Inauspicious Timing of Pillai Visit Where The Urgency Of Grave World Issues Dictate !
Posted on August 26th, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

August 27th 2013
 While the UN Human Rights envoy Naveen Pillai’s visit to Sri Lanka could be deemed a fact finding mission it has come at an inauspicious time when the President is out of the country which despite the criticism of some seems to have no bearing on the realities that the President’s itinerary probably had his visit to Belarus pre-scheduled. Therefore it was well within his right to proceed as planned with no obligation to re-schedule simply to entertain  someone whom Sri Lanka views as mostly contentious and often oversteps her metes and bounds often showing pro-Tamil bias ( being a Tamil herself). Whatever the related circumstances may be, it is hoped that the UN envoy will conduct herself accordingly, not overstep her brief as called for by many observers and enjoy her visit.
Perhaps if viewed objectively she seems to be dabbling in an issue which bears no relevance to the normalcy and tranquility of what the previously troubled Island Nation is today as realistically she will find neither tangible evidence of what she may be looking for (as the reasons which in all probabilities prompted her visit are linked to coercions by the Global Tamil Diaspora) nor will she be able to finger point substantially to affirm all the accusations the enemies of the State appear have put her upto if this be the case.

While it is a sad fact of life that a multitude of Sri Lankans suffered immense losses the question  is ~ would Ms. Pillai be able to ascertain for herself the realities surrounding the armed insurrection of the Tamil Tigers sufficient to make an impartial judgement of what really transpired and incorporate the grievances of the entire nation in unbiased perspective  and the chances are she will not as the apparent conflict of interests surrounding her visit simply cannot be swept under the carpet unless of course she does in fact overstep her brief and draws unilateral conclusions which she is not entitled to .

However it may be towards Sri Lanka’s advantage that she is there to fact find  as she could see for herself first hand what the Nation is today by way of development and progress and will also be able to ascertain how the people of Sri Lanka including Tamils are settling into a life of a renewed existence, rebuilding and contentment where under the mendacities of the Tamil Tigers they had no hope whatsoever of a decent future beyond exaggerated portrayals of secession (Eelam)where they would reign supreme which was of course a pipe dream beyond their capacity to deliver leading a life of thuggery, debauchery and psychotic autocracy led by a psycopath and eventually it was the Government that rescued them from their plight.

There will of  be contradictions to this as there remains those who regardless of what the Governmewnt does for them continue to be disgruntled and are veritably coerced to be in this frame of mind by those attempting continuously to bring the Government into disrepute but something that will never be accomplished as hard facts and tangible proof  of the Nation’s progress is everywhere  which most Sri Lankans are proud of and grateful for. Something which if Ms Pillai has correct vision ( in more than one perspective) would invariably be hard to miss!

Naveen Pillai’s visit to Sri Lanka which began on Sunday has been shadowed by criticism from those who are truly aware of what the Nation represents to the world as a paragon of development that has come after decades of insurrection where the lives and property of many Sri Lankans were destroyed by the violence and attrocities of the ‘Tamil tigers’ and only set right by continued and persistent action by the Government and the Armed Forces which in turn has been falsely presented to the world as “crimes against humanity.”

They were in fact legitimate actions towards the preservation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation which sadly is not acknowledged by sources such as the UN which surely has better things to do with its time in a world ravaged by real terrorists and crimes against humanity are on the daily newsmenu  vith visible sufferings of masses of humanity but appear to go unnoticed  by the likes of Ms. Pillai and other world sources hounding Sri Lanka who should get their act together and go after the real culprits.

If Ms. Pillai who once vehemently insisted that Sri lanka was guilty of war crimes and subsequently alongside her somewhat myopic boss also hell bent on hounding Sri Lanka over the same issue and rescinded their views based on the oppossition to it presented by the Government of Sri Lanka on very legitimate and rational arguments relative to the criminalities of the Tamil Tigers and the  rights of the majority Sinhala Nation to defend and preserve sovereign territory against an insurgent force instigated by a miniscule minority, today chooses to revive her once apathetic opinion through this visit of hers she is bound to be sorely dissapointed.

If however she chooses to express an unbiased opinion and focuses on what really transpired in Sri Lanka for nearly three decades ( despite being based only on gleanings minimised by the time which has elapsed albeit the evidence undoubtedly being tangible) where it was the timely action of the Government  that saved the nation’s disintegration and falling into the hands of uncrupulous and ruthless terrorists in a precedent creating campaign hailed universally the purpose of her visit will not be in vain!

3 Responses to “Inauspicious Timing of Pillai Visit Where The Urgency Of Grave World Issues Dictate !”

  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Naveen Pillai’s visit is no more than one based on coercion by the Tamil diaspora obviously, as we see the bleatings of pups like Vaiko from Tamil Nadu.Maybe she should continue her visit in India where the attrocities against human beings couldnt sometimes be described as human. Then they should despatch her to the real trouble spots in the world if she has the stomach for it to do some real soul searching. Particularly Syria where chemical weapons have been used against innocent civilians as well as Iraq where the proportion of human suffering is immeasurable.Our Mervyn has graciously offered to marry her and show her around the country i his inimitable style which does not sound like a bad idea as it would surely be a learning process for her but there’s always the danger of what might transpire if she then chose to seek domicile in Sri Lanka!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ‘domicile in Sri Lanka? She will have lots of Afro-Sinhala children.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Pillai IS from the Tamil Diaspora!!

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