Anti SL govt. protest by Muslims in UK
Posted on April 14th, 2013

by Sujeeva Nivunhella in London Courtesy: Sunday Island

 The Sri Lankan Muslim community in the United Kingdom did not participate in a demonstration staged by a group of Muslims opposite the Sri Lankan High Commission in London last week.

The protesters warned of Jihad (holy war) if Buddhists and the Sri Lankan government continued “to oppress Muslims”.

However, they said that if the Sri Lankan government wants peace, they will be happy to have a dialogue.

A demonstrator, Abu Yusuf, said although Sri Lanka is thousands of miles away, every problem a Muslim faces in any part of the world is another Muslim’s concern. He said that Muslims in Sri Lanka were attacked because their presence is conceived as a threat.

“We are a threat. We are a threat to all kind of tyrannies and oppressive regimes”, he said.

Why are Buddhists attacking Muslims when Buddhism is a peace-loving religion?, he asked.

Demonstrator Abu Talha said that when Muslims face this kind of oppression and tyranny, they should resist by any means necessary. If they have to take to arms to defend themselves, they have to do so.

They don’t have to wait for UN resolutions or the international community to give them support. Muslims should rise up and defend themselves. In other words, Jihad is the way to protect Muslims under threat, he pointed out.

Another demonstrator said that when the British and American army attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, they came home in body bags. He said Muslims believe in Islam and Jihad.

They held placards with slogans that read “Muslim nation is one nation. Our war is one. Our peace is one”, “Sri Lankan Govt. Enemy of Islam and Muslims. Tyrants must be removed”, “Stop the Genocide against Muslims”, “Jihad is the solution to liberate the oppressed Muslims”, “Muslims rise against the oppression. Remove Sri Lankan government”.


7 Responses to “Anti SL govt. protest by Muslims in UK”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL Muslims are peaceful.

    Only pieceful Muslims say these things.

    “Muslims should rise up and defend themselves. In other words, Jihad is the way to protect Muslims under threat, he pointed out.”

    Absolutely fools. We will send you in sack bags because body bags are for a complete corpse not for pieces of flesh and bones.

    IF they try to be too smart, SL has the EASY OPTION of sending SOME troops to Afghanistan to wipe them out and invite Mossad and US troops to SL to wipe out the JIHAD in SL. IF we do that, USA will LOVE us and pass resolutions SUPPORTING us!!

    Don’t test the limits of our patience. Remember Iraq (1,800,000+), Afghanistan (3,000,000+), Palestine (1,000,000+), Pakistan (200,000+), Chechnya (100,000+), etc.?

    IF this happens in SL, we won’t be talking about you anymore except in history books. Don’t fall into the Nanthikadal lagoon.

  2. Voice123 Says:

    I dont see any protests by Muslims living peacefully in Muslim countries.

    Why are they living in Europe and protesting against countries they know nothing about? These Muslims should either assimmilate into the European way of life or Europeans should KICK them out of Europe. To counter this latest menace, Sri Lanka should INVITE ant-Jihadi Westerners and groups like Robert Spencer, Russians, Mossad and Geert Wilders to set up base here and help control them. If Buddhists are just going to remain passive, our own Christian communities (Sinhala and Tamils) should be armed against these thugs since they especially hate Christians too. As Lorenzo may say, there is great POTENTIAL here. Body bags wont be necessary. Neither will gonibilla bags.

  3. aloy Says:

    Taking your above statement seriously, before we consider the “easy option”, we must have a guarantee that the ‘detterence’ or the know how and protection will be given to us by US. This should be not to fight muslims but for our safety against others.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    They cannot be trusted but we can pull back if they don’t help us in return. But they have been VERY GENEROUS to ALL other coalition partners with protection, money, weapons, MINING RIGHTS, CONTRACTS, etc.

    e.g. SL was TOTALLY PROTECTED by USA for being part of the US counter-terrorism operations in 2003.

    OTOH, we are running out of options as the population percentage of them reaching 10% soon. As you know their behaviour is different when their percentage of 50%. So it is two birds in one stone.

    I agree it is NOT about attacking any peaceful community. It ONLY targets the lunatics. And there seems to be a few of them.

  5. Voice123 Says:

    Doesnt anyone see anything fishy about the protests coming out of LONDON rather than a Muslim country? Its obvious there is an ulterior motive – destroy Sri Lanka by any way possible – this time using some stupid Muslims.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Don’t breed like xxxx when you are in other people’s countries. Don’t put up eyesore mosques in every corner of the adopted countries. Don’t try to force your absurd ‘religion of peace’ on other people’s throat. These worked in olden days to steal countries. It doesn’t work in information-age, modern world. So keep the menace to yourselves.

    Live like the Chinese when you are in other people’s countries. The Chinese will live in other people’s countries for 1000s of years without getting on the natives’ nerves. Numbers don’t go up much at all. Learn from them thickos. You don’t need jihads, you don’t need martyrs. Don’t multiply like xxxx. Froum Aus to US feelings are same. Menace! Absolute menace! Menace to four-legged creatures, menace to two-legged creatures on this planet. Stay away from other people’s countries! Alien religion, alien dresses, alien way of life!

  7. Voice123 Says:

    There needs to be an ethnically/ religiously unbiased population control with a moratorium on out of proportion natural growth of any religious group UNTIL Sri Lanka reaches developed nation status.

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