Karunanidhi and the ‘boycott’ of CHOGM by Queen Elizabeth
Posted on May 12th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

 The DMK chief M Karunanidhi has demanded that India boycott the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka in November2013, according to a The Times of India report dated 10 May 2013. Why should he not do it? His rival Jayalalitha has been making a song and dance about the “ƒ”¹…”suffering of the Tamils in Sri Lanka’ for quite a while, saying that India should not attend the CHOGM. Which politician will forego the opportunity of earning some Brownie points at the expense of an issue over which he or she does not have to spend any national or regional resources or rack his brains to find solutions?

Poor Karunanidhi goes on to say, the “Queen has decided to boycott the conference”. Readers of international news are yet to read any media report that states that Queen Elizabeth is boycotting the event. All that that has appeared in the media is that Her Majesty is scaling down her engagements, especially those that involve foreign travel of long duration. As reported in the Guardian on 07 May, as well as in many other media forums, a palace spokesman has said: “It is nothing to do with the political situation in Sri Lanka. The key point here is that the Queen will be represented, although she is not there in person, by the Prince of Wales”.

There is a clear distinction between scaling down and boycotting, and the 88-year old Karunananidhi should be pardoned for getting the two issues mixed up: after all, there is a disease called Alzheimer’s, in which the sufferers, who invariably are the old, lose memory. So, assuming that someone has told the old man that the Queen is not boycotting the CHOGM, Karunanidhi coming out with his own version of the story “”…” after all, he was a script writer for Tamil celluloid fantasies “”…” is not at all surprising.

 It is a pity that Karunanidhi has not seen, and is not ready to see at firsthand, the much higher living standards and the comforts enjoyed by the Sri Lankan Tamils in comparison to their counterparts in Tamil Nadu.

 There are hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Tamilians who left Sri Lanka to the most affluent countries in the world, which  were thousands of miles away from the point of origin  – but not to Tamil Nadu,  the land of the Tamils, that separated it from Sri Lanka by a mere 30 Kilometres – on alleged discrimination. In addition them, there are millions of illiterate Tamilians  in Tamil Nadu who are ready to join protests against Sri Lanka, without having any idea of the relative luxury that their blood brothers enjoy in Sri Lanka. 

 Leaving the demand by Karunanidhi that India stays away from CHOGM, and gets CHOGM moved out of Sri Lanka aside, there also might be a substantial number of Sri Lankans,, too, who may wish that Karunanidhi succeeds in his endeavour. The Commonwealth is a toothless vestige of a tiger of an empire that was built on questionable means. Many of the former colonies may prefer to be given the opportunity manage their affairs as best they deem fit without the unwanted interference by all the human rights preachers and the reconciliation promoters.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “The Commonwealth is a toothless vestige of a tiger of an empire that was built on questionable means.”


    SL should seek compensation from GB of $50 billion.

  2. sridaran Says:

    Lorenzo, I have a question for you . You are a die-hard supporter of the BBS. And you are also an admirer of Wimal Weerawansa who you consider as one of the most popular politicians in SL.

    I read the following news item today :

    BBS slams Wimal

    Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena organization Galagodaaththe Gnanasara thero harshly criticized Minister Wimal Weerawansha on the 11th May at a meeting held in Kegalle to celebrate the first year anniversary of the organization.

    Pointing out a comment made by the minister that the BBS leaders had had negotiations with the Tamil Diaspora, Gnanasara thero referred to him as a “sinner”.

    He said that Minister Weerawansha has become afraid of the strength of their organization and is thus slandering their name.

    Gnanasara thero emphasized that no matter what others say, there is no inside confilict in BBS.

    He said that even Govt Ministers have tried to break the organization in to pieces.

    He also said that the revelations made by the BBS about the extremism in the country have now been proved.

    Minister Weerawansha, at a meeting in Lindula on the 11th, said that Buddhist groups who are acting against Muslims have held discussions with the Tamil Diaspora in USA. He has also accused that the organization is funded by Norway.


  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    Aii the people living in Sri Lanka face the same problems irrespective of race. Illegal Tamil Immigrants risked their lives to come SL crossing the Palk Straits because life was better than in India. The government of SL had a special task force. to prevent and arrest them.Most Tamils still have better life in SL than their counter parts in India.
    If Mr Karunanidhi is genuinely interested in the Tamils In SL, He should invite all of them to Tamil Nadu where he can look after them.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    BBS and WW should NOT go at each other. Instead they should target the common enemies of SL – TEs and Jihadis.

    Looks like the govt. is PANICKING fearing BBS! WW is a good man BUT he was SLEEPING until now. Who woke him up? BBS!

    This is healthy competition (without useless personal attacks). The MOST PATRIOTIC and aggressive group (against TEs and Jihadis) WINS!!

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