Posted on May 8th, 2013

Courtesy The Daily News 

* Sixteen complaints against Salley and sister

* Arrest based purely on allegations

* Started taking meals from Sunday

Former Deputy Mayor of Colombo, Azath Salley was arrested for inciting citizens to take to arms. In an interview to Junior Vikatan magazine on April 24, 2013, Salley had said the Sri Lankan Muslim community had no option but to take to arms. This report could also be accessed on website

The public that accessed the report over the website had also complained to the authorities over the statement. The CID commenced their investigations based on a report by intelligence that Salley had made statements and given interviews to the print and electronic media that could lead to ethnic strife and inflame passions that could threaten the hard won peace in the country. His call to arms was serious, authorities stated.

Meanwhile, Media Centre for National Security Director General Lakshman Hulugalle said there were many complaints against Salley, concerning speeches inciting religious and ethnic discord and about financial fraud.

He said some were also trying to bestow a religious angle to the issue and added that the government had a number of Muslim ministers and politicians in its ranks and had the fullest support of the community.

Salley who was arrested last Thursday, following complaints received by the CID about speeches he made inciting racism, is also being investigated for several cases of financial fraud, Police Spokesman SP P M H B Siriwardene said.

SP Siriwardene said both Salley and his sister have 16 complaints of financial fraud against them.

Hulugalle said said five of the complaints which have a direct bearing on him are currently being investigated.

Answering questions from the media at a news briefing at the MCNS yesterday, Hulugalle said there was no truth to some reports suggesting that Salley’s arrest was politically motivated.

He said Salley’s arrest was purely based on the allegations levelled against him and added that certain elements with vested interests were trying to portray it as something else in an attempt to seek petty political mileage.

Hulugalle said such allegations won’t hold water as Salley was not a top rung politician either.

“The government also has very strong ties with Muslim countries and their support for Sri Lanka was amply demonstrated at some recent world forums,” he said.

Hulugalle said the alleged statements Salley is said to have made in Chennai and elsewhere recently were an insult to the Muslim community and an attempt to harm national unity.

Answering a question, he said Salley who was on a fast as a mark of protest over his arrest had also begun to take meals from Sunday.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesman SP Siriwardena said Salley was arrested following his failure to appear at the CID office despite several reminders to do so to investigate allegations against him.

He said a report has also been forwarded to the Attorney General in this regard, regarding investigations on Salley


  1. Marco Says:

    The website quoted above is in tamil.
    If Lankaweb would permit me to provide a translation of the interview in order that the readers are able to form an informed opinion. I trust Lankaweb editors will show the common courtesy.

    Q: There is news that attack against Muslims has started in Sri Lanka?

    A: The first attack in Sri Lanka was against Muslims in the riots of 1915 between Sinhalese and Muslims.

    Recently in 2011, after the war with the Tigers, a Dharga in Anuradhapura was demolished by Buddhist monks in the presence of the police.

    In 2012 a mosque in Dambulla was demolished. By demolishing over 10 mosques and madrasas, the Sinhalese have started attacking the Muslims openly.

    No one pays any attention to the fact that soldiers are harassing Muslim women wearing the burqua.

    Their intentions can be gauged from the statement of the Rajapakse-supporting Sinhala party, the Jathika Hela Urumaya, that a war like that of 1915 is unavoidable.

    As a first step to this war, the issue of Halal certification has been banned in Sri Lanka.

    If so, there will be no alternative to taking up arms. For saying this, the The Bodu Bala Sena has said that I should be arrested.

    Q: What actions have you taken to ensure the safety of the Muslims?

    A: When America brought forward the resolution on Sri Lanka, I submitted an appeal that the safety of the minority Tamils, Muslims and Christians should be also assured.

    Further, we requested the Ambassadors of 24 countries, including those of 8 Muslim countries supportive of Sri Lanka and demanded that they speak on behalf of the minorities.

    We are trying to bring this issue to the attention of the world community.

    Q: There was information before that the Tamils and Muslims were alienated. How is the situation now?

    A: The Muslims were driven out of the territory under Tiger control before. From then the Muslim organizations started to differ. The Tigers should not have done that. If they had embraced the Muslims, the situation could have developed differently. Prabhaharan missed several opportunities. This has been beneficial only to the Rajapaksa family.

    Q: The actions (activities) of Rajapaksa?

    A: His only proclamation is that he has won against the Tigers. The Rajapaksa family which was without anything is today being transformed into the most prosperous family in Asia.

    His relatives who were working abroad in super markets and petrol stations are ministers today.

    They are travelling to neighbouring countries for discussions. They have captured the media. Only the Rajapaksa family members are at the head of all governmental agencies.

    Gotabaya is guiding the Bodu Bala Sena with the intention of taking the message amongst the Sinhala people that Rajapaksa is the only soldier (Hero) for the Sinhalese.

    They think the Rajapaksa Senior is the president and Gotabaya, Basil and Namal are also presidents. Confiscating people’s properties is Namal Rajapaksa’s occupation.

    They divided various occupations among themselves: taking commissions on government tenders is Basil’s share and changing Sri Lanka into a Buddhist country is Gotabaya’s share.

    It is on the basis of this confidence that he has changed the rule that one person can be president for only two terms, to that where one can be president any number of times.

    Presidential elections can be held now only once in four years, but the president is engaged in actions to make it possible to hold elections every three years.

    Because his party has the majority now, he plans to hold the presidential election again, win and then conduct the general elections.

    However, Tamils and Muslims will not vote for Rajapaksa. He cannot win the confidence of these communities ever.


  2. Marco Says:

    Hulugalle for good measure has thrown in financial fraud.
    I wonder when such financial fraud was committed?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done.

    NIP this dirt in the bud.

    He is an INSIGNIFICANT politician. NOT in parliament. NOT in a PC. JUST a CMC politician.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    One of our writers Asada wrote an article about his M-TNA some time ago. NO ACTION was taken.

    Govt. should have been prompt. An earlier arrest would have STOPPED him from doing this.

    Youtube has plenty of evidence against him. He goes around the country with thugs and threaten Buddhists.
    Now he refuses to eat because he only eats halal!!

    What have you gotten into Ass-ath?

  5. Marco Says:

    It appears the translation of the interview is still under “moderation”.

    Would it not be useful if the readers were given the opportunity to make an informed view/opinion?

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