A Cleaning job for Navanethem Pillay
Posted on September 6th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema

N. Pillay was against the Buddhist flag flying at the Independence Square in Sri Lanka. If the bogus UN agency that she is now a paid worker is opposed to a country with

(1)  70% of its population Sinhala Buddhist

(2) hoisting a flag which does not belong to Sinhala Buddhists anymore but universal

(3) which was created in 1885 with active participation of the first white Buddhist  in the world, an American by the name of Col, Henry Steele Olcott

(4) which was created as a peaceful reaction to the suppression of Buddhism by Christians supported secretly and openly by a colonial white government

(5) which has a meaning of peace and harmony for all people of the world

(6) which is not the national flag of Sri Lanka

Then this Pillay should use her bogus UN agency to examine the national flags of the countries listed below and take action to remove the Christian cross from them


(1)   The cross was also a symbol in the past of cruelty, war and killing in the name of Jesus by religious politicians whether it was Pope, slave masters in America or white colonialists

(2)   The countries with such flags have non-Christian citizens except very few such as the Vatican.


Pillay”‘s bias against Sri Lanka came out clearly from her protest against the Buddhist flag and her plan to kiss with flowers the death scene of Prabhakaran.

Sri Lankan president is fooled by his black-white advisors that he can escape American-EU white Christian establishment plan to break Sri Lanka in to two countries by placating UN agencies and some white countries.

Unless he empowers villagers at GSN level and remove 9 provinces and divide Sri Lanka into 7 river basin units all according to a language-blind, ecology-based boundary demarcation system and GSN-level units of ecology run by10 member local committee elected on non-political party basis (this is the home-grown solution), he will go down in history as the president who destroyed Sri Lanka. King Parakramabahu is said to be a great king. But he killed all his enemies and thus removed anybody who can continue after him. Soon Sri Lanka ended up without a proper king!!!

This is what I see in store for Sri Lanka.

See table below.

7 Responses to “A Cleaning job for Navanethem Pillay”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Some Tamils were brought to Sri Lanka by the British to do their dirty work. They worked as servants and coolies and in the plantations,the dirty work the Sinhalese refused to do.But these Tamils still worship the Brits, but ungrateful to the country which gave every thing. Navan Pillay is just one of them, a servant not only of the Brits, but the Americans as well. She will do any dirty work the pay her to do.She has the inferiority complex many Tamils still have.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you CW for your views. Let me repeat that we asked for this outcome from Pillai by inviting her in the first place in the much mistaken belief that “we have nothing to hide”! We should have known that such a generous view is ONLY valid when the judge Pillai is genuinely uninformed and NOT when wilfully partisan like heri. We should have rejected her forthwith in her role for her obvious conflict of interests right up front. I am relieved to note that GLP has belatedly and surprisingly identified and spelled her prejudices out giving specific instances in his speech at the recent seminar ( see
    http://colombogazette.com/2013/09/04/g-l-takes-another-swipe-at-pillay and elsewhere). The GoSL had better concentrate now on what has to be done next: ie for the GoSL to reject her biased conclusions on the subject at the next session of the UNHRC on the grounds of PREJUDICE & CONFLICT OF INTEESTS as spelled out by GLP AND AN ALTERNATIVE OFFICER FROM THE UNHRC IS APPOINTED TO LOOK INTO MATTERS RELATING TO SRI LANKA in the future – S de Silva – London

  3. Christie Says:

    Sarath, Tamils were not brought by the British. They went of their own. Navi Pillai comes from two of them. Almost all Tamils in the island nation came on the back of the British.

  4. Christie Says:

    Christie Says:
    September 7th, 2013 at 3:49 am
    I just got some news from a friend in the island nation. He tried to put a paid advertisement in the Daily News and the Island news papers. The DN Advertising manager refused to publish it even it was a paid advertisement. The Island took it and the money but later refused to publish it and offered to refund the money.

    The ad was a 2 columns by 5 cm:

    ” Navi Pillai; Hon UNHRC You are an Indian colonial parasite from Africa Hence you should keep out of the affairs of the subjects of the Indian Empire”

    The DN is a government run news paper and the Island’s owner Upali Wijeyawardana was blown off by the Indian colonial parasites of Malaysia, agents of the Indian Empire.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Mr Wijewickrema on this part (as a solution to Lanka problems) : ” …. empowers villagers at GSN level and remove 9 provinces and divide Sri Lanka into 7 river basin units all according to a language-blind, ecology-based boundary demarcation system and GSN-level units of ecology run by10 member local committee elected on non-political party basis (this is the home-grown solution ….”.

    Even the District as the base unit is good, with strong Laws against Separatism, plus non-union of Districts. But, the River Basin idea is better, Eco-friendly and non-partisan.

  6. jayasiri Says:

    Dear Dr. C. Wijeyawikrama….Very elated to hear from you again. I am not a lawyer or an activist. BUT I still feel for our Motherland.

    This morning I read in one of the Lankan Newspapers, I beleive(Island) that . Mr. Rudukumaran who was a lawyer & confident of THAT MAGALOMANIAC who was also know as Sun God to tamils & LTTE., should be investigated UNDER US laws for supporting a Terrorist organization BANNED by many EU countries, US & CANADA as well.

    I feel if we are not very sure of US Legal sysytem under which this THUG can be prosecuted IT IS OUR DUTY to find relevant information and produce them to ABLE group of Lawyers in the USA to follow through. I realize in best of times US Govt. & its agencies MOVE VERY SLOWLY when one of their citizens (even a leader of LTTE ) is to be prosecuted by a BUNCH of Sri Lankan smart alecs. YET for the good of our country & to START a process of dealing with ALL LTTE & their proxies, we MUST DO THIS. It will be an impetus to Lankan Govt. to proceed with similar processes in Lanka.

    Prime Minister of WHAT? some organization who collect funds ( like mafia in olden days), so that POOR illiterate Tamils will worship them & HOPING one day a country called ELLAM will occur. Then I heard about a SENATOR of Tamil group who happens to be an old woman WHO STILL TALKS tough without facing the realities OF DEFEAT of LTTE & its sister organizations, disguised as Cultural organs or whatever name they can find TO AVOID paying US & UK taxes.

    For this reason I thought Chanda Bandara or someone from the legal profession ( domiciled in Ausie) has published many letters, how we can ammend or get rid of 13th amendment. He will one of members who can assist, with ofcourse many BRIGHT LEGAL minds in Sri Lanka. Dr. Gavin Seneviratne or somone ( former GA of Matara) and I am sure you can pinpoint the best brains to tackle this task..

    WE NEED TO START NOW, as it will take some time before it proceds to the RIGHT PEOPLE of US Govt or relevant depts: in USA.

    I am ONLY making this suggestion, so that IN FUTURE no person in RIGHT mind even attempt to CLAIM special status WHEN their strength is ONLY 4- 5% of the total population.

    I have rsponded to some one from TNA leadership to FORGET about representing TAMILS alone, as we NOW DO NOT RECOGNIZE Tamils as a potent minority just because they FORFITED their right when THEY WAGED WAR against a Demcratically Elected Sovereign State. THEY NEED TO CONSULT Muslims in Lanka & their leadership to present a CASE to our HE President, as at least MUSLIMS still make up about 7 % of the lankan population. SO TAMILS have become a THIRD party in Lankan politics, and OUR PRESIDENT SHOULD INSIST UPON they FOLLOW our PROTOCOL FULLY, before our President gives them an audience.

    So please see what you can do.. I know I cannot ask these from ALREADY weaken Sinhalese BUDDHIST community BUT having a group involved in solving THIS MAJOR problem WILL STOP Raukumaran or people of that calibre from EVER attempting to DE-Stablize our Motherland…..

    You need NOT respond to me as long as some action is beaing taken to get THIS CHARACTER punished for advising FIRST the LTTE, & now trying to become a PM of an UNKNOWN state…….Remember ONE COUNTRY, UNITED & FREE , UNDER ONE FLAG & ONE LEADER… God Bless lanka & its people……May the Noble triple Gems protect us all……J

  7. Christie Says:

    The Sinhalese in the island nation are still in a warp. It is India and Indians that is causing the suffering of the local inhabitants. Parabakaran is only a puppet of the India and Indians. We should stop promoting this puppet as a person of his own. All what he did was well managed, funded and overseen by India and Indian interests. They are doing this in other parts of the Indian Empire like in Fiji. Please wake up and look at things as they are.

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