Bishop Rayappah Joseph says, ‘ arrest me if you can’
Posted on January 21st, 2014

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

Ravana Balaya infuriated by a statement made by Rayappah Joseph against Sri Lanka, had asked the IGP to arrest him for making false statements. So he had challeged the Ravana Balaya to get him arrested, if they can. According to the Bishop, he was not wrong on the war crime allegations on Sri Lanka. He had met the US Ambassador at Large, Stephen Rapp and had elaborated war crimes believed to have been committed by the Sri Lankan army during the last phase of the war. During the last phase of the war, it was the LTTE which used suicide bombers to kill civilians who were running away to army held areas for safety. So in contrast to what Rayappah Joseph says, the Sri Lankan army rescued nealry 300,000 Tamils who were shielded by the terrorists.
Neither Rayappah Joseph nor the TNA talks about this ‘rescue operation’ because they cannot swallow the heroic efforts of the Sri Lankan army. The Bishop’s arrogance is because of the support he gets from the LTTE rump and the Tamil diaspora. The Tamil diaspora had got swollen headed because of some politicians in western countries who depend on Tamil votes. There was a time when Rayappah Joseph was the mouth-piece of the terrorists. He is nothing but a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Kasippu Joseph Goebbels is RIGHT! He can NEVER be arrested. TAMIL TERRORISTS are ABOVE the law in SL.

    He is bold NOT because of Tamil Diaspora or western politicians BUT because SL politicians are COWARDS. At least give some guns to RB.

    Can SL follow Saudi Arabia at least?

    “A Sri Lankan expatriate was executed in the UAE on Tuesday for the murder of an Emirati resident, foreign media reported.

    Ravinda Krishna Pillai, a 19-year-old male electrician, was convicted of premeditated murder after he was found guilty of fatally running over the Emirati in an SUV during an argument between the two, Arabian Business confirmed.

    The execution, believed to have been by firing squad, took place this morning in Sharjah.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Mr. Samaraweera from Melbourne. As some suggested it is not the WESTRN or Tamil Diaspora that are NOT arresting wrong doers or guilty( as they are ABOVE THE LAW)-It IS OUR ELECTED leaders of the Govt. Ofcourse TAMILS will get ALL, till the Sinhalese realize, it is too late to repent.

    Not only these so called BISHOPS but a wife of former LTTE leaders, Siranaran or someone has said GOSL wants her to attend REHABILITATION classes. SHE REFUSED & said she will go to Western Capitals & publicise request against her will.

    In other words as MOST TAMILS do, anything you do to us, we will take revenge by going to International associations & westen countries. NOW THIS HAS COME as covenient way of AVOIDING punishment for any crime they commit. They run to India (the god father) or Unclles in west to complain.

    Everyone points out that UNHRC meeting in Geneva as LINE OF ESCAPE from punishment. Sri Lanka has come to that level. So where is the LAW & ORDER, the ANTI – Lanka activities they carry out under the FAMOUS TERM-DISCRIMINATION…………No where in the world this type of law & order persists……..Thank you all……..J

  3. helaya Says:

    Arrest the bastard.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    DISCRIMINATION for Tamils happens in Tamil Nadu CASTE structures of 3,000 yrs. Even today, some 95,000 Tamils are employed by the TN state as ‘night soil’ carriers. Some 11 Million Tamils are classified as Scheduled Castes. Caste is well and alive in Tamil Nadu state govt. structures. Can Sri Lanka rule Tamil Nadu to remove these structures ? NO. Only hope for Tamils of Tamil Nadu lies in the modernization program Mr Narendra Modi has promised (100 modern cities for India if he is elected at the Indian elections this year).

    * Meantime, Lanka Parliament (not only GOSL) and the People of Lanka have to set about the business of Development in Sri Lanka.

    * By all means, activate the 6-A. Seize all property and impose rigorous prison termson all those who call on Separatism, and include Drug king pins, terrorists etc.

    * Remove the SAARC rule ‘visa on entry’. Already, Sri Lanka is hosting hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal migrants as well as Maldivians, Pakistanis (latest ruse has brought in some 600 Catholic folk from Pakistan – Catholic Pakistanis !). Can Lanka afford to do this, at this point in time ? These people bring with them the troubles of those countries into Lanka. PARLIAMENTS anywhere : Govern well, according to the will of the People, or depart.


    Here is an article from the Island re false accusations.
    Dept of Justice : Better late than never.

    War crime allegations:
    Justice Minister calls for cross examination of accusers, verification
    January 21, 2014, 10:38 pm – Island

    By Shamindra Ferdinando

    Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem yesterday said those who levelled war crime allegations against Sri Lanka should be cross-examined. Hakeem, who is also the leader of the UPFA constituent, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), said that the veracity of allegations had to be ascertained and, therefore, specific allegations would have to be made in a court of law either here or abroad.

    Minister Hakeem was responding to questions raised by The Island in an interview at the Justice Ministry yesterday.

    The Justice Minister said that the recommendation that written and oral submissions as regards accountability issues received by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s three-member Panel of Experts (PoE) would remain ‘strictly confidential’ until 2031 could hinder the ongoing efforts to address accountability issues. The PoE further recommended that even after that declassification they would be subject to another review in accordance with UNSG Moon’s bulletin on ‘Information sensitivity, classification and handling.’

    The PoE comprising Maruzki Darusman (Indonesia), Steven R. Ratner (US)and Yasmin Sooka (South Africa) released its report on March 31, 2011.

    The US embassy, too, declared that it wouldn’t reveal eyewitness accounts of war crimes though officials met on a regular basis with a broad range of individuals around the country.

    The Island sought a clarification in the wake of US embassy’s claim in a statement issued at the conclusion of State Department official Ambassador Stephen J. Rapp’s visit on January 11 that the envoy had got an opportunity to listen to eyewitness accounts of serious human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law including those which allegedly occurred during the closing stages of the Vanni war.

    Minister Hakeem said that the government was in the process of introducing a witness protection programme to facilitate investigations into accountability issues. The country had felt the need to introduce such a programme even before the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009, he said.

    Referring to the work undertaken by the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) as regards witness protection mechanism etc at the height of the war, the Minister said that the Attorney General’s Department had objected to the move.

    Responding to another query, the SLMC leader said that in accordance with mutual assistance in criminal matters legislation there was provision for foreign courts to obtain evidence relating to a specific case heard in Sri Lanka and transmit the same to Colombo. Minister Hakeem said that he had an opportunity to discuss the proposed mechanism with Ambassador Rapp, who was in Sri Lanka from January 6 to 11.

    Acknowledging that their refusal to divulge sources had been influenced by the assumption that those giving evidence could be harmed, Minister Hakeem said that a witness protection programme was now on the drawing board.

    The minister stressed that whatever the circumstances, information collected by the UN or any other agency couldn’t be accepted without proper verification. The PoE is on record as having said that it has received over 4,000 submissions (both oral and written) from 2,300 persons.

    Commenting on human rights allegations against the US and UK for military action in Iraq and elsewhere, Minister Hakeem said that the US had ignored the International Criminal Court (ICC) though the UK endorsed the Rome Statue way back in 2001. The Minister said that the US produced servicemen accused of atrocities before military tribunals. Sri Lanka could do the same, the minister said, adding that the ICC too, would allow local investigations to take place before direct intervention.

    The minister was responding to recent UK declaration that there was no need for ICC intervention as accountability issues were either under thorough investigation or had been dealt with through various means, including the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, independent public inquiries, the UK and European Courts and in Parliament.

    The Island also brought the US recommendation to Sri Lanka that the arsenal of Russian MiG 27s and Israeli Kfirs be expanded to include cluster bombs to the notice of the Justice Minister. The US made the recommendation in late 2002 following a comprehensive examination of strength and weakness of the Sri Lankan military.

    Minister Hakeem acknowledged that a section of the Catholic clergy had recently accused the GoSL of using cluster ammunition during eelam war IV during a meeting with Ambassador Rapp.

    Former SLAF Chief Air Chief Marshal Roshan Goonetileke told The Island that cluster ammunitions had never been used though both Kfirs, MiG 27s as well as Chinese jets could have been deployed for the purpose.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Having allowed Cold War politics & Tamil Nadu Caste bound politics into Lanka, ‘renting out’ parts of Lanka for Cold War politics/Tamil Caste solutions, previous GoSLs have made Lanka people pay a heavy price indeed. Present GoSL stuck with the negative outcome from those experiments.

    The size of the Outside problems introduced into Lanka are out of proportion to the size of country and population. Who is planning this mad trend ?

  6. aloy Says:

    A radio news item says (at 8pm, today) that SL police have arrested the organizer ( and also have identified 15 others) of JHU for Colombo for forcibly entering PM’s office on the KUDU affair. Instead of arresting those who carry out irreparable damage to the country such as these bishops and kuddas they arrest those who try to save the youths of this country from drug lords.

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Exactly Aloy!

    This is what happens in SL. The messenger gets SHOT dead, criminals (including Kasippu Joseph Goebbels) THRIVE!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    My thoughts too.

    “Colombo: Sri Lanka on Wednesday accused the US of trying to divide the country, as wished by the rebel Tamil Tigers, through its resolutions against it at the UN rights body.

    The US embassy in Colombo has proposed to the government fulfilling of conditions which will lead to their holding back of the upcoming resolution at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), said Wimal Weerawansa, the Housing Minister.

    “The US embassy has informed the government that they are willing to hold back the resolution if Sri Lanka took action to withdraw troops completely from the north, confer full police and land powers to the northern provincial council, stop settlement of Sinhalese in the north and removal of high security zones,” said Weerawansa, also the leader of the nationalist National Freedom Front.

    “This is the separatist agenda. The US wants to justify ethnic cleansing practiced by the LTTE in the north. This is why they want to stop settlement of Sinhalese. Tamils can live anywhere in this country but Sinhalese were chased out by the LTTE. It is clear now the aim of the resolution. They want to separate this country.”


    Actually it was NOT the LTTE that chased out Sinhalese. It was done by JAFFNA TAMIL PEOPLE in 1977. LTTE was UNHEARD OF in 1977. They are doing it now too!!

  10. Nanda Says:

    Our FOOL does not know, when people get fed up with him, US will somehow buy or fool a lot of people and SRING UPRISING to install their puppet Gonseka will be inevitable.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    The day the 6-A is brought into action, Democracy would be restored in Lanka. Till then, Lanka is trapped. What are we waiting for ? Tamil Nadu & India to finish Elections (2014) and start building new Smart Cities (as promised by Mr Narendra Modi, BJP leader) ?
    Sri Lanka : Handmaiden of India.

  12. NAK Says:

    Appu is inviting a confrontation. He knows Sisson’s kn****rs will save him IF something happens and the best at the moment is to ignore him and not give him what he wants. But he should get a dose of bitter medicine when the time is right, when the kn****ers become soiled.
    The Bishops council must not let him get away with murder, It is they who must take some serous action because he is taking refuge of the church to commit crimes. Just distancing away from him won’t be enough.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Rev. Reyappu Joseph feels protected because he was following the diktats of Cold War rules which previous GoSLs of Lanka were caught up in. In his eyes, he followed those rules that the rulers of those times followed. He broke no rules, in his eyes.

    But the 6-A should be enacted now. The Cold War finished in 1991. Why is Lanka still caught up in the aftermath of the Cold War – past brainwashed Colombians can be openly pro-Lanka now and help bridging the Colombo/rural divide. To Colombians in Colombo and outside of Colombo : Please don’t join the LCD Club (Lies, Cheat, Deceit Club) – it’s a Glass House and a mere Bubble – we can see through it all. To lie for pittance of $s ? Chee ! how low can you go !

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