Holding Northern PC Elections. Amending the 13th Amendment or Abolishing the 13th A altogether with the Rajeev-JR pact. Which one will prevent the formation of EELAM and save the Motherland?
Posted on May 17th, 2013

Dr Sudath Gunasekara (SLAS) Retired Permanent Secretary, President Mahanuwara Senior Citizen’s Movement 17.5.2013

It is now speculated that the Government is ready to amend the 13th A by removing Land and Police powers and hold NPC elections in September. The conclusion of the NPC elections, I would say, could be the end of the control of the Sri Lankan Government in the north and be the beginning of a new phase of conflict which will end up by unilateral declaration of a unit of Tamil self rule that will lay the foundation for the future Tamil EELAM on our soil. The new PC will provide a strong ladder and a legitimate body for the LTTE monkeys and their proxies to convince the International community on the need for separation and setting up of an independent Tamil State in the north with the support of India and more particularly Tamilnadud.  The West will kill two birds with this that is destabilizing both Sri Lanka and India.

Formation of the NPC therefore I see as the first step in the division of the country. Therefore at a most critical time like this when the nation is at cross roads, a far more dangerous situation than ever before in the history of this Island nation, my wailing conscience compel me to pen these few words as a warning against this most dangerous move for whatever it worth in the name of my motherland and the generation yet to come.

In this regard I would like to draw the immediate attention of the President and all concerned citizens of this country to the Island Editorial of 12th April (If they have not seen and read it) where in the editor has concluded his masterpiece editorial with the following quote.

“Nobody who has read the Sarkaria and Punchhi Commission reports in juxtaposition will ever recommend such a system of governance (Provincial Councils) for this country. This is why the Northern PC election should never be held. This is why the Provincial Councils system should be scrapped or at the very least reformed. The unit of devolution should never be the province but the district. The need of the hour is to prevent the Indian contagion from affecting Sri Lanka. What the Punchhi Commission makes abundantly clear is that India is now a failing state which cannot counter the centrifugal forces at play in the States. We can’t afford to go down that road.”

While highly commending the timeliness and appropriateness of this wonderful editorial I strongly urge  all politicians and their learned advisors that they carefully read, re-read  and understand this Editorial along with the Sarkaria and Punchhi Reports fully  and digest them before  they  set the self-destructive and disastrous time bomb of NPC elections that will split this beautiful Island asunder into many an eternally antagonistic communal political enclaves killing each other within this Island eternally in future.

At the very outset I would totally reject the “ƒ”¹…”so-called 1987 Indo-Lanka Agreement’ on which the13th Amendment was based as an international agreement between the two countries. It lacks an iota of legitimacy. It was only a secret and diabolical document hurriedly drawn up by Indian mandarins to tame Sri Lanka, suspected to be pro American which India thought would be a threat to security of India and to consolidate India’s hegemony in the South Asian region. Neither the people of Sri Lanka nor the people of India wanted it. In fact it was signed under Island wide curfew amidst strong public protest by the whole nation led by the opposition. Some prominent Ministers of the then Government were also against it. Vigitamuni Soyza, the brave young navy officer from the South Sri Lanka, symbolized the bursting and boiling patriotic spirit of the whole nation against this aggressive conspiracy when he “ƒ”¹…”honoured’ the Indian leader with his rifle butt.

It was only a secretly hatched document old JR was forced to sing under duress imposed on him with the threat of an immediate Indian invasion. Legal luminaries like Raja Wanasundara also declared it as an illegal document. Therefore it cannot be called a “ƒ”¹…”legitimate agreement’ between two countries where both parties had voluntarily consented to agree.  To that extend I think it is legally flowed. Besides that India has already violated it by not fulfilling its promise to eradicate the LTTE. Therefore legally as well as ethically it has no credibility either. I am making this comment to emphasize the fact that in this backdrop termination of the Rajeev-JR Pact and abolition of the 13 Amendment, an offshoot of the same Pact, cannot be an issue in any forum.  The notion that the 13 A is a part of our law therefore is a myth.

Enough has been written on the dangers of the 13th A by all concerned and eminent men in Legal, Administrative and Academic fields over the past 26 years and the people of this country have seen and experienced the disastrous results of this system which has completely destabilize good governance in this country, emptied the national coffers and created a set of superfluous political and administrative institutions that have only duplicated and complicated the process of governing. In fact today this system has resulted in zero governing. This system has only benefited political parties and politicians by breading a set of neo-rich thugs turned politicians and vise versa who form the underpinning of a corrupt, degenerated, despicable and monstrous political system that has become the biggest curse to the country. Public opinion is 100% against this 13th A. But it is a great tragedy that the self-centered and power hungry politicians of this country both in the Government as well as the Opposition whose only concern is power and money only, are deaf, dumb and blind to all such public opinion on this huniyama that is destined to bring irreparable and irreversible geo-political damages in the long run to the unity, territorial integrity, peaceful co-existence among different ethnic groups and political stability of this Island Nation. It is also a classic tragedy that none of our politicians including JR has realized that India has successfully killed the Sri Lankan Constitution of 1978 with the introduction of the 13th Amendment. With the acceptance of the 13th A and passing by our Parliament Sri Lankan Government became a virtual puppet of the Indian Government in1987.

As the above Island editorial has correctly pointed out “ƒ”¹…”The recent events in Tamil Nadu and the inability of the Indian Central government to control Tamil Nadu should make the Sri Lannnka government even more apprehensive about having a chief minister in the north who can add his voice to the rising secessionist caterwaul in South India.’

Whatever the advisors in the Government rank and file may advocate, if they hold the NPC elections, with or without Land and Police powers, the results are a foregone conclusion. The TNA, the proxy of the LTTE will definitely capture power in the NPC by a comfortable majority, if not by a landslide.  Roads, railways, ports and buildings will never change the Tamil mentality unlike the Sinhalese. The very next day they will declare independence as a separate State with the support of Tamilnadu, the so-called Tamil Diaspora and the countries of the Western power block who are already against us.  Once that is set up it will be a permanent Tamil Kingdom on Sri Lankan soil unlike the temporary rule of the Indian invaders like Sena Guttika, Elara and Magha, who have been chased out from our shores by our ancient Kings. What is more dangerous is that this lesson will also be followed by the Muslims, firstly in the East and thereafter in other parts of the country as well.

Thus elections to the NPC will create more problems than solutions both at home and abroad. In fact it will not bring about any solution to any existing problem. It will only increase problems. It will take the country from bad to worse and complicate the existing situation to a no-return situation in all fields. The country will fall from the frying pan to the hearth. NPC elections will also completely nullify all victories gained by the war and put the country back in to square number one. With this power Tamil communalists and LTTE remnants will easily achieve what they failed to get by the bullet for 30 years. That will also be a complete betrayal of all the sacrifices made by our valiant forces in the name of the Motherland and mark the end of annual victory parades of the government. Those who died in millions for decades on behalf of their motherland will rise from their graves to curse and avenge those who are responsible for this treacherous blunder on the motherland.

In the light of this background instead of having elections, which I would call a political hara-kiri for the government and a blatant betrayal of the entire nation and the forces that fought the real war, what the Government should do at least now is

Give up this suicide attempt of having elections for the NPC and

1 Abolish both the 13t Amendment and the Rajeev-JR Pact along with the Provincial Councils

2 Abolish the Provincial system as an Administrative tool

3 Make the District the peripheral unit of governance

4 Ban all communal political parties leaving only national Parties

5 Go for the Tunrata political division (Ruhunu, Pihiti and Maya) that could reduce the number of Politicians and cost of governance at least by 2/3 the present colossal wasteful expenditure (Tun Rata structure has ruled this country continuously for 2242 years)

If the Government ignores this warning, fails to do the correct thing and go ahead with its ill-advised plan to have elections, all-round despair, disaster and destruction to the country will follow which could never be rectified by any future leader. MR will lose all precious laurels he has won by defeating the LTTE and in other areas. If he fails to take the correct decision, at a time he has all the political power and popular backing to do so and still sailing on the crest of majority popularity, he will be committing the biggest blunder in his political life. NPC election is destined to eclipse all what he had done so far and the future historians will be left with very little stuff to inscribe on him in Mahavansa. Future historians will write that though he defeated Prabhakaran he could not defeat the LTTE ideology. They also will say that President MR after a historic win over the LTTE in May 1909 succumbed to Indian and Western pressure and was responsible for dividing Sri Lanka in to two kingdoms and creating a permanent Tamil Kingdom in the North and the East of Sri Lanka in the year 2013, which Prabhakaran and all his ancestors from 2nd C BC could not do by the bullet.

I would take the liberty to conclude this note with the following quote,

“ƒ”¹…”Manga hondata tibenam-Yanta desath penenam

kima bediwala yanne- man mulawu ekaku se’

So Mr. President no Amendments, no NPC elections, abolish the 13th Amendment immediately along with the Rajeev-Pact and restore the 1978 Constitution to run this country until a meaningful constitution that enshrine the sovereignty of the people both in theory and practice is enacted. This is the only way that will save the country and your government from imminent disaster. There is also no other way that could carve out a more prominent niche for you in the Mahawansa of this Island Nation.

I also strongly believe that this country should be governed the way “ƒ”¹…”people of this country’ want and certainly not as India or the colonial West want. Neither India nor the West has any right to dictate as to how we should run our country.  We are an independent and sovereign country. By “ƒ”¹…”people of this country’ I mean the people who created the civilization on this land and lived here at least from the 6th century BC and whose ancestors died in millions and buried their bones under the sands of this sacred land over the centuries to defend their motherland against invaders and who consider this country as the only land to which they belong. These people who have no allegiance or attachment to any other place on earth belong to this category.

In my experience only Sinhala Buddhists fall in to this category. Because all Tamils consider Tamilnadu as their Homeland and their attachment is more weighted towards India. When it comes to religion Muslims are wedded to Mecca and emotionally to the Muslim world. Even Sinhala Catholics and Christians have their attachment to Rome. For all these people their first choice is somewhere else and Sri Lanka is only their place of temporary domicile and bread winning. Therefore they all share divided attachment and divided allegiance. This is why I hold the view that this country must be governed according to the aspirations of the Sinhala Buddhist. They are the only people who have undivided attachment, love and allegiance to this country. Even today they also form 75% of the total population of the country. Therefore no ruler of this country should betray these true sons of the soil who belong to the first group.  I know truth is bitter. But that is the stark truth everybody has to concede to.

For the present day vote hunting power crazy politicians who do not care a dam for the future of the country this argument may sounds anathema.         But this is the stark truth whether somebody likes it or not. A country needs farsighted and courageous statesmen of character and courage who could stand above petty and short term political considerations and who could rise up to the needs of the hour just like a phoenix and certainly not self centered short sighted, mediocre and rogue poly-tricksters who bring misery nations and countries.

The Sons and Daughters of this Island nation have elected you Mr. President first in 2005 to liberate this country from the clutches of unpatriotic politicians and to eradicate the LTTE to protect the territorial integrity of this Island. Because they knew that no one else will and could do it. They also expected you to protect and foster our traditions like the ancient Kings as you hailed from Magama in Ruhuna- the home of Dutugemunu.  They also voted you in 2010 for a second term to consolidate what you have achieved during the first term of office. They never elected you to divide the country in to pieces and offer them on a platter to Tamil and Muslim communalist to make them happy just to get their vote. They also wanted you to ensure that you do all within your power to make this Island once again “ƒ”¹…”One country and One Nation’ so that it will protect the Sasana at least for another 2500 years as the Buddha himself had declared.

As you are aware, unlike most other politicians, both Tamils and Muslims, Like Shylock the Jew want the exact pound of flesh from your heart. They want areas of self rule carved out for them to build up their nations and communal empires at the expense of the Sinhalese. India and the West want the same.  That is not because they love the Tamils or the Muslims but they know that that is the best way to keep Sri Lanka divided and permanently destabilized. This is what you will be definitely promoting if you have elections to the NPC as proposed.

As far as decentralization or devolution of power to people to manage their own affairs is concerned, we have no quarrel with anybody. That applies to all whether they be Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim. But Provincial Council system is definitely not the answer to it. The best way to do it is to devolve power to people at the Village Council level and not on an ethnic basis but on a geographical criterion. These Councils should be allowed to manage their own affairs but none of them could be independent of the government of the country.  They all should be subordinate bodies operating under the Government of the country. There should be only “ƒ”¹…”One Country’ and “ƒ”¹…”One Government’ and “ƒ”¹…”One Nation’ for the whole country. In short this is exactly what people of this country expected from Mahinda Rajapaksa from Magama when they voted him as the President in 2005.

One last word of ancient wisdom Mr President.  This comes in Setambara patasaluwa (King’s new clothes). In this story it was only a naked tiny tot who said the King on the elephant is naked. None of his Ministers including the Prime Minister, learned advisers and not even the Agabisawa saw the nakedness of the King riding the elephant.  The King’s new clothe (though he was not wearing anything) they all described as the most wonderful clothe they have ever seen. All pretending to be wise men none said the truth and deceived the King to safeguard their positions and lucrative perks. Finally it was only a small naked boy who had nothing to do with the all mighty King, shouted “ƒ”¹…”the King is naked and said the truth.  This story summarizes the real nature of the relationship between Kings and their close associates and the gist of the quality of advice they always give.

The little boy had not got anything from the King. As such he had nothing to lose or be afraid of the King. He also did not expect anything from the King in future either. Similarly it is always an independent person who is not dependant on the King for his sustenance or survival will be able to tell the truth. My mind is open and my conclusions are based on hard evidence of history covering a period spanning from 2nd C BC up to date and not on concocted new EELAM history of the 20th century.

8 Responses to “Holding Northern PC Elections. Amending the 13th Amendment or Abolishing the 13th A altogether with the Rajeev-JR pact. Which one will prevent the formation of EELAM and save the Motherland?”

  1. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you, Dr. SUDATH GUNESEKERA!!………..very informative, thought provoking article. We all feel one day Endia will invade, if we do not agree to their way of thinking. Call the bluff…….If invaded, Endia will see our people will unite & give a lesson that Endia will NEVER FORGET.

    Remmber a president known as PREMADASA……well what he did made Endia to take their troops back, go home leaving colosal waste of mostly Tamils of Sri lanka. When we nationalised the Oil marketing business of US & UK, they cut off aid to Sri Lanka.DID WE BLINK ??…NO.. we found other ways of survival.

    Fearing Endia might invade or do whatever, shouldn’t scare us..becsause this is OUR COUNTRY, a free sovereign democracy has ahistory longer than Endia. If Sri Lankans of all stripes stick together, NOBODY CAN DEFEAT US. Think of our Kings in past faught & drove Endians away. Remember how Vietnam took on the world’s biggest & economically sound country (USA) & defeated them.

    So Sri Lankan brothers & sisiters, mothers & fathers, UNITE & fight the enemy. ONE nation, One Country, One Govt. UNITED & FREE…………Thank you again Sir, if the President has not seen this article, general public will read & demand President do the right / correct thing & ABOLISH 13 Ammendment, Abolosh Provincial councils immediately.

    Anotehr expat who loves our motherland…….expressing his views…~ J

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Happy Independence Day Everybody!

    Hope the govt. will listen to people and NOT ENDIA.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    JR had to get letters of resignation from his cabinet which he held as a lever to force the 13A through. So it was signed under duress. India has to stop bullying the small countries around it. India should abide by their flag which says “Sathyamewa Jayathe” which means “Truth alone triumphs”. If they abide by these words they can once again become a shining beacon to the whole world in this darkest of times.

  4. Senevirath Says:

    what ever power is removed the tamil pc will later declare eelam . So abolish pcs


  5. Ratanapala Says:

    13 A should not just become an exercise to save the illusion of saving Mahinda Rajapakse’s neck. The Colombian Christian advisors around him and the spineless Foreign Affairs Minister – himself an avowed devolutionist is surely behind this scare mongering and leading the once heroic President astray and in to infamy.

    For one last time the President needs to gather the pride and dignity of a nation and stop the dismemberment of Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka’s history only a Don Juan Dharmapala has resorted to such treachery. Not even the much despised Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe ever contemplated of handing over Sinhale’ on a platter to the enemies of the land which is what 13A implies for Sri Lanka now.

    Only recourse left for Sri Lanka is to strengthen militarily and develop the country with the goal of self sufficiency. It is time the President thinks of his achievements so far and not of himself or his family or even the scumbags that hang around him like Mervyn Silva and Kudu Duminda and the old hags of the SLFP . He has gained an unassailable position in the history of Sri Lanka and he can keep that position only by keeping Sri Lanka undivided and whole.

    13 A is dangerous not so much for what it is, but more so for the direction it will take after its implementation. We have to look at the day after these powers are granted. What if the likes of John Kerry or his counterparts of the Christian West decide to visit TNA Sambandan by passing Colombo to discuss what development assistance the North will need. Will Sri Lanka stand a chance in preventing such an event seeing what happened with Hilary Clinton’s visit to Chennai! From day one it will be a case of TNA going against Colombo controls and calling for help from our distractors.

    Christian West is hell bent on dismembering Sri Lanka and the only choice Sri Lanka is not to go on that slippery slope, buckle up and get ready to defend the nation with the help of the patriots.

    Only solution is to dismantle the accursed 13th Amendment, do away with the white elephants – the Provincial Councils and take a brave step to stand tall among other brave nations.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Only dismemberment of the Nation, downfall and disgrace follows the implementation of the 13-A. All the reasoning shows that it ought to be removed. Thirteen is an unlucky, luckless number. Get rid of it – fast. The People are with the Parliament – let’s go for it !

    It is not so much the President, but the Parliament that has to remove the 13-A, or through an island wide Referendum –
    isn’t it ?

  7. Jayantha Says:

    Doesn’t Sri Lanka have its own leadership or are they so scared of India that they would not dare open their mouth and tell these bastards where they should get off.

    This type of news disgusts any red blooded Sri Lankan. Prince Gamunu, I am sure, had the same feeling that millions of Sri Lankans have today because of this ill fated 13th amendment. It is high time to tell the Indians to go fuck themselves and repeal this amendment that was forced on us because of a weak old man (JR) who was only greedy for power.

    The 13th amendment and the Cease Fire Agreement were the curse of the UNP. Ranil Wickremesinghe the back boneless wimp is still paying for these two sins.

    Jay Pathbey – USA

  8. aloy Says:

    HE the President,
    Listen to the voice of patriots in and outside this forum, listen to Dr. Sudath and Ratnapala in this thread in particular. Lets get rid of this 13A and be prepared to face what comes after.

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