Deepak Obhrai: His defence in laying a wreath at Elephant Pass
Posted on December 7th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

6 December 2013

Deepak Obhrai,  Conservative MP

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

House of Commons, Ottawa

 Dear Deepak:

Well…well…well… what do you know?   When you open your mouth to defend your High School Bully antics in Sri Lanka when you represented Canada at the Commonwealth Summit, you seem to get muddied in the salt-sands of the Elephant Pass as well as losing your shawl of Tanzanian dignity too that you drop down from your shoulders.

Here’s the unfortunate story.  When you are on the defensive and think that you are interpreting your thuggish acts by pulling wool over the eyes of people of a developing nation of low intelligence and can get away easily, you are wrong, Deepak. That’s where you went wrong dealing with Sri Lankans, and exposed your weakness as a dishonest politician.  Sri Lanka’s literacy rate is at 92%, and the people can read, write and speak in the language they are taught in, and they are also smart enough to smell a stinking rat and identify the rat too, if there is one among them.

Here’s is what I read in Sri Lanka’s THE ISLAND, of Thursday, 5th December 2013, which cut you out as a disingenuous politician from Canada.

The news item said, “Sri Lankan HR situation like ‘elephant in room’ ” Canada alleges deprived PM’s rep of air transport to Jaffna” bylined Shamindra Ferdinando.

The article also carried a photograph of two people sitting at a desk. The label identified the two persons as ”‘Canadian Conservative Party MPs, Corneliu Chisu and Deepak Obhrai.’    Deepak, since you were not wearing a Joker’s Hat, I gathered that this was a serious interview/conference, and I took it at its face value.

That headline put you on the spot for the readers to be Judge & Jury.   And I have decided to wear that cloak and mantle and be a Judge & Jury on what went on in Sri Lanka with Canada’s MP Deepak Obhrai.  And at the end of this letter I will provide you with my verdict.

That news item also carried your photograph with a label ‘MP Deepak Obhrai lays flowers for war dead just south of Elephant Pass.’   I doubt that a man or a woman happened to be passing by when you were laying the wreath, to focus the lens on you and click their cameras. To me it was a well orchestrated and a deliberate stage managed photograph for the eyes of the Tamil separatists in the Greater Toronto Area, who feed the Conservative Party coffers with green Canadian dollar bills.  Right, Deepak?  Own up!  And  after your return you made it a point to debrief the Tamil community in the GTA and there was no special debriefing session with the Sinhalese community.  You almost gave me the impression that you were a paid hit man by the Tamil Diaspora as was Minister Jason Kenney in January. How come, Deepak?  I am a Sinhalese-Canadian and a Buddhist to boot.  Its such acts of volition that you Conservatives are caught with your pants down, even though you all deny that the Tamil Diaspora do not influence your Sri Lanka thrashing decisions and  hissy-fit bouts.   Jason Kenney did the same ‘kissing the Tamil Diaspora’s behinds’ act in January, when he returned from Sri Lanka and  had a closed door debriefing session with Tamil editors of community newspapers. He had the gall and temerity to preach Human Rights in Colombo when the First Nation peoples were demonstrating a stone’s throw away from his parliamentary office against Canada’s human rights violations of their people.    All this to beg for a Tamil vote at the next federal election. This is where Jason got a F from me for throwing  stones at Sri Lanka when we Canadians are living in glass houses.  We are no paragons of virtue, Deepak.  Far from it.

This is where you ended up as a dunsed-fool when you tried to explain why you hit the road for an 8 hour journey from Jaffna.  It was not because the Sri Lankan Government deprived you of a flight as denied by Chief Air Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama who has been reported to have said,”The SLAF Chief declined to say what may have motivated minister Obhrai  to alleged closure of Jaffna airport.”

So your disingenuous story keeps snow balling like “Here we go gathering coconuts in November… coconuts in November….coconuts in November….”

The Air Marshal says he did not know what motivated to say what you said.  To me it is as clear as a Church bell ringing on a Sunday morning.  And here it is, Deepak.  Perhaps you may want to pooh…pooh me at a public debate.  I am game, Deepak. Let’s do it. You are the debater and I am not.  I am just a Sri Lankan-Canadian who has a passion for my Motherland and romancing her beauty and with her honest, smiling, gentle peoples, which also includes the stay-put  gentle Tamils who want to live in harmony with the majority Sinhalese.

You were not telling the truth about this incident. The fact is that you had to return to Colombo by road, passing Elephant Pass, with a wreath hidden away in the vehicle to be stopped at Elephant Pass for you to do a quick exit and lay it on the grounds of Elephant Pass where three historical battles were fought by Tamil Tigers killing hundreds of the Sri Lankan soldiers,  And you said that you laid the wreath at  a “neutral ground”.  “Neutral ground”, my foot Deepak?   That’s poppy-cock!  You were cunning to the core of your bones and you were on a mission  as a hit-man to satisfy the Tamil Diaspora in the GTA salivating at their ballot papers.   Nasty….nasty!

You know what Deepak?  If my Mother was still alive, she would have taken you by the scruff of your neck to a wash basin and got you to cleanse your mouth with carbolic soap, for not telling the truth.  You were lucky, Man!

Well, Deepak,  in an island of  25,332 square miles,  to say that you couldn’t find a real ‘neutral ground’ to lay the wreath, proves positive that you were up to Tamil Eelam mischief,   nothing more and nothing less.  Groveling at the feet of the Tamil Diaspora begging, for their votes by even going to the extent of insulting your host Sri Lanka, is sick. That statement by you was pathetic and a gross insult to your host who had welcomed you with the best cup of Ceylon Orange Pekoe, knowing damn well that you were no Canadian friend of Sri Lanka.

Well, Deepak, let me give you a lesson on your “neutral ground” Elephant Pass, which I believe that you were well aware of it, and yet laid the wreath, having rejected the request by a Sri Lankan official not to lay that wreath.  What arrogance…what thuggary….what stupidity!

First Battle of Elephant Pass:

The first battle of Elephant Pass was fought in July 1991 for the control of the Sri Lankan military base, which displayed a strategic importance as its isthmus was the link between the Jaffna peninsula in the North and the South of the island.  It is indeed the Gate way to Jaffna.

On July 10, 1991, a 5,000 strong Tamil Tiger terrorists launched a massive attack on the Elephant Pass army garrison.  Until that time this was the most violent and bloody confrontation that ever took place between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lanka Army.   That attack trapped 800 soldiers of the 6th Battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha regiment, the Tamil Tigers having blocked off the routes from the North to the South, and placing anti-aircraft guns at strategic positions so that no reinforcements could come in.

With this Tamil Tiger attack at Elephant Pass, Deepak, I challenge you to explain to this Judge and Jury person, how you determined the Elephant Pass as a “neutral ground” to lay that wreath?  You must be  a politician not caring for historical detail or you may have been made to look a fool by the Tamil Diaspora who keeps waving green 20 dollar bills at the Conservative faces to be stuffed in to the Conservative coffers.   You were up to some “ratty” mischief, weren’t you Deepak?

Second Battle of Elephant Pass

This battle was code named ‘Operation Unceasing Wave III’ and was fought in April 2000 for the control of the military base at Elephant Pass.

The Tamil Tigers attacked the twin complexes of Iyakachchi and Elephant Pass, pounding the Government positions with heavy artillery.  It was a multi-pronged assault and over ran the well-fortified camp destroying several artillery pieces, tanks, armoured vehicles and ammunition dumps.  In that battle 758 soldiers were killed and 2,368 had been wounded, and 349 went missing

And you Obhrai, called Elephant Pass a “neutral ground” to lay that wreath with the banner’s Tamil script shedding tears from your bleeding heart for the :minorities.  Thus not recognizing the major Sinhalese community who laid their lives fighting for the territorial integrity and the security of its peoples from attacks by the Tamil Tiger terrorists with their Kalashnikovs, suicide bombs and claymore mines.

What a crock full of cods wallop Deepak.  You are an embarrassment to all intelligent people who would not categorize the Sinhalese blood soaked Elephant Pass as ‘neutral ground’.   The Tamil Diaspora saw you painting yourself in Sinhalese blood by that despicable act of laying a wreath at Elephant Pass which happens not to be a “neutral ground’ for all the Tea in China!

Third Battle of Elephant Pass

On 9 January 2009, the Sri Lankan army captured Elephant Pass for good, crushing the Tamil Tigers and chasing them away by whipping their butts, and four months later the Tamil Tigers were annihilated on the beach of the Nandikadhal lagoon on 19 May 2009.   And along the way the Sri Lankan armed forces liberated 295,873 Tamil refugees who were held as a human shield by the Tamil Tiger terrorists and herded them from the west coast to the east coast like unwashed cattle for 30 months.

And do you know what, Deepak?  I will not excuse Stephen Harper’s Government for not acknowledging the fact of this classic text book example of restoring human rights of the right-to-life of these 295,873 Tamils.   I don’t think you all ever thought that Sri Lanka was capable of liberating all those Tamils, and performed miracles by feeding all these Tamils three hearty meals a day ” breakfast, lunch and dinner by preparing a million meals a day by mostly Sinhalese people.

So what’s your problem Deepak?  Haven’t you guys painted yourselves in  to a corner as  a bunch of disingenuous,  dishonest, galling, ‘Mirror…mirror…on the wall…who is the liar of them all’ Canadian politicians?  That is what gets my goat, when you all have the audacity to complaint about violations of human rights in Sri Lanka during the last five months of the Eelam War out of a 27 year war.  Why not lets get the accountability questioned of this war going back to all 27 years.

Let’s get  at the culprit-nations who supported this Tamil Tiger Eelam War,  like training these Tamil Tiger terrorists for this war  in their military camps (India);  like providing the state-of-the-art communication systems (Norway); and aiding and abetting with funds collected by the Tamil Diaspora to purchase sophisticated war weapons (Canada).

Conclusion by this Judge and Jurist:  The Canadian parliamentarian Deepak Obhrai is guilty for unfairly pointing his finger at the Government of Sri Lanka accusing its administrators for  not providing him air transport from Jaffna to Colombo when all along he had a motive and a Mission to return to Colombo in a motor vehicle, a drive he complained took eight hours.    

The Mission was to lay a wreath at Elephant Pass in remembrance of the victims of violence among the minorities (Tamil script on the banner)  which excluded the members of the majority Sinhalese community who too  had died defending the sovereignty of the island nation from the marauding Tamil Tiger terrorists.  

The fact was that a wreath carried on a plane would not have provided MP Deepak Obhrai the opportunity to achieve his Mission to lay the wreath  at Elephant Pass, which was the theater of three historic battles of the Tamil Tiger terrorists with the Sri Lankan armed forces, where hundreds of Sinhalese soldiers had died.

Canadian parliamentarian Deepak Obhrai was guilty of being disingenuous and mischievous when he called Elephant Pass a ‘neutral ground’ to lay the wreath out of a landmass of 25,322 square miles, which really does not cut mustard.

Canadian parliamentarian Deepak Obhrai was guilty  of  showing a lack of diplomacy and decency of  proper etiquette towards his host, when he made this provocative statement to the host by laying a wreath at Elephant Pass in support of the Tamil Tiger supporters in the Greater Toronto Area, when he was asked by a Sri Lankan official not to carry out this act of provocation in the area where three Tamil Tiger battles had taken place.

The Canadian parliamentarian Deepak Obhrai was suspect of his wreath episode.  It gave the impression that he was a hit-man on a provocative mission as requested by the Tamil Diaspora in the Greater Toronto Area, as he met with them in Toronto  after he arrived to debrief them as to what he had done in Sri Lanka during the CHOGM in their favour.  Deepak Obhrai did not have such a debriefing session with the Sinhalese community.

All in all, Deepak Obhrai is guilty of being a provocative and a bad Ambassador for Canada at the Commonwealth Summit.  The very reason why 22 million Sri Lankans couldn’t care  two prairie straws for the unfriendly Canadian government.


Asoka Weerasinghe

7 Responses to “Deepak Obhrai: His defence in laying a wreath at Elephant Pass”

  1. Christie Says:

    Please leave my message.
    Deepak Obhrai is a man of Indian extraction. He migrated to Canada from Tanzania with his parents. He was mainly educated in India and has received the highest award from India given to Prawasi Indians. So like Navi Pillai and Yasmin Sooka he is another person of Indian extraction who will do whatever to destroy people like the Sinhalese or Fijians. The Indians in India and Indians overseas will do whatever to protect and promote Indian imperialism.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    How Deepuk has become servile to Tamil Terrorists Diaspora, beats my imagination. All for money EH ??

  3. Christie Says:

    Susantha I was told by people from Canada during the sixties and seventies Indian colonial parasites from African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa etc. were behind India against the Sikh extremists during their campaign for Kalistan. The same Indians and the Third Eye were engaged in vilifying the Sinhalese in Ceylon. The so called Tamil diaspora went to Canada after 1983 terrorist attack which killed unarmed officers. The event was well organized to coincide with the World Council of Churches.

  4. Christie Says:

    Correction; The same Indians in Canada and the Third Eye were engaged in vilifying the Sinhalese of Ceylon in the minds of Canadians.

  5. Christie Says:

    Correction; The same Indians in Canada and the Third Eye were engaged in vilifying the Sinhalese of Ceylon in the minds of Canadians.

    They used the media, churches. politicians and do good organization like Oxfam and Amnesty International and the Socialists.

  6. Christie Says:

    The event was well organized to coincide with the World Council of Churches gathering in in July 1983 in Canada.

  7. douglas Says:

    We accept the BLAME. Yet, Canada must acknowledge the fact that we a NATION who dish-out hospitality in full form, even though some visitors elect to SHIT IN OUR BACK YARD. It is amazing to see how this person has become an “Elected Member of Parliament of Canada” whereas we are told of that “High Principles” of Democracy being held in great value. But now the cat is out of the bag and we also know how Canadian political parties “BUY” the vote of the diaspora and who and who are fighting a fierce battle over the loot.


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