Posted on January 2nd, 2014

The Daily News Editorial

L’ affaire Rathika Sithsabeisan turned out to be no affair at all. This Canadian National Democratic party MP was apparently in Jaffna and it seems that nobody knew or cared until some diabolically motivated element informed the Canadian media that she had been placed under house arrest in Jaffna.

Sithsabeisan it does seem, had contravened visa conditions — as she had entered the country as a tourist but engaged in what can only be described as political activity.

But, nobody had decided to place her under house arrest despite this. The house arrest canard was obviously planned and executed by various elements in the Canadian Tamil diaspora and it was these people that fed the media with the fiction, knowing well that the presence of Sithsabeisan in the country could be exploited to the maximum to blacken the Sri Lankan government before Geneva UNHRC sessions in March.

That was coupled with the fact that somebody probably bargained that Sithsabeisan could be a heroine – a martyr of sorts to the Tamil cause in no time, if she was cast as a victim of the Lankan authorities.

It is a fact that Sithsabeisan was essentially unknown to most people in Canada, and her single previous claim to fame was over a famous photoshop cleavage controversy.

When she was elected a Canadian MP apparently her Canadian parliament website photograph was doctored to show chaste-taste, with the full face shot with revealing exposure of d©colletage being photo-shopped out, to be replaced with a far less cleavage exposing version.

The point is that nobody in a position of authority in Sri Lanka made use of any of this information to make her look bad when she was here, and it was the so called privately owned newspapers which went to town on that story.

But yet we have this extraordinary situation in which the Sri Lankan authorities are being blamed for placing her under house arrest, when it is more than obvious that nobody cared she was here at all.

As the writer points out in the article below this space, it is whoever that gave the false report about her ‘arrest’ that wants to destroy the peace in this country and as for Sithsabeisan herself, though her record shows that she has been partial to the LTTE and that she has a history of being a promoter of the LTTE’s version of events in Sri Lanka, she has not been considered in any way important as to be held to account for that role.

Her visit did not so much as register in the political Richter here, and that too must have been rankling to people who believe that the earth should shatter each time some sort of anti-government personality, so perceived, from the Tamil diaspora, is here in this country.

However, the Sithsabeisan flap also shows — again — the level of desperation among the disaspora LTTE rump and its handlers. Planting stories has been the specialty of this set, but this level of hit or miss is stunning.

There is a burgeoning sense among the disapora crowd that time is running out and there is the compulsion that seeks to brand everyone a partisan hack for instance, if they do not toe the line of these diaspora regime-change fanatics and their agents here in Sri Lanka. A neutral journalist, for instance, according to these people is one who says that Prabhakaran was a war hero!

How deep they are into their delusions obviously is something that they are oblivious to, but this fantasy that they could find a way to cause regime change is laughable as well. Every trick in the book is tried however lame it is, and the latest of course is the Sithsabeisan fiasco.

It ended on a farcical note, though the prurient in the far away diaspora rump might have had a peep show of sorts, courtesy the private media in Sri Lanka, into her not inconsiderable mammary regions — though to them it will be very small consolation…

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