Sri Lankan Abuses Spur Ottawa to Eye Boycott of Summit
Posted on April 29th, 2013

 Mahinda Gunasekera Tambrook Drive Agincourt, Canada

April 27, 2013

The Editor

Globe and Mail


Dear Editor,

Sri Lankan Abuses Spur Ottawa to Eye Boycott of Summit

Your news report of April 26th speaks of Canada’s failure to convince other Commonwealth members at the Ministerial Action Group in London to move the venue of the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting from Sri Lanka which was selected at the prior CHOGM sessions to host it. The move by the Conservative led Government of Canada supported by the other federal political parties who are also vying for votes of the vociferous Canadian Tamils who backed the Tamil Tiger terrorist group in their separatist war in Sri Lanka, based on unsubstantiated claims deemed “credible allegations” of HR violations mostly fabricated by these Tamil propagandists was spurned by the rest of the Commonwealth.

The selfish aims of the Canadian politicians with an eye on the Tamil votes in the GTA was clearly exposed making them a set of opportunists without principles who seek to judge the conduct of Sri Lanka in her military action against a group of ruthless terrorists that bled the nation for over three decades, on highly questionable allegations which lack compelling evidence needed for purposes of investigation, judicial review and action by the Sri Lankan authorities.

Canada herself has had a long history of human rights failings with several unresolved issues affecting the living conditions of the First Nations Peoples that have yet to be sorted out. It is hoped that wiser counsel will prevail, and Mr. Harper will attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka and find out the situation at firsthand and thereafter engage with Sri Lanka if there were any issues of concern.

Yours truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera




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  1. jayasiri Says:

    Dear Mahinda Gunesekera, ……….Like you & Asoka Weerasinghe…our expats must get involved in dispelling the LTTE propaganda, lies & accusations without any proof.

    That is why Commonwealth as a whole, has rejected these accusations & confirmed Sri lanka is best location to hold this gathering. Poor LTTE with all these, eminent persons, past prime ministers, and howling parade of conservatives, have totally dismayed by the events of the Commonwealth leaders & their firm commitment to Sri Lanka.

    Now I wonder what else they will try to do, next without being quiet like nice school boys…Just expressing my two cents~ another expat from Canada.

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