How Canada became the odd man out in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 29th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

29 May 2013

Hon. John Baird, PC., MP

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear John:

What’s all this  that I read in Colombo Page, the news item reprinted from the National Post “”…” How Canada became the odd man out in Sri Lanka “”…” bylined Martin Collacott, the former High Commissioner to Sri Lanka.

After reading all of it my conclusion was “What a sad bunch you Conservatives are.“   I am ashamed to be one of you  “”…” a Conservative. That’s what happens when you start flirting and  embracing the friends of the Tamil Tiger terrorists in Canada.  The Liberals learnt their lesson when the  GTA Tamils abandoned them at the last Federal election not wanting to touch them  even with a barge pole. So Maria Minnia, Robert Oliphant, Andrew Karnia and crowd were dropped like PEI hot potatoes.  That is how the cookie crumbles when you deal with blood soaked dollar notes filtering into your election funds, and dropping your honesty-guard for the  want of Tamil bloc votes in the Greater Toronto Area to give you all 10 ridings on a platter.

The news item said, “Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has announced that he will not attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Sri Lanka”¦”   Whoopee”¦do, John!

You are not going to Colombo not because it is a  Canadian protest, but it does seem that you do not have that thick-skin that you tell the outside world that you have cloaking your pit-bull persona, but it is that you cannot face the snickering of the other Commonwealth nations delegates saying under their breath”¦ “O, no, here comes the Canadian who thought he and his Prime Minister Stephen Harper would act like Pied Pipers and we would be a bunch of stupid lemmings following them just because they are after the Tamil votes back home.  They got that one wrong, haven’t they? Stupid fools!”

John, you and your Conservatives think that you have got the Tamil Tiger by its tail and can squeeze every Tamil vote at the next federal election.  How wrong you all are.  The Tamil Tiger is spinning you and your buddies like Jason Kenney, around and around and around  with its tail  that you are holding on to, and will release you all suddenly mid-air until you all will go flying out of control and  crash like brainless jelly-fish, spattering all over the floor.  It’s a matter of time John, all you Conservatives will come to that finality for sure one day.

If Sri Lanka has ignored your call on correcting the  alleged poor human rights record, the reason is simple and is clear as the sound of the Sunday’s Nepean church bell.  As they know that you are full of it, when the Canadian Aboriginal communities are struggling for decades with unsafe water, failing sanitation systems, schooling systems for their kids who are dying inhaling gasoline. All what the Sri Lankans will say is “”…” “get your house in order “ƒ”¹…”white man’ before you come down to preach to us about human rights.  We know all about your forefathers who killed all of the Beothuk Indians to take over their land.  “

And John, here is the litmus test for you and Jason who had the gall to go to Colombo on January 7th  to preach about human rights when on that very same day the Attawapiskat First Nation Peoples were demonstrating, not too far from his parliament’s office for the violation of  their human rights by the Canadian Government.  Jason Kenney was lucky.  Diplomatic protocol saved him by politeness by government officials.  If they were outside the precinct of diplomacy and someone with the John Baird’s pity-bull persona would have told him: “Why don’t you bugger-off  to where you came from and clean up your act at home before you try your ignoramus stunt on Sri Lankan soil again.”  Jason’s stupidity was embarrassing.

I bet John, this First Nation community people will move heaven and earth to exchange places with the 295,873 Tamils who were liberated on 19 May 2009, by the Sri Lankan Government soldiers from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who were using them as a human shield. These Tamils were housed, fed and given seed money to start their lives again, provided clean drinking water and gave back their right-to-life and their dignity.  They were  hundred times better  off than our First Nation peoples.  Right, John?  I don’t think you can stomach that fact, can you?

John, when these 295, 873 Tamils were herded like cattle from the west coast to the east coast for 30 months as a human shield I noticed that the then Conservative Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon obviously had a bout of laryngitis as we didn’t hear a pip squeak of a protest from Canada.  And when the Tamil Tigers were wiped out on 19 May 2009 who haemorrhaged that island nation for 27 years with the killing of over 100,000 innocent people, Canada had difficulty to pat Sri Lanka on her back and say “Way to go Sri Lanka, good for you to have eliminated the most ruthless of terrorists in the world,”   while other western nations did. The Press Release that your Foreign Ministry had put out was down right pathetic.

So these are the Sri Lankans that you want to teach how to suck eggs.  Come on John, be real!

I bet your not going to the Summit in Colombo, wouldn’t make much of a difference, and I am certain that morning the sun will still rise as it always did for eons from the east and  will set in the evenings in the west.

However, to answer Martin Collacott’s query “”…” “How Canada became the odd man out in Sri Lanka” is easy.  The Tamil vote rules the roost in Canada laced with parliamentarian’s stupidity.  And the thought of 30,000 Tamils descending on Ottawa’s Sussex Drive makes Canadian parliamentarians tremble under their pants like autumn leaves in a gust of wind.   We witnessed it in March, April and May of 2009, when 20,000 Tamils demonstrated under a sea of red Tamil Tiger flags and we could do sweet nothing about it.  And when the demonstrations ended you and I contributed to the million dollars as tax payers to clean the mess that these Tamils left behind.  Remember, John?   That is the ground reality.  And we Canadians are a bunch of losers boycotting the Colombo Summit.  Phew! What a bunch of Do-dos!


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Canada cannot get away so easily. Boycotting CHOGM in Colombo is only one of the things they have to do to please the Tamil separatists. The other more important task is to keep canvassing amongst the Commonwealth nations to convince them also to join in this childish boycott. In fact Canada has already sent a minister to Caribbean nations to mislead them. What a pathetic situation to be in, having to work like slaves for these separatists, who have committed crimes against humanity for nearly three decades.

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