Sri Lanka speaks to United Nation’s Organization 1
Posted on September 19th, 2013

Chandrasena Pandithage

Dear United Nations Organization,

It is time to express my views and I would like to take this opportunity to address you.

After second world war; The world leaders decide to establish peace and security all around the world. Their inner feelings, force them to think of a new world with peace and security. That is why you were established as a world leading organization to maintain their expectations

Their expectations were peace and security to the world. Now you are above 65 years old. This is a time to turn back and see the way you passed. Dear, United Nations Organization, Really what can you see? Essence of peace or Blood?

Why we have been through blood! blood! blood!. It’s shows us your incapability to establish our forefathers expectations on earth.

i am Sri Lanka and My duties are not pointing at you on your incapabilities. Thinking of your failures; harm to carry out, our own duties and it course wasting our valuable time. When you are standing on a blood bath and pointing your fingers at me on blood stains; I can not keep my mouth shut.The ongoing your actions, force me to address you and whole world, to make them understand about the reality. The reality is that you know what was happened here. Addressing you, I do my responsibility to protect this beloved island and the people.

First I would like to explain about our war. War machines, always violate human rights. Point of our cultural view, we see all the humans are deserve for their human rights and it’s protections; nobody exceptional. Our war continuously flows more than 30 years. All these thirty years, our leading‚  sons and daughters annually addressed the United Nations assembly. They pointed out the conflict they faced at each and every meetings, Dear United Nations Organization, tell me! what was the given solution for our conflicts from your side? Non.‚  It is our responsibility to protect our peoples lives. It is not in your hand. We are the one who lives with our people’s feelings, not you. To you our deadliest attacks, only one or two incidents. But it is a deepest sorrow to us, can not be healed forever.
Dear United Nations Organization, first you should understand the value of thoughts and feelings. Can you understand mother’s thoughts and her feelings on her beloved children? You do not reach to her feelings. Did you understand Congolese freedom fighters thoughts and feelings on their beloved motherland? No you do not!. As it’s you couldn’t reach to Vietnamese liberations fighters feelings and thoughts on their beloved motherland. Reaching to others feelings and thoughts is a hard job. Each and everybody cannot do or think that kind of duties. Great Vietnamese liberation fighters very well knew how to reach to the people’s hearts, understand them and solve their problems. They liberated their beloved motherland without having any single support from you. They stop the blood bath in Asia at once.
Dear United Nations Organization, I am a mother to great sons and daughters; as it is mother to deaf, blind and dum children. Always my great children in my mind and they work together as a team wherever they live in the earth or invisible plains. This team work help me to liberate our country and eliminate the war. You are established to eliminate the war from the world. Elimination of war from the Sri Lanka, mean a part of your duty. Its done by my great beloved children. Not you. Once my children finish a world historical duty to protect peace and security around South Asia; You completely forget your duty and try to become a judge to investigate war crimes. If you eliminate the war; no war crimes to be investigated. Whose responsibility to elimination of war and establish peace and security around the world? The real criminal bond with the answer.
Why people need peace and security?. People born to enjoy their lives. Security provide free thinking environment for the societies. Thinking and thoughts are the most valuable thing in our societies and nobody can see them. The invisible thoughts got power to create tremendous world structures for the benefit of people. At the same time thoughts could change the world in to volcanic ashes.

You are United Nations Organization; Once a year all 193 nations get together here with different thoughts, ideas and cultural backgrounds, They are coming here to collect good ideas, it could establish peace and security in their own countries. Different thoughts union does not mean all these nations united and work as a team. I believe that you try in your best to get essence for the world peace from this union.

World peace mean world peace; not peace in piece of world or pieces of world.‚  I notice the symbol of you, The symbol gives a new view to world. It tells us, how to look at the world from northern axis. Along in this northern axis, the viewing point could go up and down. This moving view point change its position from time to time. Even at the top point you could see only the countries above the equator. If you don-â„¢t want to look at the countries, you take the view point down and keep the countries away from the horizon. Always you maintain your horizon as 30 degrees from the equator.
When you look at the world through this view point, You see Canada, United State of America, Greenland, Spain France, Norway Sweden,Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain Italy, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and some other allied countries to those countries. But your view point can not ignore Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and their allies around. Mostly we see, you established peace and security in this region in the world, Its spread from north to south. Very good peace in north and bad peace in south.
That is why the people in Canada, United State of America, Greenland, Spain France, Norway Sweden, Switzerland,‚  Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Romania enjoy their lives throughout their life time. Why ?‚  How they get exceptional benefits?‚  No wars, No terrorism, to them and wars and terrorism to us. Who did‚  implement this type of world structure. Think wisely.
Dear United Nations Organization, I did not mean you to think wisely. The people who are listening to me must think wisely on this global activities.
When you look at the world from that view point you cant see Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia India, Sri Lanka, South Africa. that-â„¢s why you did not see Congolese freedom fighters, Vietnamese liberation fighters, South African national struggle and Sri Lankan War. You act as a deaf and blind society in front of all these struggles.
Point of me, I did not see a war in Sri Lanka. According to me war mean ongoing arm struggle in between two countries. Inside Sri Lanka there were lot of arms struggles, We did not call them wars. If some other countries are supporting to terrorism and use it as their weapon, Without hesitating, we recognise, it is as a war. You decide what was in Sri Lanka. You know much better than us.
Dear UNO, Now the war is over. My grate people are building up the Nation day and night. You can’t see what is really happening here. Because your view point is in a wrong position. To get clear view, the view point must be fixed above the equator and with the Sun’s viewing point. When you fix it in that position the United Nations symbol will be changed. It is going to be the begging of new era.

Chandrasena Pandithage

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Looks like the UNP does not like any criticism of the TNA or the LTTE!

    SHAME! Oh, how LOW this Grand Old Party of PATRIOTS that led Sri Lanka to Independence has fallen! Now it has descended into the PIT of ANTI-NATIONAL VIPERS!

    Isn’t there ANYBODY in this Grand Old Party that can RESCUE IT and LEAD IT in a PATRIOTIC DIRECTION?

    Hellooo … Anyone LISTENING at Siri Kotha? ANYONE?

    How about Rohan Senanayake … my dear old classmate? Can he EMULATE his PATRIOTIC ancestors?

    Opposition demands Sri Lanka Election Commissioner to probe ex-LTTE leader’s media brief

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 19, Colombo: Tissa Attanayake, the General Secretary of Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National Party (UNP) has demanded the Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya to probe the media statement given by the former international wing leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP.

    Addressing a press conference in Kilinochchi on Wednesday (18) former LTTE Chief Arms Procurer slammed the leadership of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which is campaigning for the Northern Provincial Council election.

    Pathmanathan claimed that the TNA’s election manifesto for the Provincial Council elections is worse than the Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976 and the Oslo Declaration of 2002, only with “code words to cheat the people.”

    He urged the Tamil people not listen to “old TNA lies” and to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    UNP General Secretary in his letter to the Election Commissioner said KP’s press briefing violated the election laws.

    The opposition further accused that public property was also used in this press briefing in which the parties contesting the election were heavily criticized.

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