Tamil civilian rapes in North Sri Lanka : 18 by Sri Lanka Armed Forces, what about 4000 by Indian Peace Keepers?
Posted on March 3rd, 2014

 Shenali D Waduge, Sri Lanka

 Garth Pritchard, a Canadian filmmaker who accompanied the forensic team to Kosovo said “this was a massacre that never happened….I was standing there when the forensic teams were telling Louise Arbor there were no 200,000 bodies and she didn’t want to know”. Louis Arbor was the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, she was part of the ‘mass grave’ lie. Her successor is Navi Pillay and she is happy to continue the mass lies. Sri Lanka is the target and every effort is being taken to co-link rapes with the Sri Lankan military presence in the North but we are ready to take on the lies.

 To Western Governments and the UN and a handful of selected heads working in cohorts with the West’s imperial agenda, Sri Lanka’s problems revolve around ONLY Tamils or Muslims. Not a single issue suffered by the Sinhalese have ever gained any international attention. Presently, these heads are going to great lengths to showcase a link with rapes to the presence of the Sri Lankan military in order to use that as an example to push for an international demand to remove Sri Lankan troops from the North.

 If we are to address the question of rape directly, let us first look at some numbers and then draw conclusions based on these numbers.

 Between January 2007 to November 2013, 8528 rapes have taken place throughout Sri Lanka

 During war = January 2007 to May 2009

Post-war = May 2009 to November 2013

 Breaking this further into during war and post war the statistics reveal:

 Rape during war = 2816 (4055 accused)

Rape post war = 5712 (8174 accused)

 The immediate response would be to conclude that all these rapes refer to the North.

 However, in North Sri Lanka rape during and after war = 127 (during war) and 377 (post war) (total cases of 504). Other sexual offences = 6 (during war) / 84 (post war)

 In East Sri Lanka rape during and after war = 124 (during war) and 418 (post war) (total cases 542)

 The Western Province with a population of 5.8million, rape figures are 510 (during war) & 988 (post war) (total case of 1498)

 Yet, why is the emphasis always only on North Sri Lanka? The cases of rape are highest in the Western province with 18% while North Sri Lanka it is just 6%.

 Be that as it may given that the entire rape scenario is being used to discredit and prove links to rape in the North with military presence so as to generate enough international condemnation, we think that it is time to expose the lies before Sri Lanka ends up victims of West/UN mass lies.

 The North cases of 504 rapes and 90 sexual offences totals 594

Of these 594 cases 18 have been attributed to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

 The 18 accused from the Armed Forces have names/ their ages are known and full details of them are available with the Armed Forces. What needs to be said is the 18 cases of rape within a span of 7 years CANNOT constitute mass rape or showcase orders of rape by the military upon Tamil civilians as attempts are being made to prove.

 What about the 576 rapes (excluding the 18)? Were these not committed by Tamils upon Tamils?

 This next brings us to the subject of the Indian Peace Keeping Force arriving in Sri Lanka in July 1987 and greeted with garlands by the Tamil people. That honeymoon did not last for long as a series of incidents record the horrific 3 ½ year Indian barbarism in Sri Lanka upon the Tamil people whom Indian Prime Minister claims India wishes to treat with dignity and respect.

 Over 4000 cases of rape are recorded by none other than the LTTE themselves and with the recent appointment of the Presidential Commission on the missing there are Tamils now coming forward to lodge their complaints and Indian war crimes in Sri Lanka are also getting lodged.

 For Navi Pillay and the rest of the coterie of humanitarian organizations and their paid workers their statements and workshop propaganda are selective to say the least. Is there some silent understanding that Indian War crimes in particular to the period of Indian troops in Sri Lanka would be kept under the carpet? 

Why have none of these entities including the Human Rights head brought up the need to investigate Indian war crimes in Sri Lanka? The Jaffna hospital massacre of even Tamil doctors, unarmed too, the Velvetiturai massacre of unarmed civilians and 4000 rapes that even Human Rights Watch recorded at the time cannot have been isolated cases in just 3 ½ years.

 Will these ever be on the agenda of the UN head or its human rights head ” we think not, like Louise Arbor insisted on mass graves in Yugoslavia, Navi Pillay insists of rape by Sri Lankan military and mass graves too… so these are now best practice tactics being recycled upon countries that are being targeted and the UN has a super blueprint to showcase the lies as truth.

 Nevertheless, we are not prepared to continue with the lies that have led to whole countries being devastated and ruined because officials of the UN were complicit in the crimes of the big power nations out to loot and plunder Third World again or take over nations in a bid to circle the emerging super powers who are a threat to their dominance.

 All that Sri Lanka needs to say is that we defeated terrorists, their cruelty and evil are known only by those who lived and suffered throughout Sri Lanka. LTTE prevailed throughout the island not just in the North. The people who suffered are not only Tamils, why is this continued insistence to portray Tamils as the only victims. In terms of reciprocity, the Sinhalese have extended enough olive branches bringing many legislative changes that no other nation with just 10% of a minority population would be given. How many of the Tamils have openly thanked and wished to start life afresh, how many Arun Thambimuttu’s are there amongst the Tamils who openly canvasses for a country that needs to move on and allow time to heal without wishing to go behind bogus Truth Commissions that are really out to take over the domestic mechanisms under the UN so that the powerful nations can through the UN puppets run the world.

 Why would the UN conveniently omit any references to India’s crimes in Sri Lanka. 18 cases of rape against 4000 (which the LTTE has documented) are proof that a systematic crime was committed in Sri Lanka. Why is the Chief Minister of the North and the TNA not bringing up the need to investigate these if as they say they are so concerned about the Tamils?

Shenali D Waduge

6 Responses to “Tamil civilian rapes in North Sri Lanka : 18 by Sri Lanka Armed Forces, what about 4000 by Indian Peace Keepers?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Look, that 4000 was “negotiated settlement”. This is a “military solution”.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should have kept IPKF for longer. Foolish to pack them back so early.

    The rift between Tamils and Endia and TN and Endia would be FAR WORSE.

    4,000 is an underestimation. Real number would be around 40,000 Tamils. It could be as high as 400,000 if Batticaloa is also included.

  3. mjaya Says:

    Knowing how Tamils suck up to India, they will say that all 4000 rapes were consensual without any problem!

  4. Nanda Says:

    How do you get 400000 ? Are you counting the ones kept in IPKF barracks for 400 days x 10 per day x 1000 Nos ?
    In that case the whole of Elam is already Endians by now.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Sorry 100 Nos. by maths very bad now.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Please excuse Our Tamil brother Lorenzo .
    He want SL should have kept IPKF for longer to achieve We Tamils lasting solution TE !

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