hutus or Tutusis got refuge like that? That was the investment to sustain the long term Eelam project .
    India knew the plot and hijacked it. Indira attemted to down two birds with one stone. One,to scuttle Eelam project and two,to punish JR.

  7. Voice123 Says:

    NAK, riots of 83 was engineered by the LTTE diaspora in conjunction with the JVPs and other Sinhala paid underworld elements. JRJ had nothing to do with the actual riots. Dont spread Tamil lies and propoganda on the net. They are doing enough damage by themselves. True, corrupt elements in the West and India benefitted or profited from the riots eg the mass media. Why were so many pro Tamil and pro India journalists in Colombo just BEFORE the riots? Look at the vacancy statistics and it proves it. They had penned their stories before the riots because they knew the JVP and communist revolutionary Sinhalese would lead the mobs toward self destruction. An unfortunate aspect if the Sinhalese was ro be roused by passion and be used by the mob ringleaders to tarnish the entire community. This is what the Tamils expected and wanted. Thats why they call Sinhalese “modeya” (easy to fall for Tamil tricks) JRJ government would not commit suicide in terms of killing all the income the country was getting through investments, aud etc. why would they?? JR lost comtrol during the LTTE-JVP mob riots because after the rioting was started by the LTTE and their paid stooges, mob mentality took over, so JR tried to make political capital out of it by appearing to be in control. Again it backfired against his government. Tamil diaspora, NGO’s, mass media, leftists and India were all happy. The Tamils were portrayed globally as victims, Tamils got refugee status in the West whereas formerly they had no grounds to migrate to greener pastures in the West, international mass media made a fortune through distorted and sensational stories (channel 4 Is still doing it), the then anti western Indian government of Indira Gandhi was happy because the pro western JRJ government was dealt a fatal blow together with his plans to rapidly develop Sri Lanka as a trading entreport, jealous Tamil Nadoos and Hindians were happy as the limelight was taken away from Sri Lankas promising economic resurgence, superior (to them) quality of life indices and deflected attention from all of Indias manifold domestic problems. Imporantly, it unified the Tamils under the separatist banner because it enabled Prabhakaran to assassinate and murder his Tamil rivals and critics and emerge as the “sole representative” of the Tamils. All this India wanted. Just BEFORE the riots, the leader of India’s RAW issued a statement in Tamil Nadu that they “do not want any developed countries on Indias doorstep. They do not want a Singapore on Indias doorstep and they are with Sri Lankas Tamils and progressive Sinhala revolutionaries (stooges)”.

    Sri Lanka should launch an international investigation into who was actually behind the 83 riots to clear the name if the Singalese and Sri Lanka and also start suing the international media left, right and centre. Money talks. Lets make it and make it swear.

  8. Voice123 Says:

    Also, the LTTE diaspora got a hold of the electoral lists by bribing officials. They gave the list to the modeya JVP and mob leaders and told them to attack all the patriotic or pro government Tamils first. They then paralysed the educated Sinhalese from taking stern action against terrorist by making the Sinhalese feel guilty. Also they further divided the Sinhalese along political lines.

    Please dont fall for their tricks. REFUSE to be used by them or spread their propoganda for them.

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