Posted on April 17th, 2013

Daya Hettirachchi Toronto Canada

Your Excellency  Mahinda Rajapaksa  

President of Republic of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka.

Apr.15 2013

Your Excellency.

 Northern Province Elections

Sri Lanka recently faced the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution for the second consecutive year. This 2013 resolution had acknowledged and welcomed the LLRC report and the upcoming provincial elections in the North of Sri Lanka.   Sri Lanka will be on Geneva agenda for years to come if the government fails to implement them.

In keeping with the dignity of the government and as a civilized nation Sri Lanka appointed a Lessons Learnt Commission to inquire into the closing period of the 30 year brutal terrorism. This was an independent commission appointed by the HE the President of Sri Lanka and consisted of professionals of very high standard and were representative of all the ethnic groups in the country. The purpose of the commission was to explore avenues to avoid a similar war type situation in the future. Its report was considered very informative and was presented to the President, tabled in the Parliament of Sri Lanka and circulated among the public.  Most of the recommendations in the report were considered reasonable and were highly appreciated not only by the Sri Lankan authorities but by even those countries that drafted the resolution against Sri Lanka and voted in favor of it at the UNHRC.

It is well and true that some of the LLRC recommendations have either been fully or partly implemented and most are in the process of being implemented. Most important of these will be the holding of elections for the northern provincial council so that the Tamil Community in the North feel they are being given the democratic privilege to be a part of a united Sri Lanka.

The election results of the Eastern Province and that of the Local Government of Wanni indicate that TNA has indisputably a controlling effect. If elections are to be held today with usual political rhetoric, victory by the TNA with a majority is certain.  Thereafter TNA’s alignment with Tamil Nadu will be a constant irritant to New Delhi for reasons which are obvious reasons.



This is an opportunity now for the Government to go for the elections armed with a future looking political package bundled together from the recommendations of LLRC report, National Action Plan, and the APRC Report on Devolution. If the Government is to produce and present a tangible package encompassing the above documents, it will help the nation in regaining its unity, and reconciliation as these proposals are proudly home-made “by the people and for the people”. Then TNA cannot have a separatist slogan and the Opposition will be without a slogan to campaign for. The election campaign will be less violent.

 In the absence of the above process and the TNA supported by its allies (GTF, TGTE), will inevitably and resolutely seek a secessionist agenda. For that reason alone, the Government has to seriously focus on leaving no room in a comprehensively prepared manifesto for the right to self determination of a Tamil nation and also to challenge the security, sovereignty, unitary status, totality of Sri Lanka, and the democratic rights of the people

Above and beyond, USA and the International community cannot interfere with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs seeking a regime change in Sri Lanka under the pretext of national reconciliation, justice, and equality for Tamils. It will be helping India to curb the Tamil Nadu demands. Sri Lanka will remain a friendly neighbor to India. Sri Lanka will regain its dignity, honor and respect. Finally a win-win situation will dawn.



Daya Hettirachchi

CC:       Hon. G.L.Peiris            , Minister of External Affairs

             Hon. Basil Rajapaksa Minister of Economic Development

            Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary of Defence

            Print media


9 Responses to “OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF SRI LANKA- Northern Province Elections”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “This is an opportunity now for the Government to go for the elections armed with a future looking political package bundled together from the recommendations of LLRC report, National Action Plan, and the APRC Report on Devolution. If the Government is to produce and present a tangible package encompassing the above documents, it will help the nation in regaining its unity, and reconciliation as these proposals are proudly home-made “by the people and for the people”. Then TNA cannot have a separatist slogan and the Opposition will be without a slogan to campaign for. The election campaign will be less violent.”

    I call this naïve.

    Tamils in the north are TOTALLY NOT INTERESTED IN LLRC, Action plan and devolution!! They are ONLY interested in voting for the TNA.

    How do I know it?

    I’m a Tamil hailing from Jaffna and I FEEL the PULSE of my people (I’m one of them).

    That does NOT mean I endorse Tamil racism. It is the REALITY.

    If you want more proof, please check the election results in the following years in Jaffna. They ALWAYS vote for Tamil racists no matter how good the govt. is.

    1977 (after Sirima did so much good)
    2011 small elections
    2012 election in the east.

    Do you think an election campaign IF TNA is losing will be “less violent”? I disagree! It will be MOST violent.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Daya Hettiarachi!!…………..Thank goodness finally a writer who can help things happen. This type of letter & advice is what HE President Rajaaksha, needs. As most of expats say, these expats can advice & provide right solution to our political leaders, as expats are familiar how he foreign govts operate.

    A continued pro-active list of proposals to implement & show proof that we as Sri Lankans are NOT interested in violence or confrontations, but provide advice, input for our leaders to be more active in delivering results without much talk.

    Action is what is needed, so that even our enemies will be lost for words, when they see concrete results, than rhetorict.

    Thank again Daya & I wish other interlectuals could collectively help our leaders to deliver, so that this never ending interference from outsiders will stop once & for all.

    Another expat from Canada…….retd engineer expressing his two cents worth…..~

  3. Voice123 Says:

    Lorenzo is correct. Moreover, nothing short of the extermination of all Sinhalese throughout the planet will satisfy Tamil Nadu. I am not endorsing bad governance, but any form of governance needs a baseline of security to survive. This is what must be guaranteed BEFORE a workable solution which satisfies aspirations of all communities, “dignity” etc can be provided. The USA and allies cannot provide this. They had 500 years to do so but failed.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Giving FRUIT JUICE (LLRC, Action plan and devolution) to blood sucking (Tamil Nation) mosquittoes DO NOT WORK.

    At the end of the day we will lose BOTH our friut juice and blood!!

    I hope the president will SCRAP 13 AMENDMENT now so that we don’t have to hold the northern provincial council election.

  5. aloy Says:

    Daya and Jayasiri,
    You live in distanat shores and giving this “advice”. You do not seem to know what will come after that. Are they not trying to get what they tried to get with a war supported by the west?. It is the very same west who wants us to go ahead with this and even a child knows this. GOSL knew this and has been delaying it right from 1987 until now. Now you are telling GOSL to jump. If this is what you are advising no wonder they call sinhalaya modaya.

  6. mario_perera Says:

    Why should the government feel bound by the LLRC report? Yes, the article is naive, infantile, puerile. The government is neither bound by the LLRC which is a commission, nor by the 13A which is a legal constitutional clause. If the government can legally overturn the 13A by a vote in parliament with the adequate majority, why should the government feel bound the LLRC whose report which is a set of recommendations. Then there is the Supreme Court which already declared a part of the 13A stipulations to be invalid by separating the east from the north. So giving an uncalled for sanctity to the LLRC report is living in a fool’s paradise. The white powers have latched on to it because it suits their purposes being the beginning leading to the end which is total autonomy for north and east. That means a link up with Tamil Nadu, making north-east literally a Tamil Nadu run province.

    As for the idoneity of the northern elections, the opinion expressed in the article is being blind to reality. Already Tamil Nadu is calling for a referendum in the north with a view to secession. The northern election results will be seen as such, and will have the opposite results to those envisaged by the author of the article. The bishop of Mannar and his cohorts, mainly in robes are are agitating for a north-east reunification. Sambandan is wooing the Muslims to the same end. TNA victory at the northern polls will only set this vicious snow ball rolling.

    The evil must be nipped in the bud. To the dust bin with the LRRC report. The far greater evil is the 13A as it is a constitutional clause. The 13A must go and with it Provincial Councils. Elections to the north, yes, but not under the 13A. The conclusion is so simple…scrap 13A…scrap 13A…scrap 13A.

    First the 13A MUST GO. Then urgent steps must be taken to draft a NEW CONSTITUTION. Under the New Constitution racist parties must be declared illegal, no territorial delimitations on grounds of ethnicity, lands of Diaspora traitors to be conficated and nationalised, Sinhalese must be reinforced a the National Language, and Buddhism unambiguously declared the State Religion. Other languages and religions must fit into this scheme.

    This is the salvation for Sri Lanka. Otherwise winning the war would have been a sterile exercise.

    Mario Perera

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    I 100% agree with Mario – the writer Daya Hetti is completely deluded and has little idea about TNA, Tamil Racists and their agenda for Sri Lanka. The last few weeks of the war and the LLRC are completely immaterial to the UNHRC proceedings and action by Western Christian countries. Their agenda is clear – dismember Sri Lanka and establish Eelam as a stepping stone to balkanise India starting with Tamil Nadu.

    Even if there were zero casualties, the action Christian West contemplates for Sri Lanka will not change – Tamil grievances, civilian casualties at the end of the war, or LLRC are only excuses for the kind of agenda they wish to implement in Sri Lanka.

    First it was the APRC with the cross eyed professor and now the LLRC. It was extremely foolish of the President to have loaded the LLRC Commission with Devolutionists with Colombian ideals and to continue to have G L Pieris – an avowed devolutionist as the MInister of Foreign Affairs.

    If Sri Lanka gives into measures contemplated by Sri Lanka’s enemies – it will without any doubt lead to a permanent state of war once Eelam or even a semblance of Eelam is established. This is what they want to establish for a start leading to complete destabilisation and eventual annihilation of the Sinhala Buddhist identity.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with Lorenzo & Mario. Scrap the 13-A. Bring in the DDCs (District Dev Councils) as the unit of governance, not devolution.

    Sri Lanka governments, (any GoSL now or future), will not be able to handle the machinations of Machiavellian Tamil Nadu politics that seem to be double dealing with India itself and aligning itself with foreign powers, guide almost all ordinary Tamil people, anywhere, not only in Sri Lanka. The TNA is the representative Separatist movement in Sri Lanka.

    Impose the rules of Clause 6-A, or get caught in a continued sense of a fear psychosis and perish in senseless attempts at Tamil Secession.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    they call sinhalaya modaya.- ! We call this name you call us Sakkiliyas ! you do not call yourself please ! I feel uncomfirdable my sinhala sakothraya!

    Step no two – NP Election to elect first President of Saiva Thamil Eelam ( Modaya call CM of NP) !

    Step three- Katcha theevu liberation ……

    modayas always modayas for last 2,500 years !!!

    Naalai pirakkum Saiva Thamil Eelam ! Jesus will come back !

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