India wants “Equality, justice, dignity and self-respect” for Sri Lanka Tamils
Posted on July 11th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

The National Security Adviser of India has said, according to media reports on 09 July, that his government expects a political solution going beyond the 13th Amendment and meaningful devolution of power to ensure, among other things, the Sri Lankan Tamil community would lead a life marked by equality, justice, dignity and self-respect.

The news report carries so many intrusive, unwanted and incorrect perceptions held by the Indians who occupy positions of power in the high echelons in New Delhi.

First and foremost is that the top guns in India do not seem to realise or accept that Sri Lanka is a separate, independent and sovereign nation and not a state or territory among the states and union territories that comprise today’s India. Sri Lanka has every right to do what it wants with its constitution as long as that is the desire of the Sri Lankans.

A second point is the implementation of the 13th Amendment and the so-called Indo-Lanka accord that bore it in 1987. There was no accord “”…” a two-party agreement “”…” whatsoever, although India keeps on referring to it as such. The pact was forced on the then President of Sri Lanka under the threat of invasion, with the Indian air force violating Sri Lanka’s airspace and Indian warships hovering menacingly close to Colombo. Getting the LTTE to surrender arms within 72 hours was a key feature of the pact, but the whole world knows that it was Sri Lanka’s valiant armed forces that disarmed the LTTE in 2009. All that mighty India could do in this regard was to sacrifice over 1100 of its soldiers to the very LTTE that it had previously financed, trained and armed to take on the Sri Lankan soldiers.

Another absurdity is India’s statements and position that Tamils in Sri Lanka should have a life of “equality, justice, dignity and self-respect”. If there are problems that the law-abiding Sri Lankan Tamils face, they are no different from those that the rest of the communities “”…” Sinhalese, Moor, Malay, Burgher or Aaadhivaasis “”…” face. If the National Security Adviser of India cares to visit Sri Lanka and take a walk in Wellawatte, Bambalapitiya, Kotahena or Sea Street in Pettah, he will find, to his utter surprise, that these regions, which until recently had Sinhala people as the majority community, are today almost twins of various parts of Tamil Nadu. There will be many Sinhalese who are ready to trade places with the Tamils there, who happen to be “more equal than the rest”.

It is time that India stops repeating the “equality, justice, dignity and self-respect for Tamils” mantra. They should go for another slogan, and leave Sri Lanka alone to handle its own affairs.



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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is Tamil RACISM by Endia.

    How about the others? Don’t they deserve equality, justice, dignity and self-respect?

    IF Endia is REALLY concerned about equality, justice, dignity and self-respect of Tamils TAKE BACK ALL Tamils in SL to Endia.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    This is India’s attempt to keep a constant leash on Sri Lanka. This concept of Equality, Justice, Dignity and Self Respect for Tamils have no limits or bounds. There is simply no point in giving into these call for the simple reason these call will never end. It can be used ad-nauseum till Sri Lanka becomes a vassal state of Indian and Tamils rule Sri Lanka.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    We would first like to see “equality, justice, dignity and self respect” (e.j.d.s) between Tamils of Tamil Nadu, INDIA, in the only homeland of Tamil people.

    In the fist place, so many hundreds of thousands of Tamil people fled/continue to flee from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka and other places, because there is NO e.j.d.s. in Tamil Nadu. Caste prevails and the low caste/Dalits suffer. What is the UN doing ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    1. “so many hundreds of thousands of Tamil people fled/continue to flee from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka and other places, because there is NO e.j.d.s. in Tamil Nadu.”

    2. “India wants “Equality, justice, dignity and self-respect” for Sri Lanka Tamils”

    When you put these 2 FACTS, what do you get?

    Endia wants to push as many Tamilians as they can to SL and create their Tamil nation in SL. No country wants them!

    SL population density 330 per 1 sq km.
    TN population density 480 per 1 sq km.
    Endia population density 410 per 1 sq km.

    The Endian PLAN is OBVIOUS.

    Our fools don’t (or CAN’T) realize this.

    What we must do? Make life as miserable as possible to Tamils in SL. Otherwise they will keep coming. Endia will keep pushing. Sounds bad but this is the BITTER TRUTH.

  5. AnuD Says:

    Why there is a need for a specific political solution only for Tamils living in the North and East.

    What about the Tamils living in other areas of the Island ?

    Why no one is talking about that ?

  6. Fran Diaz Says:


    Sri Lanka simply can’t AFFORD more people coming in, and that is a fact. The problem of over population has to be addressed in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. There is no other way. They do not seem to practice any birth control or family planning there at all – where India is headed, no one knows.

    India has a spiritual base that ought to be used to educate people re birth control & family planning needs and material provided for same. A part of every Kovil should be used for this purpose. No offence meant here, but it is necessary for sheer survival there. Indians who cannot stand life there get out somehow. Fiji has banned Indians coming in.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here’s a REVELATION for India demanding “equality, justice, dignity and self respect” for Sri Lankan Tamils.

    They ALREADY HAVE THEM, in that Sri Lanka accords EVERY CITIZEN Equal Rights, irrespective of community.There are No Scheduled Castes to divide and pit Sri Lankan citizens against each other as in India.

    However, Equal Rights for all citizens also requires that no group of citizens have SPECIAL RIGHTS. Not ONE IOTA MORE, NOT ONE IOTA LESS, even if it means that they will be INCURABLY UNHAPPY!

    India should BUTT OUT of Sri Lanka’s INTERNAL MATTERS and attend to uplifting the millions of its poverty stricken helpless people in dire need of food, education, employment and security. India has NO VALID EXPERIENCE or WISDOM in GOVERNANCE to offer Sri Lanka.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    What the hell are you talking about ~~Equality~Justice~Dignity~Self Respect~~for Sri Lankan Tamils only, when your DALIT TAMILS IN ENDIA, HAVE TO COLLECT FAECAL MATTER OF HIGH CASTE TAMILS, BY HAND. Damning hypocracy. Is this the way you Honour your Endian Low Class Tamils with equality, justice, dignity, and self respect ?

    We have seen pictures of an Endian woman (may have been even a high class woman) collecting faecal matter by hand, from a dry well of a high class family, watched by her son. Is this your kind of equality, justice, dignity, and self respect ?

    Oh ! I may have mis-understood. You are calling the Sri Lankan Tamils to collect faecal matter by hand, watched by their children, to earn some kind of dignity. BINGO. That is very good. The Sri Lankan Tamils you refer to, will be very good at that. I do hope their TAMIL CHILDREN WILL KNOW WHAT “DIGNITY” and “SELF RESPECT” is. Tamil Children, 16,000 of them are already under going training in Norway, collecting faecal matter of their parents Masters.

    Will all Municipalities in Sri Lanka, call for Applications from Sri Lankan Tamils only, referred by Endia, for the posts of FAECAL COLLECTION BY HAND, jobs. Qualifications:-Only those with absolutely no Equality, Justice, Dignity and Self Respect will be considered. TNA applicants will be given special preference, for postings in the North and East. Vacancies filled in Parliament will be highly paid. Rest, minimum wages. NO CLOSING DATE, till all Tamils only, are dignified.

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article states “The news report carries so many intrusive, unwanted and incorrect perceptions held by the Indians who occupy positions of power in the high echelons in New Delhi.” New Delhi to Chennai know they do not have a case to even state that the Sri Lankans are denied “Equality, Justice, dignity and self respect”. That is the voice of people like Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi and the Tamil Diaspora. India might as well have stated that the Sri Lankan Tamils deserve “Equality, Justice, dignity, self respect and a separate homeland” for that is what all this trumped up accusation is leading.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s all about INDIAN ELECTIONS DUE NEXT YEAR. Thus the wooing of the south, i.e. Tamils of TN, via Lanka on false pretenses
    via demand for already existing ‘equality, justice, dignity & self respect.
    Sadly “Made in India” falseness is coming to reside in Sri Lanka via Tamil leaders.

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