The forum expresses disappointment over Canadian Government stance on Sri Lanka
Posted on April 30th, 2013


We observed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s stint at possibly changing the venue for November, 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka.  We also observed Foreign Minister John Baird’s immature biased statements highlighting a misguided Canadian foreign policy.  It is further appalling to understand the real driving force behind this current trend that wishes to cause unnecessary harm to a tiny nation that is slowly recovering from a post colonial conflict which lasted over 30 odd years.

True reconciliation starts with all actors and characters actively participating and engaging with the required source.  By turning a blind eye to reconciliation and playing into hands of separatist partisan politics in order to secure votes the Canadian Government will be missing a great opportunity to emerge as a true world leader.  With a large contingent of Sri Lankans living here the Canadian Government  should not use double standards in the House of Commons in the case of Sri Lanka.  It is vital that the Conservative caucus research all available ground realities before jumping into one sided conclusions.

Canada and Sri Lanka has always enjoyed a good relationship and it is unfortunate that CHOGM has created a rift partly due to furious unchecked statements issued by Stephen Harper and John Baird. To us such mechanism is seen as an anti Sri Lankan drive against ordinary Sri Lankan citizens in Canada and around the world who are enjoying the peace and a way forward.  What we truly request from the Canadian Government is to rethink its current stance, and fairly observe all developments in Sri Lanka by relaying information to the public which it receives from visiting delegations, as well as the Canadian high commission in Colombo without any censorship.

We are truly disappointed that our member of the Commonwealth, who was once the champion of world peace is now constantly poking its head to punish a tiny democratic nation due to an over exaggerated human rights record intertwined to its internal democratic process, in contrary the Harper Government to this date is yet to address any of its own human rights issues and remains very quick to block critics. However, time is now for Conservative Government to act and engage with Sri Lanka allowing it to achieve a desirable reconciliation for lasting peace. Any negative buildup on the Canadian Government part to isolate or push for a boycott of CHOGM venue will only lead to a derailed foreign policy allowing separatist fundamentalists to take the Harper Government for a ride, while damaging local Conservative support, economic interests and influence in South Asia.



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3 Responses to “The forum expresses disappointment over Canadian Government stance on Sri Lanka”

  1. Voice123 Says:

    The Canadian media mafia, Star etc, wont publish facts and truth as relayed by fact finding missions and the public but are quick to publish unsubstantiated rumours spread by those with vested interests, paid “human rights lobbyists”, plain suckers, terrorist supporters and people smugglers, people that in no way represent their communities. Its time to by-pass the mass media and take the truth DIRECTLY to the Canadian public, a public weary of hysterical slogans of an assortment of ringe minorities continually struggling and contirting to portray their causes as relevant to Canada itself. The public can see how they themselves are being taken for a ride.

    Yes my dear LTTE rumpers, hate mongers, peddlars of the devils pies, GTA misfits and loafers etc, nalai pirakkum, direct democracy worldwide. Can you stop? No! Modeyars. Time to give back, to contribute, what you have taken from all the countries and societies you are running around hoodwinking by false pretence.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I don’t think Canada will ever change. With close to a million south Endians now (including SL Tamilians), no Canadian politician can go against them.

    But there is good news. Arabs and Africans are now coming in large numbers into Tamil areas in Canada. Their population growth is higher than even Tamils. Believe it. Soon they will intermarry them and all south Endians will become middle eastern. Just give 30 years and you will see.

    But SL fools use Tamil language officially. So there is NO CHANCE of integration. IF Sinhala-only was kept, Tamilian people would have either integrated very well or left the country by now.

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Voice you said correctly “it is time to by-pass Canadian Mass media” Now a days there is no mass media in western world. It is (m) ass media or presstitutes!
    Best example of how foolish and bias western (m) ass media, I have noticed last week. They reported Boston “pressure cooker” as a weapon of mass destruction?
    Why Canadian disappointed to have so called Common Wealth Meeting in Sri Lanka. What are the action they took against U.K for invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? How many Iraqis and Afghanis massacred by British? Isn’t it a human right violation for Canadians?
    What is the moral Canada has to talk against Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka fought with most murderous LTTE terrorists. But what is the right Canada has to invade independent nations of Afghanistan and Libya? Stephen Harper, don’t pee against the wind.

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