A kind reminder to H.E. President and his government !
Posted on April 5th, 2013

By citizen Mahinda

In the year 2005, the greater majority of Sinhela Buddhists voted you in to power with vested interests despite many international and local conspiracies to destabilize the country and to subject it to LTTE.

 Even with the thin majority in 2005,  you delivered what we Sinhela Buddhist majority wanted in your first term that is eradicating LTTE menace from this motherland which is nobler than heaven to us. You did a perfect job despite pressures from various pressures and cronies who were trying to prevent it from the west, that stuff we still remember and phrase you for the courage as long as we live.

 In 2010 we gave you another overwhelming majority far beyond the 2005, because we have been having our burning issues to settle that needs your direct decision and act with the powers vested in you with all that executive power.

 Don’t forget the Sinhela majority voted you again with huge majority not because every this your govt. folks did was agreed and approved, the rampant corruption which we were well aware of, but the trust we placed on you for courageous decision making in the interest of Sinhela Buddhist majority the owners of this land.

 Then you started backtracking the process and did silly style acts doing following;

  • Appointing LLRC committee which we never wanted, and boomeranged against us
  • Appointing the greatest enemies of the Sinhela nation,  Vaasu, Dew, Tissa, Fawzie as senior ministers who are enemies of Sinhala Buddhists
  • Giving powerful fort folio to the Jihadist Rauf and giving him VIP powers

There is or was no reason for you be of any fear, so much to please the deceitful minority parties,  as you had been given huge majority to do away all the drastic and essential changes the massive public expected.

  • Keeping all corrupted politicians and officials who robs public in plain daylight

Now we would like to tell you that we are concerned as to where things are moving and if you are being manipulated against the very Sinhela Buddhist majority who enthroned you in 2010?

ƒÆ’†’ƒ”¹…”  We did not enthrone you to favor Muslims or Halaalize the country, nor we wanted you to give away the defeated Elaam at the cost of over 100,000 lives of both brave soldiers and innocent civilians,  on a platter in the name of LLRC recommended implementation of 13 A and 13 A Plus.

ƒÆ’†’ƒ”¹…”  We did not enthrone you to order your Police to arrest Sinhela Buddhists or even to speak a word against them.

ƒÆ’†’ƒ”¹…”  We did not enthrone you to facilitate other Anti Sinhela forces to destroy the Sinhela nation bringing silent death to Sinhela Buddhists and divide the country.

ƒÆ’†’ƒ”¹…”  We did not enthrone you to take sides with Muslims against Sinhela Buddhists

The recent shifts indicates that you are being or already circumcised by the circle around you and even preparing to betray our beloved country to separatists  in the name of Re-Conciliation , which is a hidden demand by the LTTE Diaspora and coming through West and Via India.

  • We never mandated you to appoint a LLRC commission to submit Anti Sinhela Buddhist report to the International
  • We never mandated you to appoint Muslims in to cabinet to cut grass under feet, as there was no need to beg for such support which humiliates our mandate
  • We never mandated you to encircle all the corrupt cronies of Ministers, Officials and various other cohorts now in a show and showing us middle finger up

We have given so much power and you seem to have not understood that over 80% of the majority is with you and in the case of any UN intervention it was we who were supposed to make that wall to protect you and Gota and brave Soldiers are now shaken.

You need not have any support from Muslim cohorts the silent conquistadors of this Buddhist country, nor you need even such a corrupted parliament to run this country, because we mandated you to change the whole thing and straighten up the country and lead us to a safe, secure, corruption free, self satisfied, prosperous Sinhela Buddhist nation.

Now we can see you are being taken for ride by circles around who are parasites and vultures conspiring against Sri Lanka, You and Sinhala nation, against our mandate and in the process of subjugating our beloved country to Eelamists on one side in the name of Re-Conciliation and are about to give away the 13 A and now 13 A Plus on a platter, which will open the gates of hell and massive exodus of protests on the roads against your decision.

We once before also reminded you not to fall prey to this conspiracy of the vultures around you, that will put down two birds with one stone, that is Dividing country and Regime change in one scenario to remind you again.

If you ever make this mistake listening to Peace Vultures and their deceitful theories that Peace could not be achieved without dividing the country as well as by making a mixed nation and cocktail of religions, then you are total fooled your selves against the will of the majority Sinhela Buddhist people. That contradicts the bravery of all those who sacrificed to save this Motherland  as well and will be a slap on them.

The consequences will be very board and wild, at least now realize to gain the conscience and correct your selves as the path you are embarking with the other folks are entirely wrong as per majority public view.

Please do not forget it was not the cronies, vultures and deceitful Muslims around you who enthroned you but the innocent and hopeful Sinhela Buddhists who are now silently regretting and cursing. It is advisable to refurbish your memory if forgotten.

Unless you take steps to correct this fault, the down fall is not much far and present and future generations of Sinhela Buddhists will ask thunders on your grave too!

May you be able to gain  ” Samma Ditti (true view)!

21 Responses to “A kind reminder to H.E. President and his government !”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Please do not forget it was not the cronies, vultures and deceitful Muslims around you who enthroned you but the innocent and hopeful Sinhela Buddhists who are now silently regretting and cursing.”

    Well said.

    Hack-him can call Buddhist monks “saffron terrorists” and get away, but Buddhists get imprisoned over BS charges.

  2. Senevirath Says:




    . This unp man had guts than u.
    But u are afraid to say that. pl.. get rid of your advisers and listen to your “”CHANDA DASAS” DO NOT BETRAY THEM

    BRITISH C.J ANTHONY OLIPHANT CALLED BUDDHIST MONKS”””kahakadayo”” OR” kaha logukarayo”

    HAKIM CALLS THEM “saffron terrorists”


  3. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    a peoples movement to oust this government and kick all unp and jvp politicians out of sri lanka, is the only solution left. these vote mongers have no principles, the elections are their play field. they do their campaign and anticipate the result and with thuggery and intimidation, especially in rural areas, they some how come to power. once we clean up the political scene, we can then deal with the world, wahaabis and leftover tiger saks.
    at a time when gosl is battling at all fronts it is not in the interest of the country we should be doing this. but this the only solution to safeguard our buddhist sinhala heritage the only country we call mother lanka and the only country for sinha+hela buddhist people. tiger saks can carve out the southern state of tamil nadu and eclare it ‘home for the tamils’. bbs and people like gota are the only people we can rely on to build a strong country.

  4. Voice123 Says:

    Regime change from outside is not working for the west/India/die-ass-pora so they have sent citizen Mahendran disguised as citizen “Mahinda” or paid some JVP type modeya to stir the pot. Same sh!t, different assh()[email protected]$!

    “Sinhala Buddhist nation” is music to Eelamists ears. Insist on such and you help create a separate Tamil nation within what is pluralist Sri Lanka. There is no such thing as this nation – there is Sinhala, Tamil, Moor, Burgher etc ethnic groups and all religions including a Buddhist majority and longstanding history, Hindus, Christians and Muslims and others. We are ALL Sri Lankans. Period. Dont play sneaky Eelam tunes disguised as a “patriotic” Sinhala Buddhists. We can see right through it.
    “dont arrest Sinhala Buddhists” – do you think we are idiots? Whoever does a crime REGARDLESS of religion or ethnicity will be punished. We are not in India where such discrimination and corruption is the order of the day.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    This is where I disagree with Voice.

    Being a Tamil Christian, I believe SL is a SINHALA BUDDHIST country. It is OBVIOUS for Christ’s sake!

    Lets play a game.

    1 Show me where is Tamil Hindu country?

    TN. Good.

    2 Show me where is English Anglican country?

    England. Good.

    3 Show me Hindi Hindu country?

    India. Good.

    4 Show me Islamic Arabic country? One of them?

    Saudi. Good.

    5 Now show me the Sinhala Buddhist country?


    It is now called Sri Lanka. Correct name Sinhela.

    Did God Jesus Christ visit SL? NO.
    Did Prophet Mohammad visit SL? NO.
    Did Krishna visit SL? NO.
    (Rama did visit SL but to destroy it.)

    Did Buddha visit SL? Oh! Yes!

    So it is a Buddhist country. SL is the ONLY country Buddha visited BY CHOICE. He was in Nepal/Endia so he had no choice there. But the moment he got a choice, where did he visit? SL.

    So this is why SL is the Sinhala Buddhist country.

    But some foolish Sinhala Buddhists have out of GENOROCITY given up their claims. So all the cats and dogs have started to claim it as theirs.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    If you still don’t believe it let me explain from the Bible.

    Wise King Solomon.

    Once upon a time there was a very wise king by the name Solomon (I think he was the son of David. Or was it Saul?). I’m sure Einstein was his great, great,……..grandson.

    He was the king, army commander, the judge and the jury and the parliament. Somewhat like MR.

    One day 2 women came to him claiming ONE baby as theirs. 2 mothers, 1 baby!

    King asked, “Yako, whose son is this?”
    MINE! Screamed both women.

    Then the king asked, “$%^#*@(, whose son is this?”
    MINE! Screamed both women.

    hmmmm…thought the wise king. He ordered a soldier to cut the baby into half and give each half to each woman. Then ONE woman came to the baby’s rescue and stopped the king. She begged to spare the baby.

    So the king found the OWNER of the baby!

    And he hacked the other FAKE woman to death.

    When Norway, UK, Endia, USA, UNHRC, LTTE, PLOTE, IPKF, Tamil MODA-RATES, etc. tried to CUT SL into halves, who came forward to defend it?

    Muslims? NO.
    Tamils? NO.
    Europeans? NO.

    (Well VERY few of them DID come forward UNDER the leadership of real owners).

    Sinhalese. YES. Like the REAL mother of that baby, Sinhalese came forward to defend their baby – SL.

    That establishes who the REAL OWNER of SL is.

    (I know we are not as wise as king Solomon, but we are enough intelligent to get it, aren’t we?).


  7. Lorenzo Says:

    INDONESIA is a friendly country, BUT…

    “Indonesia Medan

    Eight Buddhists are beaten to death by Muslims in an attack at a detention center yesterday.”

    Muslim help comes with strings attached!!

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    It was not their fault but they should have stopped it.

    Burmese Muslims did the crime not Indonesians.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Bodu Bala Sena theme song by Dr Sunil Edirisinghe.


    Please publish as a main news item.

    Thank you.

  10. Voice123 Says:

    Lorenzo, I dont have a problem with what you say – yes SL is a majority Sinhala Buddhist country with the Sinhalese the oldest established community, yes Sinhala language is unique to SL and has a special place vis a vis the national identity, yes SL has a special historical connection with Buddhism (unlike the other religions), BUT yes Sri Lanka has been a plural country from the moment Vijaya encountered the Yakka community (and perhaps earlier), yes ALL Sri Lankans irrespective of religion or ethnicity have a right to be treated equal under the law. I did not think you would disagree.

  11. Senevirath Says:

    best comment Thanks



  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s the TAMIL LABOR that created the need for the Tamil Language. Tamil Indentured Labor brought in by the British & Dutch did not have to learn either Sinhala or English – all one and a half MILLION of them. All the Tamil illegal migrants who came afterwards did not learn Sinhala or English either ! Please do not depend on Tamil Labor and don’t get Colonised again. Colonists don’t care about the sensitivities of the local population. Modernise & Mechanise the Labor sector of Lanka so that others can participate in the tea sector especially.

    Remove the 13-A and a lot of our problems are over. Pres.MR & GoSL paying dearly for acts of Colonists & past GoSLs.

  13. douglas Says:

    Citizen Mahinda and all other Commentators:

    BRAVO , BOAVO, BRAVO ………ALOKO UDA PADI. Good start with “Samma Ditti” and follow through the “EIGHT FOLD PATH” . We will never, ever FAIL.

    But there is a problem. TO WHOM ARE YOU ADDRESSING THIS?. If you expect what you are longing for from this present “POLITICA NADE” (both in Govt. & Opposition) who are managing this country and its affairs, I have to say this”


  14. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    well said lorenzo – people need to realise that sinha+hela people build this country which others destoyed – paranthaka, maga, veera pandiya these were marauding dravidian kings. the portugese destroyed our heritage and religion. the dutch followed and the anglo saxon ungulated while on the pretext of a kandyan convention, virtualy destrtoyed our heritage and buddhism (no doubt just a few like bell and couple of others saved our forest cover).
    now the english enlightened sinhalese have embraced the idea of ‘everyone’ has contributed and we now need to drop this ‘chauvinistic sinha+hela buddhist’ concept and label us all sri lankans. this is type who will wear a top hat and walk with a basthema and greet everyone on road ‘good morning’ etc (once i saw an idiot in sri lanka using a fork and knife to eat a pizza in a cafe in union place)

  15. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    here’s the speech dayan jayatileka made at a business club. i think it’s a good hear and a good laugh! well he is addressing the anglo appreciating his own brown sahib club.

    first of all he eats words at the end of a sentence and it’s inaudible, which misses out the meaning of what he wants to say.

    this man completely ignores the influese of us and uk, the worst perpretators of war crimes in the world, (never questions them!) on the economy of poor and developing countries’ vote at geneva. he completely ignores the dependence of these poor countries on usa and uk and commonwealth. basically he ignores the control anglos have over other countries and their decisions on world stage. why was this analysis left out i wonder. this was a one sided speech attacking the gosl. well we too attack gosl and the president when it/he does something bad for the country, but never generalise and of course this man expresses his opinion at a far higher level of economic jargon, than us, the average intelligent people. these so called intelectuals do tend to incline on theory, human rights etc. which of course draw the intellectual audiance in sri lanka, but the reality is if drastic measures were not taken, irrspective of the economic consequences, we wouldn’t have peace in this country today and if we ignores the threat, the peace we gained will be lost inthe near future.

  16. Voice123 Says:

    Citizen (of Canada??) Mahinda/ Mahendran wants Sinhala Buddhists immune from the criminal law so some Tigers masquerading as members of the Sangha can attack Muslims while at the same time inflaming Wahabis to attack Buddhists, causin regime change by trickery and misinformation. All those making statements of support must realize Mahendrans game plan is to bring disrepute to the Sangha and genuine Sinhala Buddhists by vilifying them in the West, thereby making way for 4 or 5 separate states in the country based on religion and Tamil racism. Cant ANY of you SEE this?! Dont allow them to call us modeyas any more. We can see right through their dastardly plans.

  17. callistus Says:

    I agree with voice 123. There are a lot of modayas here making comments. Not a single one of them has any idea of diplomacy. Arrogant chauvanists.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Nanthikadal LOSERS are coming out of the woodwork!

    Very good. LOVE these FOOLS whose backsides have healed MIRACULOUSLY so quickly after the MBRL pounding. And now they are up for more pounding. Love it!

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    Mission partly accomplished citizen Mahinda. Well said.

    IDENTIFYING the ESCAPEES from Nanthikadal 2009 is the BIGGEST challenge. But with sound waves in the right FREQUENCY, they creep out of the woodwork!!

    Look forward to more articles from citizen Mahinda in the RIGHT frequency.

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    For SL to remain TRUELY PLURAL, it MUST be a Sinhala Buddhist country.

    Look at Islamic majority countries. Are they plural? NO. Saudi, Iran, etc., etc. Even Malaysia is now getting into Islam only racism.

    Look at Hindu majority countries. Are they plural? NO. Endia! Its best NOT to talk about it!!

    Look at Christian majority countries. Are they plural? NO. Tamilians in Canada and UK are begging for 10 year for Thaipongal day to be a holiday but no luck. At least ONE day public holiday? NO.

    The STRANGE nature of Sinhala Buddhists is they think every religion is good and every ethnicity is good. They watch English, Hindi, even Tamilian films. They foods include Nasi Goreng (Indonesian), Halva (Arabic), Wattalappam (Arabic/Kerala), pork chops (Portuguese style), devel beef (European/north African style), cookies (Netherland), Kottu (South Endian), even Vadai (Tamil Madu).

    But Muslims ONLY eat Halal and Tamils ONLY eat Tamil Madu food as their own. They only watch their own movies and not others’ movies. Tamils HATE Hindi movies so popular Hindi movies have to be dubbed in Tamilian language!!! What a racist joke. Sinhala Buddhists appreciate them as they are!!!

    Look at Tamil parties – TNA, TULF, CWC, etc. – TAMIL ONLY!
    Look at Muslim parties – SLMC – Muslim ONLY!

    Look at “Sinhala” parties – SLFP, UNP, etc. – MULTIETHNIC.

    SL being Sinhala Buddhist means SL remains plural.

    This is what Tamilians and Muslims can’t understand. When they say, “this is mine” it means it is MINE ONLY AND EVERYTHING SURROUNDING IS ALSO MINE ONLY YOU KEEP OUT.

    When a Sinhala Buddhist say “this is mine”, they mean this is mine but you are invited to my home to enjoy it.

    Still not convinced?

    Take Thaipongal. Tamils serve food ONLY for Tamils STRICTLY.
    Take Ramazan. Muslims serve food ONLY for Muslims STRICTLY.

    Take Wesak. ALL ARE WELCOME!! Most freeloaders are Muslims and Tamils!!!

  21. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    yes lorenzo we sinhalese tolerate all – including fools! these were the very fools who said the tiger war was not ‘winnable’ and was waiting for something radically to go wrong to say ‘ we said so’. now they are back with the more enlightened far sighted view of accomodating wahaabis. we (and bbs) certainly have no qualms with decent tamils or muslims, in fact who are now silent a minority within a minority.
    one tamil guy in one of these forums brooadcast on tv said ‘sinhalese are a majority with a minority metality’
    well we can say conversely ‘tamils (and now muslims) are a minority with a majority mentality’.

    we sinha+hela buddhist can never ‘own’ a country like others do. we cannot claim the country we built and other destroyed. we need to be diplomatic!!!!! we have to tolerate every shit thrown at us.
    at least show some unity among sinhalese. no never. we have to share with unreasonable demands and eventually disappear with the heritage we acquired and fought for so long. anyway these fools do have the right to convince people, so do we.

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