A large scale rouge land grab in Ampara
Posted on January 25th, 2014

Report published in Sunday Divaina of 19th January 2014 ”translated by Ranjith Soysa

In Ampara district about 5000 acres of State Land had been illegally distributed with the direct interference of a Muslim political party.

Former Provincial/District   Secretary attached to Pottuvil Provincial/District council had complied about 2000 deeds and had pocketed millions of rupees by indulging in this illegal transaction. This person had completed   1200 illegal deeds in a day by placing the official seal and had allocated two acres of land to rouge recipients.

Even though a Provincial/District Secretary can allocate lands only in his area, this person had distributed land in the areas coming under others’ jurisdictions too. Some of those who were allocated illegal lands are under the age of 12 years.

A written complaint had been lodged in this regard   at the CID by the Commissioner General of Lands. The Minister for the Lands and Land development Mr Janaka Bandara Tennekoon told Sunday Divaiana that most of the illegal land deals had been done in Thirak, Komarai, Wegamak and Dharam palai areas. In the illegal allocation of land, a licence similar to ones used by the Government when distributing land to the landless had been used


2 Responses to “A large scale rouge land grab in Ampara”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    If you have travelled to these areas you will know that “Thirak, Komarai, Wegamak and Dharam palai” (Wrong spellings I must say because pronunciation is different) areas are in the CORRIDOR between 2 large MUSLIM areas in Amparei. By giving away these lands to Muslims by the SLMC and govt. Athaulla group, the 2 areas are LINKED creating a LONG Muslim only GHETTO.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    If Land is needed by people, what is the legal means to acquire land ?
    Land has to be bought from land available for sale. It is not acquired from State land, but from private ‘for sale’ land. That is the law of the land.
    Sri Lanka is a small country and State land has to remain State land, unless legally decreed otherwise.

    Can Lanka afford all the illegal migrants pouring in via lax SAARC rules PLUS hundreds of thousands of Tamil illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu during Cold War times ?
    No wonder there is FRAUD re land. If GoSL has been forced to accept illegal migrants by outsider powers, then it is high time to go Public with the information and DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL MIGRANTS. Follow Singapore rules of governance.

    Also note that there are thousands of Tamil people who are also Muslim.

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