Ranil – a brain-dead discard in UNP morgue
Posted on December 31st, 2013

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 The news item in your newspaper (28/12) that ex-president Chandrika Kumaratunga has been picked by the UNP to contest President Mahinda Rajapakse in the next election was predictable. At best she is the only candidate that has a chance of not winning but uniting the opposition. Her own party that made  her a leading political figure has thrown her out. Now she is leaning on the UNP, the largest party in the opposition, to stage a comeback, if that is ever possible. Her depending on the UNP to take her to the peak of power is like a blind person relying on the back of a legless cripple to climb the Himalayas.

 The UNP has already admitted that Ranil Wickremesinghe is not fit to lead the party by stripping him of all power and kicking him upstairs as a nominal figurehead, according to media reports. Earlier, in the 2005 presidential election the UNP admitted publicly that Wickremesinghe was not fit to lead either the party or the nation when it backed the candidacy of Gen. Sarath Fonseka. Its latest action of appointing him as a leader without powers confirms once again that Wickremesinghe is neither fit to the lead the party nor the nation. After such confessions of guilt the next logical step is not to kick him upstairs but  to sever his  head from the body of the UNP and give him a decent burial somewhere in the backyard of Siri Kotha. What the UNP needs is a clean image free from the taint of failed leaders like Wickremesinghe. How can the UNP convince the public that it has a new leadership when it continues to retain a failed leader on whom the party has passed a vote of no-confidence?

 The UNP has smugly withdrawn into its cocoon believing that it can market a Leadership Council in the absence of a dynamic leader as the next best alternative to win votes in coming elections. They must be in a dream world if they believe that the public is going to buy a multiple-headed avatar, with a dozen arms flailing  in all directions, when it has the option of a positive, nationalist and proven leader like Mahinda Rajapakse. Can the nameless, faceless Leadership Council match the image of a victorious leader, both in war and peace? In electoral/party politics either you have a leader or you go into limbo pretending that there is a kind of leader that is not there. The lack of a down-to-earth leader who can read the signs of the times has caused the UNP to lurch from one defeat to another without any hope of recovery. The paralysis that has crippled the UNP can be traced directly to its failure to get rid of the leader that has ruined its glory, its achievements and its future. Wickremesinghe has been the perennial curse of the Grand Old Party.

 If President Ranasinghe Premadasa took the UNP to new heights by aligning himself with the grassroots Ranil Wickremesinghe has brought down the UNP to its lowest depths by alienating himself from the people. President Premadasa knew that there were more votes in sending the British High Commissioner, David Gladstone, back to from where he came than Ranil Wickremesinghe who thinks that he has more votes in hobnobbing with William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, and other White-Christian conservative leaders in the IDU. As long as he is identified with the UNP, with his moribund carcass laid in the icy morgue upstairs at Siri Kotha, UNP cannot win the confidence of the people. Why should the people vote for a glum, unsmiling man who has lost his backbone to rise from his coffin when they have a dynamic, living, kicking, walking, driving, smiling leader like Mahinda Rajapakse?

 The trust deficit has come down to zero that no vote bank will accept Wickremesinghe’s word or face. Besides, how can the UNP expect the people to buy him as a possible leader when the UNP itself has rejected him as a candidate unfit to lead the nation. They know that the people’s verdict in consecutive elections has been devastating to the party. So why is the UNP giving  oxygen to a corpse?  Not since Nero appointed his horse as his proconsul to Rome has a set political procurers appointed a born loser as their nominal leader to a party that staring into the abyss.

 So the focus shifts naturally to the next chosen candidate of the UNP ” i.e., Chandrika Kumaratunga, another discredited has been. Surveying the  political field the choice of CBK is to be expected because the bankrupt UNP has only one option: exchanging kahi gani for a hotu gani. She has been rejected by her party founded by her father. She joined the platform  of Gen. Fonseka in the last presidential elections and that didn’t do much good for him either. She is  no longer the heir to the Bandaranaike legacy after she offered the North and the East to Velupillai for ten years without an election. She did everything in her power to dismantle and destroy the national heritage left behind her great liberal father without  whom she would have been another wine-guzzling bimbo. Or, in the words of one of  her favourite journalists, Victor Ivan, whom she tried to buy with Rs. 500,000.00 in hard cash stacked in her “Temple Trees” cupboard: “Choura Ragini” (Deceitful/Corrupt Queen). If she can betray her father and the party that raised her from obscurity into fame and fortune can she be relied on to be faithful to the legitimate aspirations of the people who gave her everything because she was the daughter of S. W. R.D. Bandaranaike? She climbed on her father’s coffin to win the votes generated by her father’s revered name and then she kicked it. After she became the president she kicked the people who trusted her by handing over the nation’s territory to its enemies ” and a fascist terrorist at that!

 In a sense the combination of Wickremesinghe and Kumaratunga is like “jadiyata mudiya”. Both are losers. Both are betrayers. Both are liars. Both are anti-majority. Both believed that they cannot win the war. Both have fought each  other. And on one noted occasion when Wickremesinghe was seated in the White House with Bush she sacked him unceremoniously, leaving Ranil twiddling his thumbs in the White  House lawn not knowing what had hit him. That act stands as the only plus sign to her credit.

 In the current secret deal it is safe to assume that the objective is to make Chandrika the President and Wickremesinghe to be her Prime  Minister. Wickremesinghe is hoping to be her  pillion rider. Mangala Samaraweera will be a rival contender for the post of prime  minister. Chandrika’s preference would be to make Mangala Samaraweera the Prime Minister but then she will have a revolt on her  hands with the UNP sponsor’s insisting on giving it to lame duck Wickremesinghe. She ditched Wickremesinghe once. There  is no reason why she won’t do it the next time, if she gets a chance, because she trusts Samaraweera more than Wickremesinghe.

 The rest of  the likely scenario is also quite predictable. TNA, sensing  that there is an opportunity to get 13 + with police powers, will join it as they have no better alternative. Gen. Sarath Fonseka too will be in the bandwagon because he has nowhere else to go. The I/NGOs, “Friday Freaks”, Western and India embassies will jump into the bandwagon as that is the best option available to them for regime change.  

 The main political agenda of this coalition is to roll back the post-Prabhakaran national achievements of the Mahinda Rajapakse regime. But what have they to offer which the Rajapakses have not achieved so far? Both in war and peace the Rajapakses, despite its many infirmities, especially in running a clean meritocracy, has fulfilled the expectations of a war-weary generation yearning for peace and growth. Post-war recovery alone, within a short space of four  years, is a peace time record which no other regime in post-independent era has achieved. Lifting the average citizen into a lower-middle class category from a Third World economy is in economic terms a first time record for Sri Lanka. In terms of reaching out for reconciliation it has done as much, if not better, than the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in S. Africa. Crushing fascist terrorism and restoring democratic institution to the Tamils is a gain that no Tamil leader throughout their history could bestow to the oppressed Tamil community. Above all, guaranteeing the safety of children to return home from school without fear of being abducted is a blessing that not even Bishop Joseph Rayappu, the Churches, the UN with all its agreements and even Radhika Coomaraswamy, the mother of all children at the UN, could deliver to the north and east.

 Besides, for the first time Sri Lanka has attained a global significance not just by becoming the head of the CHOGM but in its own right as a key player in the Indian Ocean. Quite ahead of others in the SAARC region, except Pakistan, Sri Lanka has edged closer to China without losing its balance in the Indo-Sri Lanka equation. In its foreign policy it is striking in new directions in the Indian Ocean Rim, with an emphasis on Africa. At CHOGM India, with its myopic navel-gazing, proved that it is no longer the indispensable nation for Sri Lanka.

 In all respects Sri Lanka has begun to traverse a new political trajectory abroad, building new friendships because the old friends are demanding not friendship on an equal basis but total subservience to their domestic agendas. The greatness of Rajapakses is that they refuse to surrender to the demanding bullies abroad. Chandrika-Ranil-Mangala trio are all for licking  the boots of the Big Brothers abroad. To go down that track they will have to reverse the achievements of the Rajapakses.

 This is where they will come a cropper. They want to sleep with the enemies of the nation, both internally and abroad. This is not a recipe for victory in the coming elections. Besides, the Leadership Council of the UNP has not stopped the internal hemorrhage. The UNP rebels see the Leadership Council as a “seeni bola guliya” of Wickremesinghe to make the  party and the people swallow the bitter pill without  letting  the throat know about  it, as the Sinhala saying goes. The Leadership  Council is nothing but a bit of wall papering to cover the unbridgeable cracks in the Siri Kotha.

 The euphoria of the pro-Wickremesinghe “catchers” increasing the volume of their rhetoric for internal consumption is not going to swing the votes of the people. Not when the voters see that the UNP is still divided and has no positive alternative for the Rajapakses. Whatever failings there are of the Rajapakses the people have overlooked them so far because they can feel and see the benefits of their achievements in their life time. There are no signs yet of that tsunami wave losing its force.

 As opposed to this, what can Ranil-Chandrika duo offer as a more enticing bait to catch the votes they lost, let alone the votes needed for winning? Can two leaders who betrayed the nation by handing over its territory to its enemies win over the leader who saved the nation by defeating the deadliest terrorist on earth? Can the people trust that their ancestral lands will be safe in the hands of Ranil-Chandrika combo? Did our people make supreme sacrifices for these two twin traitors to sell the nation to their political buddies — the local and foreign enemies? Will all the gains of the heroic people end in another dance with CBK in the arms of “Paki” SaravanaMUTTu? Or will it end in a “Kollu” dance of Wickremesinghe with Samaraweera who tends lift his LGBTI sarong way above his knees?

 The battles of 2014 will be fought again on the issue of who is for or against the nation because the threat to it from enemies abroad and at home are still looming large. The anti-Sri Lankan enemies are  hoping to win through regime change. There are many other issues that will come  into play in between, no  doubt. But in the main it is the future of  the nation that is at stake.   

 Today when the New Year dawns the nation will start gearing to wage the next round of electoral battles to preserve the rights we nearly lost at the hands of traitors posing as our leaders. The people have punished the leaders who  betrayed their national heritage. After all the sacrifices made by the people there is no reason now in 2014 to bring Ranil-Chandrika combo back to do what they are wont  to do: sell the nation to its enemies.  

11 Responses to “Ranil – a brain-dead discard in UNP morgue”

  1. Christie Says:

    So India, Indian C0lonial Parasites in the island and Indians overseas have settled to put up KB the same they did in 1951 with SWRD. Ranil was excluded in 2004 for Mahinda because they thought Mahinda will be like any other Sinhala leader and Ranils was a hard person to negotiate. They did not take in to account the brothers of Mahinda. CBK is another woman from UK and India or should I say an agent of Indian imperialism and colonialism

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Set a thief to catch a thief!

  3. Nanda Says:

    Why is Mahinda-Pala talking about trivial issue of Run-NBil’s brain ?
    What can’t Mahinda-Pala talk about Mahinda’s brain ? A brain affected by the drug called “Excessive Greed” ?

  4. Sri Rohana Says:

    CBK is a real bandit. Who sold national air line to Emirates and earned millions and bought property in Egypt, London and Paris. She involved in notorious Thawakkal deal too. From her two terms she made billions and done nothing to country but tried to hand over 1/3 of the country to terrorist prabakaran.
    But her biggest charges were from supreme courts on water’s edge case and ordered her to pay Rs three million rupees as compensation to the state over the golf course deal + she was fined two million rupees in 2008.
    “She grossly violated public trust in a deal where state lands and a tax holiday were given to a firm, in which an associate was covertly holding shares,
    “she has grossly abused her power completely betrayed the position of trust bestowed upon her by the constitution and by the people of Sri Lanka.” the judgement declared.
    I doubt she paid her fine and compensations to the state. If not why failed to recover it from her? Is this U.N.P’s choice as a President? Shame on you! Ranil? Be a man? come forward and loose another election.
    2). Why U.N.P gone to such a bankruptcy to forward bandit as their candidate. Londoners know what job she was doing there. Are we going to appoint a low quality woman as our head of state again? She came to power on murderous Premadasa, Cooray and Ranil’s cruel regime was hated by Sri Lankans and there weren’t any alternation to country at that time.
    It is true if Ranil contest he won’t get even 25% votes. Even on 25% most will come from eelamists and anti Sinhala votes. If bandit contests I doubt even 15% votes she will get.
    The best choice was last time SF. As Ranil knew his fate so he and JVP brought SF to scene to cover their faces. Even he lost badly but compare to bandit he had many things to claim for his candidacy. What does bandit going to tell voters? Only her claims were Padma’s agency in London and the number of champagne bottles she emptied in temple trees.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Christian UNP has no political clout left in Sri Lanka to lead this majority Buddhist nation. UNP has slowly but surely got herself cornered to show off its true character as a closet Christian party with policies inimical to the good of Sri Lanka. Today it is a party of traitorous Christians and faggots and a..se licking Colombian Buddhists ! No chance to win an election in Sri Lanka now or in forseeable future.

  6. mjaya Says:

    The “photoshop lady” Rathika Sitsabaiesan (all of her photos are photoshoped for obvious reasons), is now in a publicity stunt of being under virtual “house arrest” (much like the virtual “Tamil Homeland”) (both adaderana and ToiletNet have reported this).

    My question is WHO LET THIS PERSONA NON GRATA into our country????




  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Mjaya you are correct! Why they issue visas to LTTE terrorists and bogus tamil refugee traitors? The damage they have done to our country is enormous. Send back kallathoni sitasabesan to Canada with her bucket and broom.
    First to Navinathan Pillai then to Channel 4 , Callum Macrae who produced “Sri Lanka Killing fields”, and to tamil terrorist’s international member Sita Sabesan, who next Vaiko, Seeman, Emanuel Pillai, Rudrakumaran, Nedumaran, Adela Balasingham, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha?
    Sri Lanka, tuck these snakes inside the cloths and jump roof high saying “Kanawo Kanawo”

  8. mjaya Says:

    Sri Rohana

    ** Send back kallathoni sitasabesan to Canada with her bucket and broom. **
    Of course lets not leave her harpic and disinfectant behind. :D

  9. Sri Rohana Says:

    Mjaya! Sithasabesan’s ancestors never used harpic or disinfectant. They emptied the bucket clean with broom and kept on the shoulders. British imperialists brought them to Sri Lanka for that purpose. They were happily enjoyed Brits buckets on their shoulder and never cried for human rights or equal rights etc.
    Good that tamil racist parasites left our country. We are very peaceful without them.

  10. aloy Says:

    “Have Sri Lankan Journalists turned into Scribes of Prostitution?”
    Prof. Hudson was asking this question elsewhere. Perhaps it fits very well here. Otherwise there was no need to flog a dead horse.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Yet the ancestors did a more honourable job that what she is doing.

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