Do Western Delegations to Sri Lanka come to see progress and development after terrorism, or confirm their prejudices against Sri Lanka ?
Posted on July 16th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

It was announced that an European Union Parliamentary delegation led by Jean Lambert has arrived in  Sri Lanka on an Official visit.   It will meet with the Government, the opposition and other groups during their stay which is due to last one week.  Jean Lambert is the Chairperson of the EU Delegation for Relations with the Countries of South Asia.

She is the woman who stated that she is concerned about reports of threats and attacks on human rights defenders and journalists in Sri Lanka and encourages the authorities to hold those responsible for accountability.  Therefore one can be sure that the EU Delegation will not make any objective observations after  their visit.

These are people who take it for granted , being “White Europeans” ,that they know every thing happening in South Asia  and have the solutions for the problems. They come already prejudiced that the Government is accountable for all problems with regard to the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

They will officially listen to the government , but their more important concern will be what the Tamil people will have to say against the government to confirm their own views and  “concerns with  the governments violation of human rights and violation of free media”.  At the end  of their visit they may say they are satisfied  with the progress that has been made,  but , “there is more to be done ”

These delegations even before they come know exactly what they are going to say.  Therefore Sri Lanka need not be overly exited by  the visits of these delegations.  They will not after seeing the extensive development projects that have been carried out by the Government after the end of terrorism, and the government’s  remarkable progress in  the development  of  the living conditions of  the people in the North and East from what it had been before, make any positive remarks.

There is of course  more to be done but what has been done just after four years of  destructive terrorism is singular.  But these visiting delegates are unable to  look at the situation from that point of view and make a statement to encourage the government and the people. They will harp on “human rights” and ask for accountability.  These are their catch phrases.

On the 11 July,2013 there was a Televison Programme  in France 2 of the French Television , ” Carnet de Voyage d’Envoyer special.”  It was  a report by a special reporter  on Tourism.  In the television Magazine announcing the Programme the caption was ” Sri Lanka: a paradise in troubled waters”.

The introduction read, ” After thirty years of Civil War (they never use the word terrorism, and for them there are no terrorists in countries like ours, they are ” freedom fighters” or ” rebels”), Sri Lanka has become a destination very much sought after, but in the North of the Island, Tamil families have been stripped of their lands.”

The Special Reporter to  Sri Lanka had not bothered to  show to the television spectators the attractive scenic beauty of the land.  They showed a French family  of tourists in a poor village area searching for crocodiles.  There were quick shots of the South, but gave more time to a visit to a village of thatched huts of poor fisher men in the North along with a Tamil journalist from one of the Tamil Journals which they said is critical of the Government.

The Journalist took the special reporter to buildings under construction and explained they were hotels being constructed by the Ministers of the Government. They showed a barbed wire fence and said it is a forbidden area where poorer Tamil people lived. The journalist acting as a guide to the Special Reporter said that the tourists are taken only to selected areas, as the Tamil people whose lands have been robbed by the government  to construct Hotels live in deplorable conditions in areas where the tourists are not allowed to go.

The French Special Reporter was taken to the buildings under construction.  The workers  doing the construction work, the Tamil Journalist said, were the soldiers.  He added speaking to the  Special Reporter that, as there is no war the Sinhala military men are out of work and they  now work in hotel construction to earn money.

There were several building constructions and the Tamil Journalist said that they are all hotels owned by Ministers, being built on land “robbed” from the poor Tamil people.  He said that  25 000 people were made landless in the area.  The programme did not boost tourism but confined to a report of the Tamil people in the North, and how they are  being discriminated against by the Government. The presenter of the programme  said in conclusion , ” behind the beautiful Post Card showing the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka is the  blood and tears of the poor Tamil people  robbed of their lands and left destitute.”

The West is out to make Sri Lanka no better than a poor country in  Africa  where the  Government Ministers and officials  make money caring the least for the well being of the poor Tamil people.

That is what every Western visitor seems to say when they get back to their home countries after enjoying the hospitality of the people of Sri Lanka.  They seek out Journalists like those of the Udayan News Paper and “swallow” all they say as the Gospel truth.




17 Responses to “Do Western Delegations to Sri Lanka come to see progress and development after terrorism, or confirm their prejudices against Sri Lanka ?”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    how ever we help Tamils most of them will not be our friends ordinary tamils are being brain washed everyday by the vellala high cast politicians.we have to settle down more and more Sinhalese in the north

  2. stanley perera Says:

    Have those white westerners finished with Robert Mugabe? Nowadays we hardly hear of Zimbabwe. Is it because Robert Mugabe gave enough rasberries to the west or Mugabe caved in for the Western pressure. Why is Robert Blake silent these days. Cant’ he say anything about the 13A? Is it because Tamil diaspora failed to pay the monthly premium? Where is that ugly wrinkled woman Hillary gone? May be gone with the wind in Arizona.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Fully agree with Senevirath.

    Like BLACKHOLES they suck up EVERYTHING and gives NOTHING in return (except a VERY FEW like me).

    The ONLY solution is to settle Sinhalese in the north with GOOD SCHOOLS, GOOD JOBS (mostly govt. jobs), GOOD LAND, PIPE WATER, ARMY CAMPS for safety.

    NEVER fear TNA ever again.
    NEVER fear ENDIA ever again.
    NEVER fear UNHRC ever again.

    Look at that DISGUSTING SC judge Vigneswaran.
    Earned from SL govt. service.
    Got a top job in SL govt.
    Gave pro-LTTE decisions AND survived.
    Got his 2 African-looking sons married to Sinhala women.
    JOINED anti-SL TNA!!
    Will discredit SL after becoming CM.


  4. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Lorenzo,

    You are a rare gem – a rare cut and polished gem – in our midst.

    We are thankful and grateful to you.

    Mario Perera

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Most foreign countries are after the Resources of Sri Lanka. That’s the reality. Tamil Separatists work with them. That’s the unkindest cut of all.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Senevirath ! Quite true, the Sinhalese who were ethnically cleansed, are sill waiting to be re-settled in the North, along with the Muslims.
    Lorenzo ! Vignas sons’ children will be a new ethnic composition~~~SINTAM.
    Mario ! Lorenzo is a rare Gem, an Alexandrite. He is the Bastion of the Lanka web for the Sinhalese. A Bulwark, Stronghold, Rampart, and a Fortress.

    Charles! Ma hinda Srilankans la sudu hamata Dasayo wela. Balu Kukko wagey.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Public Resources of Lanka belong to the Public of Lanka, not to various small groups, and these Resources must be used for the Public good.

  8. Indrajith Says:

    Hi Lorenzo and others,

    Know Wasu Deva’s daughter married to one of Vignas sons. Who is the other Sinhala woman who married his other son? Thanks for educating us!

  9. Indrajith Says:

    Malindha, you’re correct! When the LieTTE started its ruthless war against SL army, most venerable Madihe Pannaloka Nayaka Thero put up five point action plan to meet that threat. One is to settle sinhala people in N & E areas, establish military villages (Hamudha Gammana) in those areas and to clear the thick jungles along the A9 road. I can’t remember the other two. Creating Sinhalese settlements with suitable infrastructure in the North is the most effective and viable solution to the saparatist problem of all times.

  10. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Two personal points on this issue. Once met an older American man who visited India for a month and got into a conversation with me regarding her history. I asked did he see Ajanta and Ellora? He acknowledged he did. I commented to the age of them especially Ellora to which he vehemently stated that India’s history does not predate the birth of Christ. I brought up Harappa the Buddha, Ashoka but he stuck to his guns. I also noticed that Americans who know next to nothing about India would spend a month there and return as “scholars” to an eager crowd of their peers. I was Googling Youtube for the French song La Mere by Charles Trenet which I like to sing along. I also Googled La vien la rose by Edith Piaf which too I like to sing along. Then I noticed that when those sites popped up there were numerous Tamil blogs showing film clips of Tamil singers and Bharatanatyam dancers. I came to the conclusion that these European nations’ Tamil populations have made an impression upon these cultures using their soft power of film and dance and once captivated one could surmise how easy it would be to convince them of the ‘Horrors” they have and still are undergoing by the Singhalese people. By the way there were no Singhalese blogs on these sites.

  11. Indrajith Says:

    The name in my previous comment should be read as Most Venerable Madihe Pannasieha NOT Pannaloka.Sorry for the typo error!

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    His other son is married to one Kesaralal Gunasekara’s daughter a smalltime SLFP politician at some municipal council.

    “One is to settle sinhala people in N & E areas, establish military villages (Hamudha Gammana) in those areas and to clear the thick jungles along the A9 road.”

    We need to FIND that document now and the points he made.

  13. Vis8 Says:

    These “Delegates” have already been duped well and truly by the Tamil refugee diaspora…… It is their terror-money and promised votes that count for these politicians. They are looking through tainted glasses, and are looking for faults, ..

    There were a few true politicians who were honest enough to see the progress the island had made just four years after the defeat of terror, as it is…… there was one American, and an Australian MP……. what they said is out there. Why is not the GoSL not taking advantage of these speeches? Quite poor counter-strategy by the GoSL. Everyone seems happy, just to reap the harvest while the sun shines. Sri Lanka needs propaganda machines…. LankaWeb seems to be one of the very few.

    I know that some patriots are blaming ] ambassadors for ineffective action….and are resigned to that fact. I hope that at least some patriotic groups will toss away small-issue politics and focus on the not-so-good international standing that our country is in, and gather their resources to help our Motherland.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    Kesara Lal Gunasekere ( National List ULF) was Deputy Mayor of the Dehiwela- Mount Lavania Municipal Council, while the Mayor was Dhanasiri Ameratunga.

    Talking of Dehiwela-Mount Lavania, it brings me sad nostalgic memories of my Dear Friend Late C.V. Gooneratne and his wife Sharma who died tragically by a bomb blast. We played Rugger together at CR&FC.

  15. Indrajith Says:

    Thank you Lorenzo and Susantha for the information.

    Sorry, Lorenzo, there’s no document as such but I read that Nayaka Theros statement in a newspaper article in early 1980 about his five point action plan. That’s why I cannot remember the last two points. At that time there were no photocopies or computer disks to store news articles. If possible, I’ll go to newspaper archives and try to find out if it is still available. If it is available, I’ll make it publsish. Thank you for your interest in this issue.

    By the way, it is interesting to know the connection KLG has to Dehiwala-ML MC. Our other nasty traitor, Pacha Bahu(Walawwe Hamu) also is from that MC.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    An internet search returned a book by him – Madihe Maha Nahimi Caritaya ha Cintanaya.

    Sunil V used to refer to this. May be he can list down the 5 point plan. I will write to him.

    I must confess I have not heard of him except a national day of mouring was declared sometime back when he left us at a time we BADLY needed him. He was a HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL monk from the things I dug up. We need his replacement and his vision to be carried forward.

  17. Indrajith Says:

    Thank you so much, Lorenzo.

    In early 2000, I met this great Nayaka Thero in a western country and put forward this same question (the last two points) to him and he very humbly responded to me. But for my bad luck I completely forgot it.
    However, sad to say, no any successive govt. took notice of what this nayaka thero said a long time ago to save our beloved motherland from the curse of terrorism and separation.

    By the way, who is sunil. v? I am ashamed of my poor knowledge about famous SL personalities!

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